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  1. Florida support groups and resources
  2. Boca Raton
  3. Sarasota
  4. Gulf Breeze
  5. Pensacola
  6. Roll Call - Florida Attention Deficit Disorder
  7. Naples, FL
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  11. Dr. Leland M. Heller
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  13. Hurricane Francis is on the way to Florida
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  15. Hello from Tampa!
  16. I'm looking for a shrink who specializes in diagnosing adhd
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  18. Average $ per Visit ?
  19. Central Florida
  20. Destin FL
  21. Looking for a Decent Psychiatrist/Psychologist
  22. any one in south florida?
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  24. ADHD counselors in Cocoa Beach/ Orlando area??
  25. is there any ADHD conventions or organizations Or Support Groups in Orlando Florida?
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  27. Can anyone recommend a good psyc doc in Tampa?
  28. Need Space Coast ADD Doc. Recommendations?
  29. Looking for MD in Tampa
  30. AnyOne In Orlando Wanna Do A ADD And ADHD Meet Up?
  31. Tragedy
  32. Careers for ADHD'ers
  33. Miami Doctors?
  34. School for ADD Sarasota
  35. Hi! New to Miami, Kendall area to be exact
  36. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  37. ADD/ADHD / Sensory Summer Camp Orlando Area
  38. New ADHD/ADD group on Facebook (Sarasota)
  39. Need some info please?
  40. is it just me or...
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  43. Cognitive Training
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  46. Locating A Doctor
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  48. Can't find Adderall in Orlando area HELP!
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  50. Moved to West Palm Beach, FL and need Dr.
  51. anyone live in florida?
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  53. Need YOUR Help Please - Going Through List and NOT Picking a Quack
  54. Florida Drs?
  55. Help in Orlando, FL
  56. jacksonville drs. ?
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  58. Orlando area doctor
  59. Support Goup - Indian River, St. Lucie or Brevard Counties?