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  1. Technology...both a blessing and a curse?
  2. Crud...
  3. 'The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps'
  4. Caffeine
  5. struggling with university, help on study?
  6. College and Mental Health
  7. Question for med-school students with ADD
  8. At a bad point in my life.
  9. ADD and college degrees... I hate myself
  10. How do you keep your school stuff organized?
  11. ADHD + Finals + Accommodations (and more...)
  12. Can't Finish my paper!
  13. Exams, peak hyperactivity and innattention and Meds
  14. Academic Suspension and ADD
  15. ever too old to go back to school?
  16. I still can't make myself do schoolwork during the day.
  17. Graduate degrees?
  18. Maths oral exam - I don't even know where to begin
  19. Offtopic - for those of you in college dorms...
  20. I can't get to write my master's degree thesis...
  21. Even WITH medication I STILL can't study.
  22. Starting out with only one class
  23. Now what do I do?
  24. Accomodations
  25. College work, I know what I am doing but can't do it!
  26. A Second Chance
  27. science, math, or physics background ?
  28. Need tips on education, help!
  29. Why cant I do basic math in my head?
  30. How to do an essay?
  31. Work Fuzzy Work!!!
  32. So sad that I found humor in it.....
  33. Anyone with ADD studying for USMLE Step 1?
  34. I did it! and I'm so proud, but still nervous for the future.
  35. Don't Think I'm Ready
  36. Petition to readmit accepted after expulsion!
  37. Stress and uni
  38. Accepted into college: Any tips?
  39. How to get motivated to do school work?
  40. Receiving meds in college at Student Health?
  41. looks like i might not get my least then can i get meds?
  42. How far did you get in school?
  43. Going back to school no matter what
  44. Explaining ADHD
  45. Driving lessons
  46. Sending DS off to college in 3 weeks, any suggestions?
  47. Graduate Student with procrastination, sleep, time management issues
  48. Cracking up over Assignment
  49. I'm reminded why I hate my ADHD...
  50. Not going back to school
  51. Have a deadline and can't force myself to
  52. First time in college FML!!
  53. Feel like I'm always behind the 8 ball with Uni
  54. Grad school tech or tools to succeed
  55. And so it begins
  56. Tips to stay organized for uni?
  57. Final Grade Vent
  58. Assignment from hell!!
  59. How To: Organize your life (On the PC)
  60. Two hours wasted...
  61. Have I completely failed my goals? (College, Vocational Rehab, + more)
  62. Feeling Good About This Year!
  63. After 10 years
  64. Nursing School 2.0
  65. College Accommodations for ADHD?
  66. i think im going to quit my job.....
  67. oh the joys of online school
  68. Insert tableflip
  69. Began my Ph.D. Program this week, and looking for support
  70. Going back to school doesn't seem to be working
  71. your ideas please!
  72. Something all of a sudden just blow your mind?
  73. Going back to College - Is this Suicide?
  74. Research paper techniques
  75. my "adhd", opinons?
  76. I have no time to myself! (vent)
  77. Questions for ADHD LSAT takers
  78. Sitting still, then sitting still, then sitting still
  79. Im sooooo mad!MAD!
  80. I've decided
  81. Needing feedback on tests - is this odd?
  82. First Week Back at School
  83. math homework help me plz!
  84. Reduced Course Load in College due to ADHD ~ Grad School impossible?
  85. Feel like I've failed everything.
  86. Label Myself? *Accomodations*
  87. failing because I'm to afraid to do presentations
  88. Advice on future profession / study
  89. College Stress >.<
  90. So, I wanna go back to college
  91. So...
  92. Too Focused?
  93. non-accredited program Aid/vent
  94. Study abroad: do accomodations transfer?
  95. Time and a Half and "Retroactivity" in accommodations?
  96. D Day approaching, panic time..wish me luck, please!!!
  97. Venting - Peerwise
  98. too many ideas
  99. adhd college student finally seeking help
  100. Failed Everything, Adhd in need of advice from someone who understand the feeling
  101. Battling with my university - worth the fight?
  102. How do you accept the rollar coaster that is ADHD?
  103. Paper Editing
  104. Audio Engineering
  105. getting homework done
  106. Leaving home for School. Did well at CC, but University?
  107. I need to deal with my shame like B not A.
  108. failing in life :(
  109. Any one have tips to stufy for or have taken Microsoft Exam 70-680 Cert,
  110. Books on Medical Microbiology and anatomy and physiology
  111. Newly diagnosed ADD: rethinking education/career
  112. Poor and Undiagnosed
  113. Part-Time Student
  114. why is getting accommodations for school so hard?
  115. What have you found to be the best techniques to study?
  116. hw harder can reading get?
  117. Anyone have trouble getting motivated to write papers?
  118. Lets Hope this works
  119. help!!!..should i drop college again?
  120. Study Abroad
  121. ADD and Flip-Flopping in College/University
  122. Darn hurricane! Just had a surprise test I didn't study for!
  123. Procrastination
  124. tricks for not killing selves researching papers?
  125. Doctor Nurse, or just Nurse?
  126. Public Accountability Post
  127. Where do you study?
  128. ADD vs. A Public Univ.
  129. Best Math Books (from pre-algebra to calculus)?
  130. A little feedback please?
  131. ADD Management in Grad School
  132. Physics?
  133. I'm cornered on this assignment!!
  134. Disability services cost money?
  135. Study tactics(without medication)
  136. Half way through, but can't handle it...
  137. Bring him home or let him go back to Uni?
  138. Will I ever get a degree?
  139. motivate buddy
  140. Worried I Just Cannot Finish
  141. SAT Prep
  142. academic suspension/late diagnosis adhd
  143. We're pulling him out.
  144. Accountability Buddy
  145. Yep. I failed...
  146. Sorry for the long post, but this is my story.
  147. The term is over! Time to check in
  148. Help! How do I deal with this!?!
  149. Why is learning anything always a struggle for me? What do I repeatedly do wrong
  150. Learning math quick?
  151. Research writing and typos!
  152. From High School Dropout to Harvard University Graduate Student!
  153. I'm gaming a bit too much...
  154. Suspended (psychotic episode)
  155. ADHD, Calculus, Physics and Electrical Engineering...
  156. Applying to College (Again)
  157. PhD VIVA - wish me luck - I'll need it!!
  158. The Official Fuzzy Good Karma For Her Viva Thread
  159. Please congratulate Fuzzy, who got her Ph.D. today!!!!
  160. How many credits are you doing each semester?
  161. Tips for thesis/dissatation/essay writing?
  162. What's your major in college
  163. Second Languages
  164. Feeling unmotivated.
  165. Accommodated testing
  166. The awkward feeling of waiting for group members to meet in the library
  167. Memorize....really?
  168. Tips for Students
  169. Anyone withdraw/drop any classes yet?
  170. HOW can someone have ADHD and graduate with a top mark?
  171. I got a #$$#@$ D and studied for 39 hours WHAT!?
  172. Perseverance when studying/writing?
  173. 6 Beneficial Things They Made You Stop Doing At School
  174. Long term memory.
  175. Any tips how to read books (both knowledge and enjoyment)
  176. Free online course about ADHD
  177. End of the beginning..
  178. going into college.
  179. Memorizing L2 dialogs
  180. Philosophy?
  181. Studying and retention
  182. Focus and Reading
  183. Lectures/videos vs. reading/homework
  184. How do you prepare your time for studying, and more?
  185. The Old College Try: Add'er gives college another shot
  186. High GPA, high expectations
  187. Overloaded with homework during spring break (a vent)
  188. very weird college situation.
  189. Extreme anger, and confusion...over studying?
  190. Finished studies once & for all with certificate !!!
  191. Acceptance!!!
  192. I don't highlight research material, I just cross out stuff or write notes on it
  193. Timing Adderall dosage with the MCAT
  194. Frustrated, Stressed out, burnt out, etc.
  195. Lecture after an exam and Concerta
  196. Notifying the University. Don't want to fail. Please help.
  197. Online Study - Addyay or Addnay?
  198. Summer semester (I and II) 8 or 14 week class!?
  199. Going to college and working... HOW?
  200. Higher education after being diagnosed with ADD
  201. Depression and Anxiety Caused Mass Absence
  202. Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
  203. Why can't I it?
  204. "You don't work, so you have plenty of time to study"... hahaha... riiiiiiight
  205. ADHD Coursera Study Group/Thread
  206. 4 exams in 4 days, 5 in a week.
  207. Any tips or suggestions on how to read / study effectively?
  208. Ritalin makes me into a morning person... lol
  209. Calculus -> ADHD says I think not.
  210. Facing Academic Required-to-Withdraw. What to do?
  211. Strategies for excelling in school with ADHD
  212. How long does it take you to write just one page for a paper?
  213. My struggle with school.
  214. Free course on ADHD throughout life (childhood +)
  215. Preparing for the LSAT with ADD
  216. A Rant About Studying Courses I Don't Like
  217. Books for mathematics self study
  218. Studying problems
  219. Motivation Thread!!!
  220. Translating notes (studying technique)
  221. Needing some new ways to approach math.
  222. For Ontario/Canadian Students
  223. I feel like a failure in life, hoping I can succeed
  224. No motivation. Do I really want this?
  225. Needing advice/support with uni
  226. Anyone else struggling to finish another semester in grad school?
  227. Told my professor....
  228. Advice with College
  229. Good News :)
  230. So how did everyone do this semester?
  231. NY Times Article on Colleges Imposing rules on ADHD Meds
  232. to medicate, or not to medicate
  233. No Chance for Grad School??
  234. Medication did not help - any comments?
  235. Continue or quit course??
  236. How do I deal with this situation?
  237. Colleges requiring a diagnosis based on psychoeducational testing?
  238. I need to stop procrastinating and stick to a sleep schedule.
  239. How to survive roommates
  240. How do you do your notes + classwork?
  241. Help, Please!
  242. Heritage Speaker Having Difficulty Improving/Re-Learning Language Skills
  243. ADHD in College..over/under-diagnosed?
  244. Note Taking Software?
  245. ADHD University survival guide?
  246. Thanks .. & Doctor Fuzzy...
  247. stupid non-specific instructions >.<
  248. Spacey all the time at the moment
  249. I dropped out of college... for the 3rd time.
  250. What's a good mayor for someone's who's good at math/logic but, has ADD?