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  1. Adderall, Emotions, Anxiety, Class, You Name It!!
  2. I'm so sick of myself
  3. Self-discipline, when to stop
  4. How do you get started? ARGH
  5. Really affective note-taking method- Finally!
  6. Any Grad students here ?
  7. Got my GPA up
  8. finals week
  9. "I just didn't feel like it" is not going to cut it. HELP!!
  10. Should I register with disability services?
  11. Multiple Choice Tests
  12. Motivation Needed
  13. "I want to start but I can't!" has meds helped for anyone who has this problem?
  14. Got 2 more F's account on hold again.
  15. I started on Straterra
  16. Wondering-Doubts
  17. Online Classes, how do you do it??
  18. How much longer did it take for you?
  19. Any psychologists here?
  20. How long does it take learn something?
  21. UHOH!! I messed up!!
  22. Accommodations help
  23. Missing class...
  24. omg term paper!
  25. concentration tips?
  26. My 'Aha!!!' moment for the week
  27. Starting College - Anxious and Worried
  28. Question involving insurance and such.
  29. Fall 2008 Roll Call
  30. Anybody interested in studying or researching ADHD?
  31. Doing Practices
  32. ADD College Boot Camp - Fall 2008
  33. College Student Accommodations
  34. ADHD Accomodations denied by the AAMC -- Need advice
  35. College and ADHD/ODD
  36. Enough of the problems...lets come up with solutions to our learning difficulties
  37. How Do You Study Without Getting Exhausted?
  38. Scholarships for ADDers?
  39. Peace & Quiet to Study: Dealing with roommates & distractions
  40. Fall 2008 First Day
  41. Medical School
  42. Law School
  43. note taking
  44. Downloading Audiobooks?
  45. HELP! Dismissed from medical school
  46. ADHD + The Internet + Procrastination = College Hell
  47. I'm done!! well, sort of...
  48. Story on NPR
  49. totally bummed, overwhelmed
  50. what is everyones major?
  51. questions for other people in their early 20's
  52. Working on getting diagnosed at school.
  53. motivational songs
  54. The Ultimate Steal - Microsoft Office 2007
  55. Yay apathy!
  56. This Internship is Killing my Self-Esteem!!!
  57. Anyone work full time and take classes at night?
  58. Microsoft OneNote??
  59. I hate text books!
  60. I'm a [total] Tutor Failure
  61. Motivation = Negative
  62. Do you tell your professors?
  63. Stress and not eating
  64. hitting the books for the 1st time in 30 years
  65. Do I have ADD, and if so, what are my options?
  66. ADD Coach
  67. Help
  68. Where do I go from here?
  69. Do you have a bad memory?
  70. School drug policy. . .
  71. The perils of finally listening!
  72. Can't make myself attend class or go to practices
  73. ADHD and getting tired?
  74. ADHD-PI, reading disability - feel stifled in school
  75. I Really Hate School Right Now
  76. Thinking about trashing this school quarter, should I?
  77. Hi there, advice for the new member? :( (long post)!
  78. help! advice in school.
  79. math==hell
  80. Might quit university
  81. I need to vent
  82. University student needs advice!
  83. Hi, newbie here.
  84. ADHD and College Algebra
  85. A lost newbie...what is wrong with me?
  86. Failing all my classes
  87. Venting: Grad School and Medications
  88. Services for ADD in Higher Education
  89. Living at home...I can't take it anymore!
  90. Motivation and concentration
  91. Support Group on Campus
  92. Regrets and the consequences of having ADHD
  93. So discouraged about college...
  94. Help! Need some tips/suggestions
  95. A way to erase Failed Courses??
  96. ADHD Statistics: Reliable and trustworthy places to find them
  97. Anyone here putting things off this weekend?
  98. Getting ready to take the GMAT
  99. Should a college student with ADHD get a part time job while in college?
  100. Am I not Smart Enough for My Major or What?
  101. Adderall XR, timing, THE LSAT (THIS SATURDAY)
  102. Two classes left and dropping the course
  103. Talking to professors....what should I do?
  104. Failed 12 subjects in a row
  105. Did something awesome tonight! :-)
  106. Get accommodations from your school?
  107. Disability Support
  108. assesment/testing questions
  109. Does anyone feel like they're not learning?
  110. The official *I am F'ed* winter '08 exam thread
  111. Help! I misread when my final was, and apparently i missed it today =(!
  112. University troubles... my current funk.
  113. whine
  114. Hi there! 25 yr old teacher with ADD (Inattentive) here, feel free to ask any qs
  115. Just Failed the Semester! Sound Familiar?
  116. If you have this problem, how did you solve it?
  117. Do any of you have success with online college classes?
  118. Little update for those of you who may have read my posts about graduating
  119. Landmark College Reviews?
  120. Any medics out here?
  121. College Major 4 ADDers?
  122. Grad School - Is it even possible?
  123. trying to finish Masters degree and ADHD
  124. Is this a good GPA for a 1st semester college freshman?
  125. Searched and couldnt find Grants?
  126. MAJOR CRISIS: A week left and I still 2 Units left to Cover!!!
  127. Canadian universities that are ADHD/LD friendly
  128. Yay!!! The Share Your Thread!
  129. URGENT --ADHD & College harassment / discrimination ...
  130. Telling Your Teachers you have ADHD
  131. Difficulty reading textbooks
  132. There goes my dreams of becoming an engineer/scientist
  133. Public Speaking, how do you do?
  134. Even with meds..can't start assignments
  135. extremely discouraged.
  136. How do you boost your energy levels while studying?
  137. My ADHD Coping Mechanism
  138. 40 year old going back to school
  139. feel like a fraud...
  140. Do you feel smarter on Meds
  141. Adults with ADD/ADHD going back to school
  142. Lost my script... and my doctor is in the hospital
  143. Making Notes Easier to Revise
  144. "No Man's Land" and being "professionalized" as an academic
  145. I'm British, at a British university - is diagnosise worth the hassel?
  146. Anyone here in the IT field?
  147. Do You Hate Algebra?
  148. Extended Time for Testing: Certification Board Woes
  149. ADD/ADHD Battery
  150. College + part-time job = ?
  151. Writing an Essay
  152. foreign languages?
  153. How Do You Study/Write exams.
  154. Who has earned their associates, bachelors, or master's degree?
  155. Group Work Problems
  156. Financial Aid Question
  157. Concentration/ Medication
  158. New...
  159. how is everyone doing this semester?
  160. recent drop out...
  161. Study Hacks
  162. Spend too much time organizing?
  163. Anyone registered with disability services?
  164. kicking out roommate-do I have a case?
  165. Beacon College for LD/add/adhd students
  166. what techniques do you use to keep yourself interested/ able to concentrate?
  167. Forbearance assistance needed
  168. Choosing your classes........
  169. So what are you procrastinating on tonight?
  170. Missed 5 weeks of instruction b/c I was busy being diagnosed, afraid of flunking out
  171. How do you feel just before a test?
  172. Questions about doing Masters
  173. ADHD and graduate school
  174. MATH- Please HELP
  175. Needing help!
  176. do you ever get graded differently?
  177. ADHD discrimination in college
  178. Class Anxiety...I just don't go!
  179. Dexedirine mixed with Vitamins: Lose FOCUS!
  180. Freaking struggling hard
  181. Online organizer made for ADDers!!
  182. Midterms and talking to myself
  183. how many classes work for you?
  184. how have your tests gone so far?
  185. ADHD documentation for my uni
  186. Failing all classes so far at midterm.
  187. Summarizing is next to impossible!
  188. Been in school for forever - and just SICK OF IT!
  189. Not this again.
  190. For those that are in college please answer this!!!!
  191. why?/awesome timing
  192. Asking for Help
  193. How did medicine affect your school time?
  194. How did medication change your mood and grades? (just got diagnosed)
  195. Final papers are late--should I tell professors I have ADHD?
  196. Are professors usually aware of ADHD/LD signs in students?
  197. ADHD/LD student clubs
  198. burnout from school
  199. Any tips for reading?
  200. Adult Professional Who's Teacher sucks Rant
  201. I'm getting nowhere in College and don't know what to do (ADD, School, Life)
  202. College (first post)
  203. 51 days and counting down!
  204. Just Diagnosed with ADD, need to know my rights
  205. Do I have ADD?
  206. Faster, farther, and higher?
  207. psychology
  208. has anyone tried shorter semesters and found themselves do better?
  209. So who else is swamped?
  210. college support group
  211. Focus Methods
  212. Forget what you have "learned" in class
  213. Ahhhh HELP
  214. College Alternatives For ADD Inattentive Teens?
  215. Am I speaking giberish? is this hard to understand?
  216. how do you deal with professors that are overly nit-picky?
  217. Feeling like I don't have the right to complain...
  218. College student-ADD-can't get anything done---?????disability services?????
  219. Career Choice?
  220. Long road ahead of me...need advice
  221. Anyone achieve PMP certification?
  222. Law School
  223. Am I building a house of cards? Doing pre-med post-bac courses
  224. Halfway through undergrad; no drive or direction
  225. learning with movement
  226. I feel like the dumbest student in the freaking WORLD right now!!!
  227. Eeking out what little progress/success I can.. and lovin' it!
  228. End of the Semester! Woot!
  229. ADD, Depression, & Repeating College Classes Over and Over and Over.....
  230. learning (or lack thereof)
  231. once mistreated by prof always mistreated? how about anxiety
  232. Grad School Admission and Letters of Recommendation
  233. How to deal with mathmatics and foreign language in college?
  234. Reduce your meds for the summer?
  235. Studying for Midterms
  236. scheduling advice
  237. I need find something that I want to do.
  238. Studying for Licensure Exams(Bar, etc.)
  239. Don't go to college or pursue any career if you need ADHD medications
  240. Forced Dismissal from College due to Unsatisfactory Academic Process... My Rights!?
  241. Revision Hell
  242. The 2nd engineer with future dreams fading away
  243. Do you sabatoge yourself ...How do you stop?
  244. Does anyone feel like this??????????????
  245. Devastated after an examen
  246. Shoot yourself in the foot with your meds?
  247. Univ. Lectures...
  248. irony
  249. I need an opinion
  250. Can anyone recommend good books on college level algebra?