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  1. Want to improve your memory?
  2. What motivated you to attend college?
  3. changing schools, need advice :)
  4. Study tips & tricks
  5. Do you get any "perks" for having ADD/ADHD?
  6. What major to pursue!!?!?
  7. ADHD Problems in College: Dealing w/ Noisy Science Class Labs
  8. Is there a chance I can redeem myself?
  9. Applying for disability services--Identity crisis?!
  10. Tell my professors?
  11. Trying to get my school to get rid of the F's on my transcript. Rant.
  12. I would like to change the gameplan for kids with LDs. Going to school to teach.
  13. I have a major problem
  14. Schools that will waive or do not care about a math requirement?
  15. Graduat School's with ADHD focus
  16. LSAT concentration/autopilot
  17. Ultimatum - When Home Life Gets in the way of Classes
  18. Frustration with Accommodations/IQ Testing for Breaks?
  19. 25 and only in year 2 of 4-year school.. depressed and anxious
  20. Being medicated but can't prove to school I have ADD!
  21. 20 and a failure.
  22. Rosetta Stone/Language Software?
  23. Test taking length
  24. "Disqualification one" from University
  25. Good news?
  26. So I saw a doc and am on Ritalin...
  27. Long Class Periods/Lectures
  28. Back to school... Should I even bother?
  29. A short learning style quiz thing...
  30. 504 plans for online courses?
  31. My success story
  32. Surviving college with AD/HD?
  33. Tablets or Tablet PC's? Anyone use these for school or other uses?
  34. Oops I messed up -- what should I do?
  35. Surviving a 6 Hour Exam?
  36. I cannot stop making careless mistakes in College Algebra
  37. Venting: I SUCK at school.
  38. I'm messed up, I messed up. missed classes
  39. Academic Assistance, ADHD, what did you use?
  40. Feel kind of alone in this group...
  41. Alternative education for adults?
  42. Your Room/Study Area?
  43. Fantasy or Reality: College Designed for Adults with Mental Disorders?
  44. Study Music
  45. Resources for College Students
  46. Desperate
  47. Disability Accomodations... Should I do it?
  48. Help! Tips, tricks, or drugs for procrastination?
  49. Study Abroad - ADD in Scotland
  50. Navy Nuke School and ADD
  51. Professor told me to wait on finishing college...
  52. Adderal, ADD, and College
  53. HELP! Professor propagating prejudice against ADHD and LD
  54. Foreign languages
  55. What do you do when you are heading towards failure in a class?
  56. University mentoring and studying
  57. I just want to quit...and cry
  58. Gah Need to Start Work Earlier
  59. Any art school students struggling that would like to keep up correspondence?
  60. Has anyone started a support group?
  61. Give up School and "Follow your dreams and passions"
  62. ugh i want to go to grad school
  63. What is "Reasonable"?
  64. Help needed with PhD Problems
  65. Taking longer than everyone else to finish test, ADD/ADHD or learning disability
  66. quick vent
  67. Discrimination? Legal Advice?
  68. Ugh. Cycles.
  69. Procratinating again........
  70. How on earth did you manage to get through school?
  71. Took my first Anatomy & Physiology Practical
  72. I don't know what to do anymore
  73. After reading my post, do you think I have test anxiety or ADD?
  74. Study Abroad?
  75. Talking to a professor
  76. have meds ruined my PhD dream? advice for applying to grad school+life
  77. My love/hate relationship with weekends
  78. Any RNs or LPNs care to help me out?
  79. Hard to study on a regular basis
  80. I may be done with College/University for ever
  81. My classmates had 30 min longer to finish!
  82. Writing Papers
  83. I just can't bloody do it!
  84. School and ADHD
  85. College student with some concerns
  86. finals, Im stressed, how bout you???
  87. I need help!
  88. Tricks for Getting up and ontime to class?
  89. going back to college. crap!
  90. Undergrad Freshman. Easy classes. And I can't handle it.
  91. struggling in school...need help/advice!!!
  92. Talking to professors about ADD--what to do?
  93. How can I tell my professors?
  94. Soooo..Im gonna take an acting class in the spring...
  95. Crunch Time Study Tips and Strategies?
  96. American law schools
  97. Can you use ADD to transfer with an AA to a University?
  98. Self Diagnosis is pretty annoying...
  99. Registration Rant
  100. dyscalculia and college
  101. Study Break and Reward Ideas
  102. Is an A minus alright?
  103. Finals are over!!! And I got...
  104. Always have late work
  105. Law School & Testing (scantron, timing) Problems
  106. disputing a grade
  107. Have you done this?
  108. Adhd college confused
  109. grants for people with ADHD
  110. Finishing a thesis with ADD - Any Advice?
  111. Math!
  112. Final Grades and increasing self doubts
  113. test anxiety
  114. What are your learning strenghts and how do you utilize it?
  115. Grad School - MA?
  116. Considering Getting Coaching/School Skills Counseling & a job to pay for it
  117. Help for completing Master's Thesis
  118. It is not resonable to write an exam in quiet
  119. How Do You Deal With......?
  120. what helps you manage your projects?
  121. Back to (Night) School :s
  122. Here i go again
  123. Study: youth now have more mental health issues
  124. Any help out there for paying for classes besides at a college?
  125. Finally Able to Study!!!!
  126. Finished
  127. Doing something about my poor study habits
  128. ADHD and IT training
  129. College recommdations for ADHD
  130. Flexibility+Structure
  131. Getting Testing Accomodations
  132. I Dunno
  133. Academic Suspension
  134. Finally graduated... with Honors?!?!
  135. Accounting...
  136. Inform Professors?
  137. Microbiology Infectious Diseases 201 - Exam 1 results
  138. Online schooling is the best thing to happen to people with ADHD ever!
  139. What major, what major what major!?!?!?
  140. Anyone taking the CFA (I) exam in June?
  141. Got an A!
  142. no motivation
  143. Not remembering Anything Taught?
  144. Repetitive, minimalist, or ambient music REALLY helps me study
  145. How to survive as an engineering major with ADHD?
  146. Homework journal?
  147. GREs
  148. 1 semester to go and might quit!
  149. Applying to a new Uni for commerce after dropping out from Fine Arts college
  150. Graduation in sight!!
  151. Need to vent about college... and life. PLUS, financial aid advice? Please??
  152. On my way..but still have questions/concerns
  153. Any other Psych students?
  154. Asking for help
  155. Can I handle law school?
  156. What's the best college for me to go to, or best path?
  157. New four/five year plan. Need some insight and encouragement.
  158. So here I am again..1 math class is preventing me from finishing my AA
  159. I cannot believe it!!!
  160. Why do I deserve extra time?
  161. Figuring out you got ADHD halfway through first year of college?
  162. Readmission to university after a 3 year break
  163. Do you make Drawings while studying?
  164. Learning a foreign language with ADD: impossible?
  165. Did your teachers ever do this? I hate it and I'm upset.
  166. Downers and studying. HELP!
  167. College, college, college.
  168. It take me forever to grasp and process things!
  169. Any advice for talking to professors?
  170. Transferring schools.
  171. Fed up of student mentioning topics are 'hard'
  172. these papers are destroying me.
  173. The Official "Hardest Classes"
  174. Worst grade you've ever gotten?
  175. Private study room!
  176. A quick question!
  177. Help! I can see the finish line yet I'm standing still
  178. stuck in a rut, help!!!
  179. student nurses here?
  180. What's the best "fidget toy"?
  181. Your project could have been an A but.....
  182. ADD and Math Majors
  183. Getting into grad school help
  184. Kicked out of Uni
  185. Testing accomodations - GED, SAT's - anyone?
  186. Alma mater role call
  187. Traveling / Study Abroad
  188. Serious revision advice needed
  189. Reading and remembering instructions
  190. Working and going to school concurrently
  191. Speed Reading
  192. Too many disorders, too little time
  193. End-of-semester trainwreck, anyone?
  194. Anyone graduating this semester?
  195. procrastination
  196. GRE study guides
  197. If you could go back in time....
  198. Help me sit my ***** down and study! inattentive help, please!
  199. What's wrong with me??
  200. Appealing Final Grades
  201. Reading Material
  202. Tips to Improve Concentration
  203. I don't get this....
  204. Dealing with the end of the semester
  205. Business class
  206. How difficult are college level science and math courses?
  207. School Refund Check
  208. Petitioning for Re-Entry to University
  209. struggling with algebra
  210. Grades going down! Help!
  211. I want to go back to school (because I never finished)
  212. ADHD assessment for university
  213. my attention span is 10 minutes
  214. Procrastination...and studying...
  215. This is very annoying!!!
  216. grad school classes
  217. Going to College
  218. Oxbridge and ADD
  219. Article: How Much Extra Time?
  220. Developing Perfectionism as a defense
  221. Student loans and college/work?
  222. 4.0
  223. How quickly do you finish assigned essays?
  224. Why do I do it??
  225. Hitting the Ceiling with Meds in Grad School
  226. Does school/classes seem easier when on good meds?
  227. Scholarly Articles on Limited Courseload
  228. adhd and college
  229. Can Needing Accommodations Mean Education is Not for You?
  230. Phase 2 - New University!
  231. I'm always failing college..yay for being a failure
  232. Where can I possibly go from here?
  233. Community Colleges/Trade School "training" programs
  234. Would you do better in school NOW?
  235. University Advice
  236. question about a a field
  237. I think I gave up on education and life?
  238. another failure!
  239. Un-Learnable?Un-Edumacated.
  240. unrelenting stress of school??
  241. Post Secondary Education is Critical to your Sucess.
  242. Having Issues with Real Estate School..just diagnosed..pls help if u can
  243. Studying Tips for ADD & going 2 school online
  244. Scared to go back to college
  245. Proving ADD is the Cause Academic Dismissal?
  246. Tips to memorise law for my manager certification exam
  247. I need Homework help!
  248. Success stories, anyone?
  249. Need to do something, screwing up my schooling.
  250. Taking a college class i hate