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  1. Finals >.<
  2. Grrrrr..... I am so mad at myself!
  3. HELP I can't focus! Wasted day today...
  4. Dramatic drop in grades. Is this what they call "Paralysis of will"?
  5. I need to calm the f*** down, I'm so stupid...
  6. Majoring in Art & Design with ADD?
  7. Need to write every thing instead of memorizing while preparing for tests
  8. Getting called out by teacher for being disruptive in class? (College+fidgeting)
  9. Exams in 11 days - Haven't studied - Where do I start?
  10. Yep I'm brighter than I thought I was!!
  11. Accountability thread...need some support, please help.
  12. Anyone else have problems self-studying?
  13. Phd/md student with ADHD needs help
  14. Postgraduate study: Anxiety, fear, newly diagnosed ADHD
  15. Considering going back to school, terrified at the thought
  16. To study all night or to sleep before final exam?
  17. Online University/Long Term Study
  18. I hate finals >.<
  19. how do i get into the habit of studying and doing work again like before when i was
  20. Meeting for Readmission into University
  21. Medication failure before finals
  22. Homework; morning or night?
  23. Noise apps to increase focus
  24. College Student that Loathes Reading
  25. Starting school again is really hard
  26. New School, New Adventure
  27. Need suggestion for project on observable behaviour
  28. I'm new, and kinda scared.
  29. Reading y u so difficult? D:
  30. Sort of a moral dilemma
  31. Back in School!
  32. Learning Problem in College?
  33. Let's be real. Is it really possible to finish college with ADHD?
  34. Long Semester
  35. Test Handwriting vs. Notes Handwriting
  36. Studying, the ADHD way?
  37. What's YOUR problem? What the hell is MY problem?
  38. SAT Scores and Standardized Testing disparity?
  39. I can't study :(
  40. let's do something about those roller-coaster grades
  41. Thesis (esp. reading texts)
  42. Change of course
  43. classroom lectures make me feel totally stupid
  44. returning from "time-out", switch from BA to BS
  45. Resolve
  46. So...I'm a Math Major...but...
  47. Should be studying!
  48. Mind Mapping
  49. ADD, IQ and Engineering.
  50. Motivation, where are you?
  51. Studying..... Grr.
  52. Inductive vs Deductive reasoning
  53. Medicine only makes hyperfocus worse
  54. Urgently need help to get justice from my College
  55. Difficulty
  56. Stanford's counseling center changes ADHD assessment requirements
  57. I should be working on a paper... but just don't feel like it
  59. Calculus/Physics, is it fear or my adhd?
  60. Getting started
  61. ONE class causing ridiculous anxiety
  62. How do you learn best?
  63. What to do!
  64. How to schedule study time?
  65. Need a short term fix
  66. About to give a speech
  67. i need everyone's opinions please
  68. How many hours can you study per Day
  69. Motivation problems. I hate College.
  70. How to convince my professor to retake exam for organic chemistry?
  71. Return to education?
  72. I hate group projects, no motivation
  73. can't go study ,i am always doing smthg else
  74. a morbid fear of getting graded stuff back.
  75. how to study
  76. Having grand trouble with my master's thesis.
  77. Does anybody here know speed reading ?
  78. Professor Put me on the Spot
  79. Help in short-term ADHD counter
  80. What do you do to study and remember things?
  81. Medical School Dropout
  82. End of fall term checkin
  83. I am scared of studying I dont know why?
  84. Please Help. Grad. Student Looking for the Right Training Program!
  85. Cool inspirational video for math
  86. Good emotional/mental health is the key
  87. Recently diagnosed & classes resume next week - should i take a semester off?
  88. **** finals
  89. An article I wrote on studying and lifestyle habits for college students
  90. which is easier for you to read?
  91. Winter 2014 Semester
  92. Trouble With School (as an adult)
  93. Recorded textbooks, any experiences?
  94. Goal - 1 month
  95. Cold feet applying for grad school
  96. Open Study College
  97. Organizing for classes
  98. SO frustrated--does anyone else have this issue?
  99. Late essay in college
  100. studying and ADD
  101. A day in the life of an ADHD college student. The desire & inability to thrive.
  102. Finally Found my Study Technique!!
  103. Difficulty learning computer programming...
  104. Dismissed from Nursing School just prior to diagnosis - Student Rights Question?
  105. Autodidacticism
  106. Dexedrine Schedule/Diet?
  107. So frustrating any tips
  108. Law student adhd
  109. Night before an Exam what do u do.
  110. I had a dream about school
  111. Bookbag, Notebook what do you use.
  112. First Step
  113. Choosing A Degree
  114. Feeling like school isn't for ADD people
  115. This past term sucked @ss!
  116. ADHD medications and mathematics
  117. Hating School and myself
  118. ADHD Engineers- Any tips for note taking?
  119. So I'm doing all right in school this year.
  120. College Professor making comments about ADD is it wrong ?
  121. How do some people with untreated ADD/ADHD do incredibly well academically?
  122. Assigned Note-sharer via Disabilities Office; Issues
  123. Reading Tips
  124. ADHD vs flash drives????
  125. Question about memory retention?
  126. Academia: ADHD+Perfectionism= Struggle Town
  127. Exam in 2 weeks Last chance
  128. Please Help Me!
  129. 5 days left... Can I do it?
  130. No Motivation; worsening performance since accommodations
  131. I have changed my major so many times
  132. Completely torn about options
  133. Any crazy finals stories???
  134. New here! :):) love from Ireland
  135. 'Phrasebank' for writing: Really helpful
  136. does anyone major in finance here?
  137. Quizlet: ALL SUBJECTS ... for review, unbelievably cool
  138. Studying for finals and hit my first wall since starting meds
  139. 6 hour test tomorrow!!!!
  140. Omg why am i like this
  141. self study
  142. Should I change my major!?
  143. On fakin' it (ADD, not orgasms)
  144. Adhd student scored TOP MARKS :)) Great News to Everyone, READ FOR MOTIVATION
  145. a new hope!
  146. What do I do from here?
  147. An amazing turning out of events (a success story... sort of)
  148. How I learned How to Study
  149. Feeling like I want to run away!
  150. Studying Foreign languages + advice?
  151. Medical School, ADD and confidence
  152. Strattera seems to have gone kaput
  153. "Educational Therapy" for Adults?
  154. Talking with my OT about strategies
  155. Fastest route to Maths & Science Catchup
  156. Struggling With College
  157. The backwards nature of education and it's solution
  158. Study tips for adhd students
  159. A rant then a question.
  160. Reading Difficulty
  161. Reading Comp. Problem
  162. I didn't understand the importance of learning until my senior year
  163. Physics, engineering and ADHD
  164. The slow torture commonly known as "school"
  165. I love mathematics and I think you can too
  166. Taking national RN exam today!
  167. Reporting ADHD diagnosis on Grad School Apps?
  168. NCLEX exam: update but no scores yet
  169. I am an RN in United States! I passed the NCLEX!
  170. Reading Techniques
  171. Degree lost
  172. Reasonable academic adjustments?
  173. How much does medication help?
  174. Definition of a degree
  175. How do better in college
  176. An Organizational Strategy from the book "The Organized Mind"
  177. Can't study/read for school because of fatigue
  178. ADD mockery by teacher
  179. Have anyone here ever requested for class accommodations before?
  180. The Upside Of Ignorance and ADHD
  181. Online Courses; Good or just evil?
  182. Isochronic Tones for studying
  183. ADHD and sleeping??
  184. Tips for dealing with maths?
  185. Can anyone relate? College?
  186. Any Pre-Health science majors here?
  187. Philosophy Majors or Grads?
  188. Worried about remembering what I learned in college.
  189. What is something you wish people knew about ADHD- esp as a college student.
  190. How do you do college?
  191. How do you feel about taking less units than your peers?
  192. A Class I'm Taking and Hyperfocus - Ebola
  193. Dropping out/ Failing - help please
  194. Do you only study while on meds?
  195. Working full time and college?
  196. At Home Mom 12 Years ~ ReInventing Myself
  197. Law school, bar exam, and low self esteem
  198. struggling? looking for a visual approach for organising & developing ideas/research.
  199. chat on Skype? students to coach each other?
  200. Online each other
  201. Sleep schedule?
  202. LSAT and ADHD
  203. Good distance learning colleges in the uk?
  204. Do you get accommodations?
  205. Just Started University, Moderate-Severe Symptoms but Never Diagnosed, Need Advice.
  206. Just got my alternative format for my bio book!
  207. Career Confusion
  208. ADHD + College = I hate you
  209. Post-Diagnosis Grief Shame and Regret
  210. ADD and Seminary Resources
  211. Making it to class.
  212. the Best meds for academic writing??
  213. I may have to drop out after 9+ years of college
  214. I screwed up---big time
  215. Tips for Struggling Through College? Help!
  216. Master's Student problems...and I threatened my doctor today, looking for sympathy :(
  217. Exams
  218. Math (GRE) for adults with ADHD
  219. Study/Testing tips for the upcoming semester
  220. Kiss my butt biology!
  221. My final project is due in two days
  222. Registered for my final term of graduate school
  223. Financial aid
  224. Degrees with placements/internships/practicum
  225. More law school questions
  226. Thinking of going back to school...
  227. Studying again, feeling hopeful
  228. Adult ADHD, studying again: Very difficult. How are we helped in other countries?
  229. Yeah... I can complete my studies! :D
  230. undiagnosed ADD or something else?
  231. So, I went back to College and was brave enough to take my english 91 class
  232. Failure again and again
  233. Anyone else in sciences?
  234. learning disability on application?
  235. How to overcome procrastination
  236. how much to disclose in graduate application
  237. ADD Hacks for academic success?
  238. How to study?
  239. Learning
  240. Are There Other Art Grad Students Among Us?
  241. Quebec Student Financial Aid (AFE) disability recognition.
  242. Only one with accomodations in course = very frustrating
  243. how do you deal with boring college classes?
  244. forgetting things again
  245. Thesis/dissertation writing
  246. Explosive Essay & Study Method
  247. Programming bootcamp - any advices?
  248. Pair programming
  249. 12 or 15 hours for son?
  250. I did my final exam at university!