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  1. ADHD/Concerta and Hockey
  2. Nothing works...
  3. Habits and the ADHD child
  4. GF with 8 year old son with ADHD
  5. In need of suggestions
  6. Orange Rhino Challenge (Yelling)
  7. Struggling with discipline - just being 7 or related to her diagnosis?
  8. Helping kids focus for activities/sports
  9. Friendships - wider pool or smaller school?
  10. Lefties at higher risk for ADHD
  11. Need Support, 3 y/o possible ADHD
  12. son driving me nuts!!!!
  13. Applying a 'Filter' - update- the good and the bad?
  14. Does anyone else have kids with multiple neural atypical conditions?
  15. ADD - Social Issue- black & white thinking?
  16. advice and help needed!!!!!
  17. Cory stories-surprise
  18. daughter's concerta out, quick substitutes?
  19. writing down feelings, poetry
  20. How´s your sense of direction?
  21. Help with toddler
  22. 12 week summer break!!
  23. ADHD teens and parties
  24. inattentive behavior. does your child do this?
  25. My son is enlisting in the Marines.
  26. Melatonin
  27. Pregnancy, stress, nausea etc
  28. daughter yelled at
  29. Monday, Monday, can't trust that day ...
  30. Mom, Dad, Thanks for understanding...
  31. Learned behavior or ADD too?
  32. Tried meditating with your kids?
  33. my son has finally been diagnosed shocked with the diagnosis
  34. unable to work due to child?
  35. help dealing with parents
  36. ADHD and higher doses of anesthesia?
  37. Question about hyperfocus and gaming
  38. Feeling Guilty
  39. Strange behavior
  40. New and confused with Adderall medication
  41. How to deal with angry outbursts??
  42. New to site...Parent of a 12 year old
  43. The Myth of the First Three Years. . .
  44. Anger Management in Children
  45. ADHD 11 yr old daughter obsessed with filthy rap lyrics
  46. Need to vent....
  47. Hello all.....Son took drugs
  48. Worst. Parenting. Fail. Ever. (so far)
  49. Not sure what to...any suggestions greatly appreciated
  50. A couple of practical issues - chewing, sleep, etc
  51. Help Needed. Boy headed for jail
  52. "Unless they get the right support."
  53. Is this ADHD or something else?
  54. Maybe I need to consider homeschool.. HELP?
  55. Stopping all medication successfull
  56. my daughter was hospitalized and my husband's grandmother died
  57. Worried about over-medicating
  58. I'm a Neighbor Parent of ADHD child / Need Advice
  59. New, need advice, at my wits end
  60. Child Refuses Help and Won't Go To School
  61. Yelling At Kids Could Be Just As Harmful As Physical Discipline, Study Suggests
  62. Compulsive eating in child
  63. New to forum
  64. Help with morning routene
  65. ADHD kids behaviour chart
  66. Need advice on morning routines that work
  67. In need of help!
  68. How to keep child in bed in morning?
  69. After school behaviour
  70. Lying and Immaturity
  71. New to ADHD
  72. forever worried
  73. 3rd grade may be a breaking point!
  74. Help
  75. Anyone Raised a Bully-Proof Kid?
  76. ADD mom & son with Autism
  77. New (but obvious) diagnosis of my 6 year old ADHD son.
  78. Letting your kids quit things
  79. Lost mom!
  80. Feel like a freak
  81. My Son Lives Here! New to site...
  82. Parenting ADHD, with non-ADHD kids in home
  83. side effects of Ritalin
  84. I lost my parental manual on what to tell your child when they hear you having sex
  85. 17 yo ADHD boy unable to wake himself in the mornings
  86. Hello stressed parents... a question from a fellow stressed parent
  87. Government Roundtable Meeting
  88. Doctor increased meds
  89. The "Offender" Is Back in Our Neighborhood
  90. Kids watching TV during breakfast/meals?
  91. It wasn't suppose to be like that - a rant
  92. How to Deal with a Reluctant Parent of ADD Children
  93. How do you handle other parents?
  94. How to parent better- in the moment
  95. Pooping pants
  96. Severe Visual Distraction
  97. Not sure if its the adhd
  98. Afraid to be alone - ADHD or Anxiety?
  99. Adhd and sports?
  100. Chatty Cathy -- ADHD in girls
  101. PSA for our US members--National Drug Take-Back Day
  102. Feeling lost
  103. Type 1 / Junior Diabetes & ADHD
  104. Adverse effect
  105. Need stimulant med that effects appetite the least..
  106. follow up advice
  107. Father to Low Wage ADHD/ODD Adult Son
  108. Studies show that it's my fault
  109. Is it hard to bond with an ADHD child?
  110. MY KIDS ARE DESTROYING OUR HOME! Help me please.
  111. Can't take it anymore
  112. Do I have a right to ask?
  113. ADHD Parenting article on Salon
  114. Giving in to idiosyncrasies, stubbornness
  115. HPV vaccine
  116. Teenager, Alcohol & ADHD Meds
  117. will they do testing without the tchr form??
  118. Electronics -- video games, computer, iPod, etc.
  119. neuropsychol exam learning problems?
  120. "What you can do to promote the development of healthy attachment:"
  121. Learn to love your difficult child
  122. ADHD or defiance?
  123. Bathroom Time
  124. My Niece & My School Memories
  125. Sleep!
  126. What do you do for bath/shower time?
  127. This sh*t just keeps getting better and better (MATURE ADULT CONTENT)
  128. Help, Advice and Support.
  129. AFLUENZA the most disgusting perversion of psychology
  130. High movement -- all the time or only when stressed?
  131. Article about being a parent of a special needs child. (a good one)
  132. New here and feel bad I've made 'the step' x
  133. Forgiving myself so I can be useful!
  134. Parenting Lessons you Learn Along the Way
  135. A MILITARY UPDATE WITH SON-more of a pity party
  136. ok so i was pulled here
  137. 9 yr old on Biphentin - Breathing strange
  138. when son is off meds (sorry long)
  139. relationship issues
  140. Intuniv, focalin, and latuda together
  141. Does anyone else have twins with ADHD
  142. nothign works and i don't know what else to do!
  143. She won't sleep
  144. Grrrr insurance!!!
  145. Help, Unmedicated Homework Time
  146. Is it ever ok to leave a child in a car alone?
  147. started strattera today, side effect already?
  148. Parents of young adults
  149. smoking
  150. Teenage Behavior
  151. violent language 17 yr old
  152. Any experience with Camp Altitude in Atherton, CA?
  153. Me&MySon vs. ADHD/ADD (Parenting & Diet Guide)
  154. I lied to my son and I'm not the lying type.
  155. Finding the right med
  156. Found DD Hearing About Aspergers On Kids Show
  157. New and Need Advice for 15 Year old
  158. I feel like my child has more than just ADHD
  159. Weighted Blankets
  160. 5 year old with ADHD...Advise please!
  161. HOw to escape Education's Death Valley
  162. Parent the child you have, not the child you wish you had.
  163. I'm sad and worried...
  164. Need immediate sever help, please
  165. Parenting a smart, stubborn ADHD kid
  166. "Take Care of Yourself"
  167. Any Responsibility Reward System Ideas?
  168. Girl Situations /adhd (sorry long)
  169. a slumber party
  170. Difference of (Parenting) Opinion
  171. Well its kids are growing up.
  172. Do you take activities away from your ADD child?
  173. my daughter needs help
  174. Conspiracy to get my daughter in trouble?
  175. School Comes First?
  176. Is this what hoarding looks like at 5?
  177. Just a little rant (pharmacy conundrum)...
  178. Test, just a test
  179. new to adhd
  180. New here. Need support. Trouble parenting.
  181. Does your child feel the difference medication makes
  182. I'm Lost on Behavior Ideas
  183. Losing my mind...
  184. Neurologist or Psychiatrist?
  185. Summer activities for working parents?
  186. What to do. At my wit's end
  187. Keen Observation Skills?
  188. ADHD Girls...and common traits
  189. Let him quit music school or not?
  190. My Son Off Concerta All Weekend then Monday After School Saddness.
  191. I KNOW you guys won't Crucify for this...right? Caffeine and kids.
  192. Daughter is pushing everyone away
  193. Setting limits...
  194. Emotions come first.
  195. Frustrated -- what does "working" look like? ADHD-I
  196. When ADHD meds suppress appetite
  197. Why the obsession with video games?
  198. Single parent of ADHD child
  199. When parents ask your opinion to help their ADHD child what do you say?
  200. Correcting Odd Behavior without being Mean
  201. Noisey 6yr Old in Barnes&Noble
  202. Child Perception
  203. Risk taking behaviour and injuries
  204. Need advice on dealing with grandparents
  205. Getting "stuck" in the shower
  206. Camp Kodiak?
  207. adhd driving question
  208. Out of options....
  209. When you and your spouse have different approaches.
  210. Nightmares/Trouble Sleeping
  211. Ready to pull my son and homeschool
  212. Teaching a 6 year old a lesson and having them understand the consequence of actions
  213. A Good post.....
  214. Behavior changes in my son after a fall
  215. Sports/Activities
  216. 6Yrs Old, Dance-Class Recital and Sat on the Side and Cried
  217. Keeping Teens & Pre-teens busy in Summer
  218. Parenting children with ADHD friends
  219. Shower wars
  220. Resonse to Lrkemp
  221. extracurriculars activities
  222. Interesting Parenting Question - Opinions?
  223. Females On The Spectrum May ...
  224. I am at the end of the rope. Please help!
  225. Basket case
  226. Is it normal...
  227. Single mums with ADHD children
  228. my daughter seems to have gotten all the wrong stuff from me.
  229. Wife and DD always yelling at each other.
  230. Want to manage my thirteen yr old ADD son without meds
  231. Violent Meltdown :(
  232. My son; his medicine, and sending him to his father's house.
  233. Forthcoming ADHD storyline in UK 'soap opera'
  234. Watches for Kids with ADHD
  235. Im so drained with Tantrums..Do brain scans work??Blood Work??
  236. Eating on Adderall
  237. Moving poem on being a parent of a child with unique needs
  238. Just waiting for school to start...
  239. New city... new school
  240. Also violent outburst
  241. Help Please. At wits end with 11 yr old ADHD stepson
  242. 7 year old deliberately bumping into people to annoy them...
  243. Tying up toys?
  244. disrespectful defiance from my sweet 10 yo son
  245. Token economy for a 5 year old
  246. Sucking as sensory need?
  247. Back to ADHD, WitsEnd
  248. How to be less wordy with her...
  249. My 13 year old is hiding his meds
  250. Sleep frustrations!