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  1. Neurontin
  2. Need input please!
  3. Concerta!!!!
  4. sleep medication
  5. Does anyone else taking sleeping pills??
  6. Need Help with Dex and Celexa, causes migraine and nausea
  7. Everyone please at least investigate!...
  8. Neurontin for Bipolar
  9. Up next Tegretol
  10. New daily Med Combination (Focalin XR & Neurontin + Prozac)
  11. Tricyclic Antidepressants--Depression
  12. Aurorix (moclobemide)
  13. Symbyax
  14. Manic from Neurontin & Focalin XR??
  15. Zoloft added to Tegretol
  16. Galantamine vs. Donepezil
  17. Fish Oils
  18. Lamictal + Abilify
  19. dilantin?
  20. Lifestyle changes + Metformin - to help counteract weight gain from anti-psychotics
  21. Adderal+Effexor XR+Wellbutrin
  22. adderall+effexor+wellbutrin
  23. how can you help keep tabs of your boyfriend to take hes medicines
  24. rozarem for sleep?
  25. Minocycline for depression, acne, etc.
  26. wellbutrin help!
  27. Anybody had success with natural remedies?
  28. Hyperprolactinemia anyone?
  29. Switching Stimulants
  30. Clarocet?
  31. Gabitril
  32. Side Effect for Clomipramine(Anafranil)
  33. Dual diagnosis and medication regulation
  34. Bi-polar(depressive), ADHD, GAD, and side effects of meds
  35. Sleep Aids
  36. Absolute Horror Story
  37. Anyone ever taper off any SSRI at any time and NOT suffer extreme withdrawal?
  38. Has your medication ever?
  39. Mixing Adderall and vicodin
  40. ADD meds and depression???
  41. sleep help? anyone? :(
  42. nothing seems to work...
  43. Serenity, Real Time Mood Management?
  44. Hair loss and meds
  45. Abilify and wellbutrin
  46. Bipolar treatment question
  47. Meds for Tourettes and ADD
  48. do "natural" sleep aids work?
  49. Mixing trimiprimine and reboxetine
  50. 2 meds questions (scenarios)
  52. Notes from a class I took
  53. Medication Changes
  54. Good news (knock on wood)
  55. How many meds?
  56. So i started my new dosage Yesterday...
  57. Back to Square 1 (at least in my eyes)
  58. Depakote Take 2
  59. N-Acetyl Cysteine for Depressive Symptoms in Bipolar Disorder
  60. anti depressant
  61. Any medcation that doesn't make you feel drug?
  62. Equetro (carbamazepine)
  63. Need answers!!! ADD stimulant issues
  64. Playing with my cocktail
  65. Another med. disappointment -- Boo, Strattera
  66. Shouldn't try a stimulant?
  67. bipolar/adhd and drinking question
  68. Please Help!
  69. possible treatment - "feline catus" ?
  70. Storing Medication and the Effects of Heat
  71. Concerta and INH
  72. Libido
  73. Is friend overmedicated?
  74. Restoril/Temazepam
  75. Anyone take Remeron (mirtazipine) and ADD meds (specifically Adderall)?
  76. Medication for anxiety/depression/obsessive thoughts/"jealousy"
  77. Mild Mood Disorders and Stimulants?
  78. ADHD inattentive + anxiety + depression, meds advice
  79. Lexapro + Abilify + Cogentin To Symbyax (Feedback Please)
  80. Adderall+Lexapro+Flu Shot=Panic Attack? Allergic Reaction? Something else?
  81. now that i take Depakote and Klonopin
  82. Depression, Panic Disorder, and ADHD - Meds not working - HALP
  83. Insomnia/Anxiety meds interacting w/ ADD meds
  84. No posts on O.D.s, illegal or improper use of Meds
  85. Getting off Risperdal(risperidone) how long until it is out of my system?
  86. Are the Bipolar meds canceling out the Stimulants?
  87. top adjunct for anxiousness of adhd
  88. Citalopram, 10mg.
  89. Paroxetine, 10mg, for anxiety/OCD
  90. Medication Suggestions: Bipolar II (3-4 day cycles), ADHD, Substance Abuse
  91. Concerta + Paroxetine
  92. Cipralex
  93. Bipolar ADHD Anxiety PTSD Borderline Personality MEDS
  94. Medication Changes
  95. Topamax + Zyprexa Zydis
  96. Anti-psychotics And Heart Failure
  97. Has anyone taken Cogentin for akathisia?
  98. Neurontin / Gabapentin - side effects.
  99. Which medication is most likely causing the dry mouth/throat and what can I do?
  100. Anticholinergics and TD, do they or do they not increase the risk
  101. Im taking 3 meds Depakote and vyvanse and temazepam why so many
  102. Dry mouth -> tongue sores?
  103. feelings of 'pressure in head' (allergies?)
  104. pmdd not resolved after 15 years!!
  105. Mixing Vyvanse and Painkillers
  106. Rx cocktails... cheers to or toxic mess?
  107. Lexapro and Sida Cordifolia
  108. just complaining....
  109. RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)
  110. Adderall, Topamax, and Dopamine Receptors
  111. Anyone ever get this rash?
  112. Med Info/Advice - this combo?
  113. Dr. Hallowell and 37mg Effexor/day
  114. Amantadine / akathisia
  115. Help , is it true
  116. Any suggestions on Meds?? I need some help.
  117. bipolar plus adhd medication = mania (but does it have to?)
  118. Question about Citralopam
  119. Lexapro & Vyvanse
  120. Trouble finding answers...Mirapex with stimulants?
  121. Weird Side-effects of Dexedrine/Dextroamphatamine
  122. Concerta not agreeing with me
  123. TS Medication Questions
  124. Adult ADD, Bipolar Depression and Anxiety Med Combinations
  125. Best medication for MY anxiety type
  126. how does a psychiatrist help figure out meds? how do i best track effects?
  127. Midrin
  128. beta blocker toprol or tenex ( guanfacine)
  129. Is there an alternative to this feeling??
  130. Are these Adderall side effects normal after my first 3 weeks?
  131. Put on Prozac
  133. My experiences with Vyvase
  134. Abilify/Cititalopram-weight gain?
  135. Simple question about ADD meds allergic reaction(s)...?
  136. Does anyone take Supplements to help with mood?
  137. Dapsone for possible Celiac's?
  138. Strattera, Lexapro, Focalin xr anyone?
  139. OT: Antibiotics ?
  140. Abilify and Clonidine ...foggy?
  141. Experiences first week on Focalin 5MG (twice daily)
  142. Lexapro
  143. Med holiday causes depression?
  144. Muscle Injury from High Doses of Zocor (and other Statins)
  145. What medications are good for you in combating obsessive thinking?
  146. Modafnil For Fatigue
  147. Is it safe to combine Clonazepam with Ritalin and Effexor XR?
  148. Effexor combined with stimulant?
  149. how much meds is to much
  150. Same medications? Or different chemicals are used to make each one?
  151. why are some people so angry and afraid?
  152. Anyone take Luvox?
  153. Vyvanse and Buspirone
  154. This poll expires in 30 minutes!!!!
  155. Help --Adderall Crash
  156. Adderall xr w/ xanar xr?
  157. Ritalin and anxiety disorder
  158. Bipolar meds
  159. Preventative Migraine Meds
  160. Electric Fireplaces
  161. Does Requip do this?
  162. Can Prozac decrease effects of Ritalin?
  163. Feedback greatly appreciated! (GAD,SAD,ADD, and then some)
  164. Stimulant overload??
  165. tenex
  166. Depression, OCD, ADD & Bi-Polar
  167. physical symptoms
  168. Adhd, BPII, anxiety meds and need help...PLEASE.
  169. Working memory (short term memory) and medication
  170. my med schudule i hope it helps u
  171. Trileptal gave me a rash... What else can I take?
  172. ADHD+Anxiety..and more. Drug soup
  173. Trying to sleep well
  174. ADHD and narcolepsy / adderall and melatonin?
  175. Confused over SSRI discontinuation syndrome (worse with ADD meds) any ideas???
  176. Help! Alternative medication!
  177. ADD and Commitment Phobia (Severe Anxiety)
  178. Lyrica and Suicidal Thoughts
  179. feeling like a lost cause
  180. non sedating meds that help negative feedback loop
  181. non sedating meds that help negative feedback loop
  182. Really need input for this poll!!!
  183. Best med for impulse control?
  184. About starting new meds....
  185. o antaacids really increase absorption of stimulants?
  186. Am I the only one that (opiate based)
  187. see ya cymbalta
  188. How medication cost affects the budget?
  189. Medication for Fatigue and Lack of Mental Alertness.
  190. Where do you get your supplements from?
  191. Don't do this...
  192. "Quit smoking pot and we'll get back to you in four months."
  193. What's the diff between Klonopin, and chlonidine?
  194. ADHD Medications and Facial Tics
  195. Medication Increase and Mix
  196. "Natural" Medications such as Attend
  197. Wary of trying Cymbalta - any advice?
  198. ssri or snir ( first week cymbalta)
  199. Antidepressants Donít Impact Stimulantsí Efficacy in ADHD
  200. Not sure what meds I should ask my psych for on my next visit?
  201. On adderall, asking about others..
  202. advice on excessive talking
  203. celexa, dex, and adhd
  204. Lithium Carbonate and Percocet (Oxycodone)
  205. Need advice - withdrawal on several medications
  206. Parnate and ADD
  207. SSRI Discontinuation - help?
  208. Negotiating with the Psychiatrist [LONG]
  209. Artane
  210. [Long Post!] Curious on Co-existing Conditions, Meds
  211. Success!
  212. Tried to stop my meds!
  213. psychosis
  214. Am I on too much stuff? Adderall, Wellbutrin, Sonata, Clonidine
  215. Adderall + too many supplements?
  216. GHB Really?
  217. Experiences with Clonidine
  218. Drug Resistant ADHD
  219. What is vyvanse supposed to do?
  220. add with generalized anxiety meds -
  221. Provigil anyone???
  222. Just asking for a few opinions: OCD/depression-adhd
  223. ADHD+Anxiety doctor/med Help!
  224. Too many meds?
  225. Which of the following do you take for bipolar?
  226. Adjunct for Depression (MDD)
  227. 8 yr. old ADHD and High Functioning Aspergers
  228. 8 yr. old ADHD and High Functioning Aspergers
  229. My ADHD Medication with Prozac AND Levothyroxine
  230. Chlorpheniramine/Chlorphenamine with Methylphenidate
  231. ADHD-I + OCD + Depression = meds?
  232. Detachment from everybody
  233. Comorbid ADD, Anxiety, and Depression....meds
  234. I'm not a drug seeker!!
  235. Dex problems - adding an antidepressant?
  236. GERD and taking Adderall and Ranitidine 300mg?
  237. What should I take for backache
  238. Just started Testim
  239. Pain med for severe stenosis/arthritis or not?
  240. Should I just be honest with my doctor?
  241. xanax addiction?
  242. Combining pill bottles?
  243. OTC med for depression & anxiety -- finally feeling hopeful
  244. anxiety medication
  245. Ritalin and my SZA disorder
  246. Questions regarding medications for ADD and narcolepsy.
  247. name medication that can make you more awake
  248. Adderall XR & Zoloft ???
  249. SSRIs vs Wellbutrin for co-morbid ADD
  250. Lexapro & Strattera