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  1. Improv
  2. Looking for Home Remedies - Help plz thx
  3. MOTIVATION-lack of activation
  4. Methylcobalamin - the inconsistent magic bullet for some of us?
  5. Seeing OTC Adderal knock offs in stores
  6. 5-htp
  7. I where my sunglasses at night
  8. Interactive Metronome, can anyone give feedback on this?
  9. Other things I can use?
  10. Ginkgo
  11. Re-map Your Brain
  12. "How Self-Talk Raises and Lowers Our Stress Levels" (Part 1 of 2) Article
  13. Have these two guys created a natural, OTC Adderall substitute?
  14. Is traditional self help a waste of time?
  15. Has Anyone Had Success With an Entirely Holistic/Naturopathic Approach to AD/HD?
  16. Lumosity alternative
  17. How do I self medicate for my ADHD?
  18. How do I cope with ADHD (no pills)?
  19. Herbs/vitamins good for mental clarity and focus
  20. Non-prescription drugs for ADD/ADHD.
  21. Any ideas for alternative meds before getting Adderall?
  22. Umm...I'm just gonna leave this here for you to Google...
  23. Blue-light blocking glasses
  24. Dietary and lifestyle approaches i have found effective for both ADHD, and depression
  25. American ginseng effective in adult ADHD
  26. I can't go on meds right now. Do any of you cope without?
  27. Has anyone managed their ADD symptoms naturally?
  28. did anyone ever try illuminal?
  29. Success without medication with severe ADHD
  30. Which alternative treatments to try first?
  31. Communicating with animals.
  32. Yoga for fitness..
  33. Attentiveness exercises
  34. Addtabz
  35. The Reason to have Rheumatiod Arthritis
  36. Does anybody here take Ginkgo?
  37. Homeopathy, does it work?
  38. Medical vs Non-Medical Approaches (Split from Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms)
  39. Kimchi Medicine
  40. Zinc to the rescue
  41. ADD, Addiction and Impulse Control?
  42. Play Attention
  43. A systematic review of yoga for neuropsychiatric disorders
  44. Overcoming Depersonalization Disorder
  45. Whats with all of the supplements?
  46. low EFA (fatty acids) - omega-6?
  47. High dose of L-Tyrosine gets rid of my ADD symptoms?
  48. How long to try each supplement for to see if it works?
  49. Nicotine
  50. Article: Complementary medicines in treatment of ADHD (2011)
  51. Magnet Therapy
  52. Trauma Release Programme - book
  53. Theanine, has it helped anyone here?
  54. Neurofeedback Training
  55. ashwagandha anybody?
  56. Brain Games Are Bogus
  57. How you naps affects your meds, perhaps a hidden factor
  58. Synaptol
  59. Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity While Reducing Mind Wandering
  60. Watches with advanced hour notification + Similar devices
  61. L-Tyrosine dosage for adult female
  62. Vacation: medicated or not?
  63. Brighten Up
  64. Does anyone use Bio-Strath?
  65. About Mucuna and L-Tyrosine
  66. Anyone here who takes tyrosine?
  67. Has anyone tried AdderRX?
  68. What has helped me to cope, might help you too!
  69. Hypnosis for ADHD issues .. Works in some issues
  70. ADD meds
  71. Avoiding stimulants completely
  72. Smokeless Tobacco?! And Update on me.
  73. GAPS Protocol -Gut and Psychology Syndrome
  74. Making a transdermal epsom salts rub (magnesium) for anxiety, insomnia, etc.
  75. Botanical?
  76. Inositol
  77. ginkgo biloba
  78. How do you make this place not a distraction?
  79. Article on alternative treatments
  80. Productivity Supps
  81. MCT Oil
  82. ALCAR Acetyl l carnitine
  83. Medication Adjuncts
  84. How do you get insurance to cover/chip in for neurofeedback?
  85. Quercetin + Vitamin C + Concentrated fruit juices
  86. Herbal Supplements Often Contain Unlisted Ingredients
  87. Rhodiola rosea + phosphatidyl serine
  88. Interesting article on supplements NYT
  89. Peripheral's Corner
  90. St. John's Wort
  91. Any natural alternative takers?
  92. Has anyone heard of or tried addrena?
  93. Psychoneuroimmunology
  94. Tried Pycnogenol (pine bark extract)?
  95. Voice Commands
  96. tDCS electrode placement
  97. Trouble with Writing & motivation under pressure
  98. tDCS/CES- Electrotherapy
  99. My recent adventures in (legal) self-medicating, if anyone's interested
  100. Omega-3 Article On Aging Brain
  101. fish oil ??
  102. Lumosity ...
  103. Wondering if anyone has tried the following "brain" supplements....
  104. Holistic / Alternative Treatment Alternatives
  105. Keeping focused with 7 20's
  106. Green tea helps the sleep cycle of people with ADHD?
  107. Placebo treatment for ADD... Non medical treatment for ADD.
  108. NeurOptimal Brain Training
  109. How do I be my best self during the worst times?
  110. Unlocking the Immunity to Change - free online course from Harvard via EdX
  111. Lithium Orotate
  112. ADHD Neurofeedback Therapy?
  113. Sunifiram to help with ADHD/ADD
  114. Looking for a natural solution to "slow down"
  115. tdcs
  116. ACT Therapy and ADD/Anxiety/Depression
  117. L-Theanine Run! Don't Walk!!!
  118. Adrafinil / Piracetam / Alpha GPC / Acetyl L-Carnitine ???
  119. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback for ADHD?
  120. List of non-medicinal options?
  121. Earthing
  122. Ortho molecular medicine treatment without pharmaceuticals
  123. Sunifram/Noopept/Aniracetam ?
  124. Does anyone have a pet for therapeutic purposes?
  125. Phosphatidyl serine/ Lecithine
  126. preparing for a better assessment before dex
  127. Dogs
  128. Health Issues Caused by Certain Foods, incl. ADHD
  129. Has Anyone Tried "Laser"?
  130. Hormone pellet therapy?
  131. the ADHD diet - aka Feingold
  132. Holistic Approach
  133. Anyone who takes Theanine?
  134. Is this just another BS ?
  135. vagus nerve stimulation for adhd?
  136. sex therapy?
  137. Have you guys tried acupuncture/ chinese meicine?
  138. Abs to Uns: Nutrient supplements for mood disorders?
  139. Detox, Enema, Wheatgrass, Parasites, liver cleanse
  140. lithium orotate for ADD/Depression???
  141. Nuero Replete/Cys Replete Amino Acid Therapy
  142. Medication Monitoring App
  143. Fish Oil - benefits
  144. CRL-40,940 (Flmodafinil, Lauflumide)
  145. A note to those with difficulties awakening.
  146. Bacopa and lions mane, your opinions please?
  147. Ginkgo biloba communication, logical and memory skills stimulation.
  148. **DO NOT APPROVE** Test Post for Greyhound
  149. Interactions: L-Tyrosine & Magnesium, Etc..Etc
  150. Organic Aloe Vera juice
  151. has sleep deprivation been an asset at times?
  152. PLAY therapy for adults with ADHD
  153. Tips to help with ADD that have nothing to do with medicine
  154. Firing your Doctor
  155. Is a healthy attachment relationship a "tool" to treat ADHD?
  156. Diosmetin
  157. Alpha Stim or other CES?
  158. Meds feel weaker
  159. Ever tried Chiropractic Neurology?
  160. Medication or self-therapy by activities?
  161. Air purifiers & allergies
  162. Detoxification
  163. How about aromatherapy?
  164. Riding a bike with no hands: Promoting development of self-regulation
  165. Natural Product-Derived Treatments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Safe
  166. How is your Magnesium intake?
  167. Working Memory Training -- Plasticity
  168. noise blocking machines and glasses that block "lights"
  169. Best form of magnesium to take before bed?
  170. why the stimulatory neurotransmitter glutamate is less talked about?
  171. Gut Biome
  172. Naturopathy
  173. Anyone try this treament for ADHD
  174. Essential oils and medication
  175. Volunteering
  176. Emotional Intelligence
  177. Bacopa for adhd
  178. It's like the WHOLE WORLD forgot about us and doesn't want to help
  179. Non Medicated
  180. Can controlled self-injury be helpful ?
  181. Has anyone tried Neurofeedback to treat AD(H)D?
  182. does negative ionizers work?
  183. Wasp / bee sting anecdotal experience.
  184. Weighted blankets
  185. Using DMAE & L-Theanine
  186. Hemp Tea
  187. No insurance. What are natural remedies?
  188. Caffeine and ADHD