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  1. Top ranked ADHD Medication for College Students
  2. Well it's hit me...
  3. Gifts
  4. 99 is to low
  5. Lsat
  6. Failing a Class-Rock Bottom
  7. Engineering and ADD - There IS Hope!
  8. Getting student loans taken care of
  9. Balancing meds with FT work and PT grad school
  10. Studying + Study Environment Help!
  11. becoming sober to get ahead
  12. Going to College for something I'm not even interested in...
  13. "Reasonable" Accommodations for Writing
  14. Good luck or Bad luck ?
  15. Sorta anxious about going back to school
  16. Any tips for passing Anatomy and Physiology?
  17. What learning strategies work for you?
  18. What subject(s) would you like to learn?
  19. Writing Essays and Papers -- For Those Staring Up School
  20. What are you studying?
  21. struggling in school--> getting better vs. excelling in school--> getting worse
  22. college advice: what works for you?
  23. Just had my first exam on meds
  24. I'm about to start swinging a ****ing cactus.
  25. A difficult situation.. stay, take a break or drop out ? (very long story)
  26. Stopping meds to hyperfocus for an exam?
  27. If you fail a 3rd (final) attempt exam is that it?
  28. I asked and everyone wants to study on their own
  29. Going to post secondary, need suggestion on drug?
  30. 3 college classes with no medication (help)
  31. Writing college papers
  32. Comp Sci major quitting adderall
  33. VTAC applying for University current course excellent past history shocking
  34. Even when I am able to concentrate, which is rare, I can never answer questions
  35. Reading - Problems with Book Notes
  36. MCAT and anxiety
  37. Train wreck
  38. well.... ****
  39. Applying to Law School
  40. ADD and studying.
  41. School, future, and failure(vent)
  42. Did anybody pull 'Sunday Afternoons'
  43. Single mom + college student + house keeper = NEED HELP!
  44. College work
  45. It's gonna be a long night...
  46. I'm screwed...
  47. Sympathy from an Old Dude
  48. A thread for help with high-school & college Math, Computer Sciences & Physics
  49. Studying for 10 hours straight, or 2 hour blocks?
  50. Mixing everything up and feeling guilty
  51. The mortification begins.....
  52. Would consequences have helped you in H.S.?
  53. Oh no! Procrastination you are truly evil
  54. 5 exams on year's work 3 weeks from now, can't get anything done :(
  55. I'm doing good.
  56. Frustrated with ADD
  57. Do you find it more efficient just to skip class?
  58. A tribute to the struggling. They deserve the world's respect.
  59. I Don't think I can do University anymore
  60. Grad School?
  61. BEST grade you've ever gotten?
  62. School Work and General Happiness
  63. Behind the scenes
  64. Really angry and frustrated
  65. Positive Effects of Medication on Studying/Exams
  66. Test Anxiety (?)
  67. What is the best way to disclose my ADHD on a law school application
  68. Educational Coaching/Study Skills Programs?
  69. Taking time to think and to answer
  70. Should I go to the library ?
  71. Uni. + lecturers never gave examples of an A level answer.
  72. Things are looking up
  73. Study Abroad with ADD and Meds
  74. Incapable of actually thinking when put on the spot.
  75. Getting the Uni to re-admit me.
  76. Extreme stress in college?
  77. Crisis time
  78. Those difficult professors
  79. University..... anxious study, foggy brain, poor performance depression cycle.
  80. Accounting Students/Professors?
  81. This newbie can't WAIT to click with a med. and go to school!
  82. BOMB's AWAY!
  83. What the **** is the point of studying then?
  84. How will Ritalin help me in school?
  85. Do u ever feel pigeon-holed
  86. What do you do after an exam that went bad?
  87. Control Systems help anyone?
  88. The examiner ****ed me in the exam today
  89. if you use all the time you waste in crying how you can't study, you could study
  90. Philosophy
  91. "Systems thinker"
  92. Freaking out over homework!
  93. Smartpens
  94. How do you stay motivated during crunch time?
  95. what do you need for a real job?
  96. I need help/advice
  97. GRE and ADHD
  98. Help choosing a career!
  99. ADD and math/hard science majors - how do you deal with it?
  100. Engineer+Artist+Mentor= Hero?
  101. Should i continue , is this normal?
  102. How do you avoid doing too much?
  103. Self education site
  104. Please, please help
  105. new to the thread and having trouble . . .
  106. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
  107. Librarians?
  108. Meds during school?
  109. Studying tips that are sometimes useful for me
  110. Bar Exam Accommodations?
  111. GMAT/SAT/ACT/Standardized Test and Medication?
  112. specific advice needed from grad students/residents
  113. Consistency
  114. I can't stop thinking about the next question while writing an answer
  115. How often do you guys take your medication?
  116. Has anyone gone back for a second degree?
  117. Medication and Essay writing
  118. On meds, unable to succeed in school, what next?
  119. 43 year old freshman?
  120. Did anyone else fight the school system?
  121. This is what it's like to study with ADD
  122. Possible program choice
  123. Best Colleges for ADD kids
  124. Sticking it (okay, petitioning) it to the man!
  125. New Semester Means New Anxieties - Help!
  126. Study Journal
  127. Reapplied to the University!
  128. E Book get the best grades
  129. ADHD and long meetings/long small classes
  130. How to get a Notetaker as an Accommodation?
  131. keeping it together in grad school
  132. Scared to declare
  133. Cant recall or explain what i read?
  134. evening study aid
  135. Extended time on the GRE (certification of eligibility)
  136. Problem finding words....
  137. College math sucks!
  138. Focusing problems
  139. New Semester. Scared Out Of My Mind
  140. Feedback about my English writing ? Thank You
  141. Exactly how hard is it for you to pay attention in class?
  142. Best ADHD Med for Me?
  143. Best Med for Me? (sr. accounting student)
  144. Algebra Is My Worst Enemy
  145. Help is on the way
  146. School is finally over!!
  147. Ad/hd listening classroom doing master in computer science
  148. reading and understanding ability
  149. Problems at uni
  150. Just Wondering...
  151. Taking tests omg i think ima die!!!!
  152. Statistics on underachievers with ADHD
  153. Incompetent professors-ARGH
  154. Argg! Frustration.
  155. I really want to understand why is it that I'm like this
  156. best career path for academically inclined person w/ADD?
  157. Yay science
  158. What did/do you do in class? (school, college, uni, etc)
  159. absorbing peripheral information?
  160. How do you put up with the BS
  161. Advice Exchange Thread
  162. How can I record lectures?
  163. Going back to school - Symptom question
  164. Can you believe it ?
  165. remedial education!
  166. Help, Desperate! About to Fail out of Grad School!
  167. I Don't Want to Fail Out of College (Again)
  168. Listening, writing and comprehension
  169. What should you be studying for right now?
  170. talked to the dean for drawing penises on the midterm.
  171. How to keep from getting distracted while reading?
  172. Can't seem to stick to college, feel I have no future.
  173. Wanting to go back to school....
  174. Mentioning ADD in personal statement
  175. Pulling All-Nighters?
  176. Feeling angsty because...
  177. Nurses telling me I won't be safe...
  178. is that right?
  179. What kind of music or sounds do you use for studying?
  180. Practical examination help!
  181. studying with NT's
  182. Absolutely no motivation to study in college
  183. How not to get overwhelmed with studying
  184. Some Help? Advice? Anything??
  185. So stressed out by anatomy (rant)
  186. Calling all special education teachers/majors!
  187. Do treatment help?
  188. Finally some good news!
  189. What to take
  190. How to prioritise / DO assignments? Never studied before.
  191. Disability
  192. One more time with feeling, need advice.
  193. ADD and PhDs- tell your advisor?
  194. Guys, I AM ABOUT TO GIVE UP..... on studying
  195. How to deal with getting expelled from uni
  196. Feeling dumb when I don't take my meds when my brain is needed
  197. Are you registered with your college's disability services?
  198. Advice Needed: Ran Out of Student Prescription Coverage
  199. Should I go back to school?
  200. Are there any philosphy majors or teachers on here
  201. What?! I got an A+ on an Essay?! Impossible.
  202. Forgot to hand in reference page with my university essay.
  203. Medical School Clinical Rotation Drug Testing?
  204. Always behind on college/work, and soo tired
  205. Adderall causing heart rate to speed up
  206. I'm applying to college!!!!
  207. Generic concerta made me fail?
  208. Directionless in University
  209. Couldn't get it together- Now I pay the price.
  210. will my doctor give me note 2 extend my exam date due to side effects of adderral?
  211. I am sure I'm not suited for academic
  212. How do you deal with jerk college math professors?
  213. Testing Accomadations
  214. Here's the deal....
  215. Need Help Calming Brain for sleep Advice NEEDED!
  216. What do you keep in your backpack?
  217. Its official- marks in- blew up gpa
  218. Studying for Exams = DISASTER ALERT
  219. New Here, So Many College Withdrawals. Help!
  220. Need advice on taking classes.
  221. Have you been in and out of college?
  222. the best way to learn a foreign anguage
  223. 48 and returning to college! Anyone else in there 40's 50's doing same
  224. How risky is it to disclose ADD to professors you work with?
  225. Studying but it isn't sinking in!!!!
  226. Could someone please offer some Advice!
  227. Getting Ready to go Back...
  228. Why is life so hard?
  229. My Experience as a Student..
  230. 2nd year university student. I need help/advice
  231. I want to get a Master's Degree but I don't know if I have the head to do it -- ADHD?
  232. my first term with medications
  233. Fatigue and physical pain when studying or concentrating
  234. Have you ever had a fallout with an adviser you did research with?
  235. College Health Form
  236. Losing stuff makes me want to stop trying
  237. ADD student, time, concentration, internet and technology
  238. How tolerant are professors/teachers/counselors?
  239. Dealing with Insomia/Nocturnal sleeping and Education.
  240. needs a reason to motivate myself.
  241. Shire offering scholarships
  242. My Final Grades for this Semester.
  243. Retroactive Withdrawal?
  244. Get really "dumb-sounding" at school. You???
  245. Omfg i did it!
  246. Having trouble getting over procrastinating.
  247. went to an academic advisor and walked out disillusioned
  248. How do you "learn" in school? And party invite.
  249. Suprised at the accommodations I get!
  250. Guilty about privileges?