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  1. How an ADHD child feeds the family dog
  2. Short Story, I know it says poetry, but...
  3. Short Story: My Old Park
  4. Short Story-My Old Park, 1st Version,
  5. A Short Story for Everyone
  6. The Magic Dust and Her Father's Wise Words
  7. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps: a Gilmore girls Fanfic
  8. In Harper We Trust- A drom fanfic
  9. Short version of drom ep Lovely light
  10. Treacheries-another Drom story.
  11. An Earth Angel
  12. The Truth in Dreams
  13. Life has It's Reasons
  14. The amazing trip home
  15. Honor Thy Mother
  16. Can not hate the man!
  17. CAUTION: Moderate violence! "The Bobby Green Story"
  18. Prelude to "The Bobby Green Story"
  19. CAUTION: PG-13 material! "The Bobby Gren Story: Part Two"
  20. starting over
  21. Something I wrote years ago, in which I entitle Snook
  22. My current, political story
  23. Wide Awake
  24. The Flashback Drug
  25. Flying Through My Mind
  26. Complications- a For Better for Worse Fanfic
  27. Wide Awake--Completed
  28. Not So Perfect AnyMore(For the ones who never Fit In)
  29. The night shift
  30. night shift(continued)
  31. Flood of Evil......first chapters of Fantasy Short Story
  32. recovery(part 1)
  33. Could use a Story Reviewer or two...
  34. Guilt (CAUTION: Violence/Triggers)
  35. New Format of the Short Stories Section
  36. The cursed book
  37. My Adventure into Personal Micro-chipping
  38. God dances on my chips
  39. Music Man
  40. This really happened the way it is told.
  41. requiem for a dream
  42. Short story comp.
  43. Sweet Little Creek
  44. Rogerio the Mysterious Mouse
  45. Vous mourrez Launie.
  46. Time Compartments
  47. Stories and Essays from Canary Press
  48. Something Im working on
  49. The rest of the Chapter...if you want any more go buy it.
  50. The Case of Beth Garrison (PG-13)
  51. And then it happened..
  52. Last of the Green Ink
  53. Violin
  54. One big distraction
  55. Momentium
  56. My story
  57. The Messy Home Companion - A Prairie Parody
  59. Because Honestly I'm Not That Strong
  60. Stories of My Ancestors
  61. Through the Looking Glass Backwards Through the Eyes of God "explicit content"
  62. Oh the Humanity
  63. Keepin' it real...
  64. Da Maori life
  65. In Response To Da Maori Life...
  66. The Mindtripper *explicit content*
  67. "...dattebayo."
  68. Delusional Matt thinks he can write...
  69. Short Story RE TS/ADHD and School Bullying
  70. omgz-wtfz' Short Stories
  71. Shelly's evening
  72. A Short Story by Elandruss
  73. "The Altar Boy" Flash Historical Fiction-Irish
  74. The Five Hundred Dollar Hit
  75. Looking for feedback
  76. Mot's Picture from "Entering Spindrift" a Novel by Fiver
  77. Life By werl
  78. Once upon a time....
  79. Walk Like a Duck
  80. GraveDigger
  81. Distraction
  82. The NEW ADHD Society ... just a bit of fun
  83. Attack of the Hookers
  84. Departure
  85. The Land of Adehada
  86. Untitled Housewife Story
  87. The Mouse in the Cage
  88. The Humpty Hieroglyphics
  89. TOM SNOOZE and The TEMPLE of TUT : Prologue
  90. Write a Random story
  91. Evil twin
  92. Anon's stories
  93. why can't i breathe?
  94. Everything I Never Really Needed To Know...
  95. Untitled ... For now.....
  96. First Kiss
  97. "The Woods" *Incomplete*
  98. The Mystery House *Incomplete and Discontinued*
  99. Stray Cat story *Incomplete*
  100. Times a charm
  101. The Sky At Night
  102. Mystery Solved *warning graphic horror story*
  103. Tentatively Titled
  104. Her
  105. Zephyr's Short Stories
  106. A very short story
  107. Epiphany in an Unlikely Place
  108. The Altar Boy - Flash Fiction (Twist Ending)
  109. Jump up high five ceiling
  110. Frankensteins Monster rhymed retold from boredom
  111. A species comes of age