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  1. John Rosemond Exposing the Fiasco
  2. Broken Leg
  3. New to the forums
  4. Does your AD/HD kids do these things
  5. Warning Bell?
  6. New developments
  7. off meds.. strattera didnt work
  8. Anyone with 2 ADHD kids and yourself with ADD?
  9. the blame game.....
  10. ADHD similar to lazy eye
  11. gifted / LD / ADHD assessment - Boston / New England
  12. Child with dilated pupils, never taken meds?
  13. We're Turning Our Kids Into Wimps?
  14. Multiple Children with ADHD
  15. New here...6yr old with ADD
  16. Driving for teens with Attention Deficit Disorder
  17. What's the structure like in your household?
  18. Thoughts on upcoming ADHD test
  19. Meds make my son too quiet...painfully quiet
  20. Those with small children
  21. What was your adhd child like as a baby?
  22. beginning to wonder if my son even has ADHD
  23. Is this typical behaviour of a child with ADHD?
  24. 8 year old has started weird mouth sounds or tics?
  25. wife withholding prescribed meds
  26. Anger Control around young children...
  27. Educating Ignorant Family members about ADD/ADHD
  28. Teenager Staying Home Alone Overnight?
  29. After a bad day!
  30. Accomodation with technology
  31. We were doing really well until...
  32. Kicking myself
  33. Stressed out over my son's ADHD..
  34. School's complained about my paed
  35. Dad's Problem
  36. 2 adhd sons, will it become 3
  37. Losing my strength
  38. What progress
  39. Quick question about Ritalin
  40. Aural confusion
  41. Parents help me!!
  42. kids
  43. Going Crazy
  44. School! School! School!
  45. ADHD school issues
  46. Michael Phelps
  47. Make them mind
  48. What i've notice in my daughter
  49. Newbie in need of help
  50. Link between Vaccinations and ADHD??
  51. I NEED ADVICE! Help a Mom out here!
  52. Impulsiveness - strategies
  53. I need information
  54. really mouthy... hard to discipline
  55. teenagers
  56. Need help w/my 11yr old DS - ADD?
  57. Tall Tales Teens Tell
  58. Children's DHA or Attentive child
  59. School Year - Off to a Rough Start!
  60. Fighting Parents Impair Kid's Emotional Development
  61. nausea and carsickness with your ADD/ADHD kids?
  62. Need a little advice
  63. My girl hates school
  64. I think my friend's little girl has ADHD.
  65. Video Games - How do they affect your children (in school)?
  66. Laptop dilema
  67. Bed-Wetting
  68. Need help with ADHD / ODD? 7 yr old
  69. Childhood Sleep Apnea
  70. Exhausted from parenting ADD teen
  71. This year is off to a rocky start/IEP?
  72. Sound familiar
  73. My Beautiful Baby
  74. Fear of elevators rightfully so
  75. Teen parents.... how much privacy do you allow?
  76. Can a person develop a resistance to ADHD meds?
  77. Russell Barkley CNN report on dangers of ADD teen drivers
  78. School drama already
  79. What I have learned!
  80. Private School?
  81. What to tell the doctor???
  82. Note to all parents who have children with ADHD: Biking
  83. Mom needs words of wisdom!
  84. Defiant pre-teen refusing help with homework!!
  85. Help 4 mum & her son
  86. Academy
  87. ADHD with ODD?
  88. 7 yo spinning in a cirlce at random times-help!
  89. 4th Grade Homework Hell....
  90. Vent!
  91. Energy drinks
  92. Picking
  93. Sex-ed
  94. Let's focus on the positive!
  95. 8 yr olds increased interest in sexuality and cussing.
  96. new here and my son has ADHD
  97. Does anyone know about natural alts to rx meds?
  98. Teenage Moodiness & "Little" Lies
  99. Teenage brain and ADHD
  100. how are your child's grades and how do you deal with bad ones?
  101. When your ADHD kid turns 18
  102. Does ADHD effect parenting???
  103. anbody dealt with...
  104. do they ever get better? mines getting worse
  105. getting homework home!
  106. Me again! tell me about your switch to concerta!
  107. Time sense in ADHD children
  108. Frustration at lack of understanding
  109. opinions please...
  110. Help, kid acting like teens on Muary Povitch show!
  111. Restriction Ideas
  112. Homeschooling ADD kids
  113. how to keep my frustration level down??
  114. helping my 5 yr old socially
  115. Scared
  116. How much time do you give?
  117. Need to hear a parent's account
  118. Input
  119. Celebrate Calm Tapes
  120. sent home 2 days in a row now
  121. What are the most important things a parent should know about ADD/ADHD
  122. Newbie Needs Guidance
  123. Isolation room as punishment at school
  124. Great resource for parents to handle everyday problems . . .
  125. 7 year old girl smothering her best friend
  126. Using games and body movements to homeschool children with ADD
  127. Focusing on your child's GIFT
  128. School Drama's & Pushy Teachers.
  129. paranioa
  130. need help with defiant 4 year old son!
  131. 13 yr old daughter defiant,any advice?
  132. Any tricks to make the mornings easier?
  133. Discussion about Play Therapy, the scientific method
  134. Son just presc. Abilify
  135. He never closes his eyes to go to sleep!
  136. does anyone else recognise this
  137. touchy-touchy
  138. A way of working with ADHD kids
  139. Anyone with experience using ball chairs
  140. med and friendships?
  141. after diagnosis, (how) did you let relatives know?
  142. Vyvanse and the weekend
  143. my very unappealing stage of grief....
  144. what time does your child go to bed at age 9
  145. New to this. just wona prize in the mail, a 5 year old girl, and my 25 year old girl.
  146. Biphentin - concerns
  147. More workingwith ADHD kids
  148. After two years of fighting
  149. wondering how I'm going to be able to make an impact
  150. Books you have used successfully to deal with behaviour
  151. Dizfriz's corner
  152. Hi there ADD (Inattentive) teacher here! Ask me any qs you like.
  153. Building confidence in your ability to homeschool a child with ADD
  154. Using exercises and physical movement to teach children with ADD
  155. Brains of ADD children are in high gear
  156. Help!!!!
  157. How to get started in homeschooling
  158. Growing pains for my 16 yo daughter
  159. Stress anxiety and ADD
  160. New and COMPLETELY stressed out.......
  161. Teaching abstract concepts to kids with ADD using a whiteboard
  162. ADHD questions - My 8yr old son...
  163. New Here w/an ADD/ADHD/ODD daughter
  164. When to tell your child they have ADHD?
  165. Mixed blessing/feelings or whatever you want to call it.
  166. the child as the homeschool teacher
  167. new and sort of in denial....
  168. Okay, so he/she officially has ADHD, in hindsight, when did you know????
  169. Child & Teacher Frustration - Advice Please!
  170. always angry
  171. very disturbing behavior from both my adhd kids
  172. Does your ADHD child do these things?
  173. Single-Parent Frustration
  174. With Christmas so close
  175. it's okay if your child is obsessed
  176. Just wanted to say hi!
  177. concerned mother, 8 yro son
  178. OCD and ADHD.... just adds more to my confusion
  179. How do you know if meds are working??
  180. things are never gonna be good are they !
  181. Bringing a sibling to a doctor
  182. Vitamins for kids with ADHD
  183. How do you do it every day? And do you have hope?
  184. 30% rule?
  185. I had a small success this last weekend
  186. USA Today article on homeschooling
  187. He's late...Mad at us
  188. Parents of more than one child with ADHD and how young to start meds?
  189. What's your opinion on Learning Centres?
  190. Not the Bio-parent, but... (sorry so long, must vent a little)
  191. A Mom of a teen vent.
  192. ADHD? or something else?
  193. tantrum over toy
  194. Note from the Teacher
  195. How do you know if Meds are working?
  196. Hyper-Focus and ADD/ADHD - Can they co-exist?
  197. memorization is overrated
  198. Bill of Rights
  199. posts from before he was diagnosed
  200. I am getting so annoyed with my son's teacher.
  201. Help Any Suggestions
  202. How young is too young for medication...
  203. Canadians~ Are there any resources we are entitled to?
  204. ADHD and Bedwetting
  205. Has anyone's child experienced hair loss?
  206. i need to release some frustration
  207. Mercury-based preservative doesn't hurt kids: study
  208. Omg
  209. add son, husband reluctant to try meds
  210. Help!!!
  211. Obsessive Mom
  212. Is it Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, or What?
  213. Help with adhd
  214. Reassuring I Suppose
  215. Questioning Dr.'s thoughts on removing DS10 from meds......
  216. ADD inattentive and gifted anyone?
  217. A smooth/ peaceful morning! Share your successes
  218. Smart ADHD Teen - success with tutoring?
  219. Required nanny for my kids
  220. Always has to touch something
  221. Copying animals
  222. New Here and need advice!
  223. playing another character
  224. Hi PLS read this, 9 yr old son
  225. My 3 yr old hyperactive child
  226. My overactive 3yr old.
  227. Are You Falling Prey To This Common Myth About ADD/ADHD?
  228. wow, he never stops talking
  229. Possible ADHD.... Basiclly need tips for reinforcing good behaviors
  230. Lying
  231. Im looking to find other moms on here that have girls with ADHD.
  232. How Did you feel when you heard your child's ADD/ADHD Diagnosis?
  233. What do you do with a 6y old who refuses to learn anything at school?
  234. I know what the text book signs are, but...
  235. pandas ocd adhd
  236. misbehaving kids with ADD: positive time out
  237. 12 Things Kids With ADHD Are NOT
  238. Steven update
  239. Do you let the medication raise your child?
  240. overnight hypoglycemia
  241. Family fun with ADHD kids-an oxymoron?!
  242. What helps...
  243. ADD and Anxiety
  244. Married and ADHD (Article on Raising Kids)
  245. My son's obsession with numbers....
  246. Need tips for redirecting displaced anger/fustration from son
  247. ADHD+++ now = ADHD +PDD-NOS
  248. forgetfulness?
  249. Frustrated
  250. Thoughts on "ADHD+++" now "ADHD+AS"