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  1. Parents of NS baby with high heavy-metal levels want funding for ...
  2. No matter who you are, life's still a stage
  3. Ritalin Blues
  4. Special needs
  5. One in five US children face mental health disorders
  6. Expert Advice: ADHD and Adoption
  7. How to choose toys for disabled children
  8. Recognizing Productivity Problems
  9. Student conquers hidden disability, finds success
  10. Cub Scout Pack for Aspergers Syndrome
  11. Teen to be tried as juvenile for alleged bomb plot
  12. West Virginia to launch nation's first registry to track autism
  13. Probe: December 15, 2003
  14. Depressed Children Show Altered Stress Response
  15. Homophobic Harassment Led Teen To Suicide Attempt Federal Suit ...
  16. Probe: December 15, 2003
  17. Physician's and Patient Advocates Oppose Governor Blagojevich's ...
  18. Anthony Westbury: Camp Holiday helps troubled children
  19. State budget belt-tightening squeezes health care for kids
  20. Eli Lilly and Company: New Surveys Suggest Gap in ADHD Care; ...
  21. Research project studies ADHD diagnostic methods
  22. News Alert: The recent ruling of the Netherlands Advertisement Code Commission
  23. Teen killed riding bicycle
  24. Graduate gender gap
  25. After hard year, mother still looking for work
  26. If you are looking for a gift to give to a hunter or ...
  27. Mother hopes for dental work for son
  28. United Way: NAMI provides hope to families affected by mental ...
  29. Homeless and alone: the mother and son separated for Christmas by ...
  30. Senators To Seek CPS Psychiatric Medication Amendment
  31. ADHD: Parents Needs Doctors Help to Control Disorder
  32. Courses examine disabilities from social standpoint
  33. Should drugs be used to treat hyperactive kids?
  34. Family's budget has little room for gifts
  35. Waking up to Meditation
  36. Brother and sister seek a loving home
  37. Court Upholds Sentence for Bush Threat
  38. Children First: Is ADHD Being Over-Diagnosed?
  39. US preparing genetic bomb for mankind
  40. Parents sue over bullying
  41. WEBMD Health Releases Top Ten Health Stories of 2003
  42. Teenager On Probation After PC Death Threat
  43. Special children are their specialty
  44. Parents honor work of mainstream teachers during National ...
  45. Wellesley student battles learning problems to earn Rhodes ...
  46. TY Pennington of TV's Trading Places shares tricks of the trade
  47. Drug workers attack 'kiddy coke whitewash'
  48. Take time now to say thank you
  49. George David Bruk, 64, preschool founder, dies
  50. Miracles on 34th Streets
  51. Everyday solutions
  52. Survivors All, This Family Makes Its Own Holiday Spriit
  53. GI returns a changed man
  54. Mind-altering prescription drugs for African American children: ...
  55. Expert Advice: ADHD and Adoption
  56. War's Casualties Include the Children of Reservists
  57. American Values
  58. Five Common Toxic Metals to Avoid , and Where You ll Find ...
  59. Independent evaluation finds Brain Gym benefits
  60. Study shows tonsillectomy can solve childrens' sleep apnea
  61. Proved: flu shot protects baby
  62. Brain damage link to flu in pregnancy
  63. Learning Disabilities Stretch Services
  64. Despite her dyslexia, student wins Rhodes
  65. Troubled kids face long wait for counseling; Funding cuts have ...
  66. Scientists, consumer groups debate individual disasters, general ...
  67. Software helps sales reps stay tight with clients
  68. Parents try to cope without kids' care
  69. Cat Survives 150-Mile Trip Under Car Hood
  70. Man Commits Suicide to Escape Nagging Wife
  71. Sicily Man Arranges Shooting to Woo Woman
  72. Cyber Blackmail Wave Targets Office Workers
  73. Charges Planned in Pregnant Woman's Death
  74. Youths risk death in latest drug abuse trend
  75. Cross-Dressing NY Restaurant Sues Over Review
  76. U.S. Bans Ephedra, Drug Linked to Deaths
  77. M&M's Candy Fades to Black and White
  78. Unclear if Elliott Smith committed suicide
  79. Health briefs, December 30
  80. Shire Files Suit Against Impax Over Drug
  81. NAACP gears up for busy January
  82. Child's autism inspires creation of support centre
  83. Prolonged Use of Ritalin May Change Brain
  84. Poor man fined over paw paw
  85. Dublin teen in bowl game halftime show
  86. Center to use method for autistic
  87. China Rings in New Year, Rings Out Hemorrhoid Ads
  88. Second Time Unlucky for Burglar
  89. Princess Anne's Terrier Strikes Again
  90. Gastric Bypass Surgery Cures Diabetes
  91. Methadone -- once thought safe -- killing more than heroin in Denmark
  92. Neb. Woman Ticketed for Being Nude on Net
  93. 105-Pound Woman Crowned Fruitcake Champ
  94. This is Your Brain Online
  95. High Schools Cite 'Errors' In Report Card
  96. Patriot Act Grows
  97. Adhd And The Law In Child Psychiatry
  98. Multi-pronged approach
  99. Nurturing intelligence
  100. First-person: Honest answers
  101. Weber study to focus on ADD/ADHD
  102. Is there a test to diagnose ADD?
  103. Weird and Wacky Reigned Supreme in 2003
  104. Lilly Announces FDA Approval of First Medication for Bipolar Depression
  105. Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder among kids
  106. Heavy, Long-Term Use of Cannabis Might Be Linked to Numerous ...
  107. Flexible and functional
  108. Glossary: Some of the more common mental illnesses found in ...
  109. Late Mayor Jackson's son out on bail after marijuana charge
  110. What 2004 will bring?
  111. Budget ax separates children from medical care
  112. Words bring relief
  113. More families have children with learning disorders
  114. ADHD: Parent training may replace drugs
  115. Amid ills, nicotine has a bright spot
  116. Barrow, UA get nicotine-research grants
  117. School Nurses
  118. Teen at center of turmoil
  119. War of Words
  120. Boy Gets Stuck in Animal Game Machine
  121. FDA Approves Weight Loss Drug for 12-Year-Olds
  122. Victory for Zaque and family
  123. Coping With Challenges
  124. Teachers plan second term
  125. The new downtowners
  126. ROSE book another gamble
  127. Parents of attention-deficit kids need treatment too, experts say
  128. Charter school labeled 'unique': Would-be founder explains her ...
  129. Rose book another gamble
  130. New Study Addresses Dealing with ADHD After School Hours
  131. Clemens Receives Thurman Munson Award
  132. Musically gifted prep-school students frightened, confused by ...
  133. Police officer notices suspicious activity, arrests two local men
  134. Feeling a little run down?
  135. Keeping Rose out of Hall 'more than a bit hypocritical'
  136. Marblehead arts
  137. Yobs behind spate of dognappings
  138. Time to tackle learning difficulties behind children's bad ...
  139. Screen Parents of Attention-Deficit Children-Study
  140. Whitbread Prize Honors Children's Book
  141. Book it: Rose still living a big lie
  142. Some local educators say Bush plan unrealistic
  143. From the heart: Dad speaks out on autism Raises awareness among ...
  144. In touch with the arts
  145. That smoking habit is really in our heads
  146. Academy aims to train 'future leaders'
  147. Rose's image takes a hit in Cincinnati
  148. Knitting to dye for
  149. 20-year-old battles ADHD
  150. Spirit of giving at historic Soquel home transcends the ages
  151. A job with strings, a life without
  152. Farmington woman starts ADHD/ADD support group
  153. Mother driven to suicide by battle for murdered son
  154. Amid Struggles, a Mother Makes Room in Her Home
  155. Working holidays strains relationship
  156. Grandma robber posed as Salvos
  157. Making sense
  158. Psychological Services Offers Support
  159. School officials find fault with charter plan
  160. Deputy helped suspect's kin
  161. Disabilities Bill is not applicable to all children
  162. Feeling a little run down?
  163. A Family United and Determined, Despite Mother's Death
  164. Fury as school lets girl, 5, walk home alone
  165. JEMARC - Juggle With Style
  166. parents pour oil on troubled children
  167. Mood swings can indicate bipolar child
  168. A house call With Dr. Dean
  169. Top Ten Health Stories of 2003
  170. Boy bashing When girls get on a power trip, boys get bashed
  171. TOOTH Decay More Likely In Children With ADHD
  172. Dealing with ADHD and Other Problems in Young Children?
  173. Patients, their families face new, altered lives
  174. Austin doctor to speak on autistic disorders
  175. Fish Oil Sales Soar After BBC Show Reports It Makes Kids Smarter
  176. Too often a rare sight, nurses are returning to city schools
  177. Symposium debates ADHD diagnosis, treatment
  178. NOVA agrees to pay government $4.2 million for billing errors in ...
  179. Taking Care of the One Who's Been There for Them
  180. Dealing with ADHD and Other Problems in Young Children?
  181. Neural Feedback Training as Therapy for ADHD?
  182. Plans to close ADD centre a "crying shame", says campaigner
  183. Bus Driver Leaves Boy, 6, Alone Outside Locked Building
  184. Lawmakers, Educators, Fight For ADHD Kids
  185. Charter school plans faulted
  186. Musicians Turn Their Talent To Fight Against Stigma
  187. Plenty of Blame to Go Around for Boy's Suicide
  188. Edwardsville dentist faces investigation
  189. Teen pair reported missing
  190. Questions remain 2 years after boy s suicide
  191. Medical opinion divided over rise in Ritalin use
  192. Boarding school case leads to review
  193. Doctor in child drug treatment row to face GMC
  194. Children with disability at risk of victimisation
  195. WHAT? A Short Attention Span!
  196. Halibut catch is likely to stay level
  197. Fixing kid fears
  198. City blows own trumpet with big jazz names
  199. Nicotine vs. memory Loss
  200. Charter boosters, foes dig in for fight
  201. Professional organizers erasing clutter in homes, offices
  202. Give Southwood kids a chance
  203. Our decades chronicle tobacco dangers
  204. Kuehne plays from different set of tees
  205. Day care, preschool conference draws 650
  206. Crime victim finds community support, help for lifelong ...
  207. Today's seniors live longer, are more active
  208. Federal judge: addiction has a variety of causes
  209. IPHB plans programme on mind disorders among children
  210. War of the weeds
  211. Teen admits to pointing gun at fellow student
  212. Orthodontist blames paperwork gaffe in latest investigation
  213. Billie is athletic and friendly
  214. Oh, behave!
  215. Yoga helps with pains of adolescence
  216. Don't forget smoking is best for an early grave
  217. Find health benefits in martial arts
  218. Healthy Camby starts to look like starter
  219. ST. Francis Prep Does It Again With Two Intel Semifinalists
  220. Enough to Make Your Lead Spin
  221. Charter boosters, critics collide
  222. Sleep: The young and the restless
  223. Many dyslexic children, adults struggle with low self-esteem
  224. Hospital opening new unit for autistic children
  225. Here's the short of it: Listening is a lost art
  226. Expert Advice: ADHD and Adoption
  227. Competitive teens concentrating on studies, skimping on sleep
  228. TAC cuts off smash payments to boy, 7
  229. Welcome boost for family battling ill health
  230. Leading Expert on AD/HD and Career Choices, To Present Online
  231. Frostbite caution, treatments
  232. Thom Hartmann on Breaking Down Barriers at CLearChannel
  233. Former First Lady Stresses Importance Of Family Time
  234. Finding out about bipolar children
  235. New Star Plan for ADHD Children's Success
  236. Anti-vaccine advice worries health officials
  237. Program helps disabled adapt
  238. Train The Brain
  239. How to tame your little devil
  240. FDA Weighs Anti-Depressant Risk to Kids
  241. Does his son have ADHD?
  242. 'Hope and enlightenment' message for families dealing with brain ...
  243. Funeral today for elevator victim
  244. Does his son have ADHD?
  245. Caution Urged on Anti-Psychotic Drugs
  246. KU center aids families with autistic children
  247. Outspoken radio/TV doc in Menlo Park
  248. Mom seeks action against teacher
  249. Portsmouth parents ready to back schools at hearing
  250. Scholor dispels lazy student myth