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  1. its taken 7 months to find out what 41 years of untreated ADD is like
  2. ADDult and dealing with it
  3. Peekin & Postin
  4. Family doesn't believe ADD exists
  5. Stretching arms in the new forum
  6. ADDult frustrated with others thinking ADD is only for children
  7. No Patience to write
  8. Verbose
  9. Meds vs. No Meds for adults with ADD
  10. What's the Difference between ADHD & ADD?
  11. thank you
  12. Thanks BIG!
  13. Avoidance, Hyperfocusing and adult ADD
  14. Open mouth, insert foot
  15. Wizard of Oz and Attention Deficit Disorder
  16. Hi everyone
  17. I'm Glad
  18. organization
  19. me, it, wt. . . .
  20. Online Adult AD/HD Quizzes
  21. Amitriptyline / Borderline Personality Disorder
  22. What is your subtype?
  23. Adult ADD and Restless Leg Syndrome
  24. Some funnies!
  25. ADDed ADDvantages
  26. ADDed ADDvantages
  27. My family is complaining of their side effects to my medicine, LOL!
  28. ADHD affects adults, too
  29. View of Attention Deficit Disorder
  30. Alternative Approaches
  31. what about the 30%
  32. Coping Skills for Adults with ADD, ADHD
  33. Where should I start
  34. Gary - Ontario, Canada
  35. Glossary
  36. ADD Diagnosis Blues
  37. Dyslexia - Free Screen Reading Programs
  38. Unusual traits ADDers may have
  39. Hypoglycemia
  40. Adults with ADD Losing things
  41. A.D.D Life
  42. ADHD vs Bipolar
  43. Hating Paper
  44. 1st Meeting w/Doc Friday
  45. Cleaning
  46. "Live" support group?
  47. Isolation anyone?
  48. Procrastination and Adult ADD
  49. Discussing the US-IRAQ war with our kids
  50. Paper
  51. Memory Issues for adults with ADD
  52. My dealings so far with ADD.
  53. Attention Deficit Disorder and Astrological Sign
  54. ADD and other oddities...
  55. ADD or Laziness?
  56. War-time Humor: Axis of Evil
  57. Overcompensation
  58. Montel Williams and Attention Deficit Disorder
  59. Attention Deficit Disorder and Computer Frustration
  60. Story on Dr. Paul Wender
  61. How did you find out that you have ADD?
  62. Anyone else?
  63. Hyperfocus Revisited?
  64. TV Characters with Attention Deficit Disorder
  65. Amen Clinic
  66. Asthma and Allergies
  67. Have you ever been in a car wreck?
  68. Speeding tickets anyone??
  69. Good Luck Big!!!
  70. How do you connect to the Internet?
  71. HYPERTENSION/high blood pressure
  72. Unsafe driving
  73. Anyone else constantly question if your psychic or not?
  74. ADD and specific pet peeves...
  75. Dx'd in childhood? I hope everyone responds!
  76. Childhood memories...(ADD and growing up)
  77. Stress? What Stress?
  78. Cigarette Smokers with ADD
  79. Are You Grown Up?
  80. loyal
  82. ADD and Intelligence Tests
  83. Humor and Attention Deficit Disorder
  84. Have you told anyone about your ADD?
  85. How much is adult ADD; how much is me?
  86. Talking
  87. Eating weird stuff
  88. For All to Read
  89. Ever spoken and wished that you could take the words back
  90. New Members Joining
  91. Which would You Find More Benificial
  92. Getting old
  93. Coming out of the fog...
  94. What is the worst/strangest thing a teacher has said to you?
  95. Sorry I've been absent!!
  96. What is Success?
  97. Pulled from an email from a yahoo group
  98. Gratitude list
  99. Good sayings/Thoughts to ponder
  100. Coffee anyone? (ADD/ADHDers and caffeine?)
  101. Getting Stuck on something, Hyperfocusing, getting Un-stuck?
  102. Diagnosed ADD
  103. Getting Documentation
  104. Porn Advertisment
  105. Do you feel connected to your body?
  106. ADDFORUMS--A nice Place to Hang out!!
  107. Is there an age limit to go to dances?
  108. Questions to ask profesionals who treat adult ADD
  109. Anyone impulsivly spends?
  110. ADD/ADHD research/proof/evidence
  111. So what's distracting you most with your ADD?
  112. I just figured it out
  113. Spell Checker
  114. On Giving Advice
  115. Massive misery
  116. Ok I need everybodys Help
  117. online diary-part1
  118. Top patient-rated ADHD rating to date
  119. When are people general one?
  120. I was thinking...(look
  121. Lack of Motivation
  122. Joke for the day
  123. Adult ADD commercial
  124. It's tues and
  125. Afraid to feel happy
  126. See your world clearer
  127. Schools out !!! I have 2 questions?
  128. needed.....
  129. Like where is everybody On Holidays or What
  130. Question
  131. Just for a moment close your eyes and think about how a Linear Thinker would feel in
  132. LTD Linear Thinker Disorder
  133. ADD is... (describe your adult ADD moments)
  134. ADD friendly dayplanner!
  135. Member # 500
  136. Does ADD exist
  137. Battling Feelings of Worthlessness
  138. Our ADD Comercial
  139. "Driven to insanity" - ADDults and driving
  140. JFK Jr had Attention Deficit Disorder
  141. Heat
  142. reading the right half of the page?
  143. Commercial is Bad...
  144. Old ADD adult warrior warns newcomers
  145. Disability
  146. Mind readers?
  147. Flustered....
  148. Self Diagnosis, the big no no
  149. Newbie and question about thoughts
  150. Add mom, asperger's children,
  151. Links
  152. ADD Chain reaction
  153. Feet on the ground (for now) & waving hello
  154. On Vacation July 14th to 18th or 19th
  155. Blame
  156. Couldn't find something to save my life but......
  157. enjoying unreliable aspects of ADD?
  158. Is ADD becoming fashionable?
  159. Handwriting analysis
  160. Haunted hearts? Blocked trauma?
  161. A thank you to Garry
  162. ADD and Web Interface Design
  163. I'm sorry
  164. The three chemicals that are messed up
  165. A right to be ADD?
  166. Desk Calendars
  167. Chore Checklist
  168. Boy Do I feel Stupid!
  169. Dr Phil and Attention Deficit Disorder
  170. Any ADD Triathletes?
  171. Embarrassed to Have People Over? Chaos? Clutter?
  172. my hobby overwhelms me
  173. what to expect?
  174. No problems in school-Please Reply
  175. ignorant people!
  176. Obsession part of ADD or not?
  177. ADHD and Co-morbid conditions
  178. Does everyone talk too much ?
  179. Poor spatial awareness?
  180. Dr. Jeykell and Hyde behavior
  181. Boredom and adult ADD
  182. Compulsive Posting
  183. Neurotransmitter Testing
  184. just got diagnosed
  185. CHEAP GAS! Well, or cheaper anyways
  186. CALIFORNIAN POLITICAL THREAD - Yeah, the recall
  187. Can you tell me a little about the "DOWN" feelings associated with ADD?
  188. Sharing Dreams and Ideas
  189. The "Innovator"
  190. Attention Deficit Disorder - What do you think about the term "ADDers"?
  191. husband w/ADD -- meds available in canada?
  192. Advice for possible ADDer?
  193. Mountain Dew
  194. Re: ADHD Webpage Made Someone who was lived it for 24 years
  195. AD/HD and Alzheimer's
  196. how many stages of ADD are there
  197. The Whole Hunter Farmer Paradigm (ADHD is history)
  198. Caffeine vs Rx Stimulants
  199. Whats your enneagram type?
  200. ADD Dictionary Game
  201. Empathy
  202. To them ADHD = mentally defective??? hmmm
  203. Poll: Is it common for ADDers to have Blonde hair and Blue Eyes?
  204. Reading
  205. Puzzling?
  206. Alanon--Split from "Empathy" thread
  207. My New Computer Room
  208. Asking for help b/c you have AD/HD
  209. Are ADDers just Adults acting like Children?
  210. just got diagnosed with add
  211. I am new here !!!
  212. will it make things worse?
  213. Question for ADDults who've been on meds since childhood....
  214. Genetics of ADD
  215. Other ADDers writing LONG Posts
  216. just want to write
  217. 9/11? How does it affect you 2 years later?
  218. ADD ADHD... Deficit??? hmm....
  219. Childhood memories and ADD.
  220. International Adult ADD Meetup Day
  221. September 11 Memorial Photos
  222. Time
  223. ADDers Raising ADD Kids
  224. not had an abusive childhood?
  225. Demoralized
  226. Vrey wreid imtonfrmoin!!!
  227. Adult ADHD--According to Dr Amens 6 ADD types
  228. The ADD/Personality Disorder Link?
  229. ADD Benefits
  230. Commuting causes ADD, according to do-gooder
  231. Are you clumsy?
  232. Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up!!!-Winston Churchill
  233. Grumpy
  234. Similes and Metaphors
  235. Brain Structure Permanent for Life ADHD and Girls p37
  236. Am I in the wrong place?
  237. Any Adults with ADD Feel A Lack Of Adventure?
  238. Disabilties and Disorders
  239. A list of differences AND disabilities
  240. What are the componets of ADHD good and bad!
  241. Jeff's "horrible luck"
  242. The Rules
  243. Research Discussion (moved from Parenting)
  244. Where to post
  245. What do you need as an ADDer?
  246. Going to see the shrink on Tuesday...
  247. Co-Morbid Conditions with ADD
  248. MTV Looking for ADD Teen/Young Adult
  249. ADD & The Law
  250. Mind Experiments - like Einstien