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  1. Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...The Saga from last 24 hours
  2. attitude atitiude attitude!
  3. Its been awhile...
  4. IEP That time of year again
  5. what am I to do?
  6. Hello, my name is mark and i request your help and knowledge
  7. My Heart is Breaking
  8. On line safety
  9. What is wrong with my baby boy?
  10. Help
  11. Some call adhd a disease so that they can attack the disorder's validitiy
  12. Don't let the door hit you in the butt
  13. Still having trouble finding words
  14. Teenage Daughters
  15. 4 year old son dx with ADHD
  16. Anyone have this problem?
  17. Unfair school punishment
  18. Stuiped Rule in school. Real Battlefield 1942 HEAAAAAADSSSSS
  19. 8 yrs old suspended again - help
  20. Any advice at all?
  21. defiant, does not want to listen, cheeky
  22. adhd a mental illness ????
  23. Birthday Blast!
  25. any lunch ideas to compliment the ADHD child
  26. Mental or Made Up Illness ??
  27. An Idea to Keep Yearly School Paperwork
  28. How do I light a fire under these people?
  29. Who has ADD Inattentive girls?
  30. Just need to vent
  31. help with teenage son
  32. opinions please
  33. Am I being bulldozed?
  34. me
  35. Parents of Children with IEPs
  36. What is ADHD inattentive?
  37. Dealing with Negative Behaviors
  38. A Parent with ADD
  39. Summer
  40. Missing Teeth
  41. punishments that dont work
  42. Summertime learning...?
  43. Drama Kings/Queens?
  44. my 2 yr old won't walk on anything but a solid surface!!
  45. Bed Wetting
  46. Dont know what to do anymore
  47. arghghghghg
  48. What to do?We are sooooooooooo tired!!!
  49. New medication please help me!!!
  50. Is there hope out there?
  51. Self-esteem and labeling ADD
  52. She loved it and is out!!!
  53. Tooooooooooo many meds?????????????
  54. How can you find out for sure??
  55. spoiled daughter or ADHD?
  56. adderal xr & tics
  57. Child not wanting to play!!!
  58. ADHD kids driving ADHD mother NUTS
  59. When I die, I want my kids to know this:
  60. son diagnosed with ADD at age 11
  61. flip flopping meds
  62. How do you get her to just go to sleep?
  63. appropriate punishment
  64. Is it me or is it them?
  65. Not so good friends better than no friends at all?
  66. Socially timid child
  67. Parenting young adult
  68. Cycling
  69. bugs adhd may be more
  70. Battling son's school (long)
  71. my son's first day of school, was bad
  72. Daughter started concerta...
  73. Behavior Management Programs
  74. Breaking the cycle: Don't do what I did
  75. parent of ADD child
  76. I"m gonna chop his fingers off if he keeps it up!!!!
  77. Time management
  78. Needs to Listen and Follow Directions
  79. Just dont know what to do now
  80. New And Have An Issue.....
  81. I am new to here and have a problem!!
  82. Little Tip-Toe Rocker ~ Advice please
  83. Family says I'm allowing my child to run crazy
  84. afternoon zone out
  85. Medicated 11 yo female athlete - too thin
  86. Low ERB Test Scores (4th & 5th grade, private school)
  87. son keeps leaving without asking.......
  88. cd set by Dr. Phil Mc Graw
  89. Burger King nightmare
  90. Loves Something Today...Doesn't Tomorrow. Help!
  91. Teenage son and stepfather butting heads.
  92. Homework fights
  93. Interesting reading
  94. Migraines
  95. I need help, Need to know if my nephew has ADD
  96. Similaral traits in creative individuals and those with ADHD
  97. Pre-Natal Drug Exposure and ADD/ADHD
  98. homework trouble
  99. Parent of ADD teenager - Advice needed
  100. ADHD help
  101. Help! Im at my wits end.
  102. ADD child and peer name calling
  103. Teenage DD with ADD....need some help!
  104. ADD kid problem, medicate or not??? What it's like being ADD ?
  105. On the ADHD Roller Coaster
  106. I'm Clueless on ADHD!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!
  107. Are ADD kids retarded?
  108. ADHD and ODD
  109. Speaking as a parent, what would you do?
  110. frustrated and losing my mind PLEASE HELP!
  111. just some advice about food/eating
  112. Need advise
  113. Iím Trying To Raise Her Self Esteem, Am I Raising A Quitter?
  114. out of control mornings
  115. Teaching Kids to be quiet???
  116. Is it only AD/HD or possibly something else?
  117. Question about 3yo's behavior.
  118. Ever hear of sluggish cognitive tempo disorder?
  119. Behavior Chart for Preschooler - Anyone Know of One?
  120. Food intolerance...
  121. Advice on how to encourage son with meds
  122. Effects of Smacking....studied
  123. Opinion On Smacking
  124. 5yo daughter- extreme morning issues with clothing. HELP!!!!!!!
  125. Dyslexia vs. ADD
  126. Help! Son is wasting away but he's 19
  127. HELP!!! running out of answers
  128. Adhd/sid
  129. Parenting...Again. 2 yr old ... HELP?!
  130. How Do I get my child to feel remorse for his negative actions
  131. How Do I get my child to feel remorse for his negative actions
  132. Frustrated
  133. Teenagers/ADHD
  134. Who can help a bewildered newbie?
  135. Give meds on weekend or not?
  136. 9 yo crying spells
  137. Sensory issues
  138. recovery rate?
  139. A few questions......Is this all part of adhd?
  140. New diagnosis of ADD
  141. Feeling like letting go
  142. Tough love or not?
  143. ADHD Parents, Parenting
  144. Lexi talking to strangers AGAIN
  145. What is wrong???
  146. Has anyone heard of Depakote???
  147. Here he is
  148. Is it the ADD or just normal boy stuff?
  149. Need help with Behavior issues
  150. Holiday Hell
  151. 7 yr old wets or drips in pants--ADD-related?
  152. Feeling very lost as a parent
  153. daughter stopped sleeping!
  154. Thank God my daughter got boobs for x-mas
  155. Loss of Appetite with Meds
  156. 504 Plan Did the Trick
  157. Can they learn?
  158. Not being challenged enough?
  159. noises!
  160. morning hair pullers
  161. feel like giving up..
  162. Lost in his own little world
  163. When did you suspect?
  164. Puberty?
  165. Updates
  166. Responsabilities
  167. Hard mornings.
  168. 5 year old on Adderall XR 15mg - he's in slow motion now, but...
  169. Parenting challenges of kids with ADHD
  170. Stressed Out!
  171. Hoping I'm Not The Only One .....
  172. Ty Pennington
  173. Thank you
  174. Electro Dermal Testings
  175. Getting Home Work Done
  176. Not a good day
  177. 10 yr old lying
  178. I'm not handling things well
  179. What about Violence
  180. Can't decide what's best to do
  181. apology to gueensu girl
  182. Mom of 10 yr old. Can anyone relate?
  183. Hyperactive & Lazy?? (and with an attitude!)
  184. Weird things are happening with my son
  185. teenage boy with grade problems
  186. Emotional Immaturity -- NEED ADVICE!
  187. Emotional Immaturity -- 5 year old son
  188. Meds in school/legal issues PLEASE HELP
  189. PLEASE HELP, family in crisis
  190. Teeth brushing nightmare
  191. Parenting challenges
  192. My Daughter....
  193. insecurities
  194. Comprehension
  195. Kid's lack of social skills - breaks my heart
  196. Gun Brought To School
  197. I need help and ideas.
  198. When's it time to switch psychiatrists?
  199. My daughter is hitting herself in frustration
  200. 7 yr old undiagnosed, nervous
  201. needs stimuli to concentrate?
  202. Special ED class?
  203. Worried Mom of 9yr old son.....
  204. Question for ADD/HD parents
  205. My daughter just diaognosed with ADD
  206. Concerned mother of 9yr old son with ADHD
  207. Almost 5 yrld with some issues!
  208. I'm being verbally abused
  209. At My Wits End With Schools- Son Has Adhd!!
  210. eye sight/weight issues and adhd linked?? 7yr old girl
  211. Does anyone else's child have tics?
  212. School suicide fears
  213. father and child issues
  214. Could this be physical and not neurological?
  215. won't swallow capsules
  216. School trying to hold back son in 2nd grade
  217. WHy do I have to re-teach the same thing everyday?
  218. First report card since treatment.....
  219. Post high school- what now?
  220. Eating issues
  221. Don't know what to do now?
  222. Personality Shift
  223. heidi21 - new free port, pa - Can anyone help me?
  224. New here(long)
  225. Type of doctor?
  226. Feeling lost
  227. ADD mom and ADD/ADHD kids
  228. Has anyone heard about the new patch?
  229. Need help! My five year old is having homicidle idealations
  230. New and concerned at my 7 yr old
  231. Some good news
  232. Where to start?
  233. Do your kids make noises or act "different"
  234. Lying...For no reason..Anyone else have this problem?
  235. First progress report since meds
  236. "D" day - how to explain?
  237. New here...9 1/2 year old troubles
  238. Daughter just starting Strattera
  239. need help getting homework done
  240. Wearing Two (at least) Hats!
  241. a sweet video of a single mom
  242. Vent: Kindergarten Teacher - Need Advice
  243. Mind Game Show
  244. frustrated and looking for advice (5 year old daughter)
  245. Need a PRO, my son's
  246. Warning about boot camps, WWASP facilities that claim to treat ADD
  247. Parenting a 2nd grader HEEEELLLLLPPP!
  248. Meds question.
  249. Is this going to work...
  250. Help!! Aggressive Son