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  1. Best bit of kit I ever bought!
  2. Exercise is my Saviour!
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  4. You know you've had a great session when...
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  6. MTB... mountain biking... anyone?
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  8. exercise
  9. adderall and muscle gain?
  10. Holiday gift drumroll... Mindflex telekinesis toy!
  11. Amplify Your Muscle
  12. Have a better workout with encouraging workout music
  13. how often do all of you exercise?
  14. embarassed, ashamed, etc
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  17. Importance of Exercise
  18. Exercise and ADHD
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  21. A tiny glimpse of NT life?
  22. Which sport?
  23. Body Building
  24. Getting depressed after exercise?
  25. Does Exercise Help?
  26. Does excersize help your ADHD?
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  29. Starting to exercise
  30. Exercise problems
  31. Best med : walking !
  32. ADHD and running.
  33. CrossFit for ADHD
  34. Should you feel DOMS with every workout
  35. I pause a lot between lifting weights?
  36. Is this a good workout regime?
  37. Anyone exercise on a regular basis?
  38. Does any one go to the gym?
  39. Abnormal Pecs?
  40. Least mentally stressful exercise? I have OCD, GAD and ADD
  41. Exercise
  42. probably the wrong place
  43. How to get into exercise routine??
  44. what exercises that will build muscles & confidence?
  45. How Healthy is your Posture?
  46. Curious as to what your exercise habits are?
  47. Exercise and mental stimulation
  48. How does martial arts help ADHD?
  49. Lets all add each other on MyFitnessPal
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  51. Starting a dedicated workout routine
  52. Trying to gain weight on adderall (via bodybuilding)
  53. Wii Exerbeat
  54. Exercise Boosts School Performance for Kids With ADHD: Study
  55. Is Extreme Fatigue After Exercise an ADD thing?
  56. Low Impact Exercises
  57. Why do I hate exercise?
  58. Crossfit was made for people with ADHD!
  59. Do you have an exercise routine you never get bored of?
  60. P90x for ADHDers?
  61. do you exercise?
  62. The Workout, Health and Nutrition Thread
  63. How to start biking to work?
  64. yoga
  65. Tips for Muscle Recovery
  66. The benefits of exercise on ADHD
  67. How to exercise regularly?
  68. Weight/aerobic exercise and medication timing
  69. Feed me your music!
  70. Burning 1000 calories in an hour...
  71. Panacea
  72. discovery for all post-exercise "wheezers" (exercise-induced asthma)
  73. Been Consistent for two weeks!
  74. 16 pounds down!!!
  75. college athlete experiencing unwanted weightloss
  76. Back pain - Exercise + Nutrition sections
  77. Started exercise and now can't do anything else
  78. Anyone else starting a DVD workout program in honor of the new year?
  79. workout routine
  80. One reason exercise helps
  81. Any runners here?
  82. Hoping to put on some muscle and be healthy
  83. Recent injury, hard to do anything.
  84. repeated short term exercise periods as treatment
  85. joined the gym today
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  87. If you only see the stickies here
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  90. Effect ADD/ADHD on recovery
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  96. Performance issues at the beginning
  97. Can I burn off my meds?
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  100. training and nutrition advice for the ADHD'er
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  103. 80 mg Vyvanse + Orange Theory Fitness
  104. Can anyone help me learn or re-learn or how to like running again?
  105. Quitting gym to enjoy health again.
  106. Planet Fitness
  107. Intros?
  108. My get fit and skin picking accountability thread
  109. Martial Arts & Adderall XR (if you're new to both)
  110. Weight loss before adderall, continued weight lost after adderall...
  111. Am I walking too much a day?
  112. What are your favorite exercise routines?
  113. Race