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  1. Are there other forlorn Shamans walking in the shadows
  2. The crazed cries of a man corporatized
  3. Roll Call, Catholics and Other christians
  4. Passion, (un)focus, and prayer
  5. I saw Lilth
  6. Are you afraid of dying?
  7. Your Favourite Sign or Symbol
  8. Making a rosary for someone?
  9. Come to the Kingdom of Heaven through Suffering
  10. Prophetic dreams then lost my Dad
  11. Meditation
  12. Do You think it is good or godly to hate your life
  13. Old Souls
  14. Arch Nemesis
  15. Thicker than blood
  16. A transition in emphasis in religion with time
  17. We are shooting stars
  18. A simple Theory
  19. We got Soul !!!
  20. Conscious convergence
  21. Answer to "What is Enlightenment?"
  22. Would any one like to discuss investigate learn,about...
  23. Meditation and Spirituality Poll
  24. Is channeling a good career choice for ADD?
  25. Switchwords
  26. I want help to perfect a simple diagram,user friendly one.
  27. Helping hand up a hill
  28. Indigo information
  29. Here's something that might interest our community...
  30. Terrible story in Christian Science Monitor
  31. Taken a cruise in the metaphysical world
  32. A simple meditation
  33. The Cycle of Life
  34. Selling The Drama
  35. Technology Assisting Spiritual Growth
  36. This has worked for me, thought I'd pass it on!
  37. The meditation for manifesting intention
  38. Koans
  39. We are all connected
  40. Anyone practice meditation on a regular basis?
  41. Help - I don't even have the attention span to mediate
  42. The relevance of Mediation to ADHD:
  43. Numerology
  44. can the organic override the spiritual?
  45. Existentialism
  46. Anyone used "Mindful Solutions For Adult Add/Adhd"?
  47. Your thoughts on reincarnation
  48. meditation
  49. Do you know what your primary purpose is?
  50. A great quote
  51. Do you believe in the power of the subconscious mind? And in miracles?
  52. How many people here actually meditate
  53. ADHD and the Third Eye
  54. Soul
  55. The Matrix of Illumination (1.2.3)
  56. ADDforums Oracle
  57. Unified Field Theorem
  58. I find the reality thrilling.
  59. Love as a force driving evolution
  60. Coincidence?
  61. Lack of Motivtion- a Spiritual view
  62. My thoughts on Meditation
  63. Personal and Spiritual Development
  64. People are fundamentally good.
  65. The Desiderata
  66. Meditation & Brain Power
  67. Mindfulness Integrated CBT
  68. Here and Now
  69. Working with our brainsand minds.
  70. Mindfulness and the “Brightly Shining Mind”.
  71. Meditation
  72. Spirituality
  73. The Window
  74. What about spirituality gets your attn?
  75. Imaginal Cells
  76. Drop the case
  77. ADHD and Spirituality
  78. Electromagnetic effects upon consciousness.
  79. Finding God and a Bi-polar diagnoses...
  80. Mindful awareness and ADHD
  81. more adhd AFTER meditation?
  82. Mindfulness Integrated CBT
  83. A christian site that DOESNT bash adhd
  84. Thorn
  85. Buddha Quotes
  86. alternative treatment of ADHD
  87. Feeling others emotions
  88. Anyone here use the Law of Attraction or other Holistic Approach to Change..
  89. Mindfulness training, ADHD style
  90. A mindfulness based approach to unsatisfactory experiences.
  91. Can't meditate/pray - impossible to relax
  92. ADD and meditation or relaxation yoga
  93. spirituality of adhd
  94. Satsang with Mooji
  95. Happy International Day of Prayer and Peace
  96. Meditation techniques & suggested readings
  97. Spirit Science - You Tube Videos
  98. Metta Drum - Finding Greatness in Your Imperfection
  99. Skillful Means Wiki Link - Meditation and Psychological Practices Information
  100. Why this body? Genetics and Spirituality.
  101. More Satsangs - This Time With Gangaji
  102. Empathy
  103. Thinking of Converting to a Religion to end Loneliness?
  104. Atheist ADDF Community thread.
  105. Robin Williams (actor/comedian) has a Tickle Fight with a Gorilla
  106. The History of Human Thinking (in 6 minutes, 4 seconds)
  107. Restablishing Fellowship Membership (X-tian Content)
  108. I Love Meditation!!!
  109. Free 21-Day Guided Meditation
  110. Thankyou
  111. Just my endorsement for meditation
  112. A Comedian, A Quantam Physicist, and Transcendental Meditation
  113. Nonviolent Communication - Marshall Rosenberg
  114. Healing - from a female MD's perspective......
  115. Favorite Spiritual Quotes
  116. "As One Thing Ends A New One Begins....."
  117. Wisdom
  118. kopimism...
  119. Meditation or Medication or Both?
  120. Free 40-day Meditation "Winter Feast for the Soul" Begins Today, January 15th
  121. What do you listen to when meditating?
  122. I like reading about Haile Selassie I for inspiration.
  123. Meditation and ADHD
  124. Meditation: my experience
  125. Free E-Books Available - Various Healing Themes
  126. ADHD coaching and being your own therapist.
  127. Is Church a good thing if you dont believe in it?
  128. The Tao of Dr. Seuss for Parents, Educators and Even Politicians
  129. Atheism and Depression. Please Help.
  130. Article: "Six Reasons Why Meditation Appears So Difficult"
  131. Rhythmic Breathing Video
  132. the merit of meditation...
  133. I am meditating to music and find grief.
  134. "Why Breathwork Matters" A short video.
  135. Meditation: Getting Started
  136. Personal and spiritual goals
  137. Do You Ever Worry That You Are "Bad"
  138. Emotional Trancendance Helps ADHD
  139. Religious Upbringing, My Father and Morals
  140. The Importance of Balancing Logical and Intuitive Knowledge
  141. For those that pray, please keep me in prayer.
  142. Affirmation and Quotes
  143. Breathing for small children
  144. Great new book for those looking into Buddhism or any other Dharmic religion
  145. Best sites to get Mala Beads?
  146. Awesome Tips for Beginning Meditation
  147. Breathing to Help Ease Anxiety - Article
  148. Spirituality and ADD
  149. Earth Bound Soul's
  150. Closer to God?
  151. meditation
  152. cbt and mindfullness
  153. Mindfulness and meditation with ADHD
  154. Some church goers in here?
  155. I was an atheist before I saw this
  156. I PASSED!!! I'm through!!
  157. They found out
  158. The Importance of Meditation
  159. Why Meditate?
  160. "The Powerful Healing Benefits of a Drumming Circle" Article/Video
  161. Animal Totems
  162. Spiritual healing & cleansing group
  163. Your Spiritual Places
  164. Being at peace though physical activivty
  165. "7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration" Article
  166. Reaching spiritual critical mass
  167. Meditation
  168. Healing And Coping
  169. Success story - I overcame ADD by practicing a yoga discipline
  170. Meditation helping tons so far, 3+ weeks
  171. Benefits of YOGA
  172. Spiritual: There are both good and bad influences...
  173. Does Christianity fit here?
  174. Yoga exercises for ADHD
  175. Do stimulants (ritalin, adderall, etc) affect your meditation?
  176. Reward Seeking (Branch from Norepinephrine and “High” Motivational Salience)
  177. Does Yoga help you?
  178. How does your faith help you?
  179. Open minds
  180. Is it working- and how do you know?
  181. Start Meditation
  182. Dr David Hawkins
  183. Does everything happen for a reason?
  184. if you meet the buddha on the road, kill him
  185. Meditation and Measurable brain changes
  186. Material world attachment also applies to
  187. A truly inspiring way to live
  188. It's all about LOVE. Make up YOUR mind.
  189. Fear of Eternity
  190. Reiki and other non invasive healing modalities
  191. what about today?
  192. Mindfulness and spirituality
  193. Do we create our own reality?
  194. Poetry to Heal the Spiritual Heart
  195. Clinical applications of mindfulness: Primitive reflexes
  196. "The Universal Healing Chant"
  197. Demonic possession as a metaphor for ADHD
  198. Why do human beings make everything
  199. "art therapy": beautiful/sublime/melodious
  200. is mindfulness executive function training?
  201. Enlightenment (The truth not the hype)
  202. The purpose of life as ... ...
  203. On Being Empathic and having some fun
  204. easy how to meditate?
  205. intolerance of boredom, impatience, finding some relief
  206. Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
  207. A word with my guardian angel...
  208. Meditation- the crossover point between spirituality and health
  209. Do you believe in reincarnation ?
  210. Mindfulness
  211. Birth Trauma
  212. The quest for happiness as an obstacle to happiness
  213. Meditation for Adders
  214. ADHD a role in human existence
  215. self awareness question
  216. Meditation and will
  217. Humble
  218. Preoccupation with Enlightenment
  219. Analytical left brain thinking, and depression
  220. How to Love Thyself
  221. Does church calm you down? And is it wrong to attend if you aren't religious.
  222. What Are My Intentions?
  223. Meditation Posture Demystified
  224. HOw Spirituality protects the brain against depression.
  225. Any Hyperlexic bible-reading Chrisians out there with ADHD?
  226. How do you experience church with ADD/ADHD?
  227. Everyone on here please read this!
  228. Finding spirituality/religion in times of adversity...
  229. Mindfulness as training in executive function.
  230. Can you 'quiet your mind'?
  231. Highway 94, Exit 29: Chrisitianity - Search for Meaning/God
  232. ADHD, Old Souls and The Dark Night of The Soul
  233. Timothy Leary and "The Self"
  234. Direct knowing versus "Rule Books". Democracy and the bureaucracy.
  235. Spirituality and the three kinds of love
  236. Spirituality and change
  237. My approach to being
  238. Attunement between order and chaos
  239. How To Open Your 7 Chakras - As Explained In a Children's Show (Video - 10:05)
  240. Fasting
  241. If you only see the stickies here
  242. Relaxation
  243. Does ADHD affect you relationship with God?
  244. Physical/mental challenges
  245. Spirituality made very easy
  246. My retreat weekend...
  247. Positive versus negative expectations and the "nocebo effect"
  248. Yoga and ADD\ADHD
  249. Most adhd symptoms gone after deliverance.
  250. Unhappiness.