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  1. "Brain exercise" therapies?
  2. Natural Remedies?
  3. Diosmin 1800 mg a day + Vitamin C 1000-3000 mg a day
  4. Alternative/Herbal
  5. what is best "to calm down" an adhd child?
  6. Spinning Lady
  7. Amino acid supplements in Australia?
  8. natural helps?
  9. EPA or DHA confused by it?
  10. Caffeine
  11. Elevera: Opinions please
  12. Adders can't be hypnotised (?)
  13. Omega-3
  14. Anyone tried Dramamine?
  15. Caffine substitute for Ritalin
  16. Sudafed good news - bad news - good news...
  17. BBC News: Drugs for ADHD 'not the answer'
  18. Self-medicating
  19. Colonic Irrigation to treat ADHD symptoms
  20. Dore not alternative to Drugs? What kind of ADD does it treat
  21. Checking out Dore on my own
  22. ADD and sylvia brown
  23. Omega 3 Supplement
  24. Anyone on/been on Mirtazapine?
  25. For some, no meds are the best meds
  26. So, light therapy?
  27. CogMed - if you try it, please post about it
  28. Nutrition and new supplement
  29. Pfeiffer Treatment Center
  30. Vivarian
  31. Omega3 and magnesium
  32. Attentive Dha????
  33. Anybody (with Adult ADHD) tried Weighted Vests / Shoulder Pads?
  34. I've discovered caffine, i think?
  35. Elbaum Intelligence Integration
  36. Vision Disorders and ADD/ADHD
  37. Marijuana and ADD?
  38. respected manufacturer of Piracetam in US?
  39. Did anyone stop taking meds and see improvement?
  40. music
  41. Are there over the counter ADD Meds?
  42. non-drug treatment success stories please!
  43. Confused
  44. subliminal messages?
  45. Flavay -- has anybody tried it?
  46. Neurofeedback
  47. Civil Unrest = bad time without the meds
  48. feingold help
  49. B.C. First Province To Financially Assist Acupuncture
  50. Balance fitness home training (Cerebellum, Balance Board, Bose....)
  51. Attend?
  52. What WORKED for your inattentive-type ADD?
  53. What kind of claims/predictions do Dore make after initial evaluation
  54. Treating by Integrative Medicine
  55. Autism and ADHD Recoveries with Methylcobalamin
  56. Kids multivitamins
  57. Herbal remedies
  58. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  59. fish oils + vitamin B
  60. 8 Day ADD tools course for 15 yr old costs $3800
  61. New Member can't find Texas forum
  62. Less clutter - more mind space
  63. Help For Dore Clients?
  64. Nitric oxide, ADHD and autism.
  65. Experiences with ACE test (The online Dore test)
  66. EPA vs regular Fish Oil
  67. MemoProve
  68. Anger/Irriablity
  69. ADHD and Exercise
  70. Chiropractic treatment of ADHD
  71. 12 Steps and admitting powerlessness?
  72. Zinc and Magnesium, 5-HTP, other natural remedies
  73. Positive psychology
  74. Snus
  75. Need Advice on "Attentive Child" or DMAE
  76. Seeking info - 3 Steps to Conquer ADD
  77. Which brain fitness software should I try
  78. is the working/executive memory improvement permanent with cogmed and other treatment
  79. whatever floats your boat
  80. What sources and forms of Omega-3s are the best?
  81. High DHA works way better for me than high EPA Fish Oil for less impulsive aggression
  82. WII Fit
  83. Heavy metals e.g. lead and their removal
  84. Children's DHA or Attentive Child
  85. will a cure ever be possible?
  86. Nintendo Brain gym
  87. Attend
  88. Medicinal Marijuana
  89. Caffeine regimen
  90. Another Question about Energy Supplements- FRS by Lance Armstrong
  91. Getting Things Done David Allen
  92. What is the DORE program?
  93. Aromatherapy and essential oils
  94. Free/trial brain fitness - please advice
  95. theanine and suntheanine natural add ahd med
  96. has anyone tried this? sam-e
  97. The Dore program in Canada?
  98. Natural Supplements
  99. 5-htp, sam-e and l-tyrosine...
  100. Kirkman Labs/Houston Nutraceuticals digestive enzymes and probiotics
  101. This is a thread for biomedical treatment approaches.
  102. OTC substances that had significant effect for ADHD
  103. Anybody ever got rid of their ADD?
  104. yerba mate
  105. What supplements/vitamins do you take? (ADHD and non ADHD related)
  106. Adderall Enhancer? Fish Oil, B12?
  107. Music Therapy for ADHD
  108. Amino Acids-Which ones?
  109. Mind Machine
  110. Has anyone here been tested for Lyme Disease?
  111. ADD / ADHD Natural remedies?
  112. N-back
  113. Dore Centers Website??
  114. Fish Oil Thread
  115. I can't be bothered dealing with the nay sayers on this board
  116. Lumosity - is it wort paying for?
  117. Piracetam
  118. Weird ADHD treatments that actually worked?
  119. Picamilone
  120. ADDadult Focus/Native Remedies (Natural)
  121. Metronome timing exercises at home ..... Amazing!
  122. Phenylethylamine, Pyritinol, and L-Huperzine A ....
  123. I feel that I really have to inform you about this (soy extract appears to work)
  124. Vitamins?
  125. Supplements
  126. Supplements specifically for inattentive type?
  127. Has anyone heard of Neurofeedback?
  128. Challenging Myself
  129. Supplement information web sites
  130. Attend? supplements... and ADD types
  131. Boosting GABA?
  132. For those of you who take fish oil supplements..
  133. Vitamin dosage
  134. B-100 Complex
  135. 5HTP and St. John Wort
  136. Feel like too much?
  137. Light Therapy (commonly used for S.A.D. treatment) Just got a S.A.D. light!!
  138. Flayvay - any experience?
  139. Energy drinks and 5 hour energy shot
  140. Does CBT help with social skills issues???
  141. "ADD-Care" - anyone tried it?
  142. phosphatidylserine
  143. How about attend?
  144. Fish oil dosage...
  145. Alternatives to treatment ideas? PLEASE HELP
  146. sam-e
  147. anyone with experience w fish oil
  148. Anyone experience with this product?
  149. Ritalin vs. Food Supplement Study
  150. Supplements for the treatment of ADHD, Scientific Evidence/Research
  151. Omega-3 ingredients laboling system explained (plz)
  152. Suplements info overflow - help?
  153. Considering Multi-Ingredient Mass-Marketed ADHD Supplements?
  154. A very cheap source of phosphatidyl serine
  155. What's tasting your fish oil like?
  156. Hi! I have a Qu re. fish oil and allergic reaction
  157. Anyone tried BHIP energy or supplement that work?
  158. NeuroFeedback---Can someone reccomend a facility in North Jersey
  159. Dosage of Fish Oil
  160. please help me out here
  161. Taking vitamin/supplements for ADHD...interesting read.
  162. Coffee doesn't work...
  163. Looking for Alternative Treatments
  164. Weighted Blankets?
  165. Omega 3 - More EPA or More DHA?
  166. Dimethylethanolamine
  167. Light Bulbs Color Temperature - Reading / Studying
  168. Krill oil
  169. Natural Herbal Remedies???
  170. Short-term fixes to try when you run out of pills.
  171. Dietary Supplements
  172. Whey protein question?
  173. Pos or neg experiences with Play Attention
  174. Meditation / The Power of Now
  175. Choline & Inositol, Krill Oil, Advanced B Complex
  176. Choline & Inositol
  177. Anyone tried "music to enhance concentration"
  178. Has anyone tried this?
  179. Head misalignment
  180. if you can try to change and it works, do you have a true attention deficit?
  181. St. John's Wort
  182. Thinking about taking the Plunge into neurofeedback
  183. Piracetam vs Pramiracetam, warnings?
  184. Restraint Therapy?
  185. neurofeedback
  186. More research....
  187. What supplements have helped you?
  188. Research on supplements for A.D.D.?
  189. Is there a dore section on here?
  190. Treatment for Severe ADHD without Meds?
  191. Is there a way to treat ADHD without Meds?
  192. L-Carnosine
  193. Nintendo DS - Brain Training
  194. Has anyone tried the ATTEND supplement.
  195. SuperBrain Yoga?
  196. Inositol
  197. L-tyrosine-when will I notice the effect?
  198. Focus Fast Review
  199. Some alternate ADD meds (non-prescription)
  200. Simple temporary fix for "chattery and racing thoughts"
  201. Vaxa Attend has been helping me.
  202. Neu-Be-Calm Revisited
  203. triple strength lecithin
  204. Ginkgo Biloba
  205. Tyrosine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  206. Rhythm, Interactive Metronome and Rhythm Paradise (Nintendo DS)
  207. What natural methods help ADD?
  208. OK, nobody liked my first thread. Anybody ever use the playattention system?
  209. bacopa is good for ADD
  210. What other dopamine agents can make us more normal?
  211. Magnesium Malate- any good?
  212. Stimulants make me drowsy
  213. Child starts Interactive Metronome tomorrow!
  214. Natural Remedies?
  215. Kind of Like Boot Camp...But Not
  216. Tools for vitaminshopping (US)
  217. I Think I have Found My Cure!! could it be yours too?
  218. Adhd and Dyslexia therapy
  219. Anyone try 5-HTP?
  220. supplements affecting absorption of stims
  221. Saint John's Wort
  222. "Caffeine" compared to other stimulants...
  223. Acai Berry Juice
  224. Phosphatidylserine- thinking about getting some 20g for 32$?
  225. Green tea and L-theanine
  226. How much and how to take Phosphatidyl Serine???
  227. Has anyone tried Neu BeCalmed or ATTEND
  228. Smoking.
  229. General info for choosing supplements (USA purity standards, etc)
  230. Focus Formula
  231. Alternative to Stimulants?
  232. Omega 3, omega 6 and Gingko
  233. Seeking Non-Pharmaceutical Alternative
  234. L-tyrosine for ADD inattentive
  235. Sun lamps, anyone?
  236. What to do about daytime drowsiness?
  237. Eosinophils?
  238. Fish oil that contains only EPA
  239. Consumerlab testing different supplements
  240. Brain sync, High Focus - AMAZING!
  241. I've really turned things around without relying on meds
  242. Supplements for ADHD/ADD that helped you?
  243. Anybody NOT on ADD drugs and having success doing natural methods?
  244. peppermint tea
  245. Time taken too see effects in Omega 3?
  246. power of diet(food)not lack of...
  247. Bacopa Monnieri - for ADD??
  248. Caffeine and ADHD
  249. Dexedrine + Genistein + Quercetin
  250. Fish Oil and Insomnia