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  1. ADHD drugs work as well on African American kids as Caucasian kids - UK
  2. Scattered son with BD, ADHD and Asperger Syndrome - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  3. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults - Journal of Amer. Med. Assoc.
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  5. Gatlin Is a Sprinter Focused on Being Dominant - New York, NY USA
  6. Pets, ADHD children are natural combination- Biloxi, MS, USA
  7. Tailback Summers fails conditioning test twice
  8. A wake-up order sets boy off - Detroit, MI, USA
  9. Drowning in numbers - Milwaukee, WI, USA
  10. My Journey With Bipolar Disorder
  11. Prospective parents shouldn't fear children with bipolar disorder
  12. Major Depression May Be Relative of Bipolar Disorder
  13. Bipolar Disorder
  14. Bipolar Disorder in Childhood and Early Adolescence - USA
  15. Mental-Health activist sues finicky Dr. Phil - Canada
  16. How much sleep children 3 to 6 should get. Average: 10.4 hours - Monterey, CA, USA
  17. Michael Phelps had to be dragged onto the road to swimming ... - Baltimore, MD, USA
  18. Joshua Shields? We've Heard a Lot About You, and It's Not All Good - Los Angeles,CA
  19. Mothers who expect lengthy lives tend to produce sons
  20. Social status influences brain structure
  21. Multi-Tasking ills boggle the mind - Fort Wayne, IN, USA
  22. A study looks at the effect of an alcoholic step-parent on kids - USA
  23. Disabled students denied extra time for admission exam Judge says - San Francisco, CA
  24. (Bipolar) School Tools - USA
  25. Candidate ran to counter Bipolar stigma - MI, USA
  26. Understanding hyperactive children - Philippines
  27. gene therapy cures monkeys of laziness
  28. FDA Approves Adderall XR to treat Adult ADHD- Miami, FL, USA
  29. Smaller classes help kids learn, but teacher problems remain - Tokyo, Japan
  30. Investigating how young adults with attention deficit ...
  31. See world through kids' eyes at Parent U. - Phoenix, AZ, USA
  32. July 18th 2004 New York Times - Anyone with ADD must read this artical.
  33. ADHD in Adults - Raleigh, NC, USA
  34. Passion for school develops into 700-photo album of new building - Flint, MI, USA
  35. If a teenager blows your fuse, check the wiring - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  36. Parents learn about learning - Greensboro, NC, USA
  37. 'She's No Angel, She's A Witch' - Seattle, WA, USA
  38. Relationship among student, parent and teacher requires trust ... - Marion, OH, USA
  39. How to Get Into Every College on Your List
  40. Don't go straight to meds for a hyper kid - Long Island, NY, USA
  41. Mother chides board - Bradenton, FL, USA
  42. How is Bipolar Disorder Diagnosed?
  43. The devil in their diet - London, England, UK
  44. Student Forms Support Group - Fort Smith, AR, USA
  45. Treating the disorder can save a child from failure - Gainesville, GA, USA
  46. ADD proves advantage for airline CEO - Myrtle Beach, SC, US
  47. Schools Shouldn't Play Doctor - Washington, DC, USA
  48. Bipolar Disorder: A new picture of mental illness - Raleigh, NC, USA
  49. Golden boy Phelps eyes magnificent seven - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  50. 'We're Done' Can be Predicted Before 'I Do'
  51. A protein that regulates sleep - Cape Town, South Africa
  52. Psychologist frustrated by lack of funds - New Brunswick, Canada
  53. Scientists link birth month to diseases - Oman
  54. ADHD Gets Cephalon's Attention - USA
  55. Order at home will make for smooth back-to-school transition - Woodlands, TX, USA
  56. Jane Pauley reveals struggle with bipolar disorder - USA
  57. Depression (Bipolar Disorder) - USA
  58. 'Project Lifesaver' assists local child - Seymour, MO, USA
  59. Vision Disorders Hinder Children's Learning, But Therapy Can ... - USA
  60. Should The Government Force Drugs On Kids? - Stow, OH, USA
  61. Using Martial Arts To Help Disabled - San Francisco, CA, USA
  62. New brain protein regulates sleep and anxiety, UCI study finds - Washington, DC, USA
  63. Boys will be boys - London, England, UK
  64. The Medication Roulette [Dealing With Bipolar Disorder] - USA
  65. New Book on Bipolar Disorder - USA
  66. A touching way to help kids learn - Charlotte, NC, USA
  67. Synaptic Gating and ADHD: A Biological Theory of Comorbidity of ADHD and Anxiety
  68. Attention disorder takes years to detect - London, England, UK
  69. Adult ADHD - Huntsville, AL, USA
  70. Gatlin guns down 100m rivals - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  71. No Olympic medal for Powell - Jamaica
  72. 4-legged animals can't be psychologists? Horsefeathers! - Knoxville, TN, USA
  73. PFIZER Schizophrenia Drug Wins US OK for Bipolar
  74. Geneticists engineer marathon mice
  75. Amazon study fuels debate on whether the concept of numbers is innate
  76. Schools responsible for social, as well as academic, skills - asperger syndrome
  77. Evidence doesn’t point to biological cause of disorders - Kansas City, Kansas, USA
  78. ADHD Impacts Entire Family; Parents Urge For Faster Diagnosis
  79. Analysis highlights suicide risk of antidepressants
  80. Discussion on Bipolar disorder - Jackson, MS, USA
  81. Children with ADHD benefit from time outdoors enjoying nature - Washington, DC, USA
  82. Teens assist campers with special needs - Monroe, CT, USA
  83. Drowning victim remembered for his kindnesses, struggles - Havre, MT, USA
  84. Working memory training in patients with cognitive dysfunctions - Germany
  85. Chernobyl Children More Hyperactive - USA
  86. Early to bed, early to rise - Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  87. Having trouble with your child? - Vacaville, CA, United States
  88. Anxiety in pregnancy linked to child's behavior problems - UK
  89. Can Medicines Trigger Bipolar Disorder? - Washington, DC, USA
  90. Mental Illness Prolific Among College Students - USA
  91. Probe into 'Nicotine Patch Risks' to Pregnant Smokers - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  92. Able Laboratories Receives FDA Approval for Dextroamphetamine ...
  93. Plans unveiled for private school for the gifted - Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada
  94. The Internet isn't there as an office toy - Canada
  95. 2 Eagle Scouts surmount odds - Phoenix, AZ, USA
  96. Naturopathic medicine: Homeopathy helps body heal itself - Billings, MT, USA
  97. Superstar Speaks About Friday Night Lights, His Father and Moments ... - USA
  98. Half the children in jail mentally ill, group says - Fort Wayne, IN, USA
  99. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Blessing? Or Disorder? by Bill ...
  100. Response Inhibition in Adolescents Diagnosed With Attention ...
  101. Linkage Disequilibrium of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor ...
  102. Mozart 'Suffered from Tourette's Syndrome'
  103. Power Parenting helps adults, kids learn new skills
  104. Back to School Health Tips: Expert Available to Comment on ADHD
  105. Doctors May Misdiagnose Child ADHD Cases
  106. Soldier had bipolar disorder, witness says
  107. Woman who suffers from Bipolar disorder is missing
  108. Treating candidiasis
  109. ADHD could be making you lose focus
  110. The art of living with autism
  111. Mozart behaving badly
  112. To get rid of the biggest piles of junk, many are seeking ...
  113. Teachers learn to police attention deficit disorder
  114. Abiline counselors want playground time to be healing time for ...
  115. FDA Mulls Child Stimulant Ethics
  116. Know when, how to seek help for mentally ill
  117. The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder – Medications for Mania
  118. Money would be better spent funding ADHD education than on an ...
  119. Special education teacher uses game to boost focus
  120. 2004 Safety Alerts for Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, and Dietary Supplements
  121. FDA Panel Says Child-Stimulant Study OK
  122. ADHD Risk Factors Identified
  123. GOOD groggy!
  124. Attention Deficit Study In Healthy Children Can Proceed Under ...
  125. What is Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
  126. Software firm unveils game to help youngsters do math
  127. Once a party drug, meth moves into the workplace
  128. ADHD costs USA more than drug abuse and depression
  129. Emerging ailment confronted
  130. Company Sends Wrong Drug For Boy's Prescription
  131. You are not alone
  132. Smaller classes work - don't turn back the clock
  133. In sickness and in health: hair growth, better sex and other ...
  134. Clearing the air
  135. Kitty bares her claws
  136. Strange priorities
  137. Cod Liver Oil to Heal Autism (Vaccinations)
  138. Evidence of Brain Chemistry Abnormalities in Bipolar Disorder
  139. This Is Serious Fun
  140. Paying attention: Treatment, love can help ADHD kids
  141. Adult Adhd
  142. A receiver with 2 feet on ground
  143. Taming mood rollercoaster
  144. Tourette has no cure
  145. A Possible Association of Recurrent Streptococcal Infections and ...
  146. The Bipolar Battle
  147. Personality disorders are common in the US general population
  148. Democrats back mental health boost
  149. World's Most Powerful MRI for Decoding the Human Brain
  150. Going Under: Self-Hypnosis for Pain Relief
  151. Dr Phil: ADHD - Parenting With Pills 09/28/04
  152. Amber: Struggling for control with Bipolar...
  153. Nature: great medicine for kids with ADHD
  154. Doctor helps ADHD student achieve success
  155. GO 2 Guy: Swim stars make quite a splash
  156. CAREER PROS: Disorganized and Distressed
  157. Addressing the Interface Between Pediatrics and Psychiatry
  158. Ask Dr. H | Why ADD can be soothed by stimulants
  159. School priorities off kilter
  160. Experts: ADD treatment goes beyond the child
  161. Childhood trauma: Violence between parents leaves indelible mark ...
  162. Allergies in Children
  163. Taming the Temper Tantrum
  164. Tourette Syndrome
  165. Child hyperactivity symptoms spotted during Victorian era
  166. The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder - Medications for Mania
  167. Families Together: The Dangers of Dr. Phil
  168. Teen Depression
  169. Making the best decisions about ADHD treatments
  170. Stripping Away the Myths Surrounding ADHD - News from NE
  171. Dad to cycle 520 miles in daughter's memory
  172. Mood disorder often misunderstood and misdiagnosed
  173. Mysteries of the Mind
  174. Schizophrenia drug okayed for bipolar cure
  175. Events to focus on Mental Health Awareness Month
  176. It's not the children who are stupid
  177. Paulsboro program inspires problem students to achieve
  178. Eternal Darkness of the American Mind
  179. Memory drugs create new ethical minefield
  180. ADD and ADHD not uncommon on college campuses
  181. School priorities off kilter
  182. New Initiative Planned to Get Marijuana Curbs Eased
  183. Research suggests pediatric sleep apnea may make kids hyperactive
  184. Donnie Smith, 25, a Special Olympics gold medalist, veteran
  185. Bipolar organization holds 4-Mile road race at Peggotty Beach
  186. Mother sues school district over son's education
  187. Study: Lack Of Sleep Causes Hyperactivity In Some Kids
  188. Home-school your kids, and you'll solve ADD
  189. For-Hire Advocates Help Parents Traverse the System
  190. One diagnosis doesn't fit all
  191. Stability Verses Creativity
  192. Children are better off exercising
  193. Identifying bipolar disorder in children
  194. How depression drugs affect the mind remains mysterious
  195. Suspended prosecutor files rights complaint
  196. Efforts to ban preservative in flu shots revived
  197. Prescription drug addiction causing crime increase
  198. Model described alarming night before disappearance
  199. The world's most powerful MRI for decoding the human brain
  200. FDA orders antidepressant warning
  201. Harsher sentence urged for caged boys' parents
  202. First study to show SEROQUEL may be effective in rapid-cycling ...
  203. Custom motorcycle expert earns myriad awards
  204. Tri-C Presents 8th Annual Disability Awareness Day
  205. Major depression at age 5? Researchers say it can happen
  206. Pam Patterson: When 'bouncing off the walls' is no metaphor
  207. New Clues Underlying Mood Disorders
  208. Making the best decisions about ADHD treatments
  209. Depression doesn't discriminate; hospital to host screening
  210. Out-of-control attack youth caged again
  211. Don't blame candy for hyperactive child
  212. Child's Snoring Could Mean Sleep Deprivation
  213. Substance Abuse Relapses: Could It Be a Dual Diagnosis?
  214. Learn About Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  215. Rage tackled with changes in diet
  216. Judge refuses mother's request for special education services
  217. Gene Linked to Pediatric Bipolar Disorder; Children in Companion ...
  218. Dual Diagnosis Is There A Single Cause?
  219. Teacher wraps experience into piece for Newsweek
  220. Disorganization: A habit or a mental health issue?
  221. In naturopathic medicine, balance is key to good health
  222. Mental illness hits at least one in five
  223. Carrie Fisher show will help battle mental illnesses
  224. Adolescent behavior
  225. Big Brother? Security or Health Records
  226. McCains want to erase stigma of mental illness
  227. This is your brain on drugs
  228. On the Analyst's Couch With Ecstasy
  229. How depression drugs affect the mind remains mysterious
  230. Pressures of modern life
  231. Adult ADHD Overlooked
  232. Economic impact of ADHD
  233. Sleep Disorders & Learning Problems
  234. ADHD costs USA more than drug abuse and depression
  235. Parents needed for study of attention disorder
  236. Number of students with ADD increases
  237. I'm Gonna Get Thru This
  238. Learning disability label used less, but explanations vary
  239. 'Dr. Phil' helps Long Barn woman's son
  240. Calming effects of tai chi revive a teacher's outlook
  241. Fit, happy, Wrenn gives NBA dream two years
  242. New Screening Tool for Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
  243. Metronome brings hope to ADHD patients, families
  244. Too much of a good thing can be harmful
  245. ADHD or ordinary bad behaviour?
  246. Celgene Reports Good Focalin XR Results
  247. New Studies Suggest Investigational Once-Daily ADHD Treatment Is ...
  248. Health Benefits Linked to Robotic Cat
  249. Children with ADHD benefit from time outdoors enjoying nature
  250. Ritalin LA Shown to Be Effective in Treating Girls with Attention ...