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  1. horrible modafinil problem
  2. Looking for Help
  3. Nicotine
  4. Pharmacology question
  5. who are we on meds?
  6. Pregnancy and medication
  7. great productivity increase...but really isolated
  8. CDP Choline - my experience
  9. What meds/otc helps your memory?
  10. As needed basis
  11. The New Doctor Medication Game
  12. Having to go to the bathroom a lot!!??
  13. Bad at taking pills, help?
  14. How do you deal with anxiety caused by stimulants?
  15. Has anyone been able to stop antidepressive meds while on ADD meds?
  16. Anyone taking Guanfacine?
  17. is there a more laidback feeling med out there?
  18. Can We Trust Our Own Self-Reporting?
  19. Upcoming New ADHD Drugs
  20. question about the meds I'm on
  21. Which have you found to be better XR or IR medication
  22. Tried 4 medications, nothing's worked
  23. My medications struggles
  24. Doctor Does Not *Believe* ADD Exists In Adults
  25. Do i really have ADD
  26. Adrenal Fatigue
  27. Why do I work best when meds are wearing off?
  28. Benzo withdrawal lingering or Serotonin syndrome?
  29. Which ADD meds trigger headaches for you?
  30. The importance of sleep when taking meds
  31. Modafinil
  32. Benzodiazepines, anyone?
  33. Advice/Help please...Cannot find a med
  34. Do cigarettes reduce effectiveness of meds/stimulants?
  35. I am not sure what mediation will work best.....
  36. Long-term stimulant users....I have questions
  37. psychiatrist or gp?
  38. Larger Last Dose Of The Day?
  39. Is taking ADHD medication bad?
  40. Who I am on meds.
  41. Over or Under Medicated?
  42. Medical Sensitivity: Inattentive Adult
  43. Didn't sleep at ALL last night, napped and feel my ADD is gone?
  44. Recommended Dosages for most ADHD medications
  45. Just started to find the right dosage.... Question
  46. Planning on stopping an SSRI. Read this first!
  47. What do I say to my doc on the next visit? Please help!!
  48. Confused/a bit alarmed
  49. Some questions..
  50. Trileptal
  51. Central-stimulating medication without lactose!?
  52. Taking a day off meds
  53. Any recommendations?
  54. How common is tolerence?
  55. Need some other opinions please...
  56. ADD Med availability in Mexico
  57. fast transit time of food role in how medicine is absorbed?
  59. Should I talk to a diff doc?
  60. Recently diagnosed at 21, need advice about Tx/ meds please :)
  61. pristiq
  62. OK- I'm going to try meds...
  63. A bit scared to try meds....
  64. What to try now?
  65. Is tiredness dose dependent or med dependent?
  66. Provigil
  67. Insurance mess up, A comparable medication to adderall?
  68. Am I A Potential Candidate For Medication
  69. Need some advice on asking doctor to switch to adderall
  70. Is it ok to go back on Strattera starting at 25mg?
  71. do you have experience with ADHD & Ephedrine (solely Ephedrine)?
  72. Alkaline Foods/Acidic Foods
  73. Meds: Not needed and annoying
  74. Question concerning abuse and methylphenidate
  75. Stimulants and sleep
  76. filling adderall script out of state
  77. Do you eat before your first dose of the day?
  78. My medication makes me see life for what it really is
  79. ADHD Med list + survey of effectiveness
  80. Why are you on one type of med and not another?
  81. Anyone helped by Seroquel?
  82. Stimulants and SSRI - has/is anyone on both?
  83. What is it like to be on medication?
  84. Medication Half-Lives and Washout periods
  85. Adderall + ?
  86. Hypertension and ADD Stimulants??
  87. what is it about stimulants that makes you want them so bad?
  88. triazolam Journal.
  89. Need a long lasting med
  90. First dose 10mg changed me forever?
  91. What can't I tell my doctor (with out trouble)?
  92. So bored I want to die
  93. I DON'T want this feeling to end!
  94. Just diagnosed and starting medication
  95. Vitamins?
  96. Inneffective medications
  97. Ritalin with Wellbutrin?
  98. If meds cause anxiety or depression...
  99. Diet Considerations When Taking Medication - Methylphenidate
  100. gingko / omega 3
  101. Neurologist experience, and first day medication
  102. ADD/ADHD Drug Free
  103. Meds Not Working. Adrenal Fatigue?
  104. Not One ADD Medication Has Worked!
  105. Focalin + St. John's Wort questions
  106. ADHD Medicine being mistaken for worse drugs?
  107. Has the doctor ever questioned your weight?
  108. Back to where I started!....
  109. ADD meds & low libido?
  110. Anyone have erection issues? (With Concerta)
  111. Mentally addictive?
  112. EPIC BAD Reaction to Wellbutrin right now
  113. Lost job & insurance..need to find cheap Adderall
  114. Anyone tried St. John's Wort with Adderall or Dexedrine?
  115. What are others taking for Social anxiety?
  116. Dexedrine vs Vyvanse
  117. Dexedrine mixed with Vitamins - Bad??
  118. My I-ADD stack: coca tea, piracetam + some under stuff
  119. Free RX Discount Card (US Only..I think)
  120. Long-term Effects of Stimulant Medication
  121. People are so annoying
  122. Concerta 108mg? or Adderall XR 60mg? PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND
  123. ADD and Medication
  124. How do I know meds are working, when I don't know what working is?
  125. Diagnosed ADHD but not taking meds??
  126. do you ever delay taking meds in the AM?
  127. Please Help: need feedback about dosage
  128. NADH may help amphetamine work more efficiently
  129. adhd, meds and anaesthesia
  130. tachyphylaxis
  131. Not diagnosed yet, will Eye Q Chews work for now?
  132. Cant fin right med combination-HELP!!
  133. Nothing is interesting without Adderall
  134. Do Side Effects Change?
  135. Adderall, ritalin Coca leaf, what do I do??
  136. Can we conclude that all stimulant drugshave Neurotoxic Effects
  137. Focalin vs Adderall
  138. Will I be covered by my parents' Blue Shield of California after I graduate?
  139. Claritine
  140. I'm so damn ****ing mad! ****ty situation in Germany!
  141. Newly diagnosed with ADD and have meds question
  142. Partial Medication Change
  143. Stimulants medication. What issues have you encounter with this meds?
  144. Med issues!!!!
  145. Combinations of drugs that are helpfull?
  146. Article: Stimulant drugs causes changes in pleasure center of brain
  147. losing insurance, good alt. to Adderall XR?
  148. I am a sucessfull person/student thanks to stimulants drugs!!
  149. Hows the future for ADHD/ADD treatment looks? Are you worry that the FDA will pull th
  150. what would you being doing today in your life if stimulants drugs didnt exist?
  151. Stop abuse and over prescription of this drugs!!! So this drug can stay on the market
  152. add/adhd meds and high blood pressure
  153. Wondering if I should consider a new med at some point, need advice
  154. Shaking
  155. How did medicine affect your school time?
  156. Experience of doctors that wont help you with your adhd problems
  157. Find A Med Buddy
  158. Med safety with nootropics?
  159. Finding a med that helps, not hurts.
  160. Micromanaging Meds Again
  161. Does any one read, or find out by you doctor about the long term effects of consuming
  162. Generic meds
  163. Amphetamines and Cancer
  164. Have you ask your doctor about playing sports?
  165. Medications: Cost and addiction.
  166. Anyone have info on Deplin?
  167. Feeling judged by pharmacy staff
  168. Newly dx w/ ADHD, but stimulants aggravate my arrhythmia, what can I do?
  169. anybody here taking STRATTERA / ATOMOXETINE (or other NRI) and (!!) a stimulant?
  170. GHB as ADHD treatment
  171. Night Vision?
  172. Started Provigil for ADHD-PI, depression & fatigue and so far so good!
  173. Pepsi addiction self treatment for add?
  174. Ack! None of the ADD meds are helpful for me!
  175. amphetamine and weight loss
  176. ADD medication interaction with alcohol
  177. Looking for a drug that probably doesn't exist
  178. success with Biphentin?
  179. Dexedrine in my hand luggage?
  180. Starting Medication
  181. Equasym XL Zombie?
  182. Piracetam vs Pramiracetam, warnings?
  183. What do you do when you want to sleep on a transatlantic flight?
  184. Weight loss in men on ADD medications
  185. Just re-started med but different results first week - Provigil
  186. what effect does your ADHD drug have on your heart?
  187. Best eye drops??
  188. Yellow?
  189. ADD Drugs & working underground... OKAY?
  190. 'Need Guidance on SSRI's, ADD meds, f/Boomer
  191. What do 'generic' and 'brand' actually mean?
  192. Good medication for add/anxiety/mild depression?
  193. Aricept?
  194. Anxiety and ADHD
  195. Summary of selegiline
  196. What is medication suppoed to do??
  197. Simple Rx question
  198. Can you have insomina AFTER the med wears off?
  199. BEST ADD medication WITH BAD ANXIETY
  200. Can I take 5HTP with Clonidine??? Please help
  201. Hi everone..Ritalin and wellbutrin ??
  202. Meds as a 'last resort'?
  203. New here! A few questions about meds...
  204. HELP. Is there someone with a similar story??
  205. Provigil / Nuvigil for Children? Even Maker Says "NO"!
  206. How many here are NOT on Meds.
  207. Mindfullness over Meds
  208. newbie trying to navigate these stormy seas
  209. Pexeva and difficulty reaching orgasm
  210. Remembering medication?
  211. How long do you try a med that doesn't work?
  212. is there a safe medication
  213. Metadate or Adderall?
  214. Any ADD med work with Effexor??
  215. appetite loss need assistance
  216. i hate meds but need them
  217. Seroquel
  218. anybody taking asthma spray with stimulants?
  219. effexor for add?
  220. very little appetitie - need quick food / snack advice
  221. Focalin XR is there a generic and/or a booster?
  222. I'm New -- Ephedra Self Medicating Question
  223. I Need To Use Stimulant Med's Like Sedatives.
  224. I need help calculating /adjusting /comparing a dose
  225. The first time you took your medication
  226. Dr Appt tonight
  227. wow.. i feel like im on drugs!!!
  228. When people think about adolescence
  229. High Blood Pressure: Any Suggestions?
  230. ritalin - too many ups and downs...wot are the other longer lasting drugs?
  231. Confused on how to take medication.
  232. Please share with ADHD forum and answer this....
  233. Which of the following works for you?
  234. Will my ADHD meds make me fail a drug test
  235. Lingering stimulant side effects
  236. very weird reaction to ambien!
  237. Has anyone tried Rubifen??
  238. What works for hyperactivity and concentration?
  239. add vs adhd, same medication?
  240. Eating on amphetamines w/sensitive stomach?
  241. Should I suggest Dexedrine at next appointment?
  242. buspar?
  243. Started medication, any advice?
  244. Weight loss supplements
  245. Is there a "confidence" pill?
  246. Just Diagnosed with ADD - Suggestions on Meds
  247. Acne Solutions
  248. Alternative ADHD treatments that does not contain amphetamine?
  249. quit suboxone 2/m ago now adverse fx w/adderall.
  250. Medication Mathematics