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  1. Books for kids with ADHD, Asperger's
  2. Disordered eating?
  3. Please Tell Me It Gets Better
  4. nt daughter in adhd family
  5. Using meds as a crutch
  6. "Quarterbacking" your child's meds?
  7. It's hard to hear the teacher tell you your child is odd
  8. hubby doesn't believe diagnosis, says no meds
  9. C R A S H at the end of each day
  10. My son is getting tested soon. He got it from me!
  11. Ad/HD and adoption (international or domestic)
  12. Going Crazy...Again
  13. Medical Forms
  14. How do you think that I should handle this?
  15. Hurtfull Words
  16. confused about stepson??
  17. I am not a good parent for an ADHD kid :(
  18. Cursing and humping
  19. new here!
  20. Med not working anymore?
  21. Do I expect too much?
  22. teenagers with they outgrow adhd?
  23. Please help me! Especially at night
  24. Is he suicidal?
  25. Maybe I just need to try harder....
  26. maturity
  27. How do the proffessionals diagnose bi polar?
  28. Money
  29. Lost at what to do?
  30. I fired our piano teacher today
  31. Family therapy???
  32. Summer Camp
  33. How do you handle opponents?
  34. New to forum
  35. Bright, and ADHD? Just ADHD, or Just Bright?
  36. generalized anxiety more problematic than adhd?
  37. Who has a teen with adhd??
  38. My 6 year old son is stealing
  39. My daughter's anxiety. . .
  40. I feel sorry for me!
  41. An Understanding Group
  42. Sleeping problems
  43. New with a 16 year old
  44. Probably just a bad day but....GEEZ!!!!
  45. i dont understand...
  46. Today I told him I was not proud of him.......
  47. INPP update
  48. Meditation and ADD
  49. 10 y/o ADHD and bedwetting,someone experience???
  50. The Promise!
  51. Preemie Question
  52. Feed Poll
  53. OK here it is .. Pro's and Con's of praise.
  54. Difference between can't and won't
  55. $$$$$
  56. Doing the right thing - a vent!
  57. ADD child - ADD moms?
  58. Can I Vent?
  59. All three of my kids ADHD, what are the chances?
  60. Interesting THeory & Therapy...
  61. On Isolation
  62. embarassed by bathroom incident in public!
  63. I need some Honest Advice!
  64. Teaching my ADHD daughter about "strangers"
  65. Natrapathic help or traditional help for ADHD son.....anyone have any experienc
  66. ADHD,ADD & DCD Discovered
  67. Health Insurance when they turn 18 :s
  68. Diet
  69. Behaviour chart
  70. have had enough
  71. ADHD-related or not?
  72. I hoped things would be different with him here...
  73. Excuse me but am I the only one...?
  74. Hell is repetition
  75. Time of Day triggers?
  76. opposing viewpoints.
  77. Ideas for quieting overactive hands?
  78. Does this sound like ADHD?
  79. Looking for good therapist in utah?
  80. I'm the bad guy again.....
  81. Clinical Trials
  82. A Bullying Case: Please Read
  83. Summer Update :)
  84. Schedule ideas
  85. Aunt of a ADHD kid
  86. Help with organization and consistency
  87. self help skills
  88. Fighting in the car ......
  89. Loose joints and ADHD?
  90. Is it too Much to Expect....
  91. Newbie with questions
  92. lying and cheating
  93. introduction
  94. Has anyone had experience or success with Neurofeedback Training?
  95. Talking age and communication
  96. Trouble falling asleep
  97. Inability to articulate thoughts--ADD symptom, or something else?
  98. Crying when coming down off ADHD meds?
  99. Battered and do I stop the playing around?
  100. How would you handle this sibling issue?
  101. It's a small thing, but...
  102. changing
  103. Ferris is afraid to sleep in his room!
  104. Money Again
  105. Help Side Effects of dextroamp/amphet er on my 6 year old Son...
  106. Help
  107. - Looking for suggestions for people that understand -
  108. Perfectionist?
  109. Full time working ADHD Mom's with ADHD Son's
  110. Delayed Consequences
  111. Adhd - From the eyes of a child.
  112. Parent of adult with ADD
  113. Son and Video Games
  114. Chores and kids
  115. Tics...can they be controlled?
  116. Vitamen interactions
  117. No
  118. Taking the kids to doctors
  119. Making fun of people
  120. Other Adults in the House and Diet
  121. new primary ones
  122. Looking for the UK study video links
  123. Family/friends alienation??
  124. Self esteem issues
  125. Beautiful Report Delights
  126. Testing for LDs
  127. Sigh of relief
  128. Great thinking!
  129. Ferris and the tooth fairy...
  130. New here...
  131. Starting a full Schedule and Chart system...
  132. Ok, We did it, we decide to give him medication...
  133. ggggrrrrrr!
  134. DS refused the daycare van today
  135. I'm starting to think he didn't take his meds today...
  136. Says he feels like an outcast.
  137. Ashamed to have stereotyped what ADHD is
  138. Many Different Issues. Please Help!!!
  139. I you've got time....
  140. ADHD and diet
  141. new to forum. SS has ADHD oh my!!
  143. Need Help
  144. New here...
  145. Sometimes I want to just scream...
  146. Books on parenting kids with ADD/ADHD
  147. Whining
  148. Need some advice
  149. Why why why!!!?!?!
  150. Looking for someone in St. Louis who specializes in ADHD
  151. Help!!!!!
  152. anyone have 123 magic to borrow
  153. What should I do??
  154. Depsperatly seeking help.
  155. Virtual ADHD Conference
  156. a little input needed please
  157. Symptoms of ADHD?
  158. Help needed with sleep and anger
  159. So Many Different Issues
  160. Meds work great at home but not at school?
  161. ADHD and fatherhood
  162. Having emotional breakdown, need advice
  163. Vyvanse: What dose do you use?
  164. Hello. I am new.
  165. Do I have to let go?
  166. 6 year old wakes up sooooo early!
  167. Bad grades and depression
  168. anyone currently using a token economy?
  169. How do I find a specialist in my area?
  170. No idea where to go to get help
  171. 2 sides to ADHD?
  172. ADD/ADHD or
  173. Neurodevelopmental Rehabilitation Program
  174. Sorry for dumping this on you
  175. Venting
  176. Halloween and other ideas
  177. Gifts for immature 8 year old
  178. Bedtime is more tiring for me than him!
  179. getting frustrated now
  180. Going on vacation----any tips?
  181. Son (8yrs old) has either mild autism of ADHD
  182. Between Medications
  183. Sick to my stomach
  184. Sudden Sleep Issues!
  185. Advice needed! please help!
  186. Inattention Manifested as Poor Attitude?
  187. A Way To Snap Him Out of it?
  188. Suggestions? Preschool Drama, Drama, Drama!!!
  189. concerned parant!
  190. Any parents here with teenagers?
  191. delema with meds
  192. Anyone else????
  193. Is this the place for parents of teenagers?
  194. Anger --- justifiable or selfish (?)
  195. Multilingual children with ADHD
  196. is this ODD
  197. Five Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do
  198. effective discipline strategies?
  199. Went to a seminar today...
  200. Kids diet causes ADHD?
  201. Do you sometimes feel kids are diagnosed too easily?
  202. Does anyone else have trouble getting thier child to take a shower?
  203. A winter outlet any mom with adhd kids will love
  204. Cheer competition was yesterday...
  205. Anger, Depression, Acceptance, Repeat.
  206. Tearing my Hair out 11yr old son
  207. ADHD kids playing together
  208. Educating teachers is frustrating and tiresome
  209. brain gym?
  210. Anxiety? also Dyselxia
  211. Need Ways to Constructively Guide 8-yr-old
  212. Playing Pretend
  213. 15yo Teenage Son ADHD/Depression
  214. Eating issues
  215. honeymoon period?
  216. How do I do this mom thing?
  217. Doubting son's ADHD at times, agreeing totally at other times - normal??
  218. New here
  219. 504 or No?
  220. Any tips to help with sleep difficulties?
  221. Lying and ADHD???
  222. Middle Son may also be ADD...Help!
  223. How do you get through to them when they can't stop being naughty?
  224. Bad days even on meds--is that normal?
  225. frustrated by all of it
  226. Transitioning with high school son
  227. What do I do with this kid??
  228. Was worried about my daughter, now it's my son?
  229. Why medicate kids? What to tell people?
  230. Update
  231. irritable skin, impulsive, ADHD share ideas
  232. Focusing and Organization
  233. New partner and ADHD Child..Help!!!
  234. Son is sensitive to criticism, how should I handle this?
  235. Where to begin...
  236. Just venting
  237. completely worn out after school.
  238. "Lying" in children.
  239. Hiding Dexidrine pill in food???
  240. Sink or Swim?
  241. No Meds seem to work.
  242. I broke down...(rant)
  243. When to share the news of diagnosis
  244. rewards and consqequences
  245. New to ADD, school not going well
  246. certain things my DD does, anyone else have these issues?
  247. what do you think??
  248. Questionnaire for parents of children with ADHD
  249. Christmas...
  250. New stepmom to 13yo boy with ADHD and LD