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  1. UIC seeks kids for bipolar drug study
  2. Dropouts face bleak job future
  3. Learn More About Attention Deficit Disorder
  4. Justice drives Ulster prosecutor
  5. RG2417 Demonstrates Positive Activity in Preclinical Model of Anxiety
  6. UCSD Psychiatry Dept. To Study Bipolar Patients
  7. Mind What You Think
  8. Perceptual Decision-Making Hub Pinpointed in Human Brain
  9. Evidence doesn't support restricted diet for ADHD
  10. College fair opens new doors
  11. More anxiety fodder: Sleep trouble can indicate bigger problems
  12. Focalin XR Results
  13. Reductions in blood oxygen levels in newborns could contribute to ADHD development
  14. A family's crusade: Carthage couple say mercury agentin vaccines caused son's autism
  15. Living With ADD: Lakeland College Student Draws On Her Own Experience to Help Others
  16. Excess teacher talk swamps children
  17. A Workout for the Brain
  18. This Pep Pill Is Pushing Its Luck
  19. ADHD a vision problem?
  20. Datamonitor: ADHD Children Not Coming to Attention of Parents and Teachers
  21. STUDY:shows that stress impairs memory
  22. Psychiatric Drug Use for Children Grows Despite Lack of Data
  23. Parting is such sweet sorrow: When it's time to leave your ...
  24. Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia Key Found
  25. Lack Of Sleep Causes Asthma, Attention Deficit Disorder
  26. Major depression at age 5? Researchers say it can happen
  27. Recalling the 'forgotten children of Lebanon'
  28. Kids With ADHD, Families, Face Emotional Problems
  29. A Famous Daniel apologises to sister Natasha
  30. 7-year-old boy's wild behavior might indicate ADHD
  31. Relationship Problems Common With ADHD
  32. New Salvo Is Fired in Mommy Wars
  33. Treating Symptoms Of ADHD Isn't Enough
  34. Nutritious food is right choice to stay healthy
  35. Traumatized children can't learn
  36. Neurofeedback Used To Treat ADHD
  37. The drugging of America's children
  38. Nation needs education on Ritalin
  39. Child emotional disorders targeted
  40. ADHD Alternative?
  41. Dopamine Limits Learning in Parkinson's Patients
  42. Misdiagnosis occurs too often
  43. Parents face dilemma when kids need meds
  44. Problems, successes mark preemies 14 years later
  45. ADD drug Adderall finds black market on school campuses
  46. Incidence and costs of accidents among attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder patie
  47. Parents, stand up for ADD, ADHD kids' learning rights
  48. 'Timmy's death will not be in vain'
  49. Understanding ADHD and the Creative Child
  50. Does Your Child have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD ...
  51. State grapples with lack of access to school records for PCB study
  52. Some ADHD Patients Find Relief With Acupressure
  53. It doesn't ADD up
  54. 75 per cent of ADHD diagnoses wrong, report says
  55. ADHD Girl Style
  56. 2 drugs' effect on kids compared
  57. Vision Problem Can Be Misdiagnosed As ADHD
  58. Ritalin Abuse In Adults Could Be Deadly
  59. Beyond the ADHD label
  60. NeuroSearch Has Completed a Clinical Phase II ADHD Study with ...
  61. Health Alert: ADHD patch
  62. CU Researchers Find That Dopamine Is Key To Learning Likes And ...
  63. Prozac may stunt bone growth in children, new research suggests
  64. Pediatric Notes: Children's mental health care in crisis
  65. People's Voice...Teacher was out of line
  66. Paying Attention to Girls with ADHD
  67. Top 10 toys for children with ADHD
  68. Child antidepressant use 'rising'
  69. Providing counseling for the whole family
  70. ADHD Often Misdiagnosed
  71. Preliminary Data Suggest ADDERALL XR(R) CII Significantly Improved ...
  72. Pig given 10 days to leave town
  73. Building awareness of ADHD
  74. The bible of diagnosis: 'The DSM-IV'
  75. Does your child suffer from ADHD?
  76. Vines Singer Has Autistic Disorder
  77. Scientific American MIND, a New Magazine From the Editors of ...
  78. Higher Once-Daily Doses of Concerta May Provide Greater Reduction in symptoms of...
  79. January issue of Scientific American "MIND"
  80. ADDERALL XR ® improves simulated driving in young adults with ...
  81. Parents find no easy answer for treating attention deficit ...
  82. 'Kranks' tells a lot about star Allen
  83. Torrent launches new drug for ADHD :
  84. Fatty acids: good for you and soon to be in more than fish
  85. Schools help diagnose ADHD cases
  86. The pause that trains infants
  87. This Thanksgiving something special
  88. New Bipolar News Section Added!
  89. ADHD Kids Benefit More From Higher Doses of CONCERTA® vs. ...
  90. Brain Abnormality Linked to Hyperactivity Disorder
  91. ADHD Can Be a Workplace Problem
  92. New Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease From Rockefeller Institute
  93. Time-release drugs could help lessen mood swings associated with ...
  94. Magnesium Maintains Memory
  95. Two New Alzheimer's Treatments Patented
  96. Symptoms to diagnose ADD
  97. School officials place assistant principal on leave
  98. Physical exercise, time outdoors dramatically reduces symptoms of ...
  99. FDA may use healthy children as guinea pigs in experiments with ...
  100. More on ADD from Dr Phil
  101. 60 Minutes - CBS "report"
  102. Mother Disciplines Son By Making Him Wear Sign In Public
  103. Ritalin use tied to adult depression
  104. Beat the blues.....
  105. Iron Supplements may Help Kids With ADHD
  106. Ritalin Seen to Help Child Cancer Survivors
  107. Helping Johnny hear: Hebrew Academy installs cutting edge sound ...
  108. Milk and dairy products cause heart disease, diabetes and ...
  109. Becoming a man
  110. Are Children With ADHD Over-Medicated?
  111. Drug to treat ADHD has similar effect on children with reading ...
  112. Linda Ellerbee and Dr. Phil Investigate Brain Disorders on Nick ...
  113. Kids' costly medicines hampering Christmas
  114. Can Strep Bring On an Anxiety Disorder?
  115. Link between Smoking and Mental Illness in Underserved Communities
  116. Brain Researchers to Develop New Class of Drugs to Repair Psychiatric Disorders
  117. Here, Kiddie, Kiddie
  118. Low Iron Levels May Contribute to ADHD
  119. Early Ritalin May Alter Later Brain Function
  120. Warning Added to ADHD Drug Strattera
  121. Study Links Low Iron to ADHD
  122. Surprising Treatment For Common Behavioral Disorder
  123. coke or pepsi?
  124. Drug-free alternative can help children conquer ADHD
  125. Early intervention vital to help cure autism, says doctor
  126. Men With This Dog Make Good Husbands
  127. Fed OK sought for ADHD remedy
  128. Many Kids with ADHD Not Followed After Diagnosis
  129. Treatment Changes Lives Of Adult ADHD Patients, Doctors Say
  130. Botox may be a possible treatment for sufferers of Tourette's ...
  131. Get the concurrence of many before medicating for ADHD
  132. Potential proves true
  133. Hoarding is all in the brain
  134. Genes tied to brain disorders
  135. Clinical Trial Completed for FMS Pain Relief
  136. The Dictionary Of Disorder
  137. Treatment of ADHD When Tolerance to Methylphenidate Develops
  138. Adderall & Valproate for Bi-polar ADHD Children - Abstract from a recent study
  139. Dopamine Transporter Gene Associated with Diminished Subjective Response to Amphetami
  140. New River to Develop ADHD Drug With Shire
  141. Pfizer Wins US FDA Approval of Pain Drug Lyrica (Update4)
  142. Army in u-turn for excluded cadet James
  143. What Paris Hilton needs in bed
  144. The Next Generation of Addiction - Why Are We Addicting our ...
  145. Theron: 'I suffer from ADD'
  146. Brain mapping leads to optimal function
  147. Non-stimulant approved in Canada for attention-deficit disorder
  148. Making a to-do list helps get things done
  149. FDA grants Pfizer pain-drug approval
  150. Helpful hints
  151. Even young children can become depressed
  152. Wonders of medicine
  153. Firm Recalls Bottles of ADHD Drug
  154. Upstate hires ADHD expert
  155. Study: 7 Percent Of College Students Used Prescription Drugs As Stimulants For Non-me
  156. Inclusion has become a's a mistake
  157. READ: Teach yourself happiness
  158. Finely tuned: Some people are extremely sensitive to outside ...
  159. First biological test for ADHD unveiled
  160. ADHD Linked to Mom's Iodine Levels
  161. Brain mapping leads to optimal function
  162. This was on the news
  163. Tourette Syndrome
  164. Advocate battling to the last
  165. Parents, teachers part of event
  166. Program educates others about mental illness
  167. How the culture of blame has made victims of us all
  168. Guidelines on attention deficit disorder issued
  169. Law of redundancy
  170. ADHD Happens in Adults
  171. Compusive hoarding study in Hartford CT
  172. Article of the Day: Neurotransmitters
  173. New Book "ADHD and The Criminal Justice System"
  174. Re: Misdiagnosis of ADHD?
  175. Long-term help for insomniacs: New generation of sleep aids
  176. Examining the highs and lows of ADHD
  177. Barrymore forevermore
  178. Medications can help coping with ADHD
  179. ADHD guidelines set to help clear up confusion
  180. Indigo children
  181. ADHD children & iron deficiency
  182. Attention deficit disorder and epilepsy
  183. What If Einstein Had Taken Ritalin?
  184. ADHD Drug Linked to Liver Damage: Report
  185. Pharma Buys a Conscience
  186. Adderall XR pulled in Canada
  187. LeFever ADHD Study - Did She Make It Up?
  188. Excellent Research Publication (lots of pieces to the puzzle)
  189. ADHD HYPER-dopaminergic? Serotonin the Solution?
  190. FDA looking at ALL ADHD meds.
  191. Dopamine as a Hitchhiker -A revolution in new ADD medications
  193. More Experienced Physicians May Provide Lower Quality of Care
  194. Study Shows Methylphenidate Linked to Chromosomal Changes
  195. ADHD sends wrong signals
  196. Health Canada, company to set up expert panel to study suspended ADHD drug
  197. US Regulators Puzzled by Canada's Ruling on Safety of ADHD Drug
  198. New Bankruptcy Bill in Congress Takes Away Our Chances to Start Over
  199. FDA Seizes Depression, Diabetes Drugs
  200. If you see my car running in the driveway, please let me know
  201. Parents as ADHD children's teachers
  202. Toddlers for too long?
  203. Attention Drug May Cause DNA, Cancer Risk, Study Says (Update3)
  204. Researcher to be sacked after reporting high rates of ADHD
  205. If you like Cylert, you'd better stock up fast!
  206. Research: Saegis Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase II Clinical Trial for Adult ADHD
  207. Research:Students misusing Adderall for sharper focus
  208. Research:Mercury In Vaccinations Increasing Autism ADHD
  209. Genetics underlie attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder symptomatology
  210. Too much information
  211. New Review Article on Amphetamine Pharm & Toxicology
  212. Review Report on methylphenidate pharm and Tox.
  213. Seizure of Paxil CR by the FDA
  214. Pfizer Takes Painkiller Bextra Off Market
  215. New Technology Strengthens The Mind
  216. The Gift Of ADHD?
  217. Insomnia affects youngsters
  218. How do I know if my child has ADD?
  219. Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds
  220. Judge Says ADHD Caused Him To Wrongly Send People To Jail
  221. OU attempts to relieve stress of OCD students
  222. International Call to Action for Improved ADHD Care Launched
  223. Drug and behavior therapy best for ADHD
  224. Pfizer, Boehringer Drug Blamed for Causing Gambling Addiction
  225. LifeFiles: Three Years Of Ritalin
  226. More and more experts say ADHD can be a gift rather than a malady
  227. Dr. Peter Breggin squashed again in a court of law
  228. We are being watched.
  229. Teenage Girls With ADHD Act Out
  230. Gender Differences in ADHD Patients Treated with Atomoxetine
  231. NOvartis gets FDA approval for ADHD drug
  232. The Lingering Legacies of ADHD
  233. Workplace May Overwhelm Adults With ADHD
  234. Teen girls with ADHD at higher risk of mental illness
  235. Yo-yo dieters may be driven to distraction, study says
  236. ADHD: The $77 Billion Curse
  237. This is Lewis without the Net
  238. Summertime advice for parents of ADHD students
  239. New Finding in Studying Dopamine Transporter
  240. Teens Improve In Academics, etc with Combo Treatments in new study
  241. Behavior Modification Study and Lower Med Usage
  242. FDA Raises Concerns About ADHD Drugs
  243. One woman's answer to the chaos of ADHD
  244. Pies: A psychiatrist takes on Tom Cruise
  245. Childhood obesity and its link to ADHD
  246. ADHD: Separating Fact from Myth (uses Barkley as a source)
  247. Tomorrow on NPR Adult ADHD
  248. Drug firms arming for battle at ballot box (US)
  249. Dopamine May Play New Role in Depression
  250. ADHD treatment from a patch