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  1. Need a book for kids about ADHD
  2. learning to ride a bike
  3. My son says upsetting things
  4. A Phrasing Discussion
  5. ADD Babysitter?
  6. Son not sleeping tonight
  7. What do you make of this behavour?
  8. as many as 30% of the children with a diagnosis of ADHD may have a sleep disorder in
  9. He has had better days
  10. How much do you do for your child?
  11. Pharmacy Lost Our Adderall Prescription - Help??
  12. Melatonin??
  13. Question to Parents
  14. Medication Rant - You are fairly warned!!
  15. he didn't get it from me
  16. Stopping "casual" aggression
  17. sensitive issue, read with caution
  18. ADHD and ODD
  19. Has anyone tried?
  20. Adhd help please.
  21. parenting daughter frustrates me so much!
  22. Science fair project,ideas wanted!
  23. Weight Loss Issues
  24. Making learning fun! Do you have a fun deficit?
  25. Do you still give them their ADHD meds when they are sick?
  26. Behavior worsening?
  27. changing??
  28. I foget hes adhd and dont know how to act
  29. his brother
  30. "Defiant" at school, sweet & compliant at home
  31. Newbie going crazy...
  32. Dealing with grief....suggestions please
  33. Just seeking your opinion...
  34. Vyvanse and Blue Cross
  35. ADHD and child not gaining weight? HELP!
  36. Trying Intuniv, but when best to dose? and step up dose or not?
  37. How to get rid of a 4 year old's energy
  38. meds question
  39. Schedule/routine...or lack there of.
  40. First post....exhausted mum!
  41. Ignorance
  42. Undiagnosed and at the end of my flipping tolerance
  43. kids with adhd
  44. 99% sure daughter has ADHD what should I do??
  45. Nail Biting
  46. Holy...Wow! or DS is a monster at school!
  47. Does your child like to squeeze, pinch or poke people?
  48. Is it good to use iPhone / iPad to teach ADD children?
  49. Help!
  50. Diagnose Early (rant from a kid who wasn't)
  51. Why would symptoms get worse in wintertime?
  52. Son traces his writing over and over again
  53. Please Help!!!!!
  54. Need to vent before I blow
  55. Discipline Strategies Discussion
  56. I can't do this anymore!!
  57. My son's strengths/weakness are mine too!
  58. Gabor Mate Book discussion
  59. Anyone Else Seen These Behaviors?
  60. ADHD and musically talented
  61. Horrible Nitemare..Child Picking Scabs
  62. My son
  63. First Post...
  64. Psychiatrist v. Neurodevelopmental Specialist
  65. Can anyone shed some light on disturbing behaviour
  66. Confused and neec help!!
  67. Young Adult Children and Taking Care of Yourself
  68. Please help me understand!!
  69. Drugging our children...?
  70. My High School Senior is So Stressed Out - How Can I Help Him?
  71. Bed Time
  72. Oppositional and sleep
  73. General Lack of public Knowledge on ADHD
  74. New Member With a Rant
  75. Late talker, issues with fine motor skills, and...
  76. Really at a loss..
  77. Pediasure recipes
  78. Total Transformation Program
  79. How to help the non-ADHD sibling while doing what is right for the ADHD one?
  80. My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD
  81. Parental Feelings of Regret
  82. A bit strange?
  83. Starting a theater class for ADD kids, looking for the parental perspective
  84. Sleep issues
  85. Alcohol introduced to young adults/teens at home with family or at friends?
  86. What do I tell the.....
  87. Helping 7 year old with anger management?
  88. Visiting N.Y. with my 13 year old. Help!
  89. Any luck with social skill classes?
  90. Is it the ADHD or normal "growing" pains?
  91. What my son wrote and how the school responded
  92. Day 1 Off meds for base line-Horrible! Help!
  93. six year old with ADHD where to go from here
  94. "I'm a better parent than you are!"
  95. First pyschologist appt next week, need advise
  96. Having the Rx conversation w/ his Ped Tomorrow.
  97. More Psychologist questions
  98. Overwhelmed
  99. My boyfriend can't handle my son
  100. What to do?
  101. Does your child eat his lunch at school?
  102. Feeling overwhelmed
  103. Correcting angry bad behaviour for ADHD'er??
  104. Article on food colorings and ADHD
  105. Lie mode
  106. best way to control loud behaviour
  107. Sports and Medication for my son
  108. Anxiety....
  109. accountability.....why can't I teach this?
  110. Stealing/lying
  111. Bedtime
  112. Turning off the phone/meds
  113. Update on my son
  114. Hi everyone, I NEED URGENT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Bedwetting
  116. Taking time off from job to help your ADHD child?
  117. Do you ever feel like you're shooting into darkness?
  118. My First Time
  119. ADHD Bad behaviour since starting Grade 2???
  120. Discipline
  121. My son calls me "Mean"
  122. Behavioral Health Dr. in Dayton or Cincinnati?
  123. poor kids...
  124. New Member - Question
  125. Recess- using it as discipline
  126. Teens! please help me!!
  127. Alternatives to Public Schools for SN Kids
  128. Discipline Part 2
  129. Book that really explains ADHD??
  130. A shift in dynamics re:daughters aggression
  131. Gifted and ADHD growing up - wits end
  132. Help- My child is being denied an IEP. again.
  133. my daughter!!
  134. My 6 year old has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, Bipolar, Anxiety disorder, and PTSD
  135. Can someone help me figure this out?
  136. im a horrible mom
  137. Son was stoned
  138. I don't know what to do with this kid
  139. Frustrated with ADHD :(
  140. Can you help me, help a friend?
  141. anyone recommend a way to help daughter get over an irrational fear?
  142. Getting and KEEPING Friends
  143. Back to grieving
  144. Drastic Behavior change for the better! Here's how we did it.
  145. Update on my 5yo. Ready to kill him!
  146. At a loss....with 12 year old daughter going on 16.....
  147. Pleassse Mom... clean my room!
  148. Teacher swears she's expert on ADHD. HELP PLEASE!!!!
  149. Trying GFCF/dairy free
  150. Teen problems
  151. help me figure out how to get my 11yr old to lose weight without giving her a complex
  152. When should your child start taking responsibility for his medical treatment?
  153. daughter has gone from ritalin to concerta to dexedrine and now adderall
  154. are your kids grumpy and nasty in the morning? do you think it has to do with adhd?
  155. what are punishments or consequences for your kids?
  156. ADHD Meltdowns
  157. Sleep disorder that Mimics ADHD?
  158. Separation anxiety and older children
  159. At the end of my rope
  160. Help! 13 year old adhd twins
  161. Progress?
  162. My son just called 911 and told them I am abusive!
  163. VERY concerned about our son's behavior
  164. Emotional Impulsiveness
  165. A great day!
  166. Help.. I suck at this...
  167. my worst fera-pediatrcian wants me daughter on a diet
  168. Does anyones child have fixations?
  169. Behaviour Problems at school - how to help??
  170. Why Can't I ...
  171. Son screaming issue
  172. Daughter has no friends
  173. Daughter has ADHD Inattentive...she needs help at school
  174. Parents difference of opinion - is this common?
  175. Son angry while on meds
  176. are food dyes and sugar really bad for kids with adhd?
  177. when you go out as a couple do you prefer to not be around any children?
  178. for the love of Ezzy
  179. boredom
  180. Being a parent
  181. My son's habits - sound familiar?
  182. I love it when i'm right! (Warning-Venting a little)
  183. ADHD Meds & high heart rate
  184. Issues with Knowing what's not His
  185. I had to share an article that i read this morning!
  186. HELP - Does my daughter have ADHD
  187. Has anyone has this experience? What do I do?
  188. Intunive vs nightmares
  189. Birth complications (hipoxia, forceps, vacuum... etc.) and ADHD
  190. questions about Intunive
  191. ADHD parent needs help!
  192. I was told I was a "bad" parent
  193. I need help/advice.
  194. help please
  195. at what age did you get your adhd child a cell phone?
  196. Disciplining ADHD children
  197. Hope.
  198. little kids,little problems, big kids....
  199. Awesome news! Mom's getting me a 504 plan for high school!
  200. Finding Advocates
  201. Childcare for children with ADHD
  202. Concerns for my son
  203. Just a rant.....
  204. parenting when you have ADHD
  205. TKD - the wonder drug that works wonders!
  206. ADHD DVD's................??? HELP!!!!!
  207. do you dread summer break from school?
  208. Chapter 17 "Wooing the Child" ***
  209. 72mg of Concerta a day
  210. Response on Mate's work
  211. im about to go insane - yet again
  212. sleeping problems
  213. Getting educated before issuing a diagnosis!
  214. help my son is driving me crazy
  215. Will my new born baby get my ADD traits? How can I control or check on it?
  216. vomiting
  217. Soiling problems
  218. Mirror Traits
  219. costs of raising kids with ADHD
  220. Destructive path - discipline issues
  221. TV/Gaming and the ADHD Child
  222. Need some ideas please....
  223. Anxiety and getting worse
  224. Please help/advise... first time posting.
  225. task completion - ideas please
  226. Desperately need help w/giving 6yr Aderall XR
  227. Automatic "yes" answers to questions
  228. What type of doctor to choose?
  229. New to the boards....
  230. chores: do they matter in the long run?
  231. Starting to worry it might be more than ADHD
  232. ADHD and Summer Camps
  233. College roommate...
  234. ADHD article US news
  235. Just found this forum
  236. Argh!
  237. no sleep and 7 kids
  238. Ending power struggles in the morning
  239. DS and naptime
  240. Maybe some OCD tendencies?
  241. Teacher assignment - frustraited
  242. overdose
  243. mom needs imput for 15YO son w/ ADHD
  244. UK mum...Do I give up or fight for diagnosis?
  245. Beware the addiction potential of amphetamines
  246. "Mean" on Adderall?
  247. Can side effects go away?
  248. Worried
  249. Jumping, climbing, walking on the couch
  250. Stepchild has ADHD - my kids find it hard - Help