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  1. Anxiety helpline
  2. anyone in or been in therapy?
  3. I have come so far
  4. Dealing with anxiety
  5. is it social anxiety?
  6. Need tips on how to deal with good change
  7. Just trying to understand
  8. Anxiety, is adderal the cause? help and advice with other meds to hel?
  9. Anxiety and Panic Attacks.
  10. Stress busters
  11. Anxiety or something more serious????
  12. Please help me name emotions when it comes to ADHD/Anxiety Comorbidity
  13. Large mental voids
  14. Do you have weird worries?
  15. How to stop a certain song from re-opening up the trauma?
  16. Bupropion
  17. I Now Know the Primary Source of My Anxiety: Enmeshment
  18. Anxiety and work
  19. The difference in my half dosage and full
  20. I'm getting worse
  21. I am in hell.
  22. For The First Time Ever
  23. Promising research on OCD.
  24. Newly diagnosed with add in addition to anxiety.
  25. CBT is a Joke. Anxiety and Panic Attacks are still happening.
  26. self-stigma of disorders
  27. Treating ADD or anxiety first?
  28. Methylphenidate causing increased levels of anxiety
  29. Questions about adult ADHD and spd
  30. Too many problems
  31. Panic attacks *during* sleep?
  32. Is it social anxiety
  33. Phone call - vent/rant/help?
  34. Sexuality based OCD (may be a little graphic)
  35. Healing From a Nervous Breakdown
  36. I guess its mostly Derealization
  37. Depression, social phobia, and (maybe)add
  38. The feeling of something not being complete/done
  39. Hello My Good Friend
  40. Drowning in my To-Dos
  41. Anxiety w/ medication. Something wrong with me?
  42. What do you make of someone who is oversensitive of insults?
  43. frustrated and embarassed
  44. Untangling this mental mess...
  45. Comfort objects for anxiety
  46. Possibly Dangerous Derealization/Depersonalization
  47. Skin picking
  48. Can Generalized Anxiety Disorder be sort of like ADD?
  49. Obsessive thoughts pretending to be important
  50. Do any of you also have GAD or generalized anxiety disorder?
  51. A stranger was mean to me and I'm sobbing
  52. Depersonalization Recovery
  53. Is it possible to physically be in multiple places at once?
  54. How do I 'define' my anxiety?
  55. Excess fear!
  56. Mental problems caused by TBI, ADHD or childhood abuse?
  57. Are racing thoughts anxiety or OCD? Will Strattera help?
  58. Social anxiety, and I am spiraling over this - :(
  59. Being evaluated for OCD in combination with ADHD
  60. 18 year old with Anxiety and suicidal on what?
  61. I'm Scared to Death Of...
  62. Worrying over literally everything that can happen
  63. Hoarding Disorder anyone?
  64. When is it ADHD and when is it dissociation?
  65. Adhd, strattera, stimulants and panic attack disorder? Can you take stimulants?
  66. Traveling ickiness
  67. Anxiety cured ?
  68. Did you "recover" from Anxiety Disorder while being on ADHD medication
  69. Trying to change my life
  70. Are you Socially Anxious?
  71. Misdiagnosis - Childhood trauma(PTSD) mistaken for ADHD?
  72. Was this sexual abuse? [*content warning: involves a child*]
  73. PTSD vs ADHD poll
  74. ADHD and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
  75. Unstoppable Anxiety
  76. Difference Between OCD (Pure O) and GAD
  77. OCD is taking over my life. Please pry for me.
  78. Physical heaviness, lethargy, fatigue... Part of ADHD?
  79. An event from my past, irrational worries
  80. How Xanax can help to prevent anxiety & depression?
  81. I can't tell if this is anxiety...
  82. Working through the fog.
  83. Getting stuff done with anxiety?
  84. OCD is back, how to get control on OCD?
  85. Can trauma be self-induced (like by your own OCD?)
  86. Obsessing over past events
  87. panic disorder and adhd stimulants? Anyone take stims and is there anxiety ok?
  88. Anxiety or are these symptoms something else
  89. Life crushing anxiety
  90. My history of anxiety (long post)
  91. This is driving me crazy
  92. My Tips on Overcoming Pure-OCD
  93. Anxiety and hugs/touch
  94. Asthma and Subterranean Anxiety?
  95. parenting/news headlines triggering intrusive thoughts
  96. Anxiety and medication
  97. OCD meds cancel out ADHD medication?
  98. I'm here again looking For answers
  99. Can anxiety be inherited?
  100. Social avoidance
  101. What is fear/timidity exactly - Please help
  102. OCD or reality?
  103. Heightened anxiety at night?
  104. Social anxiety
  105. Oxapax... when is it too much?
  106. How many types of anxiety are there?
  107. social anxiety not even confirmed but still very insecure
  108. My Restless Days of Being an OCD Person
  109. what's been effective for your OCD symptoms?
  110. Anxiety and Depression treated with Strattera, has this worked for you?
  111. Any of you develop compulsions to help you cope with your ADHD?
  112. Cant stand department stores.
  113. Anything milder than Klonopin?
  114. Supplements for Adderall??
  115. What can you do in 2-3 days to help someone with anxiety?
  116. Intrusive thoughts, feelings
  117. Please don't tell me to only think positive.
  118. has 30 mg dextroamphetamine with 300 mg caffeine helped your OCD?
  119. How are you treating ADHD with awful anxiety?
  120. What's a good anxiety med to pair with a stimulant?