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  1. I hate lectures
  2. rep your school!
  3. Vocational Rehabilitation
  4. College life vs. ADD... Can I make it?
  5. online course & instructor feedback
  6. not even ONE classmate to relate to
  7. organization strategies
  8. uk college go'er
  9. Alrighty I need someones to analize me...
  10. The worst is when . .. . .
  11. Prescription Abuse Illustrated in Movie "The Chumscrubber"
  12. Quarter School Systems
  13. Trouble Balancing College With Having a Life
  14. comprehension
  15. HELP - Problem memorizing names
  16. Any hope for grad school?
  17. I made it!!... Oh crap!
  18. Want some help on Britain.
  19. Musicians and ADD
  20. post-undergrad possibilities
  21. ADHD mother going back to school
  22. how to clean my room
  23. Gifted Poll
  24. I don't want to go back!
  25. don't be humble!!
  26. Discrimination...Right? Am I Crazy?
  27. Need some homework help :)
  28. new year, clean slate
  29. OSAP bursary for ADHD students
  30. Stressed by having to go to Uni everyday.
  31. With the new year starting, try these Tips...
  32. Early Ph.D. Admissions Questions
  33. Lawsuit Against Capella University
  34. Hi all! College kid with a couple questions...
  35. "Just write something! Don't take it so seriously!"
  36. Used to Want to Go To Grad Schoo/Unmotivated
  37. I've finally figured it out...
  38. Unable to concentrate on studying
  39. Sound therapy for concentration?
  40. I need some advice
  41. Back To College Worries
  42. Online Registration
  43. Back to Pencil (computers) books and Teachers
  44. Going to postsecondary? Identify yourself early
  45. First semester of college as diagnosed...
  46. Work, Study and A Clean House???
  47. My college won't accept ADHD as a disability
  48. "My school ain't worth jack"
  49. Education - why you should just do it!
  50. Is Applying an ETS Testing Accomodation An American Thing?
  51. What we do to Entertain Ourselves!
  52. Overcoming ADD, what it comes down to
  53. OMG - This guy actually teaches at a University!!!!
  54. We're just smarter than the rest ;)
  55. Trouble with tests/quizes?
  56. Guide to ADA Accommodations
  57. AD/HD and studying
  58. PhD in computer science
  59. dissertation and procrastination
  60. I goofed ....update in Back to pencils>....
  61. extended time
  62. How can I help Dh with school?
  63. Anyone have tips on how to stay focused while reading?!
  64. I survived university, here to help.. ask me!
  65. concentration
  66. What's your Major
  67. Problems with foreign language
  68. Does anyone freak out on test ?
  69. Know what I need to do but constantly distract myself with other things
  70. Can any of you speed read?
  71. Can you retain the stuff u have studied?
  72. WT* all I can think
  73. Simple things to do
  74. How do you guys do it?
  75. looking for an East SF bay area art school
  76. First Visit To Forum
  77. Lazy or my add?
  78. Books that have helped a college student..
  79. BAD Professors
  80. Keeping up with/Understanding the Material Being Discussed During Class...
  81. NEED HOPE, Please!
  82. Struggling more than I should be
  83. Test troubles
  84. financial help for tuition... is this possible?
  85. falling apart
  86. Bad Grades Help
  87. college and understanding
  88. Need Advice in a Local with a local Dr
  89. what would you do???
  90. I wish I was smart
  91. thinking of taking a semester-long break from college
  92. I can't remember what I just read
  93. I feel so dumb
  94. telling schools
  95. Teachers having bad impressions...
  96. If I dont pass my Algebra exam, I'm done!
  97. Ok, so it's finals week...
  98. Someone make me study!!! :'(
  99. Anyone Go to Uni in BC?
  100. Did anyone here ever miss a final?
  101. Too depressed to study...
  102. Helpful tips for College Folk with ADHD
  103. Anyone here studying to be a rad tech?
  104. Any experience with OCD and ADD? I need advice
  105. Does test writing in a separate room work for you?
  106. I did it!
  107. yawning in class
  108. Taking GMAT End Of Month/Supplement Recommendations?
  109. Univerisity Student new to ADHD trying to asses realistic study goals. Needs Help :)
  110. Grades
  111. Playing w/ Play-Doh to Help Stay Attentive in Class...
  112. Recently diagnosed with ADD
  113. good books
  114. I have a question in regards to reading text books etc
  115. Anyone a student at the University of Washington?
  116. Capilano College anyone?
  117. How can I do better?
  118. HELP ME! Personal Statement Feedback
  119. Essay exams this week-vent
  120. Academic insensitivity?
  121. Hard Times .....accommodations
  122. I'm feeling hopeless!
  123. New member - Medical Students with ADD?
  124. Falling Asleep in class
  125. Problem with Instructor...
  126. Retaining material in absence of pressure...? Eeek!
  127. What med gets you though the school day?
  128. The use of mind maps in studies
  129. What are my rights as a student?
  130. New to College
  131. College studying for ADHD?
  132. Behind and slow
  133. Trying to help
  134. On the brink of destruction
  135. How to effectively take notes?
  136. Just because I can't concentrate doesn't mean I'm Stupid or Lazy!!!
  137. Transparencies help with reading!
  138. Unvi assist for disabilities--classes/ time lapses?
  139. Writing papers
  140. Accomodations - What have you asked for and what have you received?
  141. I failed my final
  142. Westfield
  143. Late Diagnosis/requesting accomidations
  144. Humiliation in class
  145. How did you choose your college?
  146. Gaaahh! They must think I'm Crazy! Am I?
  147. Studying with ADD.. almost impossible?
  148. New Undergrad this term suffering procrastination
  149. Prioritizing/Fear of failure
  150. Art School Students
  151. Medical withdrawls
  152. OCD, hyperfocusing, & studying
  153. I Forgot To Go To Class!
  154. What kind of educational environment do you thrive in?
  155. Planning for my future after college (Any hope?)
  156. Getting though my studies
  157. I need some advice
  158. Having problems with an instuctor.
  159. Afraid to go to class
  160. resources for medical students with ADD?
  161. Professors and Accomodations
  162. Denied ADHD/LD Testing: requesting a few grades be wiped
  163. Finals
  164. Ouch....medical withdraw.
  165. Online Classes
  166. My Professor is so RUDE and INCONSIDERATE, he could care less for students with ADD!
  167. Skipping classes
  168. Math Disability
  169. Assignments
  170. I am Done
  171. Chaging Majors..
  172. Sucking exam
  173. Anxiety while Taking test on Meds..HELP
  174. ESSAY HELP:Dangers of Plagerism?
  175. sniff sniff i suck at grad school
  176. What kinds of special acommodations do we need
  177. how much documentation?
  178. cant concentrate on studying. Exam tomorrow
  179. TOEFL Exam
  180. Cant Keep up, Please help?! ASAP
  181. A Master's Degree in Psychology
  182. Writing one things down.. thinking another.
  183. What's better for ADD, quarters or semesters?
  184. Taking Calculus (Pre-Med)..seeking advice
  185. I finally got my degree!
  186. Going back
  187. How can I read something that is so boring?
  188. I dont know what to do...
  189. Have you ever worked with a mentor?
  190. not sure what to do
  191. First Semester with Assistance....
  192. College Student Back to School Roll Call
  193. ADD/ADHD and Online Courses?
  194. Organizing for College Success
  195. Applying to some military colleges
  196. Artist's Statement
  197. does ritalin make you dumber?
  198. Article and Discussion for College Students with Learning Disabiities
  199. Trouble Obtain LOR For Grad School
  200. I'm on accademic Suspension. I just found out I got ADD.Can I do something?
  201. Duke
  202. speed reading
  203. A Masters with Adderall?
  204. What's worked best for me
  205. Needing encouragment
  206. Gre/grad School Applications....
  207. academics (grad students, postdocs, researchers, professors) with ADD/ADHD?
  208. College, and Class Presentations?! ugh!
  209. Has Anyone CLEPPED a college course?
  210. Concerned About Graduate School Debt
  211. anyone applied/applying/going to apply to dental school?
  212. Rant about online classmates
  213. Oral Exams
  214. Improving Reading Comprehension?
  215. Arguement with assessment around issues with dx... CAUTION: Long post
  216. Study Strategies
  217. A Project on Borderline Personality Disorder
  218. Free, Reliable Learning Style Inventories for College Students
  219. Advice getting through papers
  220. Almost Mid-Terms-How is Everyone Doing?
  221. advice on exam accomodations in the uk
  222. Advice for getting "help" at school. help asap
  223. should you tell colleges you have ADD?
  224. Need Some/Any Advice. (Important) Canadian college student out of time
  225. Having trouble talking to my professors.
  226. Failing school and desperate
  227. Structure
  228. how many credit hours?
  229. Adult student looking for support
  230. PhD Problems
  231. Med School
  232. Topic Ideas??
  233. How can I make myself do my assignments?
  234. Calculating GPA
  235. Frustrated with my teacher...and exam
  236. Advice needed
  237. Are you stuck too? -Vent your frustrations! Brag about your accomplisments!
  238. Final exams help!
  239. All-Nighters
  240. venting...Finals/Moving/barely alive
  241. New study method for ADDers
  242. Experience with ADD in Graduate School?
  243. Grad school application questions..
  244. Legitimate Guilt/Brickwall
  245. GPA Letters into #s
  246. Exams tomorrow!
  247. What are your struggles in classes?
  248. Individualized study programs
  249. Got Into MBA Program/Scared about debt
  250. Just got my first wake-up call