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  1. not caring about "stuff"
  2. getting your children to cooperate.
  3. Is there help for this child?
  4. preteen with ADHD
  5. ~* Another Cry For Help *~
  6. Driving with ADD
  7. Rainy Day Activities
  8. second guessing...and asking for input
  9. I need help....please!
  10. Parenting a new add kid by a new add mom
  11. to parents with teens
  12. Two ADD parents, one Add kid
  13. Help!
  14. living with
  15. Its been a while
  16. HELP!! about to go crazy
  17. 1st Day of school no meds.
  18. Alternative to Medication
  19. Sigh, first week of school
  20. Swallowing???
  21. when your child is hysterical
  22. 12 yr to foster care????
  23. Child harnesses and Leashes
  24. Parenthood?
  25. When in someone elses care
  26. Any Advice? - Im having problems.
  27. Wanted to update everyone
  28. My son's change in behaviours are getting harder to swallow
  29. My advice to you
  30. No Meds, No Classification
  31. sadness and sleep
  32. son is a loner, or depressed?
  33. How do you handle comments on your kids behaviours
  34. How did I miss the sign's
  35. Couldnt conect with daughter.
  36. taking what it said literally
  37. ADHD Daughter (and me) out of control!!
  38. Encoprises
  39. more confused than ever now!!
  40. Parents: I need your help
  41. Is it boredom, or is it a lack of ability to create something to do?
  42. Born again mom
  43. strattera-stressed mom
  44. Is it me, my son, the meds, or intentional behavior
  45. Printables???
  46. Concerta and depression in young children?
  47. ADHD and The answer, "I don't know"
  48. how to explain to my other kids re adhd
  49. i just don't know what to do
  50. Making A Difference Game
  51. encouraging good behaviour
  52. Disturbing notion regarding bullying and ADHD.
  53. pushed right to the edge
  54. Under weight with adhd
  55. 8 years old and no friends
  56. Helping our childrens future
  57. Sport's and children
  58. How to give my son self-esteem.
  59. Obessed!
  60. Very worried...
  61. Staying optimistic
  62. I need advice by sunday
  63. feel bad about punishmens
  64. My daughter has a horrible attitude on Ritalin is this normal?
  65. Pain after eating?
  66. first grade math stuff
  67. Help Koda won't sleep in his own bed.
  68. Interesting data on variations in childhood ADD.
  69. schedules
  70. Met with the psychologist today for the test info
  71. My daughter's Psych suggested we join a support group like CHADD
  72. Add and visitation (long)
  73. Bed Wetting in ADHD children
  74. Discover Health-Kids Health Networks
  75. Groups for add/adhd in home towns
  76. My three sons (I feel a song in
  77. In the process of the testing
  78. teens starting meds?
  79. Need Help..7 yr. old son newly diagnosed
  80. Teachers-Parents-Students- Med Bunjee, Responsibility & Advocacy
  81. Thanks for the help!
  82. Break from the Meds?
  83. Woohoo!
  84. The Worried Child...Recognizing anxiety in children and helping them heal.
  85. ADHD and strange artwork?
  86. What next?
  87. Frequent Urination on Adderall?
  88. Child Custody /visitation and ADHD
  89. child with adhd - EVeryone elses fault but mine syndrome
  90. Mornings are a HORROR with an A.D.D. Child
  91. My sons appointment (mental health)
  92. Mother Why Do I Lie?
  93. New Strattera taker and bed wetting
  94. Close to being diagnosed
  95. About to Lose My Mind!
  96. How can I stop history repeating it self?
  97. Wow! ADHD affects a lot of Children
  98. Haven't been here in awhile, alot has changed
  99. Parents of special-needs kids and the grieving process
  100. Screening of Parents for ADD/ADHD
  101. ODD info
  102. ADHD & Son is cursing
  103. adhd parent trying to get message across
  104. ADHD Children: making and keeping friends
  105. Spanking: Does It Work with ADHD Children?
  106. Frustrated Mom of ADD child, just want to cry
  107. Rewards, punishments, Strategies for children with ADHD
  108. How do you explain a stroke to a adhd 10yr girl ?
  109. Fed up -- my ADHD kids dialed the emergency number!
  110. add/adhd in the family
  111. Seriously need help with Impulse control in child.... PLEASE HELP!
  112. How does coping with one childs ADD/ADHD affect your other children???
  113. How do I get involved in my son's school
  114. talking about death with a 5yr old ADHD Boy
  115. New Girl On The Block (ADHD son being treated badly by others)
  116. karate for ADHD children
  117. Musical instruments for ADHD children
  118. Choosing between Karate and Judo
  119. Help... ADHD son very negative
  120. Fixations (my ADHD son loves tape!)
  121. How to get teen to accept help?
  122. Extreme Fears
  123. ADHD...competitive/ problems with losing
  124. Regressing or being stubborn?
  125. Introduction and questions about ADHD medicine issues......
  126. how do i discipline an adhd child?
  127. Television, Computer games, and the ADD child
  128. "I wish I were dead," ADHD child says
  129. Summer Home Work
  130. ADD and taking care of kids
  131. Books- ADD / ADHD and Parenting
  132. guidelines for successfully parenting adhd children
  133. Compounding !! Yeah !!! (ADHD child doesn't have to swallow pills anymore!)
  134. Inmaturity or ADHD in 6 year old boy?
  135. I am going crazy with my 4yr old daughter
  136. ADHD and Potty Training
  137. Late Talking -- is there a connection with ADHD?
  138. parents do you get support to help your ADHD children?
  139. New here with questions (3.9 y.o. ADHD child)
  140. Homework frustrations,rages
  141. Stuttering
  142. new to AD/HD
  143. I am so tired. (Puberty with an ADHD child)
  144. Parent of an ADD child needs some info
  145. "I don't know" means "I don't know!"
  146. Kissing alot?
  147. ADHD May Be Linked To Anxiety During Pregnancy
  148. Daughter Being Bullied
  149. New here...please help! - parent of ADD child has several questions
  150. Help with meds (14-year-old ADHD child)
  151. Meds for behavioral issues in an ADHD child?
  152. If you don't know what's wrong don't comment
  153. Son has given up. Need to Vent
  154. chiropratic for adhd????
  155. Dr Phil and ADHD?
  156. XH does not agree with daughter's ADHD diagnosis
  157. Glueing himself to chair at school - humor
  158. Brushing and joint compressions?
  159. who cares about our kids/Visitation parents
  160. Great to find people who understand
  161. Disciplining the ADD/ODD child...any suggestions
  162. Bathing time nightmare with ADHD child... Help what to do?
  163. Helping my daughter and myself find friends
  164. Daughter just diganosed with ADD / ADHD......need advice & support
  165. Was your ADD / ADHD child a high needs baby?
  166. Explaining ADD to a child
  167. Question about Disciplining ADD / ADHD Child
  168. In talking with Kyler's doctor about ADHD and ODD....
  169. ODD and Obedience
  170. Never Crawled as a Baby? (Is this more common in ADD/ADHD?)
  171. support for a non-adhd parent with child's mother who also has adhd
  172. My story (ADHD 6-y.o.)...
  173. My ADHD daughter shouts, talks loudly, chatters constantly
  174. child resiliency and bonding to help ADHD
  175. different reaction to ADHD medicine??
  176. Can anyone recommend
  177. Parent Teacher Conferences
  178. Parent of Child with ADD/ADHD Going insane
  179. Getting out the Wiggles
  180. Do you ever get too tired to cope?
  181. Advise Please
  182. ADD-ODD daughter can't be alone- question
  183. 13 year old son runs into trouble
  184. bullying
  185. How much quality time do you spend with your kids?
  186. ADD women and their kids
  187. Please help...
  188. Bottom line on television and babies/toddlers?
  189. Need help w/ child forgetting things
  190. Son wants to live with Dad
  191. I'm having one of those days
  192. 8 yr old son diagnosed with mild add
  193. my son....with and without adderall.
  194. ADHD children interupting conversations
  195. a parenting dilemna
  196. its been awhile
  197. toilet rolls!!
  198. Just Letting you Know
  199. bullying in school
  200. New here and have Questions
  201. How to tell your child they have ADHD ?
  202. Change from Adderall to Straterra?
  203. Need some Advice/stomach aches
  204. Vitamins + Ritalin
  205. Starting meds AND testing for LD's
  206. 4 yr old obssesed with playstation 2
  207. My son wont eat or sleep!
  208. Inattentive ADD and anxiety problems - I'm stuck!
  209. How can I help my daughter?
  210. All moms must (please?) read: Is my kid insane, possessed, or just 3? No, seriously!
  211. Another day
  212. Setting Limits, and getting no sleep
  213. ADD 5 y.o. temper/verbal skills
  214. New here and at my wits end, advice pls
  215. strange habits
  216. Anyone use an educational consultant? -writing article
  217. Med for ADHD I have never heard of....
  218. Mommy Madness
  219. Too soon to DX?
  220. Advice Needed for my kids....
  221. How to convince spouse our son is ADHD
  222. Night Terrors
  223. Help homework Motivation....
  224. My hunch and what to do about it
  225. Greetings! Our Story
  226. He seems to run in cycles...
  227. Destructive behaviors
  228. How do I tell the difference?
  229. We're all getting more sleep, & the miracle of Clonadine
  230. out of control teen 15yrs
  231. Special Needs Summer Camps
  232. new to add and having kids tested
  233. need help keeping my son sleeping
  234. recommended reading
  235. Daughter with attitude
  236. 7yr old girl with ADHD
  237. 4yr old being inattentive at nursery
  238. Reading & ADD/ADHD
  239. 10 ADD/ADHD Myths
  240. Homeschooling the child with ADD or other special needs.
  241. clumsiness in ADHD kids
  242. Testing Results!
  243. many positives with ADD
  244. How much is too much "help" for kids?
  245. READ ME FIRST!!-ADHD Basics-What Everybody Needs to Know In General Parenting
  246. high pitched noises
  247. I've had it with teacher!!
  248. Any suggestions?
  249. Is his behavior normal????
  250. Light at the end of the tunnel