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  1. Disability
  2. Do teens know when meds aren't working?
  3. A Reasonable Consequence
  4. Maybe it's more? ... Dabrowski's theory
  5. I don't think I like the therapist
  6. Can anyone help writing an article??
  7. Question and/or Help
  8. Loud voices
  9. How to know... and what (if any) medication
  10. New study says medication ineffective in the long term
  11. aaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Overnight training
  13. Progress .... or at least in a positive direction.
  14. Adderal not working? 16 yr old meltdown!
  15. ADD parenting non ADD child
  16. ADHD, LD Child's influence on family life
  17. A letter to all the parents with LD/ADHD children
  18. New and lots of questions (mom of teen girl)
  19. Why does ADD/ADHD createe self-doubt and low self-esteem?
  20. Video Games
  21. Here we go again!
  22. This keeps happening...
  23. Is this a symptom of ADHD, a side effect of Adderall, or simply a personality trait?
  24. Do your kids get really hyper around their friends?
  25. Just getting started
  26. Article links for Parents
  27. Time Out
  28. someone please help
  29. can i tell u guys a wee story and tell me what u think is going on
  30. Help with an emotionally disturbed child
  31. Difficulty with cause, effect, and consequences
  32. Hates all Presents
  33. Over -reacts to everything...
  34. Help me understand internal motivation
  35. Proud Moments
  36. I really hope im not out of line.
  37. Riding a bike
  38. Please need Help for 7yr step daughter!!!
  39. Dealing with anger with schools & teachers
  40. ADD-friendly bedroom organization?
  41. Screaming!!!!
  42. Which road to take???
  43. Worried--new on meds and not eating
  44. Child on new meds getting crazier and crazier???i
  45. Grandparents
  46. How to deal with the school
  47. More school drama what to do
  48. "medicated" Gifted Children and School
  49. Dealing with multiple: 2 kids and me....
  50. How can you help your child (teen) self-regulate?
  51. Best book?
  52. Single parent dumped because of their child's ADHD...
  53. Son does not want to take meds
  54. I feel robbed today
  55. New here. Could really use some help...Please.
  56. Trampling on anything/everything on the floor
  57. constant chattering
  58. How do I get my son to go to camp?
  59. Family Gatherings
  60. Single Parenting and ADHD
  61. ADHD and Adderall and EKG's, oh my!
  62. Self Assessment
  63. New to This Bulletin..Need Advice for School Issue
  64. 14 yr old son doesn't have anybody to do anything with!
  65. Stimulation making symptoms worse?
  66. Bad day, needing support.....
  67. How about some parenting ? How does that sound ?
  68. "The Power of Positive Dog Training"
  69. Please help I'm at my wits end here...
  70. Think I may have a gifted child - what to do for her?
  71. True test of strength
  72. New to this - where do I go from here
  73. Appetite Loss
  74. Siblings
  75. Parents of dx teen... need your input.
  76. Behavior system/chart/rewards/etc?
  77. Concerned about my son please advise
  78. If your child is on the spectrum what do you tell people?
  79. Watch Recommendations
  80. Timers and token boards
  81. Family in need of sugestions!
  82. The constant eating
  83. What do you think? Good at school, difficult at home!
  84. So excited!
  85. Freaking out about a pair of shoes
  86. drinking,my 15 yr old help
  87. ADHD kids aloud to skip lines at thorpe park
  88. Impulsive Lying
  89. At my wits end...
  90. How much sleep......
  91. Help me to get my son to listen!
  92. Have you had to make Sacrifices?
  93. Parenting Books for Children With ADHD
  94. Digital Tools to Increase Concentration and Focus
  95. She understands her AD/HD!
  96. I feel like I am losing it...
  97. hi im new
  98. Frustrated beyond belief
  99. This Is Not Encouraging
  100. How to explain
  101. About ready to get off this ride!!!
  102. How do I handle this?
  103. 1st day at school since started Ritalin-SR
  104. Snack ideas for ADHD children?
  105. I can't take another school year of this!
  106. I'm not convinced it's ADD
  107. don't know how to begin!
  108. Son making strange breathing noises
  109. Changing the Dynamic in the Family....
  110. Quotient™ ADHD System
  111. new here-I think my son has add-adhd inattentive
  112. Being my Daughter's Shadow
  113. Back to School and Difficult Behavior
  114. Powerful tips on teaching an ADD/ADHD Child!
  115. Bullies!
  116. I really need an advice...
  117. bad morning....
  118. Switching from Vyvanse to Focalin
  119. Medication
  120. A tricky situation
  121. Need Quick Advice!!
  122. Still having School Avoidance Issues
  123. My Grandson
  124. Are ADHD kids normally hyper social
  125. 3 weeks and been sent home/suspended every day
  126. Coffee for kids with ADHD
  127. Help with my 10yr daughter
  128. Advice for dealing with 7 y/o son with ADHD
  129. Who in your house has ADHD?
  130. Biggest differance after treatment
  131. Mom of 20 Year Old Boy Needs Advice
  132. Anyone familar with Clements Clinics?
  133. What does it take to get them to remember?
  134. Update on my little guy
  135. To All the Parents - From a 19 Year Old Kid
  136. is this part of add?
  137. 6yo goes crazy when comming off Ritalin
  138. Meds for Mommy!??!
  139. Boarding school?
  140. Yay! No more school!!!
  141. Hard to make friends.
  142. Paranoia/depression
  143. Your child gets kicked out of class now? Look what he might become!
  144. Should there be consequences?
  145. How do you handle rages?
  146. Resources to Show My Parents About Inattentive ADD
  147. Cool Toys
  148. Apathy Vs disability.
  149. Barking
  150. Petit Mal Seizures and ADHD
  151. Should I say something - friends daughter wagging school
  152. ADHD no friends
  153. Does Strattera work?
  154. Stressful 2nd pregnancy turning me into a terrible mother - please help?!
  155. Question for you parents...need input/advice
  156. We need to switch meds
  157. I am still alive!
  158. Does your kid make ALOT of NOISE?
  159. argumentative
  160. when Melitonin does not work
  161. Off meds for 2 days...
  162. Hi All (long introduction)
  163. Been too long but OMG why did my kid do this?
  164. Bullying
  165. When both parents don't support their ADHD children.....
  166. Adderall and appetite issues
  167. 5 yo son wont take a pill..
  168. Any Ideas, me-37fADHD, kids 9Madhd, 3Mtornado, Fun things to do with them????
  169. Age Appropriate Toys?
  170. How can I help my nephew and my sister?
  171. Changes -- some good, some bad
  172. Natural consequences for actions
  173. Is adhd hereditary?
  174. Wondering what you do it get your ADHD child to bed at night?
  175. Color Blindness?
  176. Voice Volume
  177. Can you have more than one.......
  178. ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder
  179. I just told him to get out...........
  180. Russell Barkley
  181. Is this normal? Please, PLease help me...
  182. Do you use meds and counseling or what?
  183. a fantastic web site in the uk
  184. Can't understand
  185. Physc Help
  186. Are child generated weight concerns normal?
  187. New and unsure where to post
  188. I'm new, would like to chat
  189. I'm new, homeschooling Mama from England :)
  190. dishes bloody dishes
  191. Consequences for Carving Name in Rifle Stock??
  192. What do you do to help them get things done?
  193. Kid getting older, advice for 11 years+
  194. Is a boy thing?? An ADHD Thing??
  195. really need help!
  196. New to this web-site
  197. New and Exhausted too tears HELP!
  198. I have my old daughter back.
  199. Herbal Remedies/Vitamins
  200. Girlfriend/Step-Mom/Dating-Does not seem to understand
  201. Struggling with direction
  202. What do you say to your children about ADHD?
  203. ADHD and sugar?
  204. Super annoying child--phase or meds not working?
  205. Son can't sleep, won't eat?
  206. Ideas on increase protein intake?
  207. How to keep from being angry with teen?
  208. Not coping very well
  209. Summer Camps
  210. Limiting TV
  211. Can a 16 yrs.old request for his own evaluation against the parents wishes?
  212. Game day gone bad
  213. Bipolar/ADD Moms
  214. Update on my son and CBT
  215. ADD or RAD
  216. Help
  217. Time for a new med?
  218. Heads up to those in England - ADHD on TV
  219. trichotillomania and adhd
  220. Go Suns!
  221. Another bad week of outbursts
  222. Why do meds just quit working?
  223. feel bad about my reaction
  224. I don't know what to do
  225. New and need advice
  226. My son's feelings about PROCASTINATION
  227. any success stories WITHOUT using meds?
  228. Grrrrrr!
  229. Having a Second Kid
  230. Advice please - ADHD and anxiety
  231. ADHD Parenting workshops??
  232. i have 2 boys with add
  233. 10yr son making me feel so bad for going out..should I stay or Go 2-3 x's month
  234. sticking up for our kids
  235. Big Brothers/ Big Sisters program
  236. Breaks my heart
  237. Not really got a clue!
  238. How does this not consume your life?
  239. Summer Camps for ADHD/Behavioral Issues - Anyone with experience?
  240. Now my ex-husband disagrees with the diagnosis
  241. School wants to put daughter in special classes? Please help!
  242. Developmental optometrist visit
  243. Anyone here use the "Accountable Kids" program?
  244. New here - son with ADHD
  245. Life falling apart....literally
  246. Scared of the future.
  247. Boredom and giving up on things
  248. ADHD Children and Emotional Health.
  249. Any Advice?
  250. Help please need advice