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  27. room-mate situation
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  30. Who can prescribe ADD Medications
  31. need to find doc in sacramento,ca
  32. I live in Northern California
  33. Looking for doc in sf bay area
  34. Doctors in LOS ANGELES?
  35. How do you guys locate a ADD testing center?
  36. Need to find a doctor in San Diego
  37. need psychiat. in LA. special in adult add.
  38. San Diego referral
  39. Need a referral for ADD specialist in LA area
  40. ADD Specialist Recommendation
  41. Need a Doctor near Palo Alto / Menlo Park
  42. Anyone live near the OC?
  43. San Francisco
  44. Any psychiatrists in Northren California?!?
  45. looking for ADD doctors, med graduates, USMLE study partners in Los Angeles
  46. hello from Oakland
  47. ADD MEETUP GROUP FOLSOM, CA (Near Sacramento)
  48. Nerdy Optimist hailing from Hemet California!! (embarrassed)
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  51. Noob to ADD and the ADD Forums
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  54. San Bernardino
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  59. Hi!
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  61. Moved to SF, looking for a good doctor
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  63. Doctor in Los Angeles?
  64. desperately seeking help (LA&ventura co)
  65. New Adult ADHD Self-Help Support Group L.A.
  66. loooking for referal and self help / group meetings in the Greater Orange Co area...
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  68. Kaiser in San Jose Area?
  69. GP in Los Angeles?
  70. Looking for ADD doc in Nor Cal
  71. Kaiser San Diego anyone?
  72. How to find a GOOD Psychiatrist in Los Angeles???
  73. Finding a Psychologist in the LA Area--Only 1 within 50 miles covered by Atena??!
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  78. Berkeley Parents Network
  79. Looking for Doctor in the Sacramento Area
  80. Multi-month concerta 'script CA?
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  82. Need Dr. For High Dose of Ritalin SF CA
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  87. Orange County CA -- I need help
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  89. Looking for a new p-doc
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  92. Anyone know of a good ADD doctor in San Diego
  93. Any recommended doctors?
  94. Know any Kaiser Nor-Cal Psychiatrists who specialize in Adult ADHD?
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  96. Dr referral for the Bay Area
  97. SF Bay area case manager.
  98. Taking A High Dose Of Vyvanse & Adderall IR and Valium For ADD Moved Now What!?
  99. Any doctors you recommend in the SF bay area?