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  1. The needle and the damage done
  2. Lots of love needed to overcome ADHD
  3. Parents need to talk with children
  4. For those left behind, there is life after death
  5. Parents and specialists help boy deal with dyslexia
  6. Suicide Caution Sought for Antidepressants
  7. Adult ADD article
  8. Miss NY fights misconceptions
  9. Man gets life for ‘ third strike ’ burglary
  10. Coordinated children's health services urged
  11. Spread the word about lead's danger
  12. Robinson advocates grass-fed livestock
  14. Study shows nicotine may help memory loss
  15. Finding Joshua
  16. Study shows greenery is a sight for sore minds
  17. Greenery is good
  18. Article, while informative, ignores benefits of legitimately ...
  19. Group targets mental health of county's poorest residents
  20. Sleepy Times
  21. Rude awakening: Poll finds kids severely lacking sleep
  22. Federal court to decide responsibility of special education ...
  23. Parents Should Know How To Pick Camp For Kids
  24. Support Group Shines "Light" On Effects Of Mental Illness
  25. Recognizing and Treating Adults with ADHD
  26. Mom, young daughter deal with girl’s ADHD
  27. Natural health remedies: Lift your mood
  28. Persian pearls of wisdom
  29. Family Struggles Through Grief To Try and Stop Other Child ...
  30. When 'Little Johnny' is out of control
  31. Toxic America
  32. Rising on 'crippled wings'
  33. School of thought
  34. ASTHMA, ADHD Rates High Among American Kids
  35. Federal report: 12% of children under 18 have asthma
  36. Miss New York fights misconceptions
  37. Business draws on her life experiences
  38. Educators aid business, civic leaders in unraveling educational ' ...
  39. Support and acceptance
  40. Computer games could aid hearing
  41. West Chester man works toward support for mentally ill/4-2
  42. Nice Million US Children Have Had Asthma
  43. Report Shows Millions of Children Live with Health Obstacles
  44. Surgeon general leads the fight against lead
  45. DEL. rates high for low birth-weight
  46. Recovering from ADD/ADHD, Stroke, and Depression Without Drugs
  47. Bedtime routines: Sound sleeping advice
  49. Facts about Tourette's syndrome
  50. AMERICA - - a nation in need of ADD medication ?
  51. Brighton- Dealing with dyslexia and learning disabilities ...
  52. Neuroscientist urges children in fun ways to use their brains
  53. Brain Scans Reveal Physiology of ADHD
  54. TV and ADD connection in news!
  55. Antidepressant use rising quickly among US kids
  56. Infants weaned on TV 'cannot concentrate'
  57. ADHD from too Much TV
  58. TOO Young for TV?
  59. Brain Scans To Diagnose ADHD
  60. Give our kids a go, say Scotts
  61. Effects of ADHD Treatment May Vary Over Time
  62. Emotional Choices
  63. State urged to toughen lead paint re-tests, save children
  64. ADHD Drugs May Stunt Kids' Growth
  65. Catching the brass ring
  66. Big rise in medicated children
  68. Defining the mental illnesses that affect children ...
  70. Zinc supplements could help treat ADHD
  71. Derby teen had 'heart of gold'
  72. Latest Medical Advances On The East End
  73. People with disabilities work to spread 'different' message
  74. Doctors trying to convince parents ADHD is real
  75. Subjective diagnosis
  76. Labels handed out in sixth grade are hard to shed
  77. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
  78. Research shows green views can alleviate stress, boost attention
  79. ADHD'S Outdoor Cure
  80. Close youth centre, jury urges
  81. Night Eating Syndrome provides food for thought . . . and action
  82. Anne Ford Confirms 'The Sky's The Limit' for Children With LD;
  83. The importance of Medicaid
  84. Different focus at two area Christian Schools
  85. Family finds its way past tragic error
  86. Schools offer online classes to stem exodus of students
  87. Antidepressant use is going up among children
  88. Special university helps students with disabilities
  89. Checkmates: Tiger Chess Association brings out fans who love the ...
  90. Mother wants sexual predator kept off streets
  91. A brother's love reflected in winning essay
  92. Lack of support for special education
  93. He's not being naughty he's an ODD child
  94. In Brief
  95. Wired up for mind games
  96. Censors eager to clean up TV should look at kids' shows
  97. Post-traumatic stress can alter behaviour
  98. Proper nutrition for kids stressed
  99. Backcountry mentality
  100. Drug to cut schoolyard trade
  101. Fetal alcohol clinic opens in Juneau
  102. Principal Scolded For E-Mail Joke
  103. Why kids' sleep important
  104. Brains of ADHD children look different
  105. Cost limits ADHD drug's use
  106. Kids' Sleep Problems Can Portend Alcohol and Drug Use
  107. Washington State Man Arrested for Making Ricin
  108. When Does ADHD Become a Disability?
  109. New drug avoids kid addiction risk
  110. Unconditional love, trust improve lives of children with ...
  111. Parents of ADHD kids forming support group
  112. Mum hits out at cuts to children ’ s ‘ lifeline ’
  113. Evaluation may help to manage Tourette's
  114. Autistic Man Expresses Himself With Piano
  115. Help for elementary students: New program in city for area school ...
  116. Zinc for ADHD?
  117. Waking up to hypnosis therapy
  118. Driven To Distraction
  119. The temperamental mind
  120. Couch Potatoes Kick Your Habit
  121. Family finds its way past tragic error
  122. USnews ADD article
  123. Medications target blues in preschoolers
  124. Test anxiety: Special ed students find private schools a haven ...
  125. She regrets leaving school
  126. The moody blues: to med or not to med?
  127. PG woman struggles to rescue grandchildren
  128. Mental Health Walk Set
  129. Reality Health Policy
  130. Psychology study earns publication
  131. Auditory Processing Disorder
  132. Special education service facing unique challenges
  133. More Than A Patch-Up Job
  134. A New Role For Weed
  135. Principal calls student 4th grader a "freak"
  136. FDA Issues Approvable Letter for CONCERTA 72 mg for Treatment of ...
  137. Challenge him, and he will grow
  138. Education bill in New York requires disability screening
  139. Musical Tool Helps Those With Learning Disabilities
  140. Research Sheds New Light On Auditory Problems
  141. Urge husband to manage his angry behavior
  142. Scared silent
  143. U.S. News Article ADD Great!!!
  144. Auditory Processing Disorder
  145. Freightliner owner rides road to success
  146. A couple's journey 'Back from Betrayal'
  147. US Kids Poisoned, Experts Baffled, We're Not!
  148. Ethical Dilemma Found in Neurocognitive Enhancement Debate
  149. Casses Introduces DataLex AD/HD Report to Accurately Measure ...
  151. Guidelines include Strattera as an ADHD therapy option
  152. Boys More Likely to Have Reading Problems
  153. A world come alive
  154. Hyperactive kids 'get wrong drug dose'
  155. Are you dead on your feet?
  156. Looking at life through a new set of glasses
  157. BIGGER Than Depression?
  158. LIFE in disarray? You're different, not defective
  159. Can't Sit Still
  160. 'I Lost My Only Daughter And My Friend'
  161. THE Brains Of Children With ADHD
  162. Concentration trouble does not mean ADD
  163. IRS warns taxpayers about identity theft e-mails.
  164. DATA Suggests That Children With ADHD Experience Greater Symptom ...
  165. ONCE-DAILY Mixed Amphetamine Salts Significantly Better Than ...
  166. Brain watching helps suppress pain
  167. Meanings and causes in ADHD
  168. Judge dismisses ADHD defense, gives 3 ½ years in fatal wreck
  169. Using computer games to improve self esteem
  170. Survey of adults reveals life-long consequences of ADHD
  171. Long-Term Study Proves ADDERALL XR(R) Is a Safe and Effective ...
  172. Perceptions of Girls and ADHD
  173. Study says Strattera gives sleep advantage
  174. Attacking bipolar disorder in young adults boosts outcome, says ...
  175. New Study Suggests Investigational ADHD Treatment is Safe and ...
  176. Study Suggests Focalin(TM) LA Capsules (d-MPH-ER) are Safe and ...
  177. School advocates named CyperParents
  178. Get help to win battle with depression
  179. The Disability Movement Turns to Brains
  180. Principal wants kids to get more sleep
  181. Uncharted waters
  182. Releasing the stigma of mental illness
  183. Love in a bag
  184. Having trouble sleeping? BCH now has lab to diagnose problem
  185. SCHIZOPHRENIA study uncovers surprising results
  186. Brave students rewarded
  187. Indicted real estate whiz has one speed
  188. Information on Adult ADHD
  189. Center improves teaching strategies for children with ADHD
  190. Having an alcoholic stepfather increases risk of behavior ...
  191. Mother, teacher run-in leads to charges
  192. A doorway to adulthood
  193. Boys Have More Literacy Problems than Girls UK Study
  194. Pfizer's Warner-Lambert to Plead Guilty in Drug Case
  195. Game for a Little Therapy?
  196. Hope of cure for dyslexia
  197. What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD?
  198. Too distracted to read this? We thought so
  199. PD Smith explores the fascinating frontiers of neuroscience in ...
  200. Three parents, a troubled girl — and a nightmare
  201. Boys need camp experience
  202. Possible link of vaccine, autism is debated
  203. Spending on behavior drugs for kids soars
  204. In search of the causes
  205. Brain under Strain
  206. Biomedical team to conduct allergy tests
  207. Attention-deficit drugs top medicine for kids
  208. Dirty drug money
  209. Beware of labeling children as learning impaired, expert says
  210. Talking toilet orders German men to sit down
  211. sweden's top adhd researcher destroys case files to protect patients
  212. Technology taking place of parents
  213. To read better, dyslexics get physical
  214. Southington native 'feeling good' after reaching top of Everest
  215. MDs Need to Be Alert To Sleep-Deprived Youth
  216. Becoming a parent for the second time
  217. Routine that headmaster found on internet sparks global interest
  218. ADHD Drugs Outselling Antibiotics in Kids
  219. Time's Up for Helping Teens
  220. Arresting sleep disorders in children
  221. Roof doing what he does best
  222. In the gloom of youth
  223. 'Supply staff don't understand the work we are doing'
  224. School counselor goes looking for trouble Crisis intervention a ...
  225. Open wide: Young patient benefits from new tonsil procedure
  226. What Is She Thinking About During Sex?
  227. Drugs and sex on the catwalk
  228. LEADING AD/HD Expert and Co-author of "Driven to Distraction" ...
  229. Two Countries, Two Views on Antidepressants
  230. Segregation or salvation?
  231. ADHD seems to be rife in league
  232. Food Allergies Questions and Answers
  233. The canaries of our society
  234. A new direction: New NC youth facility may be headed for Pitt
  235. Never mind ADHD, Mason's focused on Maroons
  236. Vitamin E & Cancer
  237. Losing focus
  238. CYA incarceration amounts to abuse
  239. Keeping kids challenged can be tough
  240. Minding Their Manners
  241. On Controversy, Edgy Roles and Growing Up on Camera
  242. Kids can drop off the face of the earth
  243. Food Additives May Affect Kids' Hyperactivity
  244. A disordered approach to ADHD
  245. New Study Helps Pinpoint Causes Of ADHD
  246. PIMA residents taught harmful effects of drugs
  247. Marijuana doesn't cure ADD
  248. Some kids can't be kids
  249. Dealing with autism ills via diet
  250. Drugs and college life really don ’ t mix