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  1. I don't know what to do please helpp-my mind is steered by obsessiveness + anxiety!!
  2. What do we really mean by "anxiety"?
  3. Driving anxiety and slow processing speed
  4. Medication for anxiety, depression
  5. How/where to learn social skills after being relatively isolated?
  6. Social issues
  7. Why do I feel so bad after talking to people??
  8. ADHD and Social Anxiety
  9. Why do I rarely feel lonely? Is this normal?
  10. Rational Social Anxiety?
  11. HELP! What meds do you take for ADHD and PTSD
  12. Obsessive + OCD + ADD = slow productivity
  13. Is this OCD? Obsessively detailed and get stuck on things
  14. obsession cycle I have with usernames...
  15. social anxiety
  16. Anxiety about taking meds
  17. ADHD, Anxiety and Low Self Esteem
  18. Started Straterra and OBSESSIVNESS + OCD is worse--what to do??
  19. Urgent: Does downers (klonopin) in morning affect stimulant effectiveness????
  20. My Jaw Keeps Clenching.
  21. Welcome to the club
  22. How does marijuana affect anxiety?
  23. The Anxiety of ADD
  24. Cannot Keep a Job due to Anxiety
  25. A Few Questions for the Better-Initiated
  26. Is it Normal for Exercise to cause Anxiety/Distress?
  27. Scalp picking? Cleaning ears out? Anyone?
  28. Is this from OCD? Need lots of structure to accomplish anything
  29. Anxiety sucks
  30. Seroquel XR for anxiety/substance withdrawl?
  31. Stress and Anxiety...what's the difference?
  32. Anxitey making me afraid of anti-anxiety med? Yes, I see the irony.
  33. Is it bad to start taking anti-depressants again suddenly?
  34. Feel really stressed, tired, and like crying right now
  35. Anxiety/ Trauma.
  36. Is this OCD?
  37. So hyper focused I cant think, long story involving child abuse I witnessed
  38. I feel like I have to keep forcing myself to do anything
  39. My mind races, and the anxiety is preventing any form of social life
  40. I feel trapped
  41. Avoidant of everything unless Force myself all the time-what to do??
  42. "I think I'm having a heart attack!" (non-emergency)
  43. Addicted to Anxiety? Self-Sabotage?
  44. OCD / Anxiety VERY hard to switch tasks
  45. Distress alway cause anxiety :(
  46. Childhood ADHD and Anxiety
  47. Viibryd
  48. I think i have anxiety, but..
  49. hardcore longterm forum ADDers, question re: Anti-deppressants
  50. Should we all become country folks?
  51. Obsessive Chest Hair Picking
  52. An Odd Mixture of Things
  53. Completely Random Worries
  54. Panic Attacks, How long will I have them?
  55. Anyone play competitive sports as a kid?
  56. Supplement and/or medication advise pls
  57. Is this anxiety/OCD?
  58. Mother does not respect my disorder
  59. Med Suggestions for ADD and Anxiety
  60. How did you know you had ADHD with OCD?
  61. Do I have Social Anxiety Disorder?
  62. SCT and SAD - How do you manage?
  63. Feel sick every day and never want to go to work
  64. Child anxiety and ADHD... need resources.
  65. panic attacks and exercise?
  66. Symptom- anxiety or adhd?
  67. Panic disorder starting at age 48
  68. Vyvanse side effects for ADD?
  69. Uncontrollable looping thoughts
  70. Best CONCISE Self-Help books and audio books for ADD, OCD, Depression, anxiety, etc.
  71. Am i OCD or LD or what?
  72. Does anyone else get themselves into silly situations???
  73. Which OCD treatment have been shown to help the fastest??
  74. Onychophagia: Compulsive Nail Biting
  75. Does this sound like PTSD?
  76. Panic Attack in the barbers today :(
  77. Need help with fiance's OCD/SAD/PTSD
  78. How do you relax???
  79. Weird tid-bit about me
  80. How can some one have both ADHD and OCD?
  81. Gestalt therapy treating anxiety
  82. SA. Have a little story. Need a little help.
  83. Social Phobia-Anyone find it much easier talking in front of large groups vs small?
  84. Will Wellbutrin help my anxiety?
  85. Anxiety Question
  86. Am I crazy to stop anxiety meds?
  87. Struggling with anxiety pertaining to my business
  88. Do you struggle with acceptance?
  89. Extreme introversion, how to deal with it?
  90. I don't like how I feel today
  91. We'll see how it goes...
  92. Sex and OCD
  93. Impulse Control Disorder - Skin Picking
  94. Bed bugs or am I going crazy????
  95. Dealing With Anxiety & Paranoia
  96. Trichotillomania & Adderall?
  97. How do you manage when you feel really OCDish?!
  98. ANY experience with ACT therapy?
  99. Anxious Paranoia
  100. Maybe I do have OCD after all
  101. Anxiety surrounding money/finance
  102. 10 Year Old with Combined OCD/ADHD-I
  103. ADHD meds caused Social anxiety?
  104. Providule adderral no effect?
  105. Medication causing depression?
  106. Panic attacks
  107. Nasty PTSD Flashback
  108. Question about the relationship between ADHD and GAD & OCD
  109. Medication for PTSD
  110. OCD or compensation for ADHD/aversion to humans???
  111. i'm so over everything
  112. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)?
  113. ADD with Comorbid Anxiety, what treatment is available?
  114. ADHD and Risk-Averse Personality
  115. ADD meds made OCD much worse
  116. Is it possible for anxiety issues to get worse?
  117. PTSD from life experience?
  118. Anxiety? What's yours?
  119. Can't stop playing with hair
  120. Who seriously has social anxiety?
  121. Do you bottle up your anxiety?
  122. Anxiety masked by semi-co-dependance?
  123. My fear is killing me
  124. why do I feel anxious while I am driving on the highway?
  125. Is it social anxiety or something else?
  126. Attention difficulties more due to OCD like symptoms than ADD? Anyone else?
  127. Do I Have PTSD?
  128. Anxiety?
  129. Dirt
  130. Obsessive Thoughts
  131. anybody else sweat in certain social situations?
  132. OCD, Luvox, and creativity?
  133. Panic Attacks
  134. Could worrying be a form of stimulation?
  135. I think my panic attacks are starting up again
  136. Severe panic/paranoia when ignored.. anxiety or a sign of something else?
  137. ADD or PTSD?
  138. When someone with anxiety is happy are they filled with extreme Euphoria?
  139. Social Anxiety Symptoms
  140. Advice for anxiety treatment options.
  141. Got diagnosed with Anxiety/Stress. NEED HELP
  142. Severe severe severe panic attacks-anxiety
  143. A spiritual experience
  144. People's preconceptions make me paranoid
  145. buspar (buspirone) alongside vyvanse?
  146. Is replaying funny things in my head a sign of OCD or watching too much youtube?
  147. Social anxiety disorder vs. avoidant personality disorder
  148. Anxiety from Delayed Gratification?
  149. Anxiety and/or Add
  150. Fear of Authority Figures
  151. I think my boyfriend has anxiety
  152. ADD/ADHD cognitive anxiety?
  153. Can people with ADHD (combined) be shy?
  154. Social Anxiety Disorder question
  155. Every Axiety Disorder you can name it
  156. Weird quirk of mine or common anxiety problem?
  157. Social Paranoia treatments
  158. Anxiety, OCD, Panic Attack, Hypochondriac?
  159. Can suppressing ADD symptoms lead to anxiety and social awkwardness?
  160. Anxiety is taking over my life!
  161. Does PTSD last forever?
  162. Obsession with defecating or feeling empty?
  163. Anyone else with PTSD?
  164. Scared of my own potential?
  165. -Me vs. Triggers- (sudden PTSD flare-up) Advice please! (meds?)
  166. Is this social anxiety? Where do I go from here?
  167. Is life real? (OCD)
  168. Exercise and anxiety relief?
  169. Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) or HRT
  170. Are you addicted to anxiety and/or depression?
  171. What do you do for social anxiety?
  172. What if I don't have OCD???
  173. Olfactory Reference Syndrome
  174. Stressed up to the eyeballs
  175. Will Adderal make my anxiety/ depression worse.
  176. OCD Causing Social Anxiety and ADHD like Symptoms?
  177. how does impulse control look in people with the add + social anxiety combination
  178. what does impulse control look like in those with adhd and GAD
  179. Family mocking my OCD :(
  180. Started taking Effexor for Anxiety/PTSD
  181. weird anxiety attacks :(
  182. Hoarding
  183. Hi, can you give me your opinion..
  184. "How to Use Your Breath to Overcome Anxiety" - Article
  185. Anxiety HELP please :(
  186. Anxiety issue
  187. Panic attacks more frequent
  188. how do you even manage to ask your doctor about anxiety?
  189. Constant fear of infertility.....
  190. OCD: when intrusive thoughts physically shock you...
  191. Vivid dreams with anxiety medication?
  192. Well crap, the anxiety is still there after 8 years.
  193. Studying politics in relation to social understanding.
  194. Constant anxiety just below the surface...
  195. ADHD + Obsessing over things?
  196. med suggestion for constant anxiety?
  197. ADD, Social Anxiety, and Depression
  198. Seeing my doctor on Monday
  199. Who has Social Anxiety Disorder and ADD?
  200. Adjustment disorder
  201. What med should i try for anxiety?
  202. long history of severe anxiety, Vyvanse almost eliminates entirely??
  203. First Aid Training causes anxiety attack
  204. Panic Attacks!
  205. OCD and started recording med times
  206. What does clinical anxiety feel like?
  207. TrueHope EMP
  208. Do you think anxiety developed as a coping skill?
  209. Does medication-induced muscle tension count as anxiety?
  210. I did something I'm not very proud of..
  211. Can someone with PTSD explain a few things?
  212. I was told I have anxiety-yet I am a turtle
  213. Anxiety and Depression the last few days
  214. insruance trying to deny coverage?
  215. "3 of 4 Woman, To Every Man..."
  216. the less i sleep the better i feel?
  217. 5 weeks on medication - Anxiety because of positiv thoughts
  218. Panic Attacks: My Girlfriend is not Herself
  219. Has Anyone Tried Hypnotherapy?
  220. Anxiety hellhole, or why I don't play Warhammer anymore.
  221. Thought I was ADHD for sure, but man was I wrong!
  222. They think the OCD is just an ADD symptom?
  223. Anyone have sexual anxiety?
  224. mouth biting
  225. I need help. Only answer if you can relate
  226. Worrying about food.
  227. New Diagnosis? Doc says OCPD.
  228. I find it hard to let things go
  229. Anger
  230. Rant about anxiety - depression's crabby cousin
  231. I lost it tonight... I broke down.
  232. Anxiety caused by meds...for a narcoleptic :)
  233. I Stopped a Panic Attack, phew.
  234. ANXIETY CLUB: Losing all anxiety is freedom.
  235. Meds or no meds?
  236. Facing your feelings (Help you to control, and understand your feelings!)
  237. Driving Anxiety (about other drivers crashing into me)
  238. I'm really not sure what I have
  239. Is Buspar really the right choice?
  240. crazy paranoid panic
  241. Cut the ritalin out!
  242. I hate constant banter
  243. Just diagnosed...
  244. Recently diagnosed. Now worse than before.
  245. How were you diagnosed with OCD?
  246. Overcoming low self esteem
  247. Internalizing criticism, even when its not directed at me
  248. Anxiety, depression, adhd....ptsd?
  249. Anxiety
  250. Agoraphobia and ADHD