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  1. Getting to finish line in 25 years
  2. Edmonds jazzes up
  3. Special-needs children - South Korea
  4. Boca martial artist helping kids with ADD to focus
  5. Preventing dating violence
  6. Many Fail to Recover with Depression Treatment
  7. Michelangelo may have had form of autism: scientists
  8. Large Study on Mental Illness Finds a Global Problem
  9. Chemicals pose risk to children's brain development, says group
  10. First Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication Available in the United ...
  11. Attention Drugs Come of Age as Firms Target Adults
  12. Crucifying ADHD kids
  13. Study finds Prozac effective for teens
  14. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and life-span ...
  15. Children need to spend time in gardens & parks
  16. South Side teacher faces porn charges
  17. Schools are required to help kids with disabilities
  18. Picturing an education
  19. Pick one: our kids' mental health, or no tax hike
  20. Children with ADHD experience greater reduction of symptoms with ...
  21. Candidates Risk 'Glum' Label for Criticism
  22. New drug offers hope on treatment of hyperactive children
  23. School Offers Transcendental Meditation for ADHD Students
  24. The new PCBs?
  25. Attention deficit is 'a big lie'
  26. Crackpot Theories in Articles
  27. ADD makes road to graduation difficult
  28. Hey outfielders, you paying attention?
  29. Meditation for ADHD
  30. Beyond mess: Cluttering, anxieties linked
  31. Court could give kids better choice
  32. Survey Shows Parents Likely to Modify ADHD Medication Over Summer, Despite Results Sh
  33. Stir over ADHD theories
  34. School-based Psychotherapy Effective for Adolescent Depression
  35. Father Tries To Win Back Custody Of Son
  36. Family life, guide Mark Brandenburg
  37. A no-fear critter getter from the get-go
  38. Food for thought as diet is discussed
  39. Lee and the Noble art
  40. Parents More Likely To Modify ADHD Medication Over Summer, ...
  41. Understanding ADHD
  42. " I know that bipolar and ADD is basically the same thing.".
  43. Cooking schools and Emeril get kids' creative juices going
  44. Who is Nat Comisar?
  45. Cyclist hopes ride will raise awareness
  46. Police re-open boy's hospital death case after 36 years
  48. Support helps ease stress felt by students
  49. Panel to Review Electric Device for Depression
  50. Maths trouble due to abnormal brain
  51. Attention drugs 'do not shrink brain'
  52. A bit of calm in the playground
  53. Are antidepressants endangering our children?
  54. Standing, awestruck, in his sister's shadow
  55. A perilous prescription
  56. Tony Hawk to appear on 60 Minutes
  57. Parents can provide accurate reports of their children's ADHD ...
  58. Meth lab leaves toxic legacy
  59. Some parents just say 'whoa' to school-required medications
  60. Noven and Shire Sign Development Agreement for New ADHD Patch
  61. Getting to the root of a teen's anger
  62. Paying attention, not drugs, touted for ADHD
  63. Morland just happy to be in the field
  64. The Effects of Oral Health on Overall Health
  65. Child psychiatrist is suspended
  66. Diagnosing And Treating ADHD
  67. Lead poisoning strikes, fundraiser started
  68. Church founded by weight-loss guru investigated in abuse case
  69. Antidepressants Restudied for Relation to Child Suicide
  70. Autism diagnosis on rise
  71. Charles W. 'Russ' Harrison, president and CEO, Allied Custom ...
  72. Soccer program scores with special kids
  73. New Results from the MTA Study - Do treatment effects persist?
  74. With help, family finds a home, tries to focus on health,...
  75. APA's "Med Check" on ADHD & Bipolar
  76. Therapists Use Biofeedback To Control ADD
  77. medication for adhd helps more!
  78. Focus Factor Fined 1 Million Dollars
  79. Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary
  80. Youth forced girl to dig her own grave
  81. Thug jailed over attack on girlfriend
  82. Buyer Beware When It Comes to ADHD Diagnosis
  83. Mother rallies parents of mood-disorder kids
  84. Process makes swallowing bitter pills a bit easier
  85. ZZZZZZZZ! How much sleep is enough?
  86. Early Diagnosis Key to Treatment of Psychiatric Ailments, Says ...
  87. Test Predicts ADHD Response to Ritalin
  88. Man Bikes Crossing Country for A.D.D.
  89. Healing crusade in Lodi draws hundreds
  90. Don't pop those pills
  91. District decides to head to court
  92. UCTV'S ``Med Ed Hour'' Features Series on Neurodevelopmental ...
  93. Superstars shine
  94. SPECT imaging helps attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ...
  95. Out of one woman's suffering springs help for others
  96. Getting kids moving
  97. Aerobics for the brain
  98. Guardsman's competency questioned
  99. Claudia Sternbach: When given the chance for a new start, some ...
  100. ottawa man draws attention to adhd
  101. Narcissistic Personality Disorder and other mental health ...
  102. ADHD putting strain on schools
  103. Buyer beware of ADHD tests
  104. Family makes tough move for less stress
  105. Experts search for the best diagnosis
  106. Tier psychologist pioneers new guideline
  107. Wakefulness Finds a Powerful Ally
  108. When a Nap Is Not on the Program
  109. Getting help
  110. County gets hooked on fish oil
  111. Expert needs to support claims
  112. All in the Head
  113. Treatment with Strattera makes children with ADHD fall asleep ...
  114. Cure Autism Now fund-raiser hits the pavement Sunday
  115. Got pot? Medical marijuana identification cards available today
  116. Mother plans to sue schools
  117. Learning Disabilities And College
  118. Overmedicating ADHD?
  119. Bartlesville couple accused of locking teenage son in room for hours
  120. New research: even low levels of lead highly dangerous
  121. Violent Marriages May Make Violent Children
  122. Mental problems 'need talk not pills'
  123. Parent of boy with ADHD files lawsuit
  124. New Findings Even After 'Decade of the Brain'
  125. Stimulant modafinil a lifesaver to many, but no substitute for ...
  126. Reforms to come 'too late,' say parents
  127. One boy ’ s journey toward manhood
  128. Study finds Prozac and therapy are best for depressed teenagers
  129. County tough on requests for special ed
  130. Boys caged and beaten by parents angered over nine-month jail ...
  131. Treating your boy as tough guy only makes him weak
  132. Mental illness can affect all does not discriminate
  133. More research needed on ADHD
  134. Child bipolar disorder hard to diagnose
  135. September 7, 2004 - `National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day'.
  136. This was in my local paper! AAGGGHH!
  137. Teachers as Drug Therapists?
  138. Your gateway to Lincoln County Maine and surrounding communities
  139. A growing segment of society seems to be addicted to drugging its ...
  140. Embracing a messy situation
  141. Local Paper article
  142. Birds may shed light on manic depression
  143. A high-protein diet may contribute to fertility problems
  144. years of rejection by his peers
  145. Pregnancy stress increases attention infant disorder risk: Study
  146. It's unhealthy for schools to play doctor
  147. PCB survey hits a snag Schools told not to release data on ...
  148. Find a better way than lockup for mentally ill youth
  149. Queens College Professor Studies Preschoolers’ ADHD
  150. Vollum scientists find new form of dopamine transmission
  151. Two Gamecocks ineligible
  152. Hippotherapy program moves to stable
  153. 'Happy gene' could solve mystery of depression
  154. Traumatic Brain Injury: The invisible wound
  155. School loses boy on bus for 3rd time
  156. Link Shown Between Restless Legs Symdrome And ADHD
  157. Physicians Adopting New Test to Help Diagnose ADHD and Alzheimer's
  158. One-Stop service for kids with multiple learning problems
  159. ADHD — Summer can be especially challenging for parents ...
  160. School rules should avoid the pharmacy
  161. Ultimate Unschool
  162. Local lab develops beneficial gizmos
  163. Organic foods in relation to nutrition and health key facts
  164. Former jail worker suing Barnes County over job
  165. Myth and fact behind ADD/ADHD
  166. Chemicals, aggression linked / Endocrine disrupters shown to ...
  167. Mental health network vital for some
  168. New insight into serotonin in brain
  169. Chasing a dream
  170. From ADHD to angel
  171. Gene fault linked to depression
  172. Office Messes
  173. Questions worth answering
  174. Cross-country bicyclist gives [Staten] Island a spin
  175. The early effects of stress
  176. Digestive disorder hits more than first thought
  177. Program Improves Language Skills
  178. How did it come to this for a nine-year-old?
  179. Hundreds to step out for charity walk
  180. Largest Autism Study Ever Conducted Using DNA Array Technology to ...
  181. Goal: Keep kids out of jail
  182. ADD in the Workplace
  183. decision making - worth the wait
  184. Missed Signals
  185. Disabled Students Sue Over Med School Exams
  186. Drugs cure hope for violent thugs
  187. Students demand more time to take entrance exam
  188. Why Do Men Get Sunburned? The Problem Lies Between Their Ears
  189. office messes - add at work
  190. Teen with ADD wants driver's license
  191. stephen hawkin on black holes
  192. Multitasking takes toll as Americans get wires crossed
  193. Bipolar children
  194. about 60 percent to 70 percent of children with ADHD become adults with ADHD
  195. It is common for Fragile X to be misdiagnosed with autism, Attention Deficit Disorder
  196. ADHD May Go Hand-In-Hand with Seizures in Kids
  197. The brighter the better? - Cape Town, Africa
  198. AT&T worker files suit against company - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  199. Zink had longtime disorders, expert says - Springfield, MO, USA
  200. The mind of a child: KV to use Vimhans module, backed by WHO - New Delhi, India
  201. While the parents of Joey DuMontier grieve over the loss of their ...
  202. Non-Medical Treatment - Hartford, CT, USA
  203. Tough path to basic right - Malaysia
  204. Still much to do for special education - Malaysia
  205. Gluten allergy often overlooked, connected to ADD - Indianapolis, IN, USA
  206. Perhaps they're just wired a bit differently - Indianapolis, IN, USA
  207. The life of an adult with autism - San Francisco, CA, USA
  208. Home schooled son off to college - Phoenix, AZ, USA
  209. Lexapro, ADD and depressive disorder - South Bend, IN, USA
  210. Herring aid? Just listen to Grandma - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  211. What illness? JetBlue Airways founder and CEO David Neeleman... - Fort Worth, TX, USA
  212. In a Scribbler's World, the Fountain Pen's Flourish Gets Some ... - New York, NY, USA
  213. Multitaskers live in 8 lanes of traffic - Memphis, TN, USA
  214. Maths shows why tonal music is easy listening
  215. Device Helps Learning-Disabled Focus - Miami, FL, USA
  216. Girls tell of trauma of sex assault - Sacramento, CA, USA
  217. Stripping Away the Myths Surrounding ADHD - USA
  218. Partnership with schools improves outcomes for kids with ADHD - USA
  219. A mother's inspiration - Newport, VA, USA
  220. Suit rips schools on special ed - New York, NY, USA
  221. Appeals court denies teacher's suit against police - Providence, RI, USA
  222. ADHD support group opens local chapter for adults, kids - Huntington, WV, USA
  223. Here's how your birth month can affect your health life - New Delhi, India
  224. Perfecting skills right to the letter - Albany, NY, USA
  225. City family to be tossed into street
  226. Suspended jail term for violent mum - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  227. High lead levels blamed on paint - Lansing, MI, USA
  228. Love bites - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  229. Legal case goes to pot - Australia
  230. Emotions take over - Sterling, CO, USA
  231. Autism/ADHD support group to meet - Manama, Bahrain
  232. Doing nothing can kill - Malaysia
  233. Helping hand for busy grans - Warrnambool, Australia
  234. Special-need students lose aid
  235. Virtual reality lab yields data at St. Anselm - Manchester, NH, USA
  236. For some students, a virtual school seems virtually perfect - Milwaukee, WI, USA
  237. Medical home model gains momentum - USA
  238. AAMC sued over medical school admission exam - USA
  239. Study Questions Safety Of Anti-Psychotic Drugs For Kids- San Antonio, TX, USA
  240. Depression: Cure's In Your Diet? - USA
  241. Tasty but still bad for health - Singapore
  242. Therapeutic eye doctor chooses Allen - Allen, TX, USA
  243. Professional help may be needed for children's learning and - Saratoga, NY, USA
  244. Host of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington, to ... - USA
  245. Attention Different Drummers - Santa Fe, NM, USA
  247. Replacing Ritalin - Boston, MA, USA
  248. Child Behavior May Be Programmed During Pregnancy
  249. Nwq class for parents of mentally ill children - Champaign/Urbana, IL, USA
  250. ... known as nitrates and dairy products produced reactions...- Flagstaff, AZ, USA