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  1. Fish Oil List
  2. Lycopodium tea?
  3. Vitamin B complex/ Vitamin B 12
  4. Anyone tried algal microalgae oil (Phytoplankton)?
  5. L-Tyrosine
  6. Any recomendations to this?
  7. Fish oil, supplements + Acorus tablets
  8. A chart of daily events - helpful for ADHD and some other stuff?
  9. Fish oil?
  10. New approach to keeping organized...
  11. Magnesium
  12. Ginko biloba
  13. Amphetarestore Product Anyone?
  14. Supplements for Memory
  15. Question about Supplements. Advice Needed
  16. supplements
  17. Fish oil and zits...
  18. Emotions
  19. Treating with Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and other Minerals
  20. mixing
  21. Truehope EMPowerplus
  22. Aroma therapy for A.D.D.
  23. Different Fishoil Different Mood?
  24. Glutamine
  25. Want to stop the emotional roller coaster for free
  26. supplements and anti depressants
  27. Feingold Diet
  28. Any luck with St John's Wort??
  29. Have you had experience with Reiki?
  30. "Weirdest" ADHD managment strategies you've seen
  31. Pedi-Active
  32. Supplements With Adderall? Need Advice
  33. Alternative treatments what are they? Not interested in taking medication.
  34. Piracetam
  35. Play Attention revisited
  36. Need help and feedback, please help.
  37. Help with suppliments on top of dexedrine
  38. l-tyrosine for ADD?
  39. Multivitamin success?
  40. Holy Basil from India
  41. Shakti Mat
  42. Using Smokeless Tobacco as Treatment
  43. Nicotine patches??
  44. Fish Oil WHEN?
  45. Doesnt make sense
  46. To my suprise 5-htp is working big time for my ADHD!
  47. Does music help???
  48. A plan for solving our long term memory problems
  49. Alternative Medicine for ADD...
  50. General question about 5 hour energy
  51. Do Supplements & Vitamins Help?
  52. List of Supplements
  53. nyquil+beer for innatentive...
  54. Essentials
  55. Salvia as a treatment for adhd?
  56. Primitive Reflexes
  57. Alternative Approaches?
  58. nicotine gum/patches??
  59. Vitamin B12 Experiences?
  60. ADHD and vitamin/mineral deficiency?
  61. PETA (Happy, Calm, Focused)
  62. Vitamin A: Too much of a good thing??
  63. Un-medicated/hyper forum/combined
  64. Glutenfree / Casein free diet
  65. Supplements 101 - Must Read
  66. New Supplements
  67. Hypnosis and ADD/ADHD
  68. Sensitisation of brain cells
  69. Brain Fog and Metamucil?
  70. Which supplements do you take
  71. Which Supplements have you taken for Depression?
  72. Cabbage
  73. Idea....
  74. ADD completely (temporarily) goes away the morning after a night of heavy drinking
  75. ADD cured
  76. They read faces-We read minds
  77. Pseudoephedrine (the 'real' Sudafed) & self-medication
  78. The Gift of Learning by Ronald D. Davis
  79. how much Zinc is safe to take?
  80. Ignatia amara 200c
  81. Pinky...Piano and the Brain
  82. Mixing supplements and ADD meds; safe/dangerous, effective/ineffective?
  83. Coca Cola alternatives?
  84. About The Placebo Effect
  85. Anyone tried PuraEPA?
  86. I don't know what this is
  87. Minor Electroshock Therapy: Hyperfocus Habitualization Concept
  88. Nicotine Patches
  89. Supplemental treatment, what now?
  90. ATTN: HERE and NOW! Supplements that work.
  91. Neurofeedback for ADHD
  92. Ambient music concentration
  93. If everyone in the world...
  94. Has anyone tried Synaptol?
  95. L-theanine and Inositol
  96. L-tyrosine and lots of Omega3 seems to be working...
  97. Physical Activity
  98. Looking to try a new approach. I'm ADHD/major depressive/panic disorder. Supplements?
  99. L-tyrosine
  100. A generic logical approch
  101. Coffee
  102. Neurobiofeedback Working
  103. Ampheta-restore? Is it Real?
  104. Focus Formula/Supplements?
  105. Self medicating w/Coca Cola
  106. Ampheta-Restore Supplement Product
  107. PEA(the stuff in chocolate) supplements any1?
  108. Help with Chelated Magnesium Gluconate Supplementation
  109. Has anyone tried breathing exercises?
  110. The Panacea: Hydrogen Peroxide
  111. Brain Gym works...
  112. Coconut Oil?
  113. Smokeless Tobacco and Safety
  114. Has anybody tried Attend?
  115. Other than stimulants what raises Dopamine?
  116. does tyrosine help?
  117. New, and trying natural methods before my apointment
  118. White noise generators - Do they work?
  119. 1,3 dimethylamylamine
  120. Interactive Metronome - you or your child?
  121. Crawling therapy for ADD/ADHD
  122. homeopathic treatment for ADHD
  123. French pine park - Pycnogenol
  124. need some advise on creatine
  125. No-Doz, have you ever tried it?
  126. Electric Brain Stimulation
  127. New to forum ...
  128. Pet therapy?
  129. Questionable brain supplement??
  130. Neurofeedback alternative treatment
  131. Medication Alternatives. LOL im going to coldturkey!
  132. Undiscovered homeopathic med: citicoline
  133. Controlling it without medications
  134. Audio visual entraiment
  135. Sale on ADD/HD DNA testing today!
  136. Interactive Metronome Canada
  137. Ginseng VS Ginkgo Biloba for improved cognitive fuction & concentration
  138. Yerba-Mate
  139. SAM-e? Anyone tried this?
  140. NY Times: Control Desk for the Neural Switchboard: Optigenics
  141. has anyone tried DAVID Alert?
  142. Does anyone do Tai Chi?
  143. Mdpv
  144. Primrose oil
  145. Neurofeedback SUCCESS!!
  146. My 21-day ADD / Depression Program
  147. Has anyone tried Citicoline?
  148. caffeine nap
  149. D3...warning
  150. What is a "Very-Potent" Dopaminergic Stimulant?
  151. ADD med. and supplements
  152. Not the best treatment option, but...
  153. Estrogen helps ADHD?
  154. Caffeine + Ephedra
  155. Mind Sparke
  156. Thyroid problems interfering with medication absorption?
  157. Profiderall OTC alternative to Adderall
  158. Art Therapy?
  159. Caffeine insensitive
  160. Magnesium Chloride ~ Slow Mag
  161. READ THIS if you don't know about HYPOGLYCEMIA!
  162. Alternative to caffeine?
  163. Simple, Natural remedies to improve Attention Span
  164. Natural products to combat inattentiveness and brain fog
  165. Rhodiola Rosea
  166. What vitamins to focus better?
  167. Well, Now I Have Heard it All...
  168. Strattera combined with natural supplement
  169. EEG based Neurofeedback? Anybody tried
  170. New study supporting omega-3's
  171. Disorders Treatment, Very Helpfull
  172. Vitamin B12 and ADHD
  173. The Pain from ADHD,"the language of the heart" by Dr.Gabor Mate
  174. Any advice for natural caffeine regiment.
  175. Computer Program For ADHD?
  176. ginko bola
  177. Coffe Helps ADD! (Read)
  178. Have you heard anything about listening treatment - The Listening Program?
  179. New member wanting to say hi/ experimenting with cerebellum exercises
  180. L-theanine
  181. Self help routines or exercises?
  182. Things that helped your memory without medicine
  183. Is learning to work with both hands a good thing to improve ADD
  184. Anyone succeeded to manage ADHD without MEDS?
  185. I'm new here. Hi.
  186. I've found a natural substitute to stimulant medication
  187. human growth hormone
  188. What is the #1 most helpful non-med strategy you've implemented in your life?
  189. Does coffee help long term?
  190. One boy's parents say acupuncture has alleviated his ADHD
  191. 5-htp
  192. ADHD brought on by Head Injury & Piracetam
  193. CBT and Adult ADHD
  194. ADD-Adderall vs Natural supplements???
  195. How to find lorcaserin new add treatment?
  196. Vaxa Attend or Native Remedies' Brightspark
  197. Wake Therapy (Sleep Deprivation) for instant relief of ADHD & Depression-Anyone?
  198. Fish Oil Supplements: A natural cure for ADHD
  199. Food/natural sources that replace meds ?
  200. Are the benefits for taking mega doses of Vitamin C and fish oil?
  201. Moon phases and (full) Moon sleep
  202. AlphaStim,.... anyone tried it?
  203. 5 Hour Energy Experiment
  204. I started Art Therapy
  205. how can i deal with ADD without meds?
  206. Feel like I've tried everything
  207. ADD Medication & Studying: What I observed.
  208. Am I on the way to cure my ADHD completely?
  209. Herbal/ Natural Supplements
  210. CogMed working memory training
  211. ...about Diet, ADHD, Herbs and Adderall Holidays
  212. vitamins
  213. Pramiracetam and choline dosage
  214. Do Bach Flowers really help with ADHD
  215. My new insurance won't cover medication. How else can I handle ADHD?
  216. Best omega 3 for the buck
  217. Magnesium??
  218. Question for those who take ADD drugs + supplements
  219. My gratitude thread
  220. Mind-EZ
  221. Brain Lobotomy to cure adhd and ocd.
  222. What are the benefits of taking Vitamin C, Zinc, Fish Oil and Vit E supplements?
  223. Other high-energy beverages?
  224. Coffee!!!!
  225. i love caffeine
  226. Anyone tried Synaptol?
  227. Nicotine Patch for ADHD
  228. Neurofeedback question
  229. Ginkgo Smart- Irwin Naturals...thoughts?
  230. Working memory training programs
  231. What tools, apart from ADHD medicine, have helped you?
  232. ADHD men & women try L-Tyrosine
  233. Omega-3 question type thingy
  234. Zinc Deficiency Challenge Diary
  235. 150% working treatment for ADD ADHD scarce-energy
  236. Coffee and ADDHD
  237. I have ADD. This is what I am doing now. And I need advice from everyone here!
  238. What does Natural Mean?
  239. pseudoephedrine
  240. Treating ADHD With Colonic Irrigation
  241. Been using an all natural supplement for my ADD
  242. Cerebrolysin
  243. Can't think, can't focus, can't get motivated.
  244. Anyone have success using Dr. Amen techniques or supplements??
  245. using GABA to wipe the slate clean and restart fresh
  246. Dual N Back - Working Memory
  247. Synaptol...Is this a good medication to help ADD/ADHD?
  248. B12 seems to be helping me...could it be something else? (not ADD)
  249. Anyone tried hypnotherapy?
  250. Sick of being held back from ADD, looking for serious change in my life.