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  1. CHADD Parent to Parent online training
  2. Teens and driving.
  3. sleep help
  4. repeat what she says
  5. Iep questions and concerns
  6. Is this adhd behavior or something else?
  7. Video Game and ADHD
  8. Melatonin Question
  9. Article: "100 Free Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer"
  10. The social aspect of ADHD
  11. 4 year old playing with her own poo!
  12. Suspended from Summer Camp !
  13. Mother and son with ADD am I screwing my kids up..please help.
  14. ADHD and sport
  15. what career for my son when he fails everything at school!
  16. Need an outlet, no where else to go
  17. How to discipline daughter?
  18. not sure how to proceed...
  19. Essential Apps for AD/HD
  20. Don't Want to Do This Anymore
  21. Is your kid 1000x worse when "on sugar"?
  22. OMG I just need to vent....
  23. Free Hair Cut Offer - JC Penney for Kids Grades K-6 - Month of August
  24. Where do you draw the line?
  25. Shutting off/slowing down the mind
  26. How do you push through? I can't anymore
  27. Help for Picky Eater!!!
  28. Definition of ADHD feed back please
  29. Is it ADHD or Typical Toddler Behavior? Ten Early Signs of ADHD Risk in Preschool Age
  30. a deliberate challenge to their authority or a testing of limits
  31. Concerned mom of 13YO son with ADHD
  32. Could really do with some advice please
  33. New here
  34. Need some advice re 11yo ADHD son doing stupid impulsive things
  35. I'm having my almost 5 yr old evaluated for ADHD
  36. Poor Sport
  37. seperation anxiety ...........
  38. how do i not lose my temper with my 8 yr old
  39. Any interest in an ADDF Parenting book club?
  40. ADHD and Anxiety in 11 Year Old
  41. Catch Your Child Being Good - video
  42. Population of children with it
  43. Can hyperactive ADHD children stay quiet in social situations if they have..?
  44. MY very last baby turns 9 today...
  45. I'm Back on the Forum But Have to Type Quickly as Lunesta is kicking in
  46. 8 year old son & school
  47. Hello, have just joined, have a 9 yr old with ADHD
  48. First day of school...oh, mylanta!
  49. To parent in NYC - kids ages 4-5
  50. 6yr d daughter w/adhd, odd and anxiety disorder will not go to sleep on her own
  51. Frustrated
  52. PCA Help
  53. WooHoo!!! New School for Nove!
  54. I'm not a parent, but if I could just give all parents of ADHDers one tip...
  55. Kid left for college. Having hard time (me not the kid).
  56. Sick of Kids and Their Crappy Attitudes
  57. Need some help.
  58. Specific food suggestions for my adhd angel
  59. Should Every Child with Autism Have an EEG?
  60. Questions re 30% Rule
  61. How do you feel about the childhood obesity epidemic?
  62. Health Tip: Help a Child With ADHD Sleep Better
  63. Does ADHD get worse?
  64. My daughter won't listen
  65. 5 yo chatter exhausting
  66. New here
  67. Adhd/odd
  68. DD started kindergarten...opinions pls
  69. What the heck is ADHD really??
  70. ADHD and video games
  71. ADHD and teen
  72. Help! At my wits end
  73. Out of the mouth of babes...
  74. Adhd and tv
  75. Help Need some advice, he's only 6yrs old
  76. Need help finding a book.
  77. Non- Surportave spouse
  78. Sassy and Defiant Attitude
  79. can an excess of care and affection have similar negative effects to neglects?
  80. ADHD Parents Survey Results
  81. Where's the line between overreacting and being vigilant?
  82. I don't know what to do.
  83. 11year old daughter, adhd, concerta and middle of the night eating
  84. I think being an overprotective parent is kind of counterproductive.
  85. New to the forums
  86. want to share my daughter´s pearls of wisdom
  87. In Crisis-mode Again
  88. Fustration level pegged today
  89. Are you or have you been here?
  90. laws forcing parents to medicate their kids
  91. Have you ever been driven to suicidal thoughts from exhaution and...
  92. It's been a while and I need some encouragement.
  93. ADHD Home Work Lying Moral Free Will
  94. New to this forum, and desperate for advice!
  95. All Natural Treatment for ADHD vs Prescriptions
  96. It's been a while and I'm scared...
  97. my son has a girlfriend! !!!
  98. 85% of children "like my son" end up in prison???
  99. he's only 6yrs and he just got suspended from school
  100. Thank you!
  101. inattentive type
  102. Getting help finally
  103. Child always daydreaming, almost impossible to get attention (maybe hallucinations?)
  104. Hello all!
  105. Spouse with very little patience for DD
  106. What has worked for your teens?
  107. Bright Spark?
  108. i need you guys help /advice please
  109. help with a teen
  110. ADHD & Aggression
  111. Making friends
  112. 9 year old ADHD/Anxety
  113. found a good helpful book
  114. Strategies that don't work. . .
  115. social networking
  116. Tips on helping kiddos learn how to clean their room?
  117. Gaaaaaah! Candy and my 5-year-old. :(
  118. all u aussie parents
  119. Dealing with the touching
  120. Improved altheticism as side-effect of new Concerta dose
  121. Anyone needing help!
  122. Advice on my 17 year old daughter please
  123. computer use / aggravating factor?
  124. Potty Time
  125. Room cleaning article
  126. help with fixation: tempertantrums for 5 y/o
  127. getting kindergartener to sit down on the bus
  128. Questions about what to expect with ADHD
  129. I have no idea what to do
  130. Where are the NT fathers?
  131. Life is good!
  132. my 7 year old wont take his meds for ADHD
  133. New to the forum
  134. Ever been asked not to bring your kids somewhere?
  135. Evaluations
  136. Free ADHD webinar for parents
  137. Learned something interesting from my Dad that pretty much disproves ADHD is a
  138. Not wanting to take meds....
  139. Has anyone tried a token economy?
  140. adhd article from abc from Iceland
  141. New to the site
  142. Absolutely Desperate for your help.....looooong sorry.
  143. 35 hr per week job and Parent of 2 adhd kids
  144. diagnosis cant come soon enough!!
  145. Anger
  146. Adderall and intuniv and a four yr old.
  147. For those who think children are too young for meds.....
  148. Self medicating teen
  149. Autism (ADHD) Night Before Christmas
  150. Questions about food
  151. Social Thinking for kids with adhd. (videos)
  152. Social thinking for kids w/ ADHD
  153. never shed a tear???
  154. Wife opposed to medication for son
  155. Am I doing the right thing? (Sorry long story)
  156. Why do you have to stop meds at dinner time??
  157. Health class doesnt hurts. (sorry its long)
  158. Help...getting SO frustrated. :(
  159. 9yo crying in class
  160. Can parenting induce ADHD like symptoms?
  161. I still insist my 5-year-old son take naps
  162. Hurting self
  163. Russell Barkley & Your Defiant Child
  164. Did kindergarten help your child?
  165. My Homework Organization Help
  166. im at my wits end/punishments.....
  167. Don't know what to do next
  168. Help sleeping
  169. Raising kids - hyper or not
  170. medication adjustment or trauma? very long
  171. Help
  172. How do you do it?
  173. Frustrated and helpless
  174. How can I help my son please?
  175. disney world
  176. Ups and Downs
  177. Help! My daughter is spiralling....
  178. My son decided to take meds again!!
  179. Parent with 6yo just diagnosed with ADHD
  180. Did you or do your kids play with toys?
  181. Dealing with other parents
  182. ADHD and Type 1 Diabetes
  183. parental guilt for adhd
  184. Need help with my 14 yo DD's constant paper mountian!
  185. Help please!!
  186. Sibling issues
  187. In need of some advise/tips
  188. Meds check in a few weeks, not sure what to do.
  189. Help with a young adut
  190. Is it common for children with ADHD to be hypochrondiacs?
  191. 2nd Daycare in 2 mos. Stress is getting to me.
  192. New here. Please help.
  193. help , please
  194. Do you look forward to your teen getting to drive?
  195. Advice on working with ADHD kids?
  196. I'm just sad today
  197. Healthy High Protein Snacks for school
  198. ADHD stepfamilies
  199. Pulling the fire alarm...
  200. jealousy and stealing from siblings
  201. Falling apart on the frontlines
  202. Please Help :(
  203. Issues with Vyvanse 40 mg capsules
  204. (I'm new) Rant... please tell me if I'm way off
  205. New, need help
  206. Daughter perseverating and arguing all of the time
  207. Drowning, feel horrible
  208. Partner Generally Unsupportive of AD/HD Child
  209. Kicking walls during sleep
  210. Would you let your child do this?
  211. ADHD and Dysgraphia
  212. Adderall XR and amino acids?
  213. This is gonna be long but DAMN am I proud!!!
  214. Need help, too early or not
  215. frustrated step-mom
  216. Parental Stress and Its Impact on Kids
  217. Q and A Session
  218. How to motivate kid to clean room -no meds on weekends
  219. ADD not ADHD
  220. social issues...
  221. Listen to ADHD webinars by ADDitude magazine
  222. ADHD Parents understand, right?
  223. Other Children
  224. Struggling with parenting a child with ADHD
  225. Can't Say We Weren't Warned
  226. No treatment available after 16 years old
  227. Help me help my 13 yr old
  228. Kicking a Kid out of the Y
  229. Hi, I'm new here. My story!
  230. Remebering Dreams
  231. 17 year old boy being violent and shows uncontrollable anger
  232. Does my child need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist for diagnosis?
  233. I'm very concerned, how "atypical" is this?
  234. Is it normal?
  235. My daughter is on another kid's hit list
  236. What to do next?
  237. I just can not control this child anymore..long
  238. I just don't know what to do with my 4 yr old
  239. Poor Behavior Discipline Suggestions - Help
  240. Activities that engage kids with ADD
  241. advice needed
  242. new diagnosis and questions.
  243. Health Centeral on ADHD
  244. PBS Article on ADHD
  245. My son taught me something -we both have ADHD
  246. Does Bad Parenting Cause Anxiety?
  247. Son & Friends
  248. Getting Dressed
  249. inappropriate sexual comments
  250. New ADHD diagnosis - SO MANY QUESTIONS!