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  1. Watchminder
  2. Life Balance Software
  3. This Forum
  4. Microsoft Outlook
  5. Sharp 0Z-590 Personal Organizer
  6. RCA RP5010 8MB Digital Voice Recorder
  7. Franklin Covey Plan Plus for Outlook
  8. The Journal
  9. GoalPro
  10. Yahoo Messenger and Calendar
  11. V-Tech Helio
  12. Great Idea! I like this area's idea!
  13. Technology
  14. Now You Can Find It
  15. Pocket Timer + Pill Minder with Audible and Vibration Alarms
  16. Automatic Vitamin & Pill Organizer
  17. Key Holder/Timer with Alarm Clock, Light & Recorder
  18. Roomba Pro Elite Robotic Floor Vac
  19. Ximian Evolution
  20. Eye Toy
  21. HP iPAQ 1935
  22. Any programmers out there?
  23. Dell Axim X5 vs the Ipaq 1935
  24. GPS on Pocket PC
  25. Timex programmable watch
  26. PDA's, What type do you have?
  27. Cell Phones? What carrier
  28. Timex Data Link best investment I ever made.
  29. Microsoft OneNote
  30. News: Cyborg may be the answer for ADDers, and its almost here
  31. Program: Student Life
  32. FOCUS on one app
  33. Down with PDAs!
  34. Down with PDAs!
  35. eventSherpa for Windows
  36. the lighter side of AD/HD
  37. Reverse Dictionary!
  38. Great new watch for distractable ADHD's
  39. Top patient-rated ADD/ADHD treatments
  40. web site
  41. SharperBrain software for adhd?
  42. A Good Neuro Program
  43. ADD Planner?
  44. inspiration
  45. PDA Comparison Shopping (My brain is going to implode! Help)
  46. Please READ before submitting a link
  47. NODCC - national organization for disorders of the corpus callosum
  48. the official brain gym website
  49. An organization run by clutterers for clutterers
  50. the hallowell center
  51. pbs special "misunderstood minds" website
  52. sharperprograms - memory and concentration software
  53. procrastination research group website
  54. DANDA - Developmental Adult Neuro-Diversity Association
  55. Label maker (labeller) ideas...?
  56. the adhd information library
  57. adult add website - baltimore, maryland
  58. m.a - messies anonymous website
  59. Thought Manager?
  60. MS Outlook Alternatives?
  61. Has anyone tried Voice Recognition Software?
  62. Software for Macs?
  63. Need Software for Desktop & PDA (Palm OS) Before My Life Craters
  64. Self-Help Memory and Communication Web Site
  65. Free Palm OS Downloads
  66. Whats the best PDA with a digital voice recorder?
  67. Digital Voice Recorder
  68. Outlook/other planning software replacement
  69. Downloads you have found useful for PDA?
  70. Drug Information Websites
  71. C Organizer
  72. Hotmail calendar?
  73. Information on ADHD in college students
  74. Medical Records Management Software Suggestions?
  75. Essential ADD Toolkit
  76. Support group Web-Site
  77. Online Store selling ADD related products.
  78. Penny A Word
  79. Nokia 7250i and outlook
  80. Nokia 7250i and outlook
  81. 25 Meg Free Web Space and Much More
  82. Check This Thread
  83. Technological Help Please!!!!!
  84. What Software? (PPC)
  85. Need help to install my scanner!!!!!
  86. ADD and a Planner!
  87. Tablet or Pocket PC Best for ADD?
  88. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study
  89. Yahoo, microsoft softwares
  90. Adult ADD Meetup
  91. Links to interesting sites on ADD/ADHD
  92. Add/ADHD links
  93. A few more links People
  94. Mvelopes, online budget tool
  95. FlyLady.Com Organization Techniques
  96. Best Planner??
  97. Tablet PC's (aka Convertable Notebooks)
  98. Life Balance
  99. Mindmapping software~FREEMIND
  100. Concise yet comprehensive link for ADD layperson?
  101. Any programmers around?
  102. has anyone tried brain train software? imusic?
  103. Watches...and their discontents.
  104. ADD and PDAs
  105. Linux & Webcam
  106. web page
  107. Text marker extensions for Mozilla Firefox
  108. Paper Tiger System - does anyone use it?
  109. Tabbed browsers- An ADD person's best friend!
  110. Temptation Blocker Free Software
  111. Need help remembering to do things???
  112. transparent corporation
  113. ADD Life Organizer software - Suggestions? Help?
  114. xp problem
  115. a question about getting a Palm Pilot
  116. Linux Networking?
  117. Lifebalance Software?
  118. Free software,games and operating systems-open source
  119. ADDitude Magazine online
  120. Ask about Tablet PCs etc
  121. Palm TX vs Dell Axim51v
  122. Visual Thesaurus
  123. Palm Z22
  124. Some programs I like.
  125. P2P File Sharing
  126. ADD Reality With Jerry Seiden
  127. Chaos Manager &
  128. Trouble w/software....I can never categorize...
  129. Countdown Timer, Track Time
  130. Anyone have trouble with the directory tree on their computers?
  131. Microsoft Outlook Driving Me Nuts!
  132. Programs that allow you to "lock" your computer so you don't get distracted...
  133. Mind/Brain machines for home use etc/Neurobiofeedback at home etc
  134. rendering
  135. Pocket PC iPaQ Needs a new charge source
  136. outlook 2003 too busy?
  137. Franklin Planner Plan Plus NOT for Outlook
  138. MindMapping tool to organize the chaotic thoughts
  139. Anyone here a Linux Guru?
  140. Pretty neat Pocket PC Software
  141. Pedometer without a "clicking sound" ??
  142. screen capture software
  143. Interesting Website for General Psychiatric Information
  144. Excellent new ADD resource
  145. EverNote a FREE note organizer
  146. All In One or Seperate Cellphone And PDA
  147. Developing Reading software - help needed
  148. Tablet PCs, anyone use them?
  149. Winning with ADD-questionable
  150. Microphone for Voice Recorder
  151. has anyone tried sharper programs?
  152. Kurzweil
  153. Dragon Naturally Speaking-Voice Recognition Software
  154. Great new website for ADD
  155. An "Almost a Geek" Female's Gadget Life-Better Living with Technology!
  156. Time Management hurdles
  157. PDA/hearing loss
  158. Dr. Russell A. Barkley's Site
  159. High focus- kelly howell
  160. The Edison Gene: Helping you child do what he does well because he/she has adhd
  161. Anyone know of analog timer software for time management?
  162. Two great freeware prgms 4 the visually oriented ADD'er
  163. need something like outlook / addplanner
  164. Tablet PC tutorial?
  165. Fedora Core 6
  166. noisy programs for studying
  167. link download neuro programmer
  168. headsets
  169. Fly Pentop Computer
  170. Hey are there any JAVA programmers here
  171. portable~music~Heaven
  172. Move Quick to get this freebie
  173. Active Desktop
  174. Wanted to share this...
  175. Times up, Timer went off.
  176. Paste in any text and it reads aloud.....
  177. [Mac OS] Stickies
  178. [Mac OS] iFlash
  179. Scheduling Calendar Relief found
  180. Project Management Software
  181. PDA Graphing Software?
  182. Lost and Found, electronic tracking system-keys + more!
  183. So you need to concentrate!
  184. [Mac OS] Fob
  185. [Mac OS] Think
  186. ADD computer tools and resources (mostly freeware)
  187. Skoach
  188. TimeTracker for Firefox
  189. GTD - getting things done David Allen
  190. helps with remembering things...
  191. self growth .com
  192. Adderworld
  193. Taskline add-on for Outlook - automatically schedules your task in your calendar!
  194. Education resources toolbar for Autism/Aspergers
  195. Looking for an Open Source, Quality Calendar Program
  196. Best Desktop Sticky Notes Program
  197. Vibrating wrist watch reminder
  198. Figured this might be useful.
  199. rewire your brain?
  200. "CB" for your computer
  201. Text-to-Speech software
  202. I love, love, love my "stickie notes" software
  203. Bulletin Board Software
  204. Favorite PDA applications
  205. Calendars + Task Mangagers -- Skoach, Vitalist, GCal, Jott, RtM... etc.
  206. What PDA should I get?
  207. FotoFox for uploading photos to any online photo site!
  208. looking for a good program for kids with ADHD
  209. Concept and Mind Mapping Software
  210. Free software to block certain websites...?
  211. Internet/Computer Time-Limiting Software?
  212. The Perfect Word Processor for those with ADD
  213. My new phone
  214. the iPhone and ADD
  215. cool if you haven't seen it yet.
  216. My new ADHD blog!
  217. Schoolhouse
  218. Citrus Alarm Clock!
  219. Pocket PC vs. Palm vs. HP Pocket PC's
  220. How do you use your PDA?
  221. ADHD Parents Movie
  222. Blackberry phone?
  223. Non PDA Phone Choice?
  224. ADS Hawking computer based training?
  225. On Time RX
  226. Prism - mini-browser
  227. Asus MyPal A639N or another PDA?
  228. Cogmed
  229. I am searching for the right GPS to meet my ADD needs! Advise?
  230. ACT contact manager
  231. iCal and iPod, anyone use these?
  232. ADD software..... MINDNODE and PERSONAL BRAIN
  233. GTD Application that works great for me
  234. program that puts agenda/daily calendar on desktop?
  235. Gtdagenda, a new GTD application
  236. Mac/Windows: ADD'rs Time Tracking App (OfficeTime)
  237. mymemorizer (online calendar, email/text reminders)
  238. Got Linux?
  239. Life tracking...
  240. I Got A PDA!! Palm T/X!! Now What??
  241. Teenager looking for good PDA!
  242. Recurring Task Tracking and Statistics Software
  243. Adhdresources
  244. ADD Planners for Palm?
  245. E-book readers as PDAs
  246. Web reminder services
  247. Livescribe: electronic pen for adders!
  248. google calendar
  249. Agenda at Once
  250. Macbook?