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  1. How to focus on just one thing
  2. Ritalin Stopped working...
  3. please send good thoughts/prayers my way!
  4. Do accomodations really help us in the long run?
  5. No matter how much I study... I still feel guilty
  6. Documentation Question
  7. Ged
  8. Need to appeal a failing grade in school. HELP!
  9. details of needing to appeal a failing grade in school.
  10. Dealing with Transfer Shock
  11. Starting pre-university course, need advice
  12. Appt at Office for Student with Disablities.. they made me feel dumb for even asking
  13. Do I tell the REAL TRUTH????
  14. I want to know, Medication/School
  15. Ick. I Have to do my FAFSA *Vent
  16. Who gets sleepy when trying to memorize?
  17. My life/ranting/need advice.
  18. Anybody achieved acedemic success despite having serious reading/writing issues?
  19. ADD and style of learning or SCT?
  20. Fear as a motivator?
  21. ADHD and uni
  22. Applications stop me cold
  23. What is best adult education or community college?
  24. Accounting...
  25. Dropping out of Grad School
  26. ADD/LD and Choosing College Program
  27. BLERG, College.
  28. handling classes med-less
  29. How do you study/learn?
  30. Poor reading skills: you are supposed to picture what you read?
  31. I can't remember ****, no matter how much I study
  32. Getting To Class
  33. Does anybody have serious problems with chronological processing?
  34. Just diagnosed, thinking of going back to school...
  35. Student Disability Services
  36. Dyscalculia (math disability) anyone??
  37. Anyone here to whom has Dyslexia?
  38. Perhaps college is not for everybody?
  39. Quick Test Taker
  40. How not to fall asleep while studying?
  41. How do you keep focused when doing self-study?
  42. Going back to school - terrified.
  43. Math cant keep rules in head....
  44. School is starting... Tips? To Stay motivated?
  45. Has School Ever Driven You To Insanity? (MAIN question about Disability for School)
  46. Study dreams or nightmares?
  47. Graduating with a low gpa, engineering school
  48. Financial Aid and Tuition - Please Help
  49. Will higher doses of stimulants ease dyscalculia maths disability disorder
  50. Help: "High-Functioning" Potentially-ADHD Student
  51. Rough Day/MCAT related
  52. Suggestions needed to start support group at my college in NJ
  53. Life, college & motivation
  54. Deciding whether to "come out"?
  55. a tip for studying & organization in general
  56. College questions!
  57. What hours do you generally do work?
  58. How to get help in college new diagnosed
  59. Update on my new life...
  60. College at 49 years young. Pumped and Petrified a little
  61. College classes
  62. What are best accomodations for ADHD in university?
  63. Lsat prep with ADHD/ADD? Suggestions please
  64. I don't think I'm cut out for it...
  65. Math
  66. School ALL day and studying ALL NIGHT.
  67. Credit by Exam?
  68. Not sure whether I'll be able to pass Univerisity
  69. Does anyone else go through this?
  70. Nervous/Nauseous about an academic nomination
  71. when I grow up...
  72. College Counseling Services
  73. Are you good at math?
  74. Multiple Guess Exams
  75. Are Cohorts TOO much??
  76. Really random stupid question?
  77. Please help me! Can i get a doctors note to miss school? Just switched medications.
  78. Back to school today...
  79. may and may not
  80. Oral Report on ADHD
  81. A call to arms!!!!!
  82. Minor depression problem relating to college
  83. Academic Reinstatment Help
  84. Good Grades and ADHD?
  85. My parents are enablers and I am a 27-year-old in college since 2003
  86. HELP My Life has been taken over by School work!!
  87. Why is it always so hard ?
  88. Let's try this again....
  89. I feel stupid.
  90. failing an evaluation
  91. Struggling with University but can't get an appointment for meds until 12th of Jan?
  92. Am I the only one who *freaks out* when being given instructions?
  93. What can I do if a teacher only lectures and doesn't do notes?
  94. I'm So Encouraged! For those of you who thought Success excluded those with AD/HD!
  95. Can I live on campus as an "older" student?
  96. Exams
  97. Can I get aid for living on campus?
  98. does any one get the same problem has me
  99. Getting the PhD (not exactly "high functioning" biography you might imagine)
  100. ADHD Diagnosed, What Accomodations Do They Legally Have To Supply?
  101. Studying and doing homework in College
  102. SSDI/SSI and College
  103. Grad school... need to vent
  104. Things you wish you did to prepare you for grad school?
  105. How can I ease the college transition?
  106. Australia, Queensland only group.
  107. Why couldn't someone with ADHD still do great in school?
  108. ADD: slowly but surely killing me
  109. Oh what have I done??!? Shot myself in the foot.
  110. Will my Profesor let me retake my 2nd exam after letting me retake the 1st one?Reason
  111. Hatting life right now! I just want to give up? Thanks to college!
  112. Thoughts about this email to my accommod. advisor. Personal so i have to message you.
  113. Thoughts about this email to my accommod. advisor. Personal so i have to message you.
  114. Got tips and pointers on how to do well in school? Share them here!
  115. Useful Meds Link I Just Found
  116. Are you a good test taker?
  117. Thought I would share this. Helped me with school and life - "Secrets to success"
  118. University + Life Evaluation = Confused!
  119. Anyone else lost motivation?
  120. Apparently I'm Lazy? HECK NO!!!
  121. Application Essay for Baking & Pastry School
  122. Techniques to help write long papers, thesis, dissertations?
  123. Hitting a Wall.
  124. December 14 deadline
  125. I really need advice on what to do
  126. A few bad days
  127. What are some tools to get started on a project that is SUPER overwhelming!!!
  128. Australia Accomadations for JUST ADHD
  129. e-learning or book
  130. Need help with my dissertation
  131. MD student..
  132. ADHD & College: Why do some succeed & some don't?
  133. Reading comprehension
  134. ADD in college, I'm doomed for failure. Any advice?
  135. New here and looking for answers
  136. Stress...
  137. For the life of me, I cannot finish this boring online class by myself. What to do ?
  138. Thesis problems with working memory/limiting possibilities
  139. The Educational System is DUMB & other stuff
  140. hyperfocus + deadline = watch out!
  141. Trying to have a long-term relationship and study in school
  142. ADHD and degree? Need motivation...
  143. Asking for a medical withdrawal today, just a rant.
  144. The Ying and Yang of ADHD
  145. Intelligence/ADD I was surprised!
  146. Lateral Thinking? Why don't university uses it?
  147. I've just been dismissed from the university for the second time
  148. Want to go to grad school (I think), can't get recommendations.
  149. About to lose insurance but need to prepare for PhD program
  150. multiple choice problems and ADD-I
  151. screwed up again
  152. Unable to Pass a test need advice
  153. Directed tasks
  154. The Good and the Bad
  155. suspect employee has ADHD
  156. Meeting with Dean
  157. Not very happy with my first test score....
  158. Afraid of failing and coping out on a good opportunity.
  159. Weird Question...
  160. Angry at classmates
  161. What masters/postgraduate would a person with ADHD go for?
  162. Do you tell your teachers?
  163. Homework Deadline Observation
  164. Psych professor struck a nerve...
  165. I feel like Im Doing Nothing With My Life
  166. There are no bears at school......
  167. Med School?
  168. Should Abi quit Grad School?
  169. Anndd I wanna quit again...sigh
  170. New to ADD ,, Need advice on Uni
  171. Tough Love For Me, Please
  172. How do I concentrate on writing?????
  173. Really struggling in final year of university.
  174. Self Study: Watching Videos vs. Reading
  175. Question about time extensions
  176. Have to meet w/ VP of Academic Affairs- HELP!!!!
  177. Help!? Managing details?! I'm learning Java and my ADHD is a blessing and a curse
  178. Any architecture students? Designers? Creative types?
  179. Do Audio books work better for you? Want to exchange reading?
  180. I want to report all the teachers in my secondary school for harrasment, bullying
  181. Update: Graduate School
  182. So what do you think I should do ?
  183. "You need to stay focused on your topic."
  184. Paper due tomorrow, lost something
  185. First year engineering student. Feeling like I am totally lost. Any advice?
  186. Removing F's from High School and/or College transcripts.
  187. Just wanted to say out loud that I'm afraid - and doing it anyway
  188. Has anyone else had difficulty transitioning from high school to college?
  189. Update: So I guess I'm a success story now :)
  190. Question about applying for GRE accommodations...
  191. Time spent on homework premedication vs. postmedication
  192. I'm ready to give up... once AGAIN.. please help.
  193. Genuinely touched
  194. motivation rut help!
  195. Good college-level Economics and Accounting textbooks for Visual learner?
  196. ADHD and other "obstacles" in Grad school application
  197. After getting my AA no University will take me.
  198. Severe writer's block?
  199. Appealing to Regain Financial Aid
  200. Grandiose? Or just finally wanting to live up to potential?
  201. Stuck on which university to go to?
  202. Eyes not connected to brain kind of days!?
  203. Best Job's for ADD Adults in Business
  204. "A free world-class education for anyone anywhere."
  205. O school, O school, you school me...
  206. Transferring and Switching Majors
  207. Huge feelings of guilt
  208. Scholarships
  209. Success! (well, sort of..)
  210. ADD and college
  211. Can't get untimed testing
  212. ADD College
  213. Resume Help
  214. I can't get my freaking project done.
  215. It's hard being the parent and trying to understand.
  216. Newly diagnosed, still dealing with the same homework issues
  217. Dropping out of college
  218. Reading Comprehension Help - Doing Poorly with Tests
  219. Career choices....thinking about changing major/quitting school completely.
  220. Is Brown University ideal for those with ADD?
  221. It *is* possible to get into top PhD schools with a low GPA
  222. Feeling lost
  223. Newly Diagnosed Med Student Suffering to Cope
  224. ADHD kicking my *** today
  225. ADD and the Academia (discussion and introduction)
  226. Medication makes grad school harder!
  227. Failed the test...didnt get in :(
  228. How to maintain your self-esteem but go to school?
  229. So, I finally decided.
  230. My CBT sessions
  231. academic vs creative subjects
  232. Gathering opinions
  233. and it all goes down from here
  234. College - starting over? Is it possible?
  235. cheater!
  236. Use social anxiety to your advantage in staying on task.
  237. Dropped out of college, need advice on something
  238. ADD? Feeling frustrated at the moment
  239. Being put on financial aid suspension / appealing.
  240. College Dead Week and Meds not working?
  241. Late discovery of adhd and course withdrawl
  242. Semester Project (any suggestions?)
  243. My story/MBA Admissions/Program Help- Does this sound like you?
  244. Kicked out of college
  245. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  246. Deliberately lying - justified?
  247. Generating and maintaining fake interest
  248. college students w/ADD
  249. I never believed in discrimination until it happened to me...
  250. Have a College Degree? How On Earth Did You Do It??