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  1. Help Please?
  2. ADD College Writing Group re: thread "writing papers"
  3. The GRE
  4. exams help
  5. Start back to college today.
  6. Whoo HOO!!! First Test!
  7. Back to College for Me
  8. Online course
  9. Accommodations... HELP
  10. Just 3 weeks into this semester.. problems already
  11. Insecurity and being comfortable in class
  12. Do students with ADD/HD get an advantage in school?
  13. Got Into MBA Program-now not sure if I want to do it-heart not into it?
  14. learning assistence agony
  15. Always distracted while reading
  16. Brain Damage
  17. i got my results
  18. Selling Credits...
  19. back at college
  20. Any Tests Yet?
  21. What are you planning to do with your degree?
  22. Fall 06 Grades
  23. My University Won't Accomodate Me! Help!
  24. If you've opted not to ask for accomodations (yet) - why is that?
  25. Bachlors to Associates???
  26. College Algebra HELP!
  27. Advice/ Tips/ Experiences?
  28. My homework is staring at me
  29. College Meds
  30. Schedule; mon-wed or tues-thurs?
  31. taking classes at other colleges
  32. Groupwork
  33. Shutting down....
  34. The h*ll of boredom
  35. The MCAT?
  36. Too fast maths lecturer - stressful classes
  37. why dont I get it?
  38. College....could I be dyslexic?
  39. MidTerms... How is everyone doing? (SP '07)
  40. Degree extension?
  41. Readying myself for Grad School
  42. LSAT - Advice is greatly appreciated!
  43. Help I am stuck
  44. frustrated
  45. Professor Yells at Me after class...Math
  46. Math Substitution
  47. Can someone please tell me things will be okay? (re: repeat failing)
  48. I passed
  49. I thought maybe I should suck it up and post this..
  50. Woo.. check the GRE off my list of things to do!
  51. how is everyone doing in classes?
  52. What would you like to change about your year?
  53. Help! GRE accomodations!
  54. gave a bad presentation today :(
  55. My accomodations journey....
  56. the board of bar examiners
  57. Taking Notes
  58. Study Techniques
  59. ADDer looking to study Psychiatry
  60. Rambling, email, and friends
  61. College experience...and accomodations
  62. Broke down today
  63. Help !!! Need help with paper.
  64. Not feeling the panic... help please!
  65. Limited Focus on Studies
  66. My College doesn't Believe me!
  67. Bah, here I go again.
  68. Exams and Hopelessness
  69. ADD learning package - what's in yours?
  70. poem for english class, reviews needed
  71. Finals week is evil.
  72. final grades
  73. Frustration!
  74. student loans and parents
  75. can anyone relate?
  76. ADD Schools/Colleges
  77. In need of a little boost here
  78. Medical students with ADD
  79. i have LD and i wanna go to college but there making it dificult for me
  80. My Head Hurts Im Taking A Test To Go To College
  81. I Have A Highschool Speacial Diploma But I Wanna Get A Ged So I Get Regular One
  82. Universities with special support
  83. Failing the Final
  84. College history a trainwreck..what to do?
  85. Question dealling with my IEP....
  86. Appealing my suspention
  87. I hate computers!!!!!!!
  88. help me think this over please
  89. ADHD and Grad School-Scared of Debt/Failure!
  90. Tips for Humanities...Self Study
  91. International Student and Disability Documentation
  92. Online Courses are a Godsend.
  93. Continuing Education Scholarship! If ADHD!
  94. Accommodation night mare
  95. Strategies for College
  96. Double-time Accommodations
  97. Your Study Environment
  98. Meds any one or not?
  99. at home college/internet college ?
  100. Music
  101. Graduating hopefully next month!!!
  102. I feel like a total failure... (can I vent?)
  103. Moving a great distance for Grad School-Help
  104. University Hospital or University Counseling?
  105. add teen to college . . if we don't miss some deadline ..
  106. Applying to Law School
  107. What to do about ADD symptoms and rebound for evening classes?
  108. Previously failed college but went back?
  109. Overwhelmed
  110. Back to the basics of learning a language. (Long letting out steam post)
  111. Back to College (Fall 2007)
  112. A solution to using a planner/organizing school and work and home.
  113. My Life is in ruins
  114. Do you keep your books?
  115. I've always been dissapointed with myself
  116. calculus
  117. any science majors?
  118. Maths
  119. Math is sabotaging my education
  120. I've been a bad boy
  121. About to give up before I start again
  122. Does your doc see your ADHD as only a "school problem"?
  123. Philosophy - ugh!
  124. Any tests yet (Fall 2007)?
  125. Frustrated
  126. I feel like a school girl, maybe cause soon I will be one
  127. Sat
  128. tommow im going to get tutored so i can get in college
  129. Procrastination is Wrecking My Life
  130. OIY VAY!! What have I got myself into
  131. I'm in a h*** of a lot of trouble
  132. slacking off
  133. Storing your meds?
  134. Took the "big" exam post diagnosis ...
  135. Study tips for a Bio class
  136. Standardized Test in a month?
  137. Ottawa University
  138. I Can't Read!
  139. Truly Accredited Universities
  140. Anybody else have these sort of issues?
  141. Suggestions
  142. med school anyone????
  143. college seniors?
  144. My Hourglass Year
  145. I feel depressed about the fact that it will take me forever to get my bachelor's dg
  146. Periscoping--Thinking about Life Beyond College
  147. Engineering degrees and ADHD
  148. Feeling Less Intelligent
  149. Back to school soon.
  150. Term Papers
  151. Overdue...
  152. Accomadations!
  153. Getting back in gear
  154. ADHD, College, and Emotion Within Myself.
  155. Hopefully Goin To Uni Next Year in Aucks
  156. For Those Struggling with Procrastination
  157. Scolorships for ADD? If there out there I need them!
  158. Studying with ADD
  159. I guess I am inept
  160. Pre Freshmen Homesickness
  161. Will Grad schools know?
  162. Books vs Hands On
  163. I need advice. Problem.
  164. Standardized testing
  165. What should I ask for?
  166. HELP: Pass/Fail Delema
  167. English in Greek
  168. GRE Panic Mode...
  169. Undeserved grade.
  170. Made it!!
  171. Do you downplay your successes?
  172. A whole new creative side! I love this!!
  173. Anyone interested in helping me???
  174. Been studying for hours, and still can't remember all the information.
  175. reading
  176. what community college you can go to and take courses with out the regular diploma?
  177. In serious trouble (and) (or) in denial?
  178. Do any of you lie about your grades?
  179. ADD & PhD program
  180. mild anxiety and restlessness about returning to school
  181. LD and University?
  182. First day at school on meds
  183. Tips for being concise
  184. Exercises
  185. Meds have helped me EXCEPT...
  186. Foreign Language problems...
  187. What University Accommodations to ask for...
  188. Success!
  189. ADD & Distance Learning
  190. First test after diagnosis and meds
  191. a bit emo and wondering if im crazy
  192. -=Spring Semester=-
  193. What subjects do you guys excel at?
  194. Great student organizer software recommendation
  195. Urgent: i have a huge problem pertaining to disclosing my condition
  196. Anxiety about one of my courses...need to get it out...
  197. Motivation
  198. New Here--Interested to see what everyone's Major/Focus is
  199. my aunt and family gave up on tutoring in me for my ged for regular diploma
  200. Applying for College as an Adult with ADHD and a LD?
  201. Adderal Savior or Curse?
  202. What do you tend to hyperfocus on?
  203. I saw a guy from my Uni (Sunny Coast Oz) on here. PM me if you want any advice
  204. Help please - study schedules
  205. Math (and other classes) trouble
  206. Does adderal give you anxiety?
  207. How to 'shift gears' on command...?
  208. Special Testing Allowance
  209. Desperate for help, seriously...
  210. How much time do you spend studying each day?
  211. Pre-med student....Other pre-med student, please HELP!
  212. Locking the barn door...
  213. Orange Juice?
  214. Cancelling online classes because of Snow
  215. Struggling College Student, Just Started Adderall
  216. dorm life
  217. I'm worried about my IQ... Is this a normal IQ for a college student?
  218. Transfering to a large university.
  219. What medications do you find works best for a college/university student?
  220. Venting frustration
  221. i'm a college student
  222. Yikes (long read)
  223. Team or group projects and my loathing thereof
  224. Freshman in College..
  225. any tips?
  226. Is it impossible to not learn?
  227. Scholarships
  228. How do you KNOW if you are at the right college or even in the right major?
  229. Pre Graduation Depression
  230. slept in, missed my exam
  231. Did you find any peace after quitting?
  232. I should probably be upset about this
  233. Studying for a certification
  234. Anyone else feel like quitting too?
  235. It's like a tidal wave
  236. Anyone in college drop classes for dumb reasons?
  237. I don't think any university will accept me as transfer student
  238. How do you explain the "I just didn't feel like it" feeling
  239. How do you do it?
  240. So tired...
  241. Who's done with school for the year?!?
  242. Advice please
  243. Why does everyone in college when they take adderall, think they have ADD?
  244. just a comment - college equivalency test
  245. How do you study for your final exams?
  246. I've Graduated!
  247. Trapped in a pit- What to do...?
  248. Tips and tricks to focus :)
  249. Striving towards being what I want to be when I grew up!
  250. trouble with college