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  1. Studies Clarify Diagnosis, Identify Possible Treatment For Adults With ADHD And Bipol
  2. Does trauma make bipolar worse?
  3. Borderline bipolar? Or just depressing life?
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  5. Your experience
  6. SPECT Scan reveals
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  8. Has Bipolar ever put strain on relationships?
  9. What To Expect
  10. Update on my experience
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  13. I compare my distraction to a irritating rattle feeling in my head....hmmm....
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  15. Talking out loud
  16. Her laughter, her tears, my fears.
  17. Could This Be Bipolar?
  18. I'm at my ropes end.
  19. Wanting to know???
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  21. bipolar mania/depression
  22. Stand back, is she going to blow???
  23. bipolar/add/OCD
  24. Relationships- All variables
  25. Help!!!!!!!!!
  26. ADD and BI-Polar ?
  27. Help Bi-polar/ADD mix in teen!!!
  28. "Normal" life possible w/ BP - ADD??
  29. me bibolar?
  30. difference between bp 1 and bp 2
  31. Help please... -my mom, dad and sisters and extended family...
  32. Hi and new to this and the site
  33. Have a doctor who didn't believe that childhood Bipolar could coexist with ADHD...
  34. General Hospital
  35. Could I really be this crazy????
  36. Hypomanic or add??? Or both...
  37. Treating ADD and bipolar comorbidity
  38. I think I may have both ADD and be bipolar...comments?
  39. Well ADHD wasn't enough!
  40. Pressured speech versus excessive talking
  41. Going to the Pdoc tomorrow to reveal BPII but want to keep Adderall!
  42. Info please
  43. Living With Bipolar
  44. Mixed state hell...
  45. ADHD and Co-Existing Bi Polar Disorder Seminar in Sydney (March 2007)
  46. Feel odd about childhood manic behavior...
  47. New here, question, Bipolar/add and stress
  48. adderal & Hypomania = Bipolar?
  49. I'm thinking of getting a supplemental policy for mental health
  50. I found the perfect psychiatrist I just need to get into see him
  51. Dr. Niederhut agreed to see me!!
  52. Interesting Lyrics
  53. The psychotic break...
  54. Which Drug Should I Mention to My Doctor?
  55. Newly diagnosed, still in disbelief
  56. Lack of Unconditional Love
  57. ADHD, wondering if Bipolar also present
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  59. Bipolar I vs Bipolar II - info, please
  60. Bipolar w/ADHD info for adults not kids
  61. Nobody likes me
  62. Doctor isn't sure...
  63. Why bother treating bi-polar any way
  64. Bipolar Has Killed My Family HELP ME
  65. Doctors Appt.
  66. Oh help!!!
  67. Question from a Loved One
  68. Pushin' it
  69. Did It Again
  70. Cyclothymic Temperment - Validated Criteria
  71. Grrr......
  72. Ok brand new in here :)
  73. Why is no longer a necessary question
  74. For those of you managing your conditions...
  75. One more %$#@#$# day!
  76. Bipolar Reasoning, the Meadd Way
  77. So I have a pdoc appointment tomorrow..
  78. Okay I feel like poop
  79. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
  80. What kind of effect does physical sickness have on your condition?
  81. Do you think there are universal triggers?
  82. $#@#$@! Mania
  83. Does this sound familiar..?
  84. Do I have symptoms of bipolar?
  85. Ok....i may be bipolar?
  86. Shedding the Ugly Duckling & Embracing The Swan
  87. Lifestyle + Vivid Memory 2 for 1 Thread
  88. BP and Financial Ruin. Truth in the Stats?
  89. Hey anyone around this late?
  90. Are most bipolar people reckless drivers?
  91. Bipolar I or II
  92. two hour episodes
  93. Waiter, check please
  94. Effects of Bodybuilding Supplements with Bipolar / ADHD
  95. mild bipolar
  96. Ever feel 'stuck' in a Manic High??
  97. Can I take an OTC Sleep med with Adderall + Prozac??
  98. New here with bipolar
  99. Going against my grain
  100. I Might Have Bipolar...
  101. Individual Insurance?
  102. I think I need to join the Cycling Club here!
  103. This sucks!
  104. Feeling shut down
  105. Horrible Anxiety & Cycling
  106. Docs office wants to put me on short-term disability and Lithium
  107. Aggghhhhhh! I can not stand this lately!
  108. Confused - ADD, Bi-Polar type II, neither, or both
  109. What Are the Symptoms of Bi-Polar Type 2?
  110. A little guidance please.....
  111. Need Advice -- Have appointment with Psyc doc after New Years
  112. Bipolar onset=pregnancy?
  113. Y'all were right
  114. Psychosis
  115. idk wtf to do
  116. In Financial Hell
  117. Keeping a job etc...
  118. Do you feel like Marvin
  119. I need to know I am not alone.
  120. Send Me Good Job Energy!
  121. Starting to worry
  122. Abnormal sexual urges?
  123. Not into routines
  124. Distorted Perception of Reality
  125. Increase in Sexual Appetite???
  126. First Day
  127. Odysseus Contracts?
  128. I realized
  129. does this sound like hypomania or what???
  130. I'm back
  131. I just need someone to explain it to me...
  132. A little confused because of my pdoc
  133. Can you be both adhd and bipolar?
  134. ADD & Bi-Polar
  135. Medication suggestions
  136. ADD vs. Bipolar.
  137. Is ADHD-Bipolar linked in anyway to Schizophrenia.
  138. Wife bipolar and adhd(?)
  139. Am I Bi-polar?
  140. Here is an interesting scenario
  141. bi-polar or adhd
  142. No Thoughts
  143. adhd misdiagnosed as mania??!
  144. Genuine Misfits
  145. Down Daze Dialogue
  146. in the mix
  147. Help!
  148. Anyone know a good forum for bipolar only, specifically a partner/spouse forrum
  149. ADHD / Bipolar help
  150. ADHD Medication Help Needed-
  151. Is Bipolar common in ADHD?
  152. Is it normal to obsess and ruminate when you have bipolar?
  153. Was ADD/ADHD mis-diagnosed as Bipolar II
  154. would anyone like to talk about add/bipolar?
  155. Long Shot: My Bipolar Life and the Horses Who Saved Me by Sylvia Harris
  156. Anyone experienced Stims increasing frequency of mood changes?
  157. what meds do you take ? I'm so confused...
  158. Non-bipolar person trying to understand
  159. Hello all....any and all help is welcomed. ADHD+"Bi-polar"
  160. "Bipolar ADHD" - Bipolar people similar to ADHD people.
  161. Seroquel and Adderall mix
  162. Is there a med that can stop a hypomanic episode?
  163. Marijuana withdrawal versus Bipolar?
  164. Lost
  165. BP/ cyclothymia response to ADHD meds
  166. Creativly dead - help...
  167. Bipolar and ADHD--any personal experiences? Would LOVE to hear!
  168. ADHD and/or Bipolar II
  169. Can you describe how your bipolar feels like?
  170. Pdoc says I'm depressed but I disagree....
  171. ritalin problem
  172. Buproprion SR as (almost) monotherapy for BP and ADD?
  173. Autism and bipolar
  174. To all NYCers on Medicaid
  175. bipolar and or adhd which is which?
  176. I want to go outside!
  177. 5 PROVEN Tips To Help You Wipeout Your Depression So You Can Live A Happy Life
  178. I don't trust my emotions
  179. Please help bipolar
  180. I finally saw my doctor again
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  182. What does being Bipolar feel like?
  183. 6 years later I'll be diagnosed
  184. Under medicated for both bipolar and ADHD - Coping strategies?
  185. Rage episodes
  186. Anyone experience what I am (Rapid cycling).. How'd you cope?
  187. Bipolar and Adderall
  188. Bipolar symptoms?
  189. ADHD Inattentive-Bipolar. Can't sleep. Adderall.
  190. Few questions about adderall
  191. Vyvanse & Depakote? am I abusing?
  192. how the heck do I tell if its bp or ADHD?
  193. Bipolar caused by which chemical imbalance?
  194. I can't follow conversations
  195. Stimulants and mania
  196. Lamotragine
  197. Do I have biplor/mania? or is it just my add medication? (adderall)
  198. Bipolar and ADHD Medication Combo
  199. Need medication advice
  200. Does this sound right?
  201. ADHD meds and Lithium
  202. Mariah Carey has BPII so of course the world pays attention!