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  1. Allergies are the leading cause of poor health in children
  2. Here's The Buzz On Nick Cannon
  3. Bad behaviour 'linked to smoking'
  4. Outdoor discovery
  5. Ritalin May Slow Growth in Some
  6. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Develops Task Force to Combat ADHD In Children; Answer
  7. Review of Prior Studies Suggests Clear Assoc. bet. Ritalin Use and Height Retardation
  8. Out of control anger
  9. Men do have trouble hearing women, scientists find
  10. Editorial: Leave no special-education child behind
  11. Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders
  12. Back to School, Back to Stress?
  13. Parents Have a Place in Child Psychotherapy
  14. Historical study links fish to stroke
  15. Genes May Predict Response to ADHD Medication
  16. Diet breakthrough for ADHD
  17. Unassuming herb is Star from Asia
  18. Response to ADHD Medication May Be in The Genes
  19. Homeopathy no better than placebo-analysis
  20. ADHD case fee tally: $100K
  21. Sending Medication To School
  22. Mother's ADHD fight could set state precedent
  23. Canada reinstates attention-deficit drug
  24. Mom faces charges for not giving kids medication
  25. Ty Pennington selling Adderall
  26. The Molecular Genetics of ADHD: A View From the IMAGE Project
  27. Focus on Your Possibilities ADHD Scholarship Winners Announced
  28. Adhd Sufferers Find Their Niche
  29. Gardens doctor treats hurricane refugees free
  30. More Than 2.5 Million U.S. Kids Medicated for ADHD
  31. The Hard Work of Growing Up With ADHD
  32. Burden of ADHD Greater than Asthma, According to New Study
  33. CAP Issues Challenge on Health Issues Like Autism
  34. Judge rules ADHD is a disability
  35. World's Leading Attention Deficit Disorder Community Reaches New Milestone
  36. Positive Traits of ADHD
  37. Video games may help kids with attention problems
  38. pre-mature/ low birth weight ADD
  39. Researchers Find Few Comparisons of Most ADHD Drugs
  40. First Drug to Achieve Blockbuster Status
  41. FDA Warns About ADHD Drug Strattera
  42. ADD/ADHD treatment means more than just taking a pill
  43. EEG to diagnos ADHD?
  44. October ADHD Conferences
  45. Concerta effective for long-term ADHD treatment
  46. ADHD: Not Just for Kids Anymore
  47. Emotional Issues Hurt Children's Health Care
  48. Yoga May Help Kids With Autism, ADD
  49. Many Prospective Recruits Unfit to Serve
  50. Multi-Ctr Study Evaluates Use of NeuroLex Indicator Rpt Svc in ADHD Assessment
  51. Medication-Induced Activation in Children and Adolescents
  52. A Problem in the Brain
  53. New Report Advises Caution on Diagnosis and Adult Use
  54. Can Brain Scans See Depression?
  55. Popping Pills for Sleep
  56. Untreated hyperactivity affects kids' relationships, success
  57. ADD test methods questioned
  58. Supporting evidence that ADHD-PI may be a different disorder
  59. Teachers often identify ADHD
  60. Prevalence of Diagnosis and Medication Treatment for ADHD: US 2003
  61. SPARLON for ADHD (approvable)
  62. Schools Can't Require ADHD Drugs
  63. Non drug therapy for Anxiety/Depression Shown as Effective as Meds
  64. Results On New Memory Research
  65. Surprise! Computer Scientists Model The Exclamation Point
  66. Company: FDA May Approve Deficit Patch
  67. Deaths Among Attention-Deficit Drug Patients to Get U.S. Review
  68. You (and Your Brain) are What You Eat
  69. FDA to examine new ways to study ADD drugs
  70. How system failed our son
  71. Adult ADHD in focus
  72. Are They Here to Save the World?
  73. Drugs are not the only solution to treat ADD/ADHD ... there are other options
  74. FDA To Review Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta
  75. FDA Report Details 25 ADHD Drug Deaths
  76. Warning Urged on Stimulants Like Ritalin
  77. Gene Found to Cause ADHD
  78. NYTs on the Risks with Stimulant Use.
  79. Woo HOO!! We exceeded 10k members and made headlines!!
  80. ADDERALL sued over High Prices: Canada
  81. ADD Sports Pros Monday On CBS Evening News
  82. Panel Advises Disclosure of Drugs' Psychotic Effects
  83. Woman Has Perfect Memory - ABC New Report
  84. Modafanil (Provigil; Alertec) linked to acute sometimes Fatal Skin Disorder
  85. In my local newspaper and on national wire-Removal of tonsils Linked to cure for ADHD
  86. Shortage of Child Psychiatrists Cited
  87. New Principles For Diagnosis And Treatment Of ADHD
  88. Powers of Mind - Paul Orfalea
  89. can you hear the flowers sing? article
  90. Good news for us..
  91. Avoid ADHD drugs, Canada tells heart patients
  92. Ritalin May Keep Mental Distraction at Bay
  93. Mixed Amphetamine Salts Most Effective in the Treatment of ADHD in Youths
  94. Prisoners successfully exercise their brains
  95. Fascinating brain imaging studies and ADHD
  96. N.Y. report denounces shock use at school
  97. An Anti Addiction Pill
  98. How to deal with ADD while pregnant?
  99. FDA DRUG INTERACTION WARNING - SSRI Antidepressants and Migraine Meds
  100. Shire Files NDA for SPD465 (16-hour Adderall) for adults
  101. "Anti-stupid" pill tested on mice
  102. Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Treating ADHD
  103. New warnings on ADHD drugs
  104. New U.S. Patent Covers Methods For Diagnosing ADHD!
  105. Optimizing Treatment of ADHD from Adolescence Through Adulthood: An Expert Interview
  106. Neuroprotective benefits of exercise
  107. Harnessing the Psychiatric Effects of Exercise - Ratey
  108. this just in from MSN news...
  109. Study Finds Problems with FDA's Oversight of Drug Safety
  110. Sugar linked with mental problems in Norway study
  111. News: Is ADHD Properly Diagnosed & Treated In Adults?
  112. New MRI can watch thoughts being formed
  113. add article. ADHD (inattentive) a distinct disorder?
  114. The FDA makes changes in oversight of longer term drug risks
  115. Dark Days Follow Hard-Hitting Career in N.F.L.
  116. 4-year old girl dead from ADHD medication
  117. "How not to talk to your kids"
  118. New FDA Press Release on ADD Medications
  119. Shire acquires Vyvanse (NRP104) producer
  120. FDA approves Shire's ADHD drug Vyvanse
  121. Parents seeking Ritalin to boost non ADD kid's grades
  122. ADHD drug use rises worldwide
  123. news flash: slobs are more productive
  124. News story on missing Boy Scout ...
  125. Separate Brain regions may be responsible for concentration and distraction
  126. Reuters: Chinese Misuse Ritalin Too
  127. Paris Hilton has AD/HD...
  128. RE: what paris needs in bed
  129. Could this work?
  130. Brain Studies Show ADHD Is Real Disease
  131. No window desk? That'll cost you $33M, she says in suit
  132. ADHD community in WA gets the blame for the ice epidemic
  133. Computer Games and AD/HD
  134. Universal Healthcare Pioneers in Pennsylvania
  135. Boys have biological reason to be troublesome
  136. NEWS for ADDers who smoke: Nicotine Replacement Study in Ontario, Canada
  137. Pencil, Pens and Meds. LA Times Editorial Stigmatizing ADHD Get’s Fisked By Gina Pera
  138. Early Identification & Invervention may Prevent need for Stimulant Medication
  139. ADHD and Scientology Fliers In Public School!
  140. Prescription Strictened for Ritalin, Concerta in Japan
  141. You and the and the psychiatrist: who thinks what?
  142. NYT: Bad Behavior Does Not Doom Pupils, Studies Say
  143. Delayed maturation in brains of children with ADHD
  144. Ritalin Wars - Judith Warner blog at NY Times
  145. Ty Pennington- True Hollywood Story
  146. Consistent, Managed Treatment Works Best (conclusions misrepresented in press)
  147. ADHD gets some real attention -- (Israel)
  148. Your Child’s Disorder May Be Yours, Too --NY Times Dec 9 07
  149. Symptoms improved by fever
  150. Drugs to build up that mental muscle
  151. 7 School Officials Fired After Shocking Students
  152. MODAFANIL warning issued (reactions)
  153. [Antipsychotic] Drugs Offer No Benefit in Curbing Aggression, Study Finds
  154. Basketball Player Kaman recalls frustrations of childhood
  155. ADHD and Driver Training in Teens
  156. Studies Cite Head Injuries As Factor in Some Social Ills
  157. MMAT/ADHD(TM) System - 1st FDA-cleared test
  158. The Med Scare
  159. ARTICLE: Teen gives insight into ADHD
  160. members of British Parliment call for the removal of artificial ingredients in food
  161. Poor Working Memory (WM) can cause Learning and Attention problems....
  162. CBS show on ADHD
  163. Symptoms and signs of ADHD
  164. New Study Shows Ritalin Stunts Kids' Growth
  165. Uncomfortably Numb -- Antidepressent experience
  166. Az Legislature backs plan to insure kids with Autism
  167. Swedish Road Administration plans to exclude people with ADHD
  168. Stimulant Treatment Now Has No Abusive Effect In Early Adulthood.
  169. Universal Health Care Supported by MDs
  170. New Report: Find The Genius In ADD
  171. scientists in UK call for ban on artificial ingredients in foods
  172. Scientists take drugs to boost brain power: study
  173. Methylphenidate in Adults with ADHD: New Insights
  174. Sleep Problems Common Among Kids with ADHD
  175. Does ‘Do the Right Drugs’ Give Readers the Wrong Idea?
  176. Some factors limit ADHD medication
  177. Cardiac Screening Recommended for Kids Taking Stimulants for ADHD
  178. AUDIO clips and pix-- ADDers speak in New York Times
  179. NYTimes Video Clips: Patient Voices: A.D.H.D.
  180. ADHD news story.
  181. ADHD can cost adults 20 or more workdays a year!
  182. 5-year-old voted out of class
  183. Researchers Fail to Reveal Full Drug Pay
  184. Shire issues voluntary recall for ADHD skin patch
  185. Canadian newspaper report -- "ADHD cuts workplace productivity"
  186. link to abc show on the effects of artificial ingredients on children's behavior.
  187. ADHD Special Track defunded: lump sum replaces targeted program
  188. "Children's suicide attempts..." -- Strattera
  189. The misfits - The genetic legacy of nomadism may be an inability to settle
  190. Stephen King Story Comes To Life: How's Your Attention Span?
  191. Canadian Survey: 10% think mentally ill could 'just snap out of it' if they wanted
  192. Michael Phelps! s
  193. ‘I knew I couldn’t be happy and cope with married life’ - UK Adult ADHDer Speaks
  194. Adult ADHD: The moment of focus
  195. New N.I.C.E guidlines realeased in UK
  196. Howie Mandel Hosts Adult ADHD is Real. Adult ADHD Awareness Campaign
  197. "You May Soon Know if You’re Hogging the Discussion": upcoming speech style evaluator
  198. [Canada] ADHD used in sentencing submissions in murder trial.
  199. stereotyping much?
  200. Unfair portrayal of ADHD in my local paper
  201. NEWS: ADHD meds do not induce cell damage.
  202. News Report Video - Red dye=bad behavior
  203. NEWS: Substance-Abuse Risk Appears Less in Stimulant-Treated ADHD Patients
  204. Toward Brain Enhancing Drug Use by the Healthy
  205. City mom charged after flushing son's ADHD medication
  206. Adderall blamed for Sophmore's death.
  207. "ADHD is a Myth" - Today Show, Australia
  208. BRAIN GAIN The underground world of “neuroenhancing” drugs. by Margaret Talbot
  209. Study links ADHD drugs with better test scores
  210. Poor Sleep 'Causes' ADHD
  211. Blue Laser Could Lead to Autism (ADHD & Schizophrenia) Cure
  212. Managing Disinformation in the Lay Press
  213. Standing up and being counted.
  214. Hypertension linked to ADHD, LD
  215. Forest Grove v. T.A.
  216. The Brain Stop Paying Attention: Zoning Out Is a Crucial Mental State
  217. New Study of Genetics of ADHD
  218. Kids with ADHD learn better by fidgeting
  219. Give up the Stimulants Everyone: Turns out you're not getting any smarter after all
  220. Discussion on Focus and Seeking / Wanting / Receiving
  221. Genetics of Adult ADHD
  222. Documentary: ADD & Loving It
  223. Tyrosine
  224. Just a BBC story I found..
  225. Did You Like The Red and Green Show??
  226. Need Special Ed.? All you need is a lawyer, a newspaper, and 2 years.
  227. Stimulants and Default Mode Suppression
  228. Influential child psychiatrist failed to declare $1.6mil in income from drug cos
  229. ADHD Project on penitentiary gives large payback to society
  230. How We Decide - Great Interview on Fresh Air 2010-01-22
  231. N.Y. Times Columnist Reverses Position on ADHD.
  232. New Health Reform Bill
  233. Great article on Adult ADHD in UK Times Newspaper
  234. NYTimes: Mind Over Meds
  235. "Big Pharma's" invention of Adult ADHD, etc.
  236. pesticides?
  237. 'Seeking an Objective Test for Attention Disorder'
  238. Socioeconomic Link to ADHD
  239. Two Sobering Articles...
  240. ADHD Overdiagnoses in young children
  241. Pesticide Exposure in the womb...
  242. Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention
  243. NYTimes Article on ADHD
  244. Breggin article-does it never end!
  245. NPR podcast about benefits of video games
  246. Article on ADA and ADHD
  247. Listening to your favourite music releases dopamine
  248. Could this mean anything for ADHD?
  249. There seems to be a few skeptics lurking here.
  250. Preemies at Increased Risk for ADHD