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  1. daughter is driving me up a wall!
  2. I just started my 14 year old son on medication
  3. Help! 9 year old ADD now 3 year old...
  4. TV and DVD's make my little ADDers wild
  5. Manic or bi polor or what?at age 8
  6. How to Prepare Daughter for Middle School?
  7. Creative exam studying
  8. Books on AD/HD for kids to read (esp. girls)
  9. Your Opinion Please! help!
  10. Husband with ADD, what are the chances daughter has it?
  11. Special Education and Feeling Stupid
  12. And now for my middle child
  13. Venting about School!!!
  14. Withdrawal from Adderall?
  15. Discipline
  16. Question on Meds
  17. Kids under 5 and sleep
  18. how to deal with lack of personal motivation?
  19. 6 year old won't defend himself? is it the ADD?
  20. token reward system in schools?
  21. 9 year old stole from my purse
  22. bouncing in certain situations
  23. Am I the only parent that feels like their child doesn't like them
  24. Failing fast, feeling awful, and falling apart....
  25. Discipline
  26. Tough love and ADD...
  27. I saw Linda Thompson-ADD book for testing
  28. The predators
  29. How to find the right rulebook
  30. Advance notice of Danger Signs.Defending Junior
  31. interviewing mom
  32. Home this summer with 14 yr adhd stepson. He is driving me crazy
  33. 5.5 y/o -Inability to play alone
  34. ADHD *and* sleep disorder. yikes!
  35. Frustration; Shame; Embarassment
  36. 3.5 yrs DD when to take action or...?
  37. Screen time
  38. What happens when he goes to his Dad's?
  39. New here and exhausted!!!
  40. Stepfather & ADD/OCD son
  41. Joint Custody Issues
  42. Anyone tried "Native Remedies"?
  43. Children of divorce
  44. Parent's anger stops and son's rises
  45. 8 year old son says terrible things
  46. mom needs help
  47. Easy behavior management that works?? Help!!
  48. ODD and ADD
  49. Strange hand movements in kids with Adhd???
  50. I am LOOSING IT!!! Please help me!!! DESPERATE...
  51. concerta causing worse fits?
  52. Melatonin questions- help advice !
  53. Focalin XR?
  54. What should I do?
  55. Six Year Old's Description
  56. How Can this be?
  57. For parents of ADHD teens
  58. any ideas?greatly appreciated
  59. New Member and a Question
  60. my son will be evaluated for ADD/HD tomorrow
  61. I really need some advise
  62. Expectations of School
  63. new school year
  64. Up and out in the morning
  65. Watching TV under 2 and future ADD
  66. Almost half of kids w/ADHD are not being treated- article
  67. School is starting - What to tell the Teacher?
  68. Gaining Weight
  69. Daughter just started school - feeling hopeful
  70. ADD and SOLs
  71. Manic? Bi-Polar?
  72. ADD mom homeschooling possible ADHD child
  73. My son becomes a teenage statistic
  74. Living internally - hyperfocus
  75. Sex Education and ADHD
  76. Conflicting Opinions
  77. What does a parent do?
  78. Overnight Field Trip Anxiety
  79. My daughter is in an abusive relationship
  80. Upset mom really needs help!!
  81. Violent ADHD 5 year-old
  82. Frustrated with school
  83. What constitutes mental abuse?
  84. Labeling ADD
  85. Fibbing: Typical Behavior or Typical ADHD Behavior?
  86. Crying-Normal behavior?
  87. Frustrated for no reason
  88. Calming behaviors
  89. 6yr old coping well at home, not at school
  90. When is he too old?
  91. First Jr. High dance
  92. New Frustrated mom here
  93. Major problems in 7th grade - Social and grades
  94. I don't know what else to do....
  95. where do i go next
  96. I'm Questioning Myself and Everyone Else
  97. Waldorf School -- Has Anyone Experienced It?
  98. Advice Please!!
  99. ADD? urinating on floor when told off, or tantrum.
  100. ADD and Still Peeing in the Bed
  101. guide for kids
  102. ADHD and puberty??!?
  103. 5 year old's hyperfocus
  104. DD's 1st Grade P/T Conference
  105. I want to cry. DD may have ADD.
  106. new mom
  107. Battle of Wills
  108. adhd 9 yr. old on anti-depressant too? Thoughts
  109. The Edison Gene: Helping you child do what he does well because he/she has adhd
  110. Adderall at school
  111. New here....have questions
  112. Parent of twins: One ADHD, One Not
  113. Having problems at School and don't know what to do
  114. The honeymoon is over...
  115. The end of my rope, need to vent
  116. Love 'em... hate 'em....
  117. Pragmatics and ADHD?
  118. Pulling My Hair Out!!
  119. Adhd and Tourettes
  120. Runing late from class to class
  121. Sugar and ADHD
  122. Feeling out of place
  123. Any suggestions or ideas?
  124. How can my 5 year old get to sleep?
  125. Help Please.... Dealing with the schools
  126. Challenging daughter leaves me depressed and tired.
  127. Morning Routine for ADD Child
  128. Need strategy for response inhibition
  129. Not sure where to turn now
  130. OMG We're not alone
  131. New...long intro
  132. Turning Negatives Into Positives, and Way's To Help Your Child Concentrate.
  133. Source of information
  134. Handling teen,help!
  135. Hi i am new I have a question
  136. now it all makes sense.. he is not just a bad kid
  137. Hello! Newbie here!
  138. Thank God I found this!!!
  139. ADHD Teens and sex and violence
  140. What I didnt want to it better not to know that?
  141. How to help behavior during unstructured times at school
  142. Help! I question every move I make with 13yo son!!
  143. Someone please help me!
  144. Handwriting issues
  145. Problems with my 15 year old ADHD son
  146. ADD child gone wild!
  147. Hello Everyone!
  148. Medicate for a few years then stop?
  149. Good and Bad
  150. violence and my four year old....
  151. Making noises in school
  152. hyaving a hard time
  153. my sons being bullied and i never picked up on it
  154. my sons father making thing worse:(
  155. Changing Strategy
  156. diciplining a child with ad/hd
  157. Social Security?
  158. First Visit with Psychaitrist
  159. Education for children
  160. Shows no remorse?
  161. How to stop an argument before it begins, need advice
  162. Please Help With My 7yo And Myself
  163. Son refusing to take meds (again)
  164. deducting special needs child on income tax return
  165. Teenager feels like a loser
  166. New here with questions...
  167. 11 Yr. old on Med. Too Small??
  168. Night Wakings Need HELP
  169. My son is starting medicine, please advise.
  170. dont no what to do!!
  171. $$$ when is it too much, and not enough? $$$
  172. Newbie needing help, with hyper son
  173. Math Homework. Elementary School
  174. Out of control son, I am about to go crazy please help
  175. Detention
  176. daughter is extremely withdrawn- help!
  177. Daughter started patch with great results
  178. Need advice asap! Son has been in school suspended!
  179. 10 year son with ADD, Anxiety
  180. My brother was recently diagnosed with ADD
  181. Boredom: The enemy
  182. Six types of ADD?!
  183. Should My Daughter's Teacher Back Off?
  184. Reading Programs Suggestions
  185. Can't cope anymore.
  186. Police and ADHD
  187. Parents Read..What I think of my parents 21 now
  188. help with aggressive behaviour!
  189. My son won't talk to a counselor!!!
  190. What do I say to the teacher?
  191. 12 y.o. son/ADHD/Executive Function Disorder
  192. Concerta
  193. Had a conference with my dd's teachers tonight. Advice?
  194. ADHD & Writing Assignments
  195. R.v.
  196. Reading & headaches
  197. my 12 yr old does not care
  198. New ADHD Toy :-)
  199. ADHD mum with an ADHD kid... anyone else?
  200. Please any advice would be great!!!!
  201. HELP - I cant cope anymore ! ADVICE NOW !
  202. Help with Granddaughter and school
  203. sleep Disorders & ADHD
  204. Help me! I am going insane
  205. Only one child when ADHD involved?
  206. Think my younger daughter has ADHD too
  207. Somebody Please Help Me!!!!!
  208. my son is worse now than before until it kicks in
  209. Math songs?
  210. guanfacine for ADHD and aggression
  211. 5htp
  212. Big problem
  213. Some input please.....
  214. My son won Turnaround Achievement Award
  215. help and advice needed
  216. ADHD and ODD
  217. 10 yr old stealing - help!
  218. focus adhd
  219. just a vent about in laws
  220. Community support
  221. *sigh*
  222. Troubles with both kids....
  223. Help with 7th grade homework
  224. ADHD and SSI disability
  225. What to do after NOT qualifying for SE
  226. My Son and My Journey to........
  227. Any good books for 12 yr old to read on ADHD?
  228. myson growing up and moving out.
  229. Any advice on ADHD/ODD
  230. When the medication wears what?
  231. Speech problems?
  232. ADHD and My Son and New Developments
  233. This made me think how hard she tries
  234. how to manage it???
  235. Do I tell my kids teachers?
  236. Advise Please!!
  237. Please help
  238. Any answers???
  239. Newbie-seeking answers/support with 7DS-ADHD
  240. Im lost, please tell me what you think.
  241. ODD and ADHD
  242. Got a note from the teacher yesterday....
  243. 14yr old son is smoking pot...
  244. Video Game Time Management System
  245. Struggles getting my son diagnosed, and an ex husband who refuses to believe
  246. Love and Logic Parenting
  247. Please help! 3 year old
  248. My step child is being destructive
  249. Meds and 8yo
  250. Is this considered anxiety?