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  1. Meditation & AD/HD
  2. Spirituality, Unity, and ADD
  3. 12 steps of spiritual recovery
  4. Meditation - How do we clear our minds?
  5. Let's start this party off!
  6. Philosophy and Religion of Taoism
  7. Books on Meditation
  8. Belief-o-matic
  9. Hi Everyone
  10. Does your church have a band/worship team?
  11. This Forum
  12. Meditation
  13. What do you do when your faith is tested?
  14. Vipassana meditation
  15. how about a thread of uplifting quotes?
  16. taizé
  17. somebody want to read "a return to love" and discuss it as we read?
  18. tai chi, anyone?
  19. ad/hd - a brief outline of action
  20. e-book: "the bible's way to victory over adhd and other childhood challenges"
  21. What the Bleep Do We Know?
  22. Suggestions on a Study Bible...
  23. Using Chanting To heal Depression
  24. Have any of you taught your children to meditate?
  25. My Feng Shui is Flung Dung
  26. angels
  27. "I Won't Let You Kill Me!" (positive Christian message)
  28. My Never Again List - positive Christian affirmations
  29. vows of peace
  30. Water baptism!
  31. Positive Affirmations....
  32. Purple Hat
  33. adderall question
  34. I want to go to Church
  35. Guidelines
  36. Soothing sounds???
  37. spiritual atheism
  38. Neuro-programmer--change brain waves with sounds
  39. Spiritual Attitude and Self Esteem
  40. Merry Christmas!
  41. Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer
  42. has anyone tried biofeedback or holosync?
  43. Working through resentments
  44. Christianity and Guilt/Shame/Anger/Resentment
  45. Prayer Circle
  46. Spirituality and the Brain
  47. You'll never guess...
  48. Christian Advice
  49. How does one go about meditating?
  50. who is my god
  51. Stones & Chrystals
  52. The Meaning of Life.
  53. Discussion of subjective nature of ADHD diagnosis
  54. Dr. Breggin, Scientology, and the ICSPP
  55. Casting Crown's Mark Hall on Stepping Out
  56. Grief ...
  57. Add And God
  58. Shadow of tears
  59. Epedemic---*Christian content*
  60. What defines your faith...NOT subject to dogma, nor 'narrow-minded-nesss'
  61. does anyone believe in miracles
  62. Unique Meditation Music....
  63. Out the Front Door/Moving Meditation
  64. Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
  65. "Scientology's Founder"
  66. Citizens Commision on Human Rights is a Scientology front
  67. Spiritual Answer For Everything???
  68. Meditation Works Wonders
  69. There is Hope
  70. Asking For Prayers, Love & Light
  71. meditation question
  72. Need a little thought here and there:)
  73. I don't know what is wrong with me
  74. These Are the Women We Come From
  75. Has Anyone Ever Tried Hypnosis?
  76. Types of Prayer/Spiritual Practices
  77. Philosophical Question
  78. The Dragon and The Lamb
  79. Music and Meditation and Meds
  80. Link to Depression, Anxiey Disorder Forums
  81. 2 articles on Judaism, Ritalin & ADD/ADHD
  82. Introspection on death
  83. Has anyone tried Meditation?
  84. Psychiatry: Industry of Death museum
  85. Its long but powerfull!!!
  86. Books on Meditation
  87. Buddhist Meditation
  88. behind scientology
  89. Insight meditation
  90. This is my caffine for the day listen to it.
  91. Church Sermons?
  92. Since desire cuases suffering
  93. Its long but powerfull!!!
  94. vipassana meditation
  95. chakra balancing even on meds?
  96. Mandalas!
  97. Having Trouble Praying
  99. got a book for you men to read
  100. extemelly disapointed
  101. TDA Lingo and the amygdala
  102. brahma kumaris world spiritual university
  103. Meridian points anyone tired them
  104. poems and meditations
  105. Soul Mates
  106. The Buddha on task motivation
  107. Spirituality- and feeling defensive about it
  108. Meditation/Spirituality Forum Guidelines
  109. Alternative Healing for ADD
  110. A Prayer for England by Massive Attack
  111. How to... meditation
  112. religion and add?
  113. Prayer -- Please join me
  114. You're Always Normal
  115. ADD support/Biblical Christian
  116. The "Golden Rule"
  117. Inspiration for the New year
  118. Hypnosis Psychdellic?
  119. reiki ?
  120. Optimism
  121. My dad is convinced the end of days are comeing...
  122. Does medication have a role in treating ADHD?
  123. The Secret
  124. Pain
  125. Not Conciousness
  126. people pleasing & over committment
  127. The Atheist Spirit
  128. i tryed yoga
  129. Any Observant Jews & AD/HD on here?
  130. Searching/different faiths' beliefs
  131. Ancient Words of Wisdom
  132. Spirituality/religion
  133. Change yout thoughts change your life PBS special
  134. Holotropic breathing and transpersonal psychology?
  135. Going back to God
  136. Heaven & Hell
  137. How many of you live with faith?
  138. Do you find meditation difficult?
  139. Anyone Pagan/Wiccan?
  140. ADD & Judaism
  141. Pagan religions & ADD
  142. Agnosticism and AD/HD?
  143. How do you define 'self'?
  144. Come out of your mind and in to your senses!
  145. ADD and Meditation on radio show
  146. Happy Solstice and Humanlight to my fellow humanists!
  147. Continuity and Being Present
  148. Recipe for a Happy New Year
  149. the youthgroup me and my boyfriend go to at church is doing a 21 day fasting of media
  150. Christianity and ADD
  151. Social group... Humanists
  152. Lucid Dreams (post your lucid dreams here!)
  153. Frequencies (dialed)
  154. ADD & Infidelity
  155. Anyone else worry that God hates you?
  156. "The Secret"
  157. The meaning of Success
  158. Inducing Lucid Dreams
  159. Simple Meditation
  160. Life, Death, Existentialism, Religion, and Panic Attacks
  161. karma
  162. The Master Key Discussion
  163. Getting through Church...
  164. Giving up on church?
  165. as true a thing as I have ever typed
  166. I need help for a church workshop on ADD
  167. Soul Ages/ My beliefs/ nothing too important.
  168. is it possible to meditate...
  169. So... You want to meditate ?
  171. You have to see this!
  172. Spirituality and Rehab
  173. Free Online Meditation Retreat!
  174. Sharing my life with ADD and how spirituality has helped...
  175. Get The Zen Habit
  176. Difficulty praying.
  177. Buddist Meditation
  178. Want to try this out?
  179. Great musical aid to meditation: Enigma
  180. My small little faith
  181. A testimony from a Contemporary Christian singer with ADD...
  182. How has meditation worked for you??
  183. Do we need to worry about Karma
  184. Keeping my faith while struggling to manage my ADD
  185. any success with mindfulness stuff?
  186. What gets you through the day?
  187. Usefulness of Mindfullness in add adhd treatment
  188. My Reality
  189. The 27 club and #9
  190. Any One Familiar With This Mindfulness Related Life-change Program?
  191. Captivated by God
  192. Prayer for those who can't sit still
  193. Buddha Quotes
  194. Dalai Lama Quotes
  195. The Ramblings Of A Rose
  196. Just a funny story
  197. Something neat
  198. The experience of...
  199. Forgiveness and compassion.
  200. The Four Agreements
  201. What's your favorite meditation?
  202. Reincarnation: whats your take on it?
  203. A world worth believing in
  204. something on stress
  205. To the perfectionists on here....
  206. Does it help?
  207. View on life:
  208. Sprituality and ADHD
  209. The Power of Now / meditation
  210. mindfulness
  211. Meditation Anyone?
  212. Difficulty sitting through church?
  213. Transcendental Meditation news article
  214. What kinds of meditations work for inattentive ADD
  215. How many of you suffering from ADD tried meditation?
  216. Healed from ADHD
  217. How meditation saved my life from depression
  218. Bad Karma or Fate?
  219. Sonia Choquette's The Psychic Pathway
  220. Meditation Helps
  221. how to learn to meditate, audio book suggestions or other suggestions
  222. Life
  223. Why?
  224. my relationship with God/meds or abuse
  225. Gratitude
  226. ADHD and meditation
  227. MediTation and MediCation Interactions?
  228. When Meditation isn't Working it IS Working
  229. Conversations With God
  230. Four quick questions on meditation styles and traditions
  231. Meditation to treat ADHD?
  232. Meditation to counteract ADHD- It Works!
  233. God is never alone, because He can't get away from us...
  234. God/ADHD\Medication
  235. Stop tensing your brain! Focus doesn't require force!
  236. spirituality of the matrix
  237. how is a download done in the matrix
  238. change your future through the power of thought
  239. Zen and art of ADD (or, ritalin and meditation)
  240. Man, I have ISSUES! Thank you Jesus for them.
  241. Helps to stay calm
  242. Meditating- the easy way.
  243. The nature of suffering
  244. The mind - body interaction.
  245. Advertisement captured Spirituality
  246. Astrological sign and ADD
  247. I'm losing my religion
  248. Kaos and Control
  249. Disobedience, the capability of.
  250. Meditation vs Adderall