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  1. Staying Sane in multi ADHD household?
  2. Please enlighten me about punishment
  3. Lack of self-awareness
  4. First Day of School! (Let us all know how it went.)
  5. Conversation with Teachers
  6. Need Scheduling Advice
  7. School issues, home issues... help!!!!
  8. Need suggestions for getting 5 year old to remember things
  9. Parenting Blog
  10. Advice for peewee football needed.
  11. Nice article
  12. new with a question
  13. My 10 year old daughter
  14. kids and homework. cnn article
  15. Pulling my hair out.....
  16. 12 year old DS very tired on meds
  17. Moving advice.
  18. Please help: toddler with 4 disorders..
  19. Low self-esteem, hateful thoughts for him and the others..
  20. Fixation concerns
  21. Teacher got a taste of him without meds!
  22. should I tell my daughter?
  23. Listening the first time...
  24. bad day, heart breaking for my little boy, again.
  25. my daughter lied to me. need help with a good consequence.
  26. Questions about sleep problems
  27. my child is psychotic in the AM
  28. Support From A 'Grown Up' ADHD Child For Parents Out There...
  29. Rough Patch?
  30. Frustrated Mom with ADHD College Student
  31. He's making me lose my mind!!
  32. Mom brag moment!
  33. Ritalin Rebound? Newbie
  34. ADHD parents of ADHD kids vs NT bureaucracy
  35. My 9 year old son!
  36. We're lost....
  37. Abit nervious..My son was just put on Ritalin 10
  38. Organizational Skills for a 6 YO
  39. questions about my son?
  40. Reality check...does this sound familiar?
  41. parents, please help!!
  42. Things going well
  43. Feeling So Helpless
  44. Sneaky question from ADHD daughter
  45. Hi, new to the forums
  46. Please Speak on This!
  47. Performance in sports
  48. Twice Exceptional Children
  49. Not really ADHD related, but didn't know where else to turn
  50. Book Recommendations?
  51. overwhelmed!-- venting
  52. question about Concerta
  53. do you like back to school night?
  54. Does a new sibling worsen ADD issues?
  55. Keeping hands to yourself.....
  56. Night Wakings
  57. Son has Oppositional ADHD-Advice needed
  58. A Messy House ...
  59. Help--Teen blames diagnosis
  60. A vent and pity party on this Monday morning
  61. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, would you have it also?
  62. Neuro-Educational Testing
  63. Teacher's letter.
  64. help , i need opinions !
  65. Overwhelmed, discouraged, depressed
  66. Problems with school?
  67. Parenting assessment
  68. I had to share this...
  69. Pill Swallowing Horror Story
  70. It's the little things...
  71. For Kids Who Hate Seams, Tags and Rough Clothing
  72. Non-stop Talking Phase?
  73. Email from School- Want advice
  74. Help please - destruction
  75. kid binging advice
  76. Should I tell my son he probably has ADHD?
  77. Health Tip: Parenting a Child With ADHD
  78. At Witts End
  79. Breaking things
  80. swimming
  81. I Told My Daughter
  82. Caught in a loop
  83. New and a couple questions!
  84. Picky eater - what do you do?
  85. Help/Support???
  86. medicating kids younger than 7 years old
  87. Melatonin
  88. Homework routine
  89. Early Morning School Routine?
  90. Therapeutic Horseback Riding?
  91. 13 year old lies about everything!!! HELP!!!
  92. Parents of teenagers unite!
  93. Teachers skeptical of ADHD
  94. What do you expect from the teacher?
  95. Betrayal from my DS? What to Do?
  96. Holiday season can be overstimulating, especially for kids
  97. Concerns About Daughter
  98. Understanding your child
  99. Gift Ideas for ADHD Kids!?
  100. Need good therapist for my 8-yr old, New Haven/ Waterbury area
  101. 6 yo with Sleep Problems
  102. Help with housing...
  103. finding the right consquence for adhd 9 year old
  104. Self-regulation Techniques
  105. Adderall XR
  106. Hello - New to this forum
  107. Wow! Mommy couldn't be any prouder
  108. Hello, just introducing myself!
  109. Article on feeding kids with ADHD
  110. Advice needed
  111. I'm worse than a child!
  112. I know I'm not alone...
  113. My reluctant introduction
  114. Grief after diagnosis
  115. Hi, I'm new! Tips and survival Techniques needed! :D
  116. What Medications Can And Cannot Do
  117. IEP's and 504 Plans
  118. Forgeting homework/books/assignments NEED ADVICE
  119. Teacher grabbed my daughters face!
  120. Teen problem
  121. kapvait with sugar?
  122. 9 y/o girl - playdate ideas?
  123. i need some serious help/advise until the 3rd of january
  124. What do you do about stealing...
  125. Noob here, dealing with 5yo with diagnosed ADHD
  126. Ways to save money with having a baby?
  127. Omega-3 supplements
  128. My daughter's school is causing tremendous grief
  129. Hair-pulling homework frustration
  130. I just want to scream *Vent*
  131. Need guidance for son
  132. Behavioral Treatment in addition to meds
  133. Scared to tell 10yr old she has ADD-HELP
  134. Where is the Line between ADHD/Aspergers/Sensory Sensitivity?
  135. Merry Christmas and ADHD
  136. Sensitive 8yr old DS being Bullied
  137. Parents of Teens/Young Adults??
  138. Car Surfing a Dangerous New Thing Kids Do!!!
  139. I need help urgently!
  140. Young adult safety
  141. I know this is petty to what most people are going through but I want to cry...
  142. Hiring a tutor?
  143. The angel who rages
  144. Help ADHD or not?
  145. Worst . Day . Ever.
  146. ADD or maturity issue
  147. Frustrated mom
  148. Bella's Safety
  149. Help! 8yo fiances child
  150. Just give me a minute....
  151. discipline for ADHD children - need advice
  152. stay at home mom or working mom?
  153. Punishment or consequence? Friend suspects DD has ADHD, but thinks she's "lazy".
  154. Bed Time Issues w/ ADHD? Suggestions
  155. Help with Mediation or Due Process
  156. kicked out of school
  157. 17 with 1 of 2 strikes remain before removal from private school. Help.
  158. Has anyone used horses for ADHD symptoms?
  159. Anyone with experience on dye sensitivity?
  160. Son desperately needs practice with social skills, but
  161. Attunement: Reading the Rythms of the Child by Bruce D. Perry MD,Phd
  162. Help and advise please,
  163. How do YOU cope?
  164. That 'badly behaved' child may actually have disability
  165. Missing Grandchild Found Safe ...
  166. I have ADD, my husband has ADHD and so does my 4 yr. old son..any ideas??
  167. caffeine
  168. Mealtime frustration
  169. (Trigger warning) Entitled child, Ballistic dad, or both?
  170. Can you help me get back on track?
  171. Beginning to hate my daughter
  172. New with questions
  173. A question about twins?
  174. new product for children with ADHD
  175. Mean Girls...what should I do?(please advise)
  176. Bad Grades!
  177. Our ADHD/OCD Journey
  178. Effective Ways To Help An ADHD Child.
  179. Social Acceptance. . .
  180. Legitimate symptoms or manipulation
  181. Seven-year-old was given cannabis by parents
  182. modifications that work for middle school?
  183. Parents not following dosage! Going to kill their kid!
  184. Homeschooling for social issues
  185. Do I Tell him and if so what (adhd-pi)
  186. Medicating on off school days???
  187. Deliver me from his distraction!
  188. Why it's hard to cope....
  189. Say's it hurts to look up at the teacher
  190. lack of suport
  191. need advice about my 14 yr old son
  192. UK process at school after diagnosis.
  193. Dissertation about ADHD survey for parents
  194. I just blurted it out!
  195. Prince George’s parent upset by school’s handling of disabled child
  196. Whey protein in cookies?
  197. Patience replaced by frustration, then no more: just anger now
  198. Fluoride and ADHD + Concerta
  199. Socializing Books
  200. Dealing with "step-children" with ADD
  201. 6 Tips for Parents of Students With Learning Disabilities
  202. Advice regarding impulsiveness - 12yo son
  203. maternal stress linked to ADHD
  204. So frustrated--need to vent
  205. Driving With Attention Deficit Disorder
  206. 17 adhd son, no life, no friends breaking my heart!
  207. lots of new, adhd plus
  208. New here... ADHD, or more?
  209. AD/HDer limitations
  210. Any suggestions?
  211. Potty training
  212. Whats a parent to say ?
  213. spring break just might kill me.
  214. He can't/won't get up in the morning
  215. UK referral process
  216. Proud Parent
  217. At the end of my rope (again)
  218. Whats "normal" sexual behavior in 15 yr. old boy with ADHD and OCC ?
  219. How will he ever hold down a job???
  220. is he too young for police involvement?
  221. My mother = frustration!
  222. Work Before Play / Time Stands Still
  223. trying to form a support group - any ideas?
  224. being happy with your medication decision
  225. Lying
  226. Summer?
  227. Hello I am new here. Struggling!!!
  228. Hello! I am old here (struggling)!
  229. Seasonal improvement?
  230. a disgrace in nj..teacher bullying
  231. Doesn't believe in ADHD
  232. Russell Barkley 20 best tips for helping your child manage.
  233. Needing some advice and guidance...
  234. Teen Impulsiveness Has Different Sources in ADHD, Substance Use
  235. Adding protein powder to cookies
  236. Need input on putting my child in dual language program.
  237. Child not happy to take medication
  238. Am I being too Harsh?
  239. Hormones and ADHD meds
  240. child brings tazor to school to combat bullying
  241. I can't believe she DID it!!!
  242. 14 yr old twin and his bad decisions
  243. Advice
  244. Overwhelmed.....
  245. Advice needed
  246. ADHD Goes to School (article)
  247. self harm
  248. The last days of school...
  249. Camp Info of Interest
  250. Help! Overwhelmed with 10 yr old adhd son