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  1. Helping to minister to families of children w/disabilities.
  2. About karma ...
  3. How long have you been Meditating for?
  4. Meditation and medication.
  5. you're not going to believe this, especially if you've been around from the old days
  6. Journaling and ADHD
  7. Are there any Unitarian Universalists here?
  8. Meditate, be aware.
  9. Lay Down the Burden of Defining Yourself
  10. sound meditation has helped with adhd
  11. Mindfulness techniques for impulsive ADDers
  12. Applying 12 step recovery to my ADHD
  13. thought it's ADHD, but maybe indigo and twin flame too? anyhow where robot is now
  14. The Internal Communication
  15. Sharing a few simple techniques
  16. "Hack Your Brain's Default Mode with Meditation"
  17. Affirmations Tend to Get a Bad Rap
  18. Conscious Breathing
  19. Meditating on stimulants
  20. How do I learn to meditate?
  21. Open Energy Realization
  22. Anyone follow religion or belief?
  23. Medication, meditation, Buddhism....
  24. ADHD and the Spirit
  25. Can't stop
  26. Signs you're having success with mindfulness
  27. Solution for adhd
  28. Reiki/Bio-energy healing
  29. Thoughts on medication / thoughts on my life situation?
  30. Christmas: Countdown and Joyous Thread
  31. my spiritual practice helps me with ADHD
  32. Carried
  33. Frustration and mindfulness
  34. Meditation, Visualization and Medication
  35. Christians? Are you here?
  36. Plans for Easter?
  37. Healing mantras
  38. Are you a Byakugan holder?
  39. The Traditional 12-Step Thread
  40. "Your Primary Parenting Figures' Guidance and "Your Gods' Guidance"
  41. Meditation for ADD related anxiety?
  42. How do the monks meditate on pain?
  43. Intermittent fasting
  44. Following God and ADHD
  45. Wow... such an emotional day
  46. No effect from meditation and relaxation (hundred hours of practice)
  47. astrology of ADHD
  48. Concept of "Chi" and ADD/Stimulants
  49. Am I in hell?
  50. Meditation UGH
  51. Affirmations and quotes of they day
  52. ADHD Buddha Crew
  53. Astral projection
  54. Why are you not happy?