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  1. Dismissal Status and Student Loans
  2. important trait of successful studies
  3. there is hope for my fututre!
  4. I am failing in College. I wished I had been diagnosed sooner.
  5. anyone else in their twenties and unemployed?
  6. Assigned higher-level reading--poor reading/note-taking skills
  7. Does someone major in economics or business in Taiwan?
  8. Being discriminated against
  9. Intermediate Algebra is terrible! Rant!
  10. How long does it take for you guys to finish college
  11. Update- I withdrew from Intermediate Algebra
  12. Today is a very important day
  13. Have you ever tried exchange program?
  14. Lab Classes
  15. Studying for an online exam, and I cannot sustain focus for longer than 2 hours.
  16. Studying in the evening (medication coverage)
  17. I won't sleep before I hand in this final report so I can complete my studies!
  18. Listening to something factual vs abstract
  19. Harder to understand information through listening than reading
  20. MCAT Accommodations Denied? Useful ADA Info.
  21. School Trouble
  22. School doubts
  23. Maximum Residential Period
  24. GAMSAT accomodations
  25. Suggestion: Need proof readers
  26. Difficulty "consolidating" memory when studying
  27. Struggling at College
  28. New here and some Q's re: standardized tests and meds
  29. Should have asked for a longer extension...
  30. Adderall arrogance
  31. Boring Group Work and Meetings
  32. this past semester has been fantastic
  33. I'm an idiot. I don't know why I even bother....(RANT)
  34. How to increase productivity?
  35. College and insomnia
  36. Professors with Adhd expertise
  37. Math & Multiple Steps problems !
  38. Accommodations
  39. Have anyone of you took medicine only for College?
  40. Will a speed reading course help me with add and comprehension and remebering.
  41. Failed in Exam
  42. I cannot get anything done, especially schoolwork. Help???
  43. Studying techniques that work for you?
  44. MOOCs are great
  45. English/Composition Instructor and PhD Candidate with ADD
  46. I need help
  47. ADD and PhD Applications/Study
  48. I cant study !!!
  49. Brain Fog NEED HELP!
  50. ADHD and university
  51. Help- Major Test at Work! How do I study????
  52. Delay in filling out accommodations form
  53. dismissed from medical school, is ADD the cause??
  54. Distance learning
  55. Taking Fewer Units
  56. Does this sound like ADD?
  57. How can I stop them to deal with me as a crazy girl?
  58. ADHD college struggle tips
  59. Ritalin tolerance and college
  60. How to study and socialise at the same time?
  61. Taking Standardized Tests (with or without medication)
  62. College advice? or life even,
  63. When to give up
  64. Always held education in high regard but that wasn't enough.
  65. Studying Abroad with ADD and Meds
  66. Adult education options for ADD has gotten easier or not?
  67. Advice for a 46 year old guy attending community college for AAS degree?
  68. Still in nursing school!!!
  69. Anyone knowledgeable about EDI invoices?
  70. Survey: college experiences of students with learning differences
  71. Anybody with an MBA here ?
  72. Considering postponing my master's thesis
  73. I have a test
  74. Motivation to study
  75. how do people cope without medication???
  76. Helpful music list for studying
  77. ADHD ans academic failure
  78. Is it concentration or retrieval issues? (Education)
  79. I feel lost,i need some advice
  80. Requesting extra test time, etc.
  81. Free distance learning colleges
  82. Contributing to Scholarships?
  83. Help with computer based assessments
  84. Inability to act, please help
  85. Can anyone relate to my experience? IQ fluctuations
  86. No Goals & Zero sense of Accomplishment
  87. timed reading comprehension tests: Tips? Tricks?
  88. Finals week crisis
  89. Constantly failing college classes for over 10 years and counting
  90. First Thread, sharing ADD experiences
  91. Can't Study vs Don't Feel Like It
  92. Should I tell my grad advisor?
  93. Thinking of going back to school unmedicated
  94. can ADD drugs cause my brain to process slower?
  95. having a complete mental break down after seeing my midterm exam grade
  96. Is this normal or am I seeking justification
  97. 29-year-old attempting to go back to school after ADD diagnosis/treatment
  98. Help! Writing dissertation unmedicated
  99. Dead end
  100. Does meds really help?
  101. How did you deal with college?
  102. Burnt out?
  103. Final exam today!....
  104. Reading comprehension and ADHD
  105. I hate ADHD and I hate Dyscalculia
  106. How to improve your 2nd language speaking if you're ADHD ?
  107. Paying attention in class
  108. Rant about School
  109. Earned my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.
  110. Mature Student living with noisy family - help!
  111. I just joined an esteemed list...
  112. Managing Motivation with ADHD/Depression/Anxiety
  113. ? re: Canadians: Getting Accommodations for exams - University & GRE, etc.
  114. Being ADD and on Adderall all my life, struggling in college
  115. Failed Architecture registration exam
  116. HELP I can't control my self-sabotaging behavior anymore and I'm feeling hopeless
  117. 80MG Adderall XR just to add/subtract fractions
  118. Memorizing things
  119. Dexedrine, school, sleep issues, help!
  120. What are my rights, when it comes to exams?
  121. A complete nightmare of a semester
  122. Should I actually consider what it would be like to have a career?
  123. A Vicious Cycle
  124. Why do I never learn from previous mistakes?
  125. Study help
  126. Study help 1
  127. ADD - Reading - Medications Help Much?
  128. Headaches trying to focus
  129. Can't concentrate on studies whatsoever (Any med students with ADD)?
  130. Any other graduate students--adjusting to research expectations?
  131. Adult ADHD and college - Stuck in the Twilight Zone
  132. Help please
  133. Where to buddy-study math well ?
  134. starting internship, who should I tell or should I tell at all?
  135. Appealing to Regain Financial Aid
  136. Feeling guilty and discredited because I take stimulants..
  137. Taking XR and IR for an 8 hour exam.
  138. Has anyone taken the Praxis exam?