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  1. pda's aarggg
  2. Need to get started with document scanning - PLEASE HELP
  3. Is it really worth it to buy a Palm?
  4. Wondered whether an iPod Touch was the right device as a PDA for an ADDer
  5. SmartTime for the iPhone
  6. Roboform password manager
  7. iWantSandy site is going off line December 8
  8. How I manage my life with my Blackjack II and Outlook 2007
  9. PDAs & Smartphones
  10. Have you ever had to yank your computer plug out of the wall to make yourself log off
  11. Help with ADDPlanner
  12. RescueTime
  13. Pill Reminder/Timer software for smartphones
  14. Things for iPhone and Mac
  15. Is anyone using SPEECH stuff on their MAC ??
  16. I cant organize my life with software or gadgets.. because..
  17. Great Smartphone software
  18. Online calendars
  19. Help with phones and mobiles and and lol
  20. Anyone have an itouch, what apps do you use?
  21. Question- Planner??
  22. Desktop Organisation
  23. Downloading Youtube?
  24. LG Voyager
  25. Invision free help
  26. Outlook for scheduling and sending reminders to phone?
  27. Preferred Organizer / Planner Software for OCD+ADD!
  28. OK, anyone carry a PDA?
  29. Digital Pens
  30. 2 free Windows desktop search tools can be a great help locating old data
  31. Anybody looked at RFID for home use
  32. Anybody looked at RFID for home use
  33. Blackberry or iphone?
  34. WriteRoom for Macs and "zenware"
  35. I was looking for a medication reminder with an alarm....
  36. Sprint Phones...Help
  37. My system (pc, phone, calendar, tasks)
  38. Looking for an item
  39. Have you found.....
  40. ipad and assistive tech?
  41. windows 7
  42. Cell Phone Paralysis
  43. Livescribe????
  44. Smartphones in general (iphone Berry etc)
  45. Search Engines
  46. Speech to text
  47. Open source task list software called 'Prioritise'
  48. The benefits of modern technology and learning
  49. 'Top 10 Strategies for Getting Back Your Lost or Stolen Stuff'
  50. iPhone Organization Apps
  51. Readability
  52. Tablet PCs
  53. Apple's FREE iPhone and iPod finder!
  54. Google Sync for iOS FREE
  55. Typing While Standing?
  56. Automating perscriptions
  57. iPad apps
  58. Good iPhone apps for adult ADDers?
  59. How can I bring MP3 files onto the web?
  60. Android apps and java
  61. Found an Android app to monitor drug shortages
  62. Create your own Android apps - Google Labs
  63. Etailer that sells ADD & other assistive or adaptive items
  64. Surviving school with ADHD...made easy?
  65. iphone, Droid, or something else?
  66. What do you want in software for your ADD?
  67. Mac organizing software: Omnifocus or something else?
  68. iTouch
  69. I need an app to scan all my papers to search them later
  70. Is there a program to block myself from facebook and other websites?
  71. How to block the internet at certain times of the day
  72. Program or alternative for organizing types of web sites.
  73. Google Calendar will Text Message you Reminders! (Read)
  74. Best Android application available for reminders
  75. Looking at the "WatchMinder3"...
  76. GTD with ADHD (software systems)
  77. Adults with ADHD should adjust their PC's to help them
  78. How computers help us?
  79. Personal Information Manager
  80. Looking for an... aggressive Android reminder app
  81. iMedication iPhone app
  82. Free white noise Apps for iPhone / iPad
  83. Suggestions for iPhone daily planners
  84. Looking for Excel templates
  85. Helping me remember deadlines (Countdown widget)
  86. Time Block app - ? or alternatives?
  87. Maximizing Google
  88. Essential Apps for AD/HD
  89. Budget App Andriod
  90. Dragon Speak Computer software
  91. Does a Smartphone work for you?
  92. Do You Need Help Waking Up?
  93. How to cancel that impulsive email in gmail
  94. Have you heard of the organizing tool, my life organized?
  95. UNSTUCK app
  96. ADHD apps for Androids
  97. Smartphone apps for ADD users
  98. tracking internet usage
  99. Free online brain training available?
  100. Poll Mac or PC Ipad or Android
  101. Anyone actually use bluetooth with their phone?
  102. Anyone done GTD Method or used Software Omnifocus
  103. App to adjust screen light to natural light
  104. Need Your Feedback On This Idea
  105. Beeminder?
  106. Neat Desktop Scanner
  107. Incremental Timeboxing application
  108. "Do You Wish to Save Changes?" + Brain Fart + clicked "No" = Days of work lost! ARGH!
  109. Looking for a sticky notepad type program for the sidebar.
  110. Deleted Facebook account. Goodbye time suck!
  111. Google's Keep
  112. A web app to Get Stuff Done!!!
  113. Checkbook register
  114. Best iPad organizer app
  115. New app helps users manage time
  116. I-tunes questions
  117. Apps and downloads for people who procrastinate or hyperfocus online.
  118. Resource Request: Language Focus/Retention Training?
  119. Greatest Thing Ever! - KanbanFlow!!
  120. Tip: make use of filters to block websites and set time restrictions
  121. EasilyDo - and or any other "smart" todo lists
  122. A great news app for ADD!
  123. Software to help with ADHD?
  124. MindMed ADHD iPhone App
  125. Anyone know how to start a website?
  126. Happier App and "BecauseISaidIWould"
  127. question about Kindle
  128. thinking of creating an adderall app
  129. ADHD app?
  130. focalfilter not working!! Can't stop browsing rubbish.
  131. Application "Things" for free
  132. Anyone Use Scrivener?
  133. Android app to track your use of time and get stats on it
  134. "TODY" housecleaning app for iPhone/iPad is FREE today
  135. MacBook Pro 2015 - A better way to get organized?
  136. 20 Apps that can help individuals with Add/Adhd
  137. Need help choosing my next smartphone
  138. Habitica
  139. Can't decide want others opinions
  140. What software/app ideas do you have to improve your life with AD(H)D?
  141. MyleTap "wearable thought catcher"
  142. Smart clock for kids
  143. Online every 15 minute alarm??
  144. I'm building the ultimate planner app for ADHD
  145. Hate reading long posts? Google Chrome App: Text to Speech
  146. Paper template for tracking symptoms
  147. Building a timer app and would like user thoughts
  148. Task management tool - gained unexpected perspective (very long)
  149. Website Blockers for iPhone??