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  1. Attention disorder affects teens' driving skills
  2. Attention disorder affects teens' driving skills
  3. AD/HD and Hypersensitivity
  4. Seasonal Allergies Affect AD/HD
  5. Genetic Link May Tie Together Pesticides, ADHD, Gulf War Syndrome And Other Disorders
  6. Serotonin, alcoholism, ADHD and Tourette's
  7. CHADD CHAT - ADD and Addiction 5/15
  8. Article: Girls With ADHD Often Misdiagnosed
  9. Article: ADHD affects 3% to 5% of school-age youngsters
  10. Article: ADHD & Bullying
  11. Article: Inattentive Type-ADHD children often overlooked
  12. Article: Principal Accused Of Assaulting Child With ADHD
  13. Alert! IDEA Threatened - Kids Need Our Help on April 29!
  14. IDEA Reauthorization: House bill HR 1350 and Senate Bill
  15. Women with ADD Conference
  16. A Crusade For Shaina- news article
  17. APA: Long-Term Atomoxetine Safe in Children and Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hy
  18. Kodak devises a promising tool for diagnosing hyperactivity
  19. Children achieve sustained ADHD symptom improvement with long-term, once-daily use of
  20. Placebo study indicates lower doses may effectively treat ADHD
  21. Conference - Twice Exceptional: Gifted Children with Disabilities
  22. Aripiprazole Improves Symptoms Of Bipolar Mania
  23. Escitalopram Shown To Aid Severe Depression
  24. Depression Drug Cymbalta Causes Less Sexual Dysfunction Than Paroxetine
  25. Olanzapine And Fluoxetine May Relieve Bipolar Depression
  26. Provigil Improves Adhd Symptoms In Children
  27. Seroquel Effective In Treating Acute Mania In Phase Iii Trials
  28. Atomoxetine Improves Adhd Symptoms In Adults
  29. Prenatal smoking linked to ADHD
  30. First Effective Sleep Apnea Drug Identified
  31. Scientists Say They ID Depression Gene
  32. New treatments being sought for bipolar disorder
  33. Britain Warns of Paxil's Risk to Children
  34. Britain Warns of Paxil's Risk to Children
  35. Britain Warns of Paxil's Risk to Children
  36. Provid, Duke Collaborate On Huntington's Treatment
  37. Studies clarify diagnosis, identify possible treatment for adults with ADHD and bipol
  38. Adult AD/HD CNN
  39. New Antimania Indication Sought For Abilify
  40. Antidepressants shown to grow new brain cells
  41. I saw this on the news last night
  42. New Tool to Reduce ADHD Stigma Launched
  43. Don't overlook ADHD in your adolescent
  44. Powerful Stimulants: Steroids of Studying?
  45. Anxious kids warning
  46. ADHD Is Real: Millions of Adults Are Taking Medication for Disorder
  47. Congress Debates Children on Ritalin
  48. Chronic Tics A Potential Red Flag
  49. Boy, 4, excluded from school
  50. Giants' Eyre Gains His Focus
  51. AD/HD Education Initiative Continues With Support from U.S. Senators
  52. Kids and Tics
  53. Climbing out of the depths, with help
  54. And you thought your studies were tough
  55. KIDS' Sleep Problems Tied to Behavior Problems
  56. REMOVED from school
  57. MOTHER calls on school to help with her son's disorder
  58. INCREASES in autism worrying health officials
  59. ATTENTION-DEFICIT/HYPERACTIVITY disorder: Meeting the challenge
  60. INCLUSION policy opens doors for students
  61. LOCAL faces of suicide
  62. FAMILIES get help finding way around mental health system
  63. THEIR isolation creates gene lab
  64. CENTER helps workers focus
  65. New drug, tested by local doctor, offers hope for Tourette's patients
  66. How a love-lorn hacker brought Houston to a halt
  67. Prescription for play
  68. Mental Illness Awareness Week
  69. Damage To The Frontal Lobes Can Affect A Person's Ability To ' ...
  70. Paying attention
  71. New Harvard study - NATURAL is as effective as Ritalin!!!
  72. NEW SBS series tells inside stories
  73. LOCAL high-IQ society looks to increase overall brain power
  74. Mother files suit to get daughter back in school
  75. Boy's adventure ends safely
  76. Parent sues school board over expulsion
  77. Stepping out of the darkness
  78. Energetic Jones Does It All for Vols
  79. Organized children is not an oxymoron
  80. Dietary Iron Is Crucial for Infant Development, Michigan ...
  81. Universal design promotes access
  82. GET off that couch
  83. Man asks school to teach him one-on-one or drop math requirement
  84. Teen dies after taking friend's ADHD medication
  85. Burglar's jurors advise 5-year sentence
  86. Do Brain Exercises Improve Learning Disabilities?
  87. Care for the ADHD Child and Family
  88. Counseling over meds for kids anxiety
  89. Many Women Are Starved for Sleep
  90. My life with Mr Connolly (The Comedian)
  91. Test on necklace prompts warnings
  92. AAFP: Family Physicians Need to Fully Understand Attention ...
  93. Top officials tied to teen's alleged abuse
  94. Language barrier a hurdle for some special-needs kids
  95. Sensory disorder affecting children
  96. Students, alumni gather at Beacon for anniversary
  97. Illness support needed
  98. SLEEP deprivation common among teens
  99. Student who groped coed on probation
  100. Health officials look to help county's homeless
  101. Juvenile Court Journal : Taking a tangled path home / Part Two
  102. Hanging on to the end of your rope
  103. Stimulants treat ADHD
  104. Many Women Are Starved for Sleep
  105. Eighth-grader enjoys being on a roll
  106. Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Receives $2 Million From GPC Biotech on ...
  107. Dropping off to a disorder
  108. KROP tennis champ Danny Levy achieving ‘ grand slam ’ success
  109. UC Riverside, Lehigh University Share $3.5 million US Department ...
  110. Mothers' dying hopes
  111. Students use, sell 'smart pill'
  112. Grandparents rearing kids fight for rights
  113. Fighting the rage
  114. The issue: Are families overscheduled, underconnected?
  115. Patent Awarded for Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy for ADD, ADHD and ...
  116. ADHD and Alcoholism Linked
  117. Low-Carb Diets Are Working, Study Says
  118. ADD; ADHD; Attention deficit hyperactive disorder; Childhood ...
  119. School Board hopefuls differ in style and on issues
  120. Medical Breakthroughs: Brain Exercise
  121. Praise For Boy Who Saved Mother's Life
  122. Tech sees rise in diagnoses of disabled students
  123. NEW drug-and-psychotherapy program for bipolar disorder in ...
  124. Women and sleep: It's right there on their to-do list
  125. Inside Australia: Me, Me, Me & ADHD
  126. First Community-Based Study Comparing CONCERTA vs. Strattera ...
  127. Son’ s death unresolved 10 years later
  128. Therapist may try to forgo hearing
  129. Durst trial nears end of 4th week
  130. Good mental health care crucial to kids
  131. Do Brain Exercises Really Work?
  132. More on Dr. Amen
  133. More students seeking help for ADD
  134. Phone tower proposal opposed
  135. Area CAS stretched to brink
  136. Time to rescue our children - with discipline
  137. Pickens County teacher picked among top nation's teachers
  138. AACAP: Drug Holidays May Adversely Impact Older Children With ...
  139. Craig Hickerson
  140. AP Interview: Dotson's wife tells of changed behavior, abuse
  141. To win is to work
  142. Schools remind parents, bell rings for them, too
  143. Above and beyond the call of parenting
  144. Pint-Sized relaxation
  145. Tourette Syndrome Association Celebrates the Senate Passage
  146. AACAP: Concerta (methylphenidate HCl) Once-Daily Proves Effective ...
  147. AACAP: Atomoxetine Appears Safe and Effective for Treating Young ...
  148. NEWS SNAP: Shire Adult Adderall Gets Provisional FDA OK
  149. COMMERCE, Texas (AP) Melissa Kethley said she didn't know which. ...
  150. More chaplains turning up at workplaces
  151. Substance Abuse More Common In Adolescents With Untreated ...
  152. From Brooklyn to the Negev desert
  153. Inmate says jail diversion program saved his life
  154. Dealing With the Bored of Education
  155. Sylvester Brown Jr .
  156. Restoration of benefits for low-income children proposed by Perry
  157. Inmate says jail diversion program saved his life
  158. AACAP: Atomoxetine Appears Beneficial for Patients with Mixed ...
  159. AACAP: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Prevalent Among ...
  160. Cowboy Enterprise: Child teaches peers about syndrome
  161. State Moves To Increase CHIP Mental Health Benefits
  162. Gifted disabled kids get exceptional opportunities
  163. Melatonin Helps ADHD Insomnia
  164. Teen pleads in rape case
  165. Alternatives offered to disabled
  166. CAS study says more mothers depressed
  167. Single mom tries to survive
  168. Workplace chaplains tend to a growing flock
  169. Dagenais suspect avoids adult trial
  170. Drugs by the numbers
  171. Mother pleads for help with son
  172. Child thugs warning
  173. Experts Give Parents The Real Dope On Drugs
  174. ADD/ADHD is covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act and...
  175. Limbaugh’ s addiction to legal painkillers may be no easier to ...
  176. Health Matters: Symptoms and treatment of mental illness vary ...
  177. The Politics of Manhood
  178. New ADHD Medication Affects Sleep Less
  179. ANA: Oros Formulation of Methylphenidate Does Not Worsen Tics in ...
  180. The Scottish Patient
  181. I DO NOT Have ADD!
  182. PANEL: Teen homelessness
  183. Health Alert: Adult ADHD
  184. Lawyer looks into Guatemalan teen's case
  185. Thirty's a crowd when students lack basic skills
  186. Safe haven is torched
  187. ADHD In Children
  188. Police: Teen Gives Pill To Student, Says It's Meth
  189. Courtesy Robert Kratzke
  190. Medicating Young Minds
  191. Home sweet home: Troubled boys get fresh start
  192. CEO intends to keep JetBlue soaring
  193. Addicted to 'Oxy': One Man's Struggle
  194. Therapist inspires group of educators
  195. Battling Behavioral Problems
  196. Non-English Speaking parents of kids with disabilities face extra ...
  197. ADD, ax-toting crowds? Just another night at UP
  198. Holton offers help to ADHD students
  199. Kids and Tourette's Syndrome
  200. Coming Up in Business - CHADD
  201. AACAP: Telemedicine Improves Access to Psychiatric Services for ...
  202. Brother's abuse termed as bad as priest's
  203. AACAP: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Treatments Cause ...
  204. Rover on Ritalin: dogs do develop ADD
  205. Behind Bradshaw's bravado was depression
  206. 9-Year-Old arrested for waving toy gun
  207. The Book of Daniel
  208. AACAP: Lithium, Divalproex Similarly Efficacious in Paediatric ...
  209. AACAP: OROS Methylphenidate Treatment Does Not Affect Height and ...
  210. Teen, son to reunite by year's end
  211. Local Family Warns Of Prescription Drug Abuse
  212. Winter Doesn't End The Risk Of Lyme Disease
  213. AACAP: Atomoxetine Has Neutral Effect on Co-morbid Tics in ...
  214. For some clients, neurotherapy provides an alternative to drugs
  215. Doctors 'failing hyperactive kids'
  216. Youths increasingly being diagnosed with depression
  217. Killer expresses remorse for slaying
  218. NFL bosses look for leadership, smarts, trust in head coach
  219. Son of Navy man depicted soldier blowing away Taliban fighter
  220. Dorm Fire Civil Suit Moves Closer to Trial
  221. Campus Crime: Embezzlement! Forgery! And felony drug charges!
  222. Hugo goes...ADHD info resource...Alarm clock alarm
  223. Companies banned from selling ADHD product in Mo.
  224. Abuse by priest likely reason for troubles, psychiatrist says
  225. Drawing Fire
  226. Glib announcer once crippled by anxiety, depression
  227. Mental illness is becoming less of
  228. Giving Them Their Daily Bread - But is It Good for Them ?
  229. Web site offers facts, dispels myths on ADHD
  230. Youths Increasingly Being Diagnosed with Depression
  231. Elsewhere on the Web
  232. Dropout teen transformed by course
  233. Hospital repairs blamed for baby's high lead levels
  234. Cownie faces challenges confidently
  235. Mike Wendland: It's states against US in battle for Internet ...
  236. Suit against Pulaski County school board dismissed
  238. Gail Minger cleared to seek punitive damages
  239. Mon's suit against Pulaski schools dismissed
  240. Kids on rampage, shrinks on faculty
  241. 'Off-Label' drug use may harm patients
  242. Burning out at age 10
  243. New system redefining rehabilitation
  244. County receives $9.2M grant for children's mental health
  245. Meeting set to form CHADD chapter
  246. Horses help disabled kids
  247. Vision Problems May Be Misdiagnosed As ADHD
  248. UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
  249. ADHD Drug May Help Curb Bed-Wetting
  250. Randy Kemp: TCCB birthday and more