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  1. Trying to find the right med.
  2. IS whats happening to me withdrawl from adderrell?
  3. Is there something I don't have to take all the time?
  4. "New" Brand-Name Medication Cynic
  5. What You ACTUALLY Need To Know About The Various AD(H)D Drugs
  6. How long does it take the brain to go back to pre-medicine state?
  7. Is this real or urban myth???
  8. can adrenaline affect the effectiveness of a rapid-release med?
  9. Can I take my meds (ritalin, dexedrine) to Hong Kong?
  10. Anti Depressents and Lower Sex Drive
  11. Other medication options I haven't considered yet?
  12. Amphetamine tolerance, and taking a break
  13. How do you make "coming down" from meds more bearable?
  14. Extended release?
  15. Buspar with Adderall?
  16. Nuvigil is Working Better than C-II's
  17. How Common Are Pharmacy Mix-Ups???
  18. Medication for both Binge Eating and ADHD?
  19. I heart Costco pharmacy
  20. Alternative Medicine
  21. Beating the post stimulant rebound -- any tips?
  22. Using antipsychotics to upregulate dopamine neurotransmission?
  23. Do meds make us/you feel NT ?
  24. Neu-BeCALM'd
  25. Future stimulant medications?
  26. Anyone tried the weight loss pills: Super Slim for treating ADHD ?
  27. Cycling stimulants
  28. what dose do I need??
  29. Stopped Adderall and taking Coromega
  30. Does eating a big meal before taking meds eliminate the crash?
  31. Thinking of going on daily dosage
  32. help getting my med combo right (adderall & wellbutrin)
  33. Goodbye to percocets & vicodin
  34. Anyone take 5-HTP with the amphetamines?
  35. The Need To Display Elapsed Time On Meds
  36. Feeling tired/foggy on... Stimulants?
  37. Please help thanks
  38. Non-stimulant meds?
  39. The meds work somedays and nothing on other days
  40. General question for non-prescription medication that can help with my situation
  41. Can anti-depressants affect performance of ADHD medications?
  42. anyone find that old docs are better than young ones to get meds??
  43. Portable lock box for meds?
  44. need another way to treat ADD
  45. Amantadine (Symmetrel) - giving it a try
  46. Is anyone else frustrated
  47. Do Sugars Lessen The Effectiveness Of Stimulant Medications?
  48. Switching from Adderall to nuvigil?
  49. Anger after restarting med after two day break...
  50. Things to avoid when on stimulant medication?
  51. Alternatives to adderall
  52. dry mouth...
  53. Anyone on a high dose combination of Zoloft + Wellbutrin?
  54. Have you stayed at the same dosage since starting your meds? Tolerance strategies?
  55. sweating
  56. If one stimulant doesn't work well, will others?
  57. Anybody on Guanafacine?
  58. Amphetamine exposure is elevated in Parkinson's disease
  59. Nuvigil Users
  60. How should I feel on Meds, how do I know if I'm fixing my ADD?
  61. ADD/ADHD meds Generic vs. Brand
  62. "impartial" opinions on medication?
  63. Does anything last longer?
  64. Nuvigil or Provigil taken with Adderall, Vyvanse, or other Stimulant
  65. Staying Healthy while on Medication
  66. Can Valium cause major depression?
  67. Mix Adderall and a Beta Blocker (Inderal)
  68. Stopping ADD Medication
  69. Anyone know about Desoxypipradrol?
  70. Peeved about your pharmacist telling you "generics are the same" .. ???? Check this.
  71. Arthritis
  72. Feeling dizzy after taking Tyrosyne
  73. Indulgence
  74. Modavigil/Provigil it works for me?
  75. Can I Go Off Lithium And Upper Zyprexa Zydis?
  76. Vyvanse not too effective
  77. Switching Meds - Tolerance Issues
  78. Medication Switching - Tolerance Issues
  79. Wellbutrin and Nuvigil
  80. Inderal for akathisia (restlessness)
  81. Provigil
  82. can Khat help?
  83. MIXING Adderall XR with Concerta XR ?
  84. ADVICE PLEASE! Medications...
  85. Long term effects
  86. What meds work better for ADD rather than ADHD
  87. SSRI changing ADHD-I to ADHD-C??
  88. I'm doing better. Cleared up some noise along the way.
  89. So, finally decided to see a doctor (input needed)
  90. Adderall vs ritalin
  91. Does medication work?
  92. Advice for ADD Meds with less High Blood Pressure Effects
  93. How does everyone deal with the "crash" effect from ADHD medication ?
  94. Magnesium taurate or Lithium Orotate
  95. Cogentin 2mg 2x/day for akathisia
  96. Could I be abusing?
  97. HELP!!! The Weirdest Things is Happening with my meds....
  98. Meds? Help
  99. Brands/types in Canada?
  100. Stimulants vs nonstimulants
  101. Medication vs Diets vs Therapy
  102. Recently diagnosed, need advice on medication.
  103. How does your Dr. handle your prescription?
  104. I have a question not sure if this is the place to ask it but here goes
  105. RX Advice
  106. Any Non-Racing-Heart ADHD Meds?
  107. Won't get my answer in time, but I have one more issue.
  108. Does Wellbutrin work better with another med?
  109. breaking up a xr pill
  110. short-acting boosters?
  111. Clozaril and wetting the bed - is there a side effect med for tha
  112. Please Help: Anxiety and Medication
  113. Questions about Strattera?
  114. No more Adderall= Shocking 31 lb. Weight Gain!!
  115. Opiates for ADHD?
  116. The Psychology Of Pills.
  117. Dex and I aren't playing well together and I need advice on Strattera
  118. Effective Ways to Promote a Healthy Liver?
  119. Reputable Discount Online Pharmacies?
  120. Other options???
  121. Anyone try Intuniv yet? (guanfacine xr)
  122. Sydney Psychiatristry and Extended Release Meds ...
  123. ADHD/Personality/Medication
  124. How to find effectiveness information about ADHD medication?
  125. Vyvance, but want Adderall XR
  126. Seroquel, Dextroamphetamine, And Citalopram, What I am trying out..
  127. Home Run Cure? D-amphetamine + caffeine use in OCD - study
  128. About to start meds for the first time... Any advice?
  129. Off meds, and manic
  130. A health Question... Maybe I'm ready for a change.
  131. Alternatives?
  132. methylphenidate cr vs other controlled release
  133. Vyvanse vs. Daytrana
  134. ADD medication that feels like Oxycodone?
  135. List of pH values of common foods
  136. Bleeding hemorrhoids and ADD medication
  137. Mystery ADD med prescribed in
  138. Day 2 on Provigil
  139. trouble with swallowing - could it be related to the meds?
  140. how do I find the right dose?
  141. Thirst from amphetamines.
  142. AMAZING OTC Sleep Enhancer for us ADD'ers
  143. How can I get Provigil WITH a prescription?
  144. ADD and Hypothyroid
  145. Taking ADD Medication
  146. Intuniv in Canada?
  147. off the drugs, withdrawl agony
  148. ADD medicine and creativity?
  149. Anxiety and sleep
  150. Taking medication to foreign countries
  151. ADHD Medication question.
  152. 300 mg's Wellbutrin... no sleep
  153. New to Board and have Q for adults re: frustration of dealing with stimulants
  154. Vyvanse & LexaPro Together
  155. Vyvanse VS Dexedrine
  156. Lexapro taking the kick out of Vyvanse
  157. Swine-Flu A(h1n1)Tamiflu Resistant
  158. Perscription time
  159. Returning to medication, what should I use?
  160. The 10 Most Important ADHD Meds
  161. 2nd week on Lexapro & Vyvanse
  162. Paxil????
  163. A system for remembering to take meds, scared right now, please help?
  164. fatigue, Motivation still very low. Help Please
  165. Medicated for Life? (ADHD)
  167. Speaking of Stablon, I havea a question.
  168. Unrealistic Med Expectations?
  169. When does ADD need drug treatment and what are the side effects?
  170. Intuniv, anyone?
  171. Savella/Milnacipran as an off-label treatment for ADHD?
  172. 4th week on Lexapro & Vyvanse
  173. Strattera 30mg + Adderall xr 25mg! Day one combo!
  174. just started taking adderall xr...
  175. Nuvigil (The New Provigil) with Vyvanse
  176. Med Sensitive?
  177. Sensitivity to stimulants (including green tea!)
  178. Does sleep affect how your body responds to supplements/medication?
  179. Intuniv Does it help?
  180. Quick Question, Please help.
  181. Driving with ADHD
  182. 5th day on Vyvanse & Cymbalta. Used to be on Vyvanse & Lexapro before.
  183. Vyvanse vs. Intuniv vs. Daytrana HELP!
  184. Can't find a medication that works for me..can you help?
  185. Intuniv and Depression
  186. Alternative Medications to combat my ADD?
  187. Is intuniv with stimulants used in coadministration sedating?
  188. Stimulants: How do you know the difference between too much and not enough?
  189. Ugh.. sigh... hmph...
  190. Question to those on medicine
  191. Low dose stimulant to wellbutrin
  192. what is this stuff
  193. Nicotine and Amphetamines: Is it possible to quit smoking now?
  194. Now we're trying Nuvigil. . .
  195. Looking For Something To Try
  196. Taking amphetamine to Thailand ?
  197. Switched from Vyvanse to Adderall XR - ADD improved,libido worse-Wellbutrin increase?
  198. GABA and L-tyrosine
  199. Generic Ritalin vs generic Adderall
  200. Now what? (medication?)
  201. Tolerance Issue
  202. Any ADD Med that does not dry the mouth?
  203. Successfull life w/o meds?
  204. Any effective alternative treatments?
  205. New to! :)
  206. adhd anxiety is it real or is it secondary
  207. How do you deal with ADD when you can not take medication because of epilepsy
  208. daytrana patch help!!
  209. Will Adderall and Other Stimulants Be Banned?
  210. Methylin v Adderall
  211. Adderall and Ritalin
  212. Adderal Vs Dexedrine for Inattentive ADD
  213. Intuniv-Our Experience
  214. Biphentin
  215. Anyone on more than 400mg Modafinil per day?
  216. Stimulant usage = Permanent Brain Alterations/Changes? (Evidence/Studies)
  217. Medication, caffeine, and staying awake tips?
  218. Quit smoking and now Ritalin does not work anymore
  219. Taking Benzodiazepines and Stimulants?
  220. Anyone taking Vyvanse and a beta-blocker?
  221. ADD Meds, Self-Medication or?
  222. Memantine experience so far....
  223. Memantine experience so far.... PART II
  224. Can meds cause high cortisol levels?
  225. New Dry Mouth Product
  226. No meds are working, any insight?
  227. Modafinil (Provigil) Day 1- SLEEPY
  228. Vyvanse trial will begin on Sat
  229. Taken Off Stim Because Of High BP
  230. intuniv
  231. Toprol =beta blocker, or intuniv ? which is best
  232. Adderall XR and Proton Pump Inhibitors (i.e. Nexium)
  233. Anyone on Effexor
  234. compairing medicine?
  235. What's your medication visit like?
  236. Alternatives to Vyvanse?
  237. Need more meds
  238. ADD and Stimulants effects on heart, please clarify
  239. Holy Weight Loss Batman!!!!
  240. Hypervigilance/paranoia about side effects?
  241. Time it takes to get use to medicine
  242. When/how did your hair loss start?
  243. INTUNIV Release Mechanism
  244. Pamelor
  245. Imagination gone--different meds???
  246. Zoloft, Adderall, Wellbutrin, Beta Blocker...trying to get it right
  247. who among us can't take stims?
  248. 25mg Dexamphetamine, 200mg Clonidine, 100mg temazepam
  249. Sexual dysfunction (male) with Modafinil (or Nuvigil)... what to do?
  250. When going on loing vacation, how to get doctor to give you enough pills?