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  1. The Phenylpiracetam (Carphedon, Phenotropil) Thread
  2. Color-marking supplements capsules
  3. what kind of nutrient deficiency...
  4. Here is what good Nutrition did for me (photos)
  5. Biochemical Testing
  6. Can foods really make a difference with your ADHD?
  7. Milk Alternatives
  8. UK Ministers Back Ban on Additives
  9. L-Phenylalanine and significant mental impairment: anyone else?
  10. Medicinal Usage in Memory supplements
  11. Burning Muscle over Fat?
  12. Diet and ADHD
  13. EMPower Plus
  14. Low Carb Foods
  15. Suppliment / herb / nutrient DATABASE format
  16. What's your diet like?
  17. Enzymes
  18. Alkaline Foods/Acidic Foods
  19. Weightlifting Supplements
  20. Magnesium Taurate
  21. Hemp Hearts
  22. Good multi-vitamin product
  23. What did you eat in the last 24 hours?
  24. adderall and my appetite
  25. Ketosis as ADHD treatment?
  26. if you're on stimulants, eat SUGAR all the time! seriously!
  27. Where do you order legit vitamins online?
  28. My Supplement cocktail for ADD
  29. diet and ADD
  30. Gluten free/Lactose Free/Soy Free
  31. Stopgap or aid?
  32. I've been eating bananas.
  33. Natural Ways and Supplements to increase dopimene
  34. ADD and gluten intolerance
  35. Calcium Citrate lozenge and 10mg adderall
  36. Help with supplements
  37. Anyone used Mucuna Prurriens ?
  38. Supplement Absorption
  39. Flax seed oil - Omega 3's
  40. being a vegetarian a pro or con to my ADD-I?
  41. Any Vegans on the Board?
  42. Food Issues?
  43. Self-diagnosis / self-medication...
  44. ANYTHING out there to GAIN weight??
  45. I was wondering Everyone Fitness goals for 2010 and progress
  46. Eliminating dairy - your feedback please.
  47. Anyone change their diet because of having ADD/ADHD?
  48. Daughters Blood Sugar Low and Kidney Function off?
  49. malnutrition,having bad pain in left side Please help me out
  50. Preservative-free diet = Huge improvement
  51. Any1 Wheatgrass?
  52. I'm trying the hunter-gatherer diet.
  53. Vitamin D
  54. Sensitivity to Spicy Food
  55. ADHD Diet Remedies
  56. Diet Help Please
  57. empower plus update
  58. Has anyone ever taken Yohimbine HCL?
  59. Vegetable juicer
  60. Feeling clearer when I don't eat meat and dairy.
  61. How many vegetarian/vegans or..
  62. High Resting Heart Rate!
  63. 10 foods that look like the body part they feed
  64. Chocoloate has lead
  65. Interesting Article on Elimination Diets
  66. Is taking three different vitamin supplements for ADD symptoms ok?
  67. Very difficult to eat because of ADD meds; what can I do?
  68. Gluten Free Diets and Recipes
  69. ADHD and eating gluten free
  70. Making a grocery list for supplements
  71. ADD and High Protein Diet?
  72. How to lose weight on adderall permanentely and healthy??
  73. Why we need to be cautious about "official government dietary information"
  74. Magnesium
  75. Vitamins?
  76. Vitamin c/ trying to eat right in college
  77. Diary - Zero salt, sugar, starch diet
  78. Any Success With Natural Remedies & diet change?
  79. Do you think about where your food comes from?
  80. health care professionals edmonton
  81. Proteins and nutriotional supplements
  82. Do foods affect your ADD/ADHD
  83. Couple of Questions!
  84. Who on here is vegetarian or vegan??
  85. Issues with dieting and ADHD
  86. How I cured my ADD
  87. Achieving fast muscle recovery
  88. weight loss and athletic performance
  89. Pesticides & Adhd
  90. Impact of dairy on effectiveness of stims?
  91. Meal plan for hypoglycemia ADDers?
  92. Can someone give me a grocery list?
  93. High protein / low carb diet
  94. Sugar = Sleepy, yet can't stop craving it?
  95. Benefits of vitamin C
  96. Low-carb, high-fat, low-sugar? (Atkins, Paleo, etc.)
  97. Omega 3's Work! You HAVE to try it! (Read)
  98. Nutritional interventions and mental health.
  99. Youngster: mygraine and ADHD vs. sugar
  100. Nutritional Therapies Can Treat Common Mental Disorders
  101. when on adderall or dexadrine, I drink maybe 2 gallons of water
  102. High Protein Diet?
  103. blood tests
  104. Supplements
  105. Balanced diet.
  106. Low calorie diets and demensia.
  107. curing adhd through nutritional therapy
  108. Low salicylate / psuedo-feingold diet
  109. Herbal Supplements and diet
  110. Wheat allergy
  111. Lack of nutrition & ADHD symptoms
  112. intermittent fasting and focus..
  113. carbs and adhd...the most ridiculous argument ever.
  114. Vitamin B12 Deficiency and ADHD
  115. Paleo and ADHD?
  116. Confused about Pycnogenol
  117. ADD and diet statistics
  118. Supplementation Regimine for ADHD-PI (seriously having issues!)
  119. Managing Glucose Metabolism
  120. Tips to avoid over-eating?
  121. Interesting Article on the Banning of Food Dyes in China
  122. Cooking and Nutrition for ADDers
  123. new to here someone help, Vitamins question
  124. The 'What Have You Eaten Today' Thread?
  125. Gluten Limited not Gluten Free
  126. "How to Store Fruits and Vegetables to Keep Them From Rotting"
  127. you are what you eat
  128. Meal Prep......
  129. Sour Fruit for Focus
  130. The Gluten-Free Thread!
  131. Focus food to take with meds?
  132. An Infographic Regarding High Fructose Corn Syrup
  133. Water Fountains
  134. Any vegetarians?
  135. salicylates, amines, glutamates
  136. Drinks and foods to avoid and encourage for add/adhc
  137. elimination diet= amazing results
  138. Diets and token systems-OMG how can I do it?
  139. Yummy topping that makes everything taste good!
  140. How do I do an elimination diet?
  141. has anyone tried---in dealing with adhd??
  142. Desperate- anyone have success with supplements?
  143. Focus Fizz (school and mom life saver)
  144. How to maintain weight w/ stimulant medication?
  145. Workout supplements
  146. ADHD specific nutrition (only *specific* food/supplements and *specific* no-go's)
  147. Eggs
  148. Pre-workouts
  149. Not just liking sugar... NEEDING sugar?
  150. Raw honey
  151. My advice: don't underestimate nutrition.
  152. Diet protocol I designed based on obsessive research.
  153. Disappointed nobody has posted here... I'm about to start a diet
  154. Food Pyramids: Make your choice
  155. Programmer Creates and lives on Soylent formula
  156. Hyperactive mind gone when I juice...
  157. Natural, nutritional, potentiators, precursors?
  158. Protein bar?
  159. Vegetables in large quantities help my adhd tremendously
  160. homegrown
  161. From krill
  162. The Chemical S*** Storm in Food is About to Get Worse
  163. ADD-Friendly Diet?
  164. how long would dietary amendments take to manifest?
  165. Growing Microgreens and Bean Sprouts
  166. Types of food help you concentrate?
  167. Good Protein Ideas for Breakfast?
  168. Iron
  170. "Feeding Minds - The Impact of Food on Mental Health"
  171. Pillsbury Pizza Pops :P
  172. Supplements for ADHD?
  173. Caffeine and ADD - part 2
  174. How to minimize weight loss?
  175. Taking Magnesium can make you crazy?
  176. anyone know anything about green tea?
  177. Research to find a correlation between food dyes and ADHD
  178. Do you people like coffee?
  179. Good nutrition food
  180. Anyone here a pescetarian?
  181. Dietary changes for joint inflammation
  182. Anyone taking high dosed B12?
  183. Low carb, high fat diet
  184. Are there vitamins/supplements that can help an ADHD person?
  185. Has anyone tried any of the 5 Hour Energy supplements to help them with their ADHD?
  186. Products Marketed as "Natural" - Think Twice
  187. "Are We Overfed and Starving to Death?" - article
  188. Hot Pockets Recalled - Meat from "Diseased and Unsound" Animals
  189. Paleo Diet curious to hear what people think?
  190. PLEASE!! Help me like fish!!
  191. Cocoa Powder Benefits
  192. Phenylethylamine (PEA) - Has anyone tried this?
  193. Agitated by B12?
  194. The only time I can think clearly is after I eat Sugar.
  195. What are necessary things you need nuitritionwise
  196. brain supplements
  197. Suppliments
  198. Omega Fish Oil EPA DHA ->
  199. Dealing With Weight Gain After Stopping Meds
  200. Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds
  201. Multivitamin worsens adhd?
  202. Adult Picky Eaters - are you out there?
  203. Alcohol increasing ADHD symptoms?
  204. If you only see the stickies here
  205. How do you put together a GOOD, SIMPLE, DIET *not* primarily aimed at weight loss?
  206. Best things to Eat with medication -
  207. Why does GMO's foods make you feel worse?
  208. Nirvana,..where have i been the whole time
  209. Long term: Can't feed myself reliably
  210. vegan diet stopping brain fog
  211. Supplements Question
  212. Whey Protein or Amino Acids better than Vyvanse effectiveness?
  213. 10 Day Detox Diet as dietary treatment?
  214. Ok I need a straight answer- L-tyrosine: when to take it?
  215. Baffled
  216. Turmeric tea
  217. Foods to help ADHD symptoms?
  218. My life with ADHD/ADD + Help needed!
  219. Grain Brain
  220. Nootropic stack for ADHD and mild Depression
  221. Can caffeine affect your mood?
  222. 30 day gut healing trial. :)
  223. We need more conversation about diet and exercise
  224. I am going to start an elimination diet, a paleolithic diet looking for support
  225. My homage to the great vitamin c debate
  226. Synthetic Food-Like Substance Engineering and Why We Become Addicted
  227. Supplements For Better Attention
  228. Supplement Regime for ADHD
  229. Anyone here who takes precurors? tyrosine, phenylalanine etc
  230. Success with herbs and food sources
  231. how much water do you drink?
  232. Magnesium
  233. My Supplement Story (that went FAIL)
  234. What works for you to eat right?
  235. Supplements
  236. Ketogenic Diet
  237. caffeine on the adhd brain
  238. International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research
  239. Can I take diet pill while on Ritalin?
  240. Fish Oil Supplements
  241. Fish oil for the treatment of ADHD (split from safety of stimulants)
  242. Fish oil theory and science (split from Fish oil for the treatment of ADHD)
  243. Caffeine, sugar and ADHD, question
  244. Losing Weight on ADHD medication
  245. The importance of Magnesium
  246. Eating for Better Health (split from "The Cost of a Label")
  247. Raw Vegan Recipes and Why I Love Them
  248. Cooked Vegan Recipes
  249. ADHD Medications & Supplements Interactions
  250. food, diet, supplements