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  1. Does impulsiveness increase when ADHD boys become teens?
  2. Update- Sort Of
  3. Parenting ADHD with a traveling Spouse
  4. Tweets, Music and Texts - As a Teen Study Aid!
  5. My poor nervous little girl..
  6. tv-movie-video game violence and kids.
  7. Tantrum For Not Being Able To Go Outside...
  8. Omg ADHD is taking over my family!!!!
  9. Swearing-vocal tic?
  10. I think I'm panicking. Please help.
  11. I'm completely at a loss.
  12. ADHD Brains are the most Creative - Interesteing Article
  13. Telling your child about death
  14. It's amazing what DD reminds me about school.
  15. Do you appreciate advice about your kids from people who don't have kids?
  16. ADHD teen - interests and goals
  17. Do you tell them?
  18. Angry little boy
  19. RANT: My 16 year old daughter is getting on my last nerve!
  20. Advice 9yo saying mean stuff
  21. Tired
  22. How to talk to kids about parents' diagnoses?
  23. Making your kid feel special, in a bad way.
  24. Trying not to blame myself
  25. Signs to watch for?
  26. adhd inattentive self esteem and sports
  27. If an S.O.s child has A.D.H.D.
  28. ADHD parent of ADHD child: advocate & stress of pushing for evaluation
  29. if you vaccinated your child(ren) ...
  30. How can I help my son do hard things?
  31. Pets good for ADD kids?
  32. Transition to School
  33. Am I in denial?? Mostly a vent!
  34. My daughter graduates from IOP on Thursday!
  35. This story made me sick.
  36. 12 Year old ADHD boy now with tics
  37. "Making Room for Anger"
  38. Thinking of creating a reward system for good school habits - ideas?
  39. "Over-helpful" stranger encounter
  40. Finding some friends--girl
  41. New Behavior-bedtime anxiety
  42. 10 Signs Your Teen Has ADHD
  43. ADHD father connect with ADHD teen daughter
  44. Help with my 2 yeAr old
  45. It is like I have two kids in one, HELP
  46. Help my son
  47. ADHD and Sports Breakdowns
  48. ADHD and Memory Issues
  49. Caffeine for ADHA
  50. Meds wearing off at night....driving and job?
  51. 7yo and vent / too many questions
  52. My (Potential) ADHD Child - Need Help
  53. Effective discipline for a child with ADHD/ODD?
  54. How would you discipline a youth with impaired vision?
  55. My (potential) add/adhd child and a puppy.
  56. Frustrated and at my witts end
  57. My preschooler.
  58. ADHD & baby safety
  59. Angry Kids Sensory Tools
  60. Daddy Died and School Exams!
  61. We followed through with what we said we'd do, and it seems to be right.
  62. Have to talk to daughter Rebecca's teacher this morning. Help needed quickly!
  63. New Member-Mom of 18 year-old seeking help
  64. New relationship impacts
  65. Is it normal for a parent to hide a kid's ADD
  66. My daughter has a boyfriend.
  67. Help!
  68. Strange and random
  69. Medication concern/question
  70. Texas School Triples Recess Time Positive Results
  71. Dad says ADHD is fake, advice?
  72. feels sad, when..
  73. How to deal with blackmailing
  74. 7 yo Grandson with ADHD/ODD-Vent
  75. Help with Getting Kid Dressed in the Morning
  76. How much have I damaged my child, and how do I fix it?
  77. New Member- Need a kind "ear"
  78. Son needs to go off meds for the Military, stop now?
  79. Progress with chore time!
  80. Help! Misbehavior due to ADHD at School
  81. Step son with ADHD
  82. emotional control, crying, RSD?
  83. Getting my husband on board
  84. Blew off the handle, Pretty Hopeless
  85. Where to turn to
  86. Father Seeking help with 14-year-old Girl
  87. Parental Perceptions of Exercise/ADHD (Dissertation Survey. PLEASE HELP!)
  88. Help with whining and uncooperative behaviour
  89. Backdoor approach to adhd
  90. My son forgets to eat
  91. Rewards
  92. New here- not even sure why I'm writing this
  93. Why does my son seem to complain so often?
  94. Should we keep our dog?
  95. Worried father looking for some advice!
  96. My daughter won't zip up her jacket.
  97. Don't know if this should bother me or not.
  98. He only reacts at home
  99. Husband and I both have ADHD... children
  100. It never ends
  101. Travel activities
  102. Worried Mother
  103. ADHD 8 yr old girl struggling with behavior issues
  104. Newbie with 2 adhd-innattentive type kids, 2 not. Sibling issues-need advice...
  105. Need help teaching hands off approach to handling situations :(
  106. What is more important for children with ADHD?
  107. ADHD grandson
  108. Calling all primary care-givers whose children are diagnosed with ADHD!
  109. Kids w ADD need
  110. My child just diagnosed with ADD help
  111. Consequences? What? How?
  112. The Pokemon Go thing
  113. Need help/encouragement/direction for parenting 4 kids with variety of special needs
  114. Aderall advice
  115. Supplements for Autism & ADHD teen
  116. Obsessive Goodbyes
  117. losing weight with adhd meds, full fat diet ?!?
  118. 19 yr old son playing computer games and not working
  119. Attentive ADD 10 yr old boy and school
  120. One of the best books Ive read
  121. Stick shift with ADHD, thoughts?
  122. not sleeping?
  123. Need help:ADD Mom raising two monsters
  124. My son keeps lying
  125. overwhelmed mom- new here
  126. Should I get 504 or IEP?
  127. Help- Our 7 Year Old Is Physically Hurting Me
  128. Am I right to be upset with this teacher, and to want to discuss the situation?
  129. How would you handle this discipline dilemma?
  130. "unconditional parenting" by alfie kohn
  131. Videogames and frontal lobe
  132. I visited Becca Friday and am going back today. Hope she's home by Christmas.
  133. Theory of harm reduction and my daughter.
  134. Please help me identify...
  135. ADHD Stepfather
  136. Need Advice ASAP
  137. How can we help support distressed maternal caregivers?
  138. Identical Twin Boys 12 years Old - Aggressive
  139. Restarted Concerta after a break, now son tics
  140. Shutting down
  141. I think my son has ADD
  142. Discipline Advice
  143. 11yr old son says he's 'Depressed'
  144. PLEASE HELP !!! need advice from parents of adhd child
  145. Funny ADHD Parenting Stories?
  146. 11yr old started waking up at 3am every day!
  147. Different Parenting Styles between ADHD daughter and siblings
  148. Newly diagnosed with ADD
  149. Head injuries
  150. Help
  151. Students with special needs get special help behind the wheel
  152. ADHD and reaction time in sports
  153. School Projects and Parent Help
  154. ADHD teen girl with boyfriend... advice please
  155. What is the relationship that promotes the development of self-regulation?
  156. What are your thoughts on spanking hypersensitive children?
  157. New diagnosis for my Teen.......
  158. Getting dressed on time
  159. ADHD in High School
  160. Need advice regarding teacher
  161. Appropriate Vitamins for 6 years old
  162. Question about Counseling
  163. Homework...A Note to Parents
  164. My teen was recently diagnosed with ADHD. So many struggles...
  165. present selections
  166. Exessive Picking
  167. Parenting ADHD kids and non-ADHD kids
  168. Suddenly huge sleep problems
  169. GPS tracker device
  170. Dear Parents
  171. I never expected the anger .... I'm desperate
  172. Prom and after prom.
  173. Does introversion beget introversion??
  174. Self Harm
  175. Free eBook - A Comprehensive Guide to Raising Children With ADHD
  176. Behavioral therapy
  177. My 14 Year Old Son has just been diagnosed.....advice
  178. Need advice with bedtime and household safety 2.5 yr old twi s
  179. Co parenting an adhd child
  180. My child is always wound up after school
  181. Anger Triggers
  182. Does your Child Have Autism?
  183. 13 y/o COMPLETELY out of control
  184. Listening skills
  185. I think my daughter is DEFINITELY bipolar now.
  186. Impulse control and sweets
  187. Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
  188. Mum needs help
  189. We both pay for my lack of organisation
  190. Sports?
  191. parenting with mental illness
  192. Does it sound like a ADHD for toddler ?
  193. Would you encourage or allow your kids to play Football? (American football)
  194. My youngest daughter (age 14) is so hard on herself and I dont know why.
  195. Is parenting to blame for ADHD? Finally a clear and hard NO
  196. 16 year old cousin allowed to drink at Thanksgiving
  197. Attempted suicide
  198. What can primary caregivers do to accommodate ADHD temperament?
  199. How to raise a confident human? Rules of the playground
  200. Parenting a Floudering ADD College Student
  201. Handling someone's opinion
  202. Need some help with my ADHD Child.
  203. I left my son at home this morning without a ride to school
  204. proud to say we took her car away for awhile
  205. Do you own your children? Do your child owe you?
  206. Newbie needing all the advise you can give
  207. Owning up to my own faults.
  208. Becca turns 18 on the 17th- some advice/info?
  209. Parenting a boy with ADHD
  210. Ella is scared about moving on to biologics for her psoriasis.
  211. ADHD and Braces - not eating