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  1. Anybody else?
  2. Test-Taking Woes
  3. Accomodations?
  4. I did it!!
  5. school stress->depression:how to cope? suggestions?
  6. College and ADHD-How to make school easier - use nice looking things
  7. Landmark College for learning disabled students
  8. Why?
  9. Question for College students w/ADD who didn't take meds
  10. Note Taking
  11. Denied for Retroactive Withdrawl...academic probation :O
  12. scholarships & grants
  13. Help! I have a question.
  14. How do you prepare for the upcoming year?
  15. Back To School
  16. OMG I am really going to school!!!! (Warning: short novel)
  17. confession...havn`t set up accommodations...
  18. College and ADHD-Best class/work scheduling?
  19. severe math anxiety...
  20. Work Work Work Study Study Study
  21. What do you use when you study?
  22. Attention Deficit Disorder and College Algebra
  23. College!!Why so hard!!
  24. New to Adderall XR and returning to College
  25. WOO HOO!! The next step!!
  26. Anyone got any reading tips?
  27. I fail, shame on me. Over half the class fails...
  28. Student Check-in: how are we all doing?
  29. Hyperfocusing at College with Adult ADD
  30. My Ultimate School Aid
  31. Sat/act
  32. Lsat
  33. ADD and writing
  34. Let's Prepare For Next Semester Together!
  35. How do u organize notes? Lecture-> review process
  36. Papers
  37. Are you up for the challenge?: Less TV Second Term
  38. ADD Compatible Classes
  39. UCAS and A-Levels
  40. On the spot simple math?
  41. Music and studying
  42. essay due in 2 hours...sigh
  43. ADHD and always late for class
  44. Problems Participating In Class
  45. Tape recording lectures
  46. Grad Students with Attention Deficit Disorder ??
  47. tricks 2 stimulte impuls 4 studyng or make it fun
  48. Statement of intent
  49. Aaarrrrgh!
  50. making friends in College Easy or hard?
  51. where to study?
  52. planner pages
  53. College for me
  54. English Compisition II
  55. That was weird, wasn't it?
  56. Reading under pressure easier.. how to avoid procrastination?
  57. Meds or Self?
  58. Drop the class or hang in there
  59. Meds...
  60. finally diagnosed, but still have trouble..
  61. How to form a good study group?
  62. Catching Up
  63. HELP - Shakespeare's 'Othello'
  64. Advice
  65. i need help with making charts/graphs
  66. Anxiety?
  67. paper writing tips....from a graduating college student with ADD
  68. What is College?
  69. Where do you study?
  70. unreal, absolutely unreal...
  71. The College roomate and Attention Deficit Disorder
  72. College Student -"I think I have ADHD..."
  73. Doctoral Studies, anyone?
  74. Looking for advice
  75. Adult ADD, College, & Losing ground quick
  76. Study Tip (for reading)
  77. My Story/ADD Problems/Solutions/Struggles
  78. Davekazmdrummer: Question for you...
  79. Functioning in CLASS with ADD/ADHD....
  80. ADD/ADHD Meds: Before and During College
  81. Learning a language when ADD? spanish/mandarin (chinese) & ideas... help!
  82. I am desperate!
  83. Going back to school.. maybe
  84. How many of us ADDults took longer than normal to earn our college degrees?
  85. Adults with ADD and Number of Colleges attended
  86. Grad school revealing issues... thesis without meds?????
  87. Tutoring for collge
  88. College
  89. ADHD and starting bk to college :)
  90. College and ADHD-Still in college?
  91. Adults with ADD graduating from college before being diagnosed ?
  92. Adult with ADD Contemplating Graduate School
  93. How many of you with ADHD still have trouble studying?
  94. Anyone in Law School or applying or thinking about applying?
  95. College?! What to do - High Schooler with ADD
  96. Idea for forgetful dorm-dwellers
  97. Higher Education--Online--and ADHD
  98. I think I have ADD, College Freshman
  99. Where There's a Will There's an "A": How to Get Better Grades in College
  100. My First College Presentation (ADHD and TS)
  101. ADD grad students: did you mention your ADD in your statement of purpose?
  102. Stuck in Hong Kong
  103. College: How many years from start to finish?
  104. Loosing focus in class
  105. College and ADHD-Help! A test tomorrow but cannot concentrate..
  106. College and ADHD-Has anyone returned to college through Vocational Rehabilitation?
  107. ADD Student's Nightmare
  108. On Public Speaking...
  109. Studying and Memorization for adults with ADD. Any tips?
  110. Well, I made it 3 weeks...
  111. Scholarships for students w/ ADHD/ADD?
  112. ADD college student questioning purpose, and life in general
  113. ADDA or CHADD Membership for College students with ADD / ADHD?
  114. Looking for audio-lectures
  115. the old path AGAIN
  116. how hard is it to get accomodations?
  117. CLEP Testing
  118. the paper that refuses to write itself..
  119. I Completely CHOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. GPA Help!!
  121. Accomodations!! What to ask for!!
  122. How can students help college prof's to understand/care?
  123. ADHD - lost my creative juices
  124. College Questions
  125. giving a speech on add
  126. Accommodations Help
  127. New to this site...
  128. I HATE THIS!!! (venting)
  129. College and ADHD-How does everyone study?
  130. Help with letter to proffessor about my sitation and ADD
  131. Tape recording vs. Lecturing
  132. any one in the police academy or a police officer here
  133. Should I just reorder my life? (Undergrad with ADHD)
  134. What's your learning style?
  135. What's the difference between ADD and LD?
  136. depressants and studying
  137. University of Phoenix
  138. College and ADHD-fear of failure
  139. Motivation.....required..
  140. College and ADHD-What subject are you good at and why?
  141. College and ADHD-math and ADD
  142. College and ADHD-Rewards for completing certain number of pages, topics etc etc
  143. POLL: 8am classes or later?--College and ADHD
  144. College and ADHD-reading comprehension: please try this and let me know if it works
  145. College and ADHD-Not sure what to do now
  146. College and ADHD-Earplugs/Noise reducing headphones
  147. College/ADD: Semester over, work submitted late / my letter of explanation...input?
  148. Not Schooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. Hyperfocus and school work HELP!
  150. Staying awake and focusing in class
  151. College suspension... lost...
  152. college woes
  153. great dad!!!, but i hope it works.
  154. yayay this could be it!
  155. Ambitions and goals after university
  156. Thinking about going back to school....*Input wanted*
  157. Dropping Out of College
  158. Help! How do I explain how ADHD affects school?
  159. tips to return
  160. Help
  161. I started an ADHD/LD Study group!
  162. Don't know what to do, freaking out, stressed, crazy class.
  163. Just curious how many of you are working and goiing to school
  164. Anyone have trouble Admission to College or Grad School?
  165. my Story!!
  166. Anybody at Univ North Texas?
  167. My dilemma
  168. Keys to success: sleep and exercise
  169. You won't believe this!
  170. Law School application, LSAT and ADD disclosure during application - please respond!
  171. Are there any scholarships out there that I am missing...
  172. School phobia
  173. This makes absolutely no sense,but it's true.(Newly diagnosed, suddenly smart, help.)
  174. Struggling U. Student
  175. Hi, I'm new and just told my teacher I have ADD!
  176. It's official.
  177. Scribing Tests
  178. Writer's Cramp, Wrist Pain
  179. Studying Tips
  180. starting college is confusing me!
  181. Treading Water (an introductory rant)
  182. What would you do?
  183. Any nursing students?
  184. Is there a law or somthing about being rejected from having add?
  185. Wanna go to Grad School/But I am afraid
  186. Graduate School Accomodations
  187. Ive Lost Something and I Need It Now!
  188. Please get tested -- My Story
  189. Any professional students in here?
  190. Hi, what's your major!
  191. making online classes work well w/ ADD
  192. Reaching My Potential: Meds, but What Else To Do?
  193. Deeply affected by ADD :(
  194. Books - College/University
  195. New Moderator
  196. is anyone else getting fed up with school
  197. Reading and then forgetting.....
  198. test thread
  199. waiting until the last minute
  200. verbal abuse affecting academic performance
  201. frustration and what to do with it
  202. flunking out of college: what next?
  203. Psychology Doctoral student
  204. Mental issues. Not a learning disability.
  205. difference between LD & ADHD?
  206. college roommates
  207. being my own tutor
  208. preparing an explanation for prof.
  209. my resolutions
  210. social anxiety disorder - accomodations?
  211. EXAMINATION problems -explaining to the teacher-
  212. Going after multiple degrees?
  213. the flylady site
  214. tardiness snowballs into massive problem
  215. Interesting cognitive trick for focusing on schoolwork (or anything else, maybe?)
  216. Med School Admissions
  217. ritalin 1 month results
  218. The words, the sentences--I can't do this!
  219. digging my own grave
  220. Competition
  221. Starting a group in college to tackle procrastination
  222. Law School
  223. Paper-writing: what works for you?
  224. Can this happen?
  225. ADD Coach for College: Do you work with one?
  226. I'm going back to school!
  227. What has happened to me?
  228. Any chemistry major? have u ever lost ur micromagetic spin vane or stirring bar?
  229. GRE anyone?
  230. school presentations
  231. Getting worse at school?????????
  232. anyone familiar with 'the look'?
  233. Falling asleep while reading
  234. i'm the real me - i've been unshelled... :)
  235. New College in Geneva.
  236. Can't get Motivated/Lost Drive
  237. Silent reading in class? Discussing world politics with a pole is probably easier
  238. Itching and Scratching
  239. I've started a new computer tech support/networking course and already having problem
  240. New Scholarship Program to Help Adults Living With ADHD Focus on Their Possibilities
  241. It seems to make sense, but somehow I may not fit the picture...
  242. taking a gap year!
  243. I don't want to be a slow reader anymore...
  244. Things I Do In Class...Besides Listening :)
  245. Is Anyone On Here Right Now To Avoid Doing Something?
  246. Worst studying nervous breakdown? Please share!
  247. I've done it again...
  248. conflicting priorities during the school year
  249. becoming more detail-oriented
  250. not as hands-on as I used to be...