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  1. ODIGO - An excellent messaging program for ADDers for several reasons
  2. W32.Sobig.F@mm
  3. Alert! W32.Welchia.Worm Category 4 (Severe)
  4. Alert! W32.Dumaru@mm Category 3 (Moderate)
  5. Alert! W32.Sobig.F@mm Category 3 (Moderate)
  6. *av Vendors On Alert As 9-11 Anniversary Nears
  7. *worm Writers Arrested For Lovsan Variants
  8. Rise In Id Fraud Turns Attention To Discarded Computers
  9. Hackers jump through holes in Microsoft patch
  10. Virus Alert: W32.Swen.A@mm
  11. AntiVirus Software
  12. Firewall Software
  13. Messenger Plus!
  14. Trillian 2.0
  15. Odigo
  16. Windows Registry Clean-up
  17. OpenSSL ASN.1 Encoding Vulnerability -- ALERT
  18. Trojan QHOSTS IE Vulnerability -- ALERT
  19. Zero-day Ie Exploit Just The Beginning
  20. Symantec says Cyberattacks Increasing in Frequency
  21. Warnings Issued About Hatoy Trojan
  22. Exploit Code Targets Recent Rpc Flaws
  23. *critical Windows, Exchange Alerts Issued
  24. *new Worm/trojan In The Wild
  25. When's 'Denial of Service' a Good Thing?
  26. Yahoo! Makes Virus Scanning Mandatory
  27. Bilingual Worm Burrows Through Microsoft Systems
  28. Yellow Alert - WORM_MIMAIL.C (Medium Risk)
  29. Microsoft Issues Patches For Critical Flaws
  30. Keyboard Combination Bypasses Allows Root On Mac Os X
  31. Will Microsoft Bounty Prevent Next Msblast?
  32. New Virus Appears as Paypal Scam
  33. Skype
  34. Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 98
  35. New Worm Spreads Via MSN Messenger
  36. Yahoo
  37. New MiMail Worm Belittles President Bush
  38. REVIEW: First Look At Windows XP Service Pack 2
  39. Yahoo Messenger Hack...Please offer help
  40. Trojan Horse Poses As Windows XP Update
  41. Mydoom Sets Speed Records
  42. Ram Upgrade
  43. What is W32.Beagle.M@mm and how does it affect me?
  44. computer game before studying?
  45. What is W32.Netsky.P@mm and how does it affect me?
  46. Trojan is attacking Macs.
  47. Netsky-P exploits Harry Potter hype
  48. Korgo worm hits unpatched Windows users, again
  49. Demonize-T Trojan Steals Passwords, Keystrokes
  50. It's so Big
  51. Yahoo Under Attack
  52. Avatar Rescue help!
  53. Fast-moving Zafi-B disables firewalls, spreads political message
  54. Trojan Targets Users' Financial Information
  55. Keep your computer safe from W32.MyDoom.M@mm
  56. Report spam!
  57. Computer Speed & Memory Optimization without hardware
  58. Help, why can't I copy/paste in a post/thread?
  59. downloading program again??
  60. My screen is so messed up HELP!
  61. Email headers / Something for the forum PC Geeks
  62. Research: Repair Your Own PC
  63. how do I get my computer to work on Standby
  64. Only for Advanced Geeks
  65. Article: How to Maintain Your PC
  66. Advanced ONLY PC Organization Via Regedit-XP
  67. Geeks Who Collect Geeky PC Free E-Books Gift!
  68. Chat issue.
  69. Chat is not Operating Correctly
  70. Had To Share This !!!!!
  71. I keep losing my files
  72. Who here uses Linux?
  73. Emergency Antivirus Utility Released Free!!
  74. DSL and Cable Users
  75. Auntchris:How to Log Out
  76. Bman and pop ups
  77. RoboMemo
  78. Spyware Researchers Discover ID Theft Ring
  79. Debian newb
  80. Need computer support Pm me or email.
  81. Any Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 users?
  82. Need help removing the "Gedza.A" virus VBS script
  83. Internet Explorer Users - Webpage Font sizes too small?? - FREE Plugin - EasyRead
  84. Why arent my graphics clear on my computer?
  85. Dumb question - wireless network
  86. Help!
  87. Form sending in PHP Problem
  88. Tabbed Browsing-IE 7-Die and go to surfing heaven
  89. "FREE" Full Version of Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
  90. Firefox 2.0: The Honda Civic of Web Browsers
  91. World’s Most Sophisticated Trojan Uncovered
  92. Computer Interface Technology Coming Soon- Jeff Han intuitive "Interface-free" Device
  93. Handy Search Engine - WinFind searches 15 sources of expert Windows advice
  94. MPAA Lobbying for Home Theater Regulations
  95. Subcompact laptops...
  96. What shell do you use?
  97. Command line v. GUI
  98. Techy learning styles - eg Perl
  99. Program for playing CDs and headphones.
  100. Sorting digital photos
  101. Trouble with passwords and logons
  102. Laser projectors.
  103. How do I get my toolbar back?
  104. Tech Savvy with Morals
  105. Coping with Email
  106. Microsoft OneNote
  107. Ideal programming languages (ease of use)
  108. Email Client that works well offline
  109. Twitter
  110. Anyone get caught by the Firefox plugin virus?
  111. Blackberry Storm
  112. Controlling a battery under XP
  113. Music Production
  114. 24k dial up and ADHD.......AHHHHHHHGH
  115. Know anything about solid-state drives?
  116. Did any of you have a Coleco Adam computer in the 80's????
  117. Seeking A Font Choice Shortcut
  118. Blackberry ADDers?
  119. Ideas for programming /training task
  120. Any suggestions for organizing to-do/ project lists on blackberry ??
  121. Thunderbird beta 3
  122. Who has an Android (Google) phone
  123. Organise your (computer) desktop better with Fences
  124. Start-Up disk from an SD card for my Mac!
  125. Touchscreen Laptop
  126. Introducing the Ipad
  127. Spooler Subsystem App Stoppted Working And Was Closed
  128. Tech Question: Blocking Internet
  129. Website Design and Good Host Sites????
  130. Windows 8 Info
  131. Windows 7 - a rant
  132. sixth sense technology
  133. Do I really want a Mac or is it just my ADHD?
  134. building your own computer
  135. Mac shair hold
  136. Linux Share Hold
  137. Windows Share Hold
  138. Using Windows 7 (printing problem to network printer)
  139. I hate Microsoft.
  140. os share hold
  141. iMac - 27" - Quad-Core
  142. Intel vs. AMD
  143. actionscript
  144. Intel vs. AMD poll
  145. Curious if anyone has found technology 2 assist
  146. I'm building batteries
  147. Web 3.0
  148. Who has made their own language(comp)
  149. Your favourite phone apps
  150. Green AV Virus Misery
  151. Automatic Redirect (How do I do it)?
  152. Cookies ! Help !!!!
  153. If you have Windows XP and use IE6.
  154. Creating an AI on my DROID phone
  155. What programming languages do you u know
  156. Smartphones?
  157. I need recommendations for a smartphone or other PDA-like device
  158. T-Mobile Garminfone, anyone?
  159. Weird/funny one!
  160. Stuck to one computer
  161. Was the iPhone made for ADDers? What are the best ADD aps?
  162. Please Review the Pantech Breeze II (TM)?
  163. HELP !!!!! This is a technical Problem, but I can't find the right place to put it .
  164. Funeral
  165. Nintendo DSi
  166. Technology is ALL about SWITCHES(buttons)
  167. The Mighty Algorithm
  168. Cloud Computing
  169. Love On Your Technology
  170. iPhone or Droid?
  171. Radio Waves Explained
  172. Is Technology Turning Society ADD? Is That Good For Us?
  173. What are you looking for in an ISP?
  174. A.D.D. Timer
  175. I am a Technological Beast
  176. Open WiFi network pwn
  177. How wireless providers are lying in adds!
  178. Having AD/HD and Being in Software Development
  179. uploading pics from new phone?
  180. New surround system for my Pc!
  181. google logos
  182. AMD sends Intel a valentines card!
  183. Found a new site very addictive to nerdy folks
  184. Questions of the computer illiterate
  185. Random Tech Question For Computer Gurus
  186. Def con
  187. Firefox add on package for ADDers
  188. winrar
  189. Visual Basic halp?
  190. Iphone Cases
  191. What Device are You Using to Post Here?
  192. PC (Windows or other OS) or Mac, Android/iOS/Symbian/Blackberry/Windows mobile/other
  193. Anyone still running Mac with Leopard?
  194. MS plugin Word '07 --> PDF Converter produces huge files?
  195. yahoo messenger
  196. Boo, Chrome
  197. What's the best computer out there, right now?
  198. Uploading from my mobile onto forums?!?
  199. My Computer Virus
  200. ohhhh sh*t I broke my dads me
  201. My Brand New Computer is P******* Me Off
  202. Tired of seeing adhd related ads via google.
  203. Up Braclet / Gadget for Iphone By Jawbone
  204. Fastest Modem With "COPPER" Wiring?
  205. Little script for checking ADDF for new posts
  206. Arrrggghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  207. User acct. on laptop
  208. Help! Complete backup on Android?
  209. Whats a good email app for Android?
  210. ADD and programming
  211. Fave Firefox Add-Ons?
  212. Any Wordpress Fundis?
  213. Steam vs Xbox and PS4?
  214. Worst Widely Used Software Ever
  215. How to clear full computer?
  216. Handy Little Secret tool in Windows 7
  217. Chrome (30), IE (8) gone bezerk?
  218. Blog?
  219. I cant log out from my phone
  220. Curious Legalese
  221. For Lovers [of Excel] - what's your favourite quickie?
  222. Fyi
  223. My facebook :(
  224. Best choice for a new comp?
  225. Tech question?
  226. Mcaffee (the antivirus software I can't spell)
  227. computer question
  228. How long will the music industry use CD's?
  229. Apple TV question?
  230. What wormhole is in my computer?
  231. Good Mid Priced Android Phone
  232. Microsoft Nokia Luminia (sp) question
  233. Question about saving my antivirus,etc before they fix my PITA laptop.
  234. What's the verdict on Windows 10?
  235. How do I secure internet connection?
  236. Computer Sound
  237. Anyway to get the free windows 10 upgrade while still using windows 8.1
  238. Windows 10 - power button and clock on action center
  239. Software related question
  240. Do you Kik?
  241. New Phone, Finally!
  242. Computer password all of a sudden doesn't work
  243. Work Computer Upgrade
  244. Backup and viewing systems for home photos and videos
  245. How to get the best bang for buck desktop
  246. Does Anyone Else Get Baffled By Technology,Modems Wires, Cables Internet Connectivity