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  1. New Medication for me
  2. Scientists Say They ID Depression Gene
  3. Paxil/Paxil CR
  4. Forest: Depression Drug Matches Wyeth's
  5. Need Help Pls - Med Advice
  6. Anyone tried L-Tyrosine?
  7. Sweating from Meds?
  8. Update on my meds!
  9. Anyone know anything about depakote
  10. PTSD Counteracting With other meds.
  11. Does Your dr. make you come in for an appt. when you want to change meds
  12. Beta blockers- a cool antianxiety pill
  13. medications for Bipolar+ADD
  14. Anyone take an SSRI exclusively?
  16. FDA approves combination therapy for acute bipolar mania
  17. ADH Drugs for Bipolar?
  18. Buspar
  19. I would just like to say....
  20. what do we know about trileptal?
  21. wellbutrin plus ritalin
  22. Tamoxifen - Serendipity for Bipolar Disorder?
  23. Steroids and Bipolar Disorder
  24. In cases with OCD and ADHD, SSRIs and stimulants will counteract the other
  25. adderall and effexor?
  26. Are The Medications Working?
  27. Adderall and Effexor and high blood pressure.
  28. Research Benefits and Risks of Psychiatric Medications During Pregnancy
  29. St. John's Wort and BP - Unsafe
  30. Typical SSRI's
  31. depotake
  32. When are meds not working?
  33. Slimy drugs for bipolar disorder
  34. Shire's EQUETRO(TM) Now Available for Treatment of Manic and Mixed Episodes in Bipola
  35. Why Shouldn't I Drink Grapefruit Juice With My Meds?
  36. Why Shouldn't I Drink Grapefruit Juice With My Meds?
  37. bi polar pills question
  38. the big 4
  39. medication for TLE/OCD/ADD
  40. Summertime and Our Meds
  41. Amisulpride (Solian)- Schizophrenic drug also helps bipolar
  42. Depakote has bad interaction with antibiotic Merrem
  43. Levothyroxine (Levoxyl) Improves Mood
  44. Docs use tetanus to cure depression
  45. Bipolar, ADD and med trials
  46. Wellbutrin and shortness of breath
  47. Treatment resistant Depression
  48. 2 days off WB and feeling very angry!!!
  49. Abilify or Clonazepam?
  50. Medicine for...?
  51. anyone have experience with Gabitril?
  52. Started Lactimal 2 days ago!!
  53. I'm on Effexor XR & now Strattera.......
  54. Which Medication...
  55. Namenda
  56. Bipolar Meds while pregnant?
  57. Zoloft/Klonopin
  58. Anyone else using Ambien?
  59. When ADs counteract stimulants...
  60. Medication???
  61. What "bipolar" meds can you take w/ Zoloft?
  62. The Battle Of My Life, Please Help
  63. Pill identification?
  64. Can bipolar meds also work to supress natural mood swings?
  65. Neurontin (gabapentin)
  66. Methlyphenidate not helping mood
  67. Some natural treatments...
  68. Dementia Related Psychosis...
  69. Dexedrine and Wellbutrin
  70. ADD medication and depression
  71. Abbott's Depakote(R) ER (Extended-Release Tablets) Approved
  72. Some Feedback For This Section
  73. New to B-P, but old to ADHD
  74. Urgent ..has anyone had atarax(hydroxyzine hcl) perscribed to them?
  75. Ramelteon
  76. Psoriasis drug may treat depression, fatigue
  77. Experiences on Paxil & Strattera?
  78. SSRI just in case
  79. That over-caffinated feeling...
  80. Equetro Approved for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  81. anyone take abilify and or topamax?
  82. Help I am so distract Needs new meds
  83. Trileptal and ADD meds?
  84. Added Prozac to Concerta for PMDD
  85. help plz
  86. Trazadone for sleep?
  87. Requip for ADHD with RLS
  88. aniety drug that worked well
  89. Buspar??
  90. ADD and BI-Polar med change?
  91. Bipolar Mania and Strattera
  92. Regulators OK Patch to Treat Depression
  93. Do You Worry About Every Single Thing?
  94. anti anexity herbs supplaments
  95. Lexapro, Adderall, Wellbutrin
  96. Trileptal for Adult ADD & depression?
  97. Study: Changing Medicines May Aid Depressed
  98. Permanent sexual side effects after using SSRIs?
  99. Risperdal, Welbutrin, Adderall
  100. Lexapro and Seroquel
  101. Lamictal or Symbyax?
  102. Best med for high blood pressure w/Concerta & others
  103. Depakote Withdrawl Symptoms?
  104. Letís discuss mixing Ativan, Effexor, and Adderall all at once
  105. weight gain and medication
  106. Zoloft and Adderal make me tired :(
  107. Adderall and Fluoxetine
  108. trazodone
  109. I have OCD...Dexedrine or Adderall Xr?
  110. Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  111. Wellbutrin's side effects.
  112. Manic Mood Manifests after Medication Misdosage
  113. Best ADD Med to Try First
  114. Taking Adderall AND Prozac?
  115. Wellbutrin for ADD and depression
  116. Recomendations???
  117. ADHD and Anti-PD meds...
  118. add depression anxiety ticking bomb
  119. HELP - Bipolar and ADHD meds
  120. I use Adderall as an anti-depressant
  121. Concerta + Zoloft
  122. Bad Reaction to Antidepressants
  123. Sleep - what helps for you?
  124. re: requip...
  125. Getting off Lunesta
  126. 2weeks prozac adderall
  127. Dragging lately after PROZAC bumped up 60mg adderall 40 prozac
  128. anti-histamine of choice???
  129. clonazepam
  130. Does Lactimal Come in 25 or 50 MG Tablets?
  131. antidepressants
  132. Has anyone used EFFXOR XR for depression before??
  133. imitrex ???
  134. MDMA chemestry, ADD & depression
  135. When should I start noticing that the meds are working
  136. Celexa- very tired
  137. Is it ME or the MEDS?
  138. antidepressants + alcohol + marijuana....
  139. Beware of any steroid if bipolar.
  140. Re: Melatonin
  141. anyone use 5htp
  142. Invega- A New Treatment Option For Schizophrenia
  143. Cymbalta/Anxiety Disorder's
  144. I find that Adderall has anti-depressive effects.
  145. Question Concerning Adderall, Zoloft...
  146. Which one has the lowest sexual side effects?
  147. antidressants casue adderal to poop out?
  148. Alternatives to Lithium and Anti Convulsant Mood Stabilizers
  149. Anit-Psychotics/Depression
  150. Anti-Psychotics/Depression
  151. not getting generic
  152. 12.5mg Ambien CR
  153. Ambien CR, first dose tonight
  154. Very Worried!
  155. Starting meds to cope.
  156. running out medication options
  157. 3 different AD meds., is that OK?
  158. white something even the docs don't know what is...
  159. My agitation/irritability feelings are comming back.
  160. I hate this Penicilin VK
  161. Warm extremedies and SSRIs
  162. Medication for Agitation/Irritability?
  163. heard this on the news the other day.
  164. ADDer on Dexedrine
  165. Risperidal, Tics
  166. Has anyone taken PROVIGIL for ADD/ADHD?
  167. Can you please give me all your experience on GABA???
  168. Process of switching SSRIs
  169. Buprenorphine (Subutex): Off label uses?
  170. question about prozac and ritalin?
  171. advise with bipolar & ADD drugs
  172. Meds related - sort of off topic, but someone here may have insight or experience
  173. Rilutek
  174. SSRI cycles for PMDD
  175. Question about wellbutrin
  176. I hope I finally find medication to deal with anger
  177. Bupropion Mechanism of Action..
  178. Will I ever find a drug to help my bipolar?
  179. So angry and confused
  180. SSRIs and affective flattening?
  181. Sleeping Issues
  182. gabapentin (generic neurontin)
  183. Incompatible medications?
  184. Help me find Mindsoothe depression capsules please!!
  185. SSRI Dose Increase: Good or Bad?
  186. Any bipolar people taking Strattera for ADHD?
  187. anti-convulsants and birth control?
  188. ADHD and Bipolar
  189. How much does medication help?
  190. I really need trileptal to work
  191. Anyone take equetro?
  192. Have stimulants helped your Migraines?
  193. walking in circles
  194. reintroduced Straterra for ADD
  195. Bipolar and ADHD Meds Together? Is It Possible?!!!
  196. Amitriptyline
  197. ADHD, depression, anxiety. (Adderall)+(Lexapro)=(:-D)
  198. Antidepressants; effectiveness and prescription patterns
  199. Wellbutrin Found Effective for Double Disorder
  200. Med Compliance?
  201. Depakote side effects
  202. Anxiety, Depression, ADD/PI - Antidepressants not helping?
  203. Okay so I am scared of meds
  204. 100mg of 5-HTP away from manic mood swings? Is this possible?
  205. What's the point............
  206. side effects from provigil
  207. Major Annoyance
  208. The next drug contestant on the mood is right is...
  209. I'm paradoxic when it comes to meds (story)
  210. Metformin for Weight Control of Adolescents on Atypical Antipsychotic Medications
  211. Aspeger's Medications
  212. Milnacipran?
  213. Are there any studies (whether in the past or current) evaluating if anti-diabetic me
  214. Adderall and Abilify?
  215. Trileptal and Me
  216. New Rx - Pexeva
  217. fastest acting and most effective??
  218. Smoking/ADD link: Nicotine Replacement Study in Ontario Canada
  219. Hope Actually Gets A New Med Trial!!!!!
  220. The Depression Med Rollercoaster
  221. Let's hope the third time is a charm
  222. New Prescription Allergy Treatment XYZALģ (levocetirizine Dihydrochloride)
  223. Cymbalta-Day 3
  224. looking for a good anti-depressent to go along with lithium and risperdal...
  225. on 300 mg Welbutrin XL for 12 days now..need advice.
  226. Provigil gets new warning on label
  227. New formulation of Depakote
  228. Can bipolar meds just quit working?
  229. Cogentin
  230. Allergies to SSRI's -Severe- Information needed
  231. Next Choices??
  232. More Crying Spells
  233. Are there treatments for?...
  234. bad med boy
  235. New Rx - Pexeva + Lyrica
  236. St. Johns Wort - overfocused ADD or bipolar II?
  237. I have RLS, problems with ADHD Meds
  238. negative affective mood boy...
  239. postitive affective mood boy...
  240. Is it wise to stop an "anti-manic" drug after only 2 weeks of using it and just start
  241. Rotating Sleep Pills to prevent tolerance?
  242. Doctors as Paid Drug Company Reps (NY Times article)
  243. Trileptal
  244. Abilify + Seroquel + Adderall
  245. Stablon (Tianeptine) SSRE
  246. Helpful free and discounted medicine info from another board
  247. When do you say this med isn't working for me?
  248. Drug Warning issued for MODAFANIL (ADD/Narcolepsy drug)
  249. Methylin, Nortriplene, and Concerta
  250. Neurontin-Depression